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Secret Practices (Closed)

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1 Secret Practices (Closed) on Thu Dec 01, 2016 9:09 pm

Charon had woken up early in the morning, wanting to make an early start to his day. Classes hadn't quite started for him yet, but they were close enough that he needed to start being concerned with being prepared. Charon wasn't exactly from an elite training academy, he was going to be taking only his skill and the little that was taught him. It was enough to get him inside, but Charon was positive he still had a great deal to learn if he was going to amount to anything at this school. The last thing that Charon wanted to be here was a nobody.

The boy had seen what became of nobodies, more often then not, they became nameless bodies in the ground. That was a future that Charon had only barely avoided, it wasn't going to be his new path here.

Arriving at the training grounds, Charon took the time to look around and see various equipment and training dummies. They were clearly placed here for students to use. However, Charon wasn't interested in the provided training equipment. He had created his own routine and planned to continue it. Making his way over to a tree, Charon looked up and saw a branch that was several feet off of the ground. Charon reached up and unbuttoned his winter jacket, allowing it to fall to the ground. Underneath he wore a thin black undershirt that allowed his muscles to show. More interestingly though, the shacklese around his wrists came in to the light along with the chains that wrapped around his arms.

The young hunter grinned to himself before jumping against the tree and kicking off. As he neared the branch he was aiming for, he lashed out his chains and caused them to wrap around the branch. Charon gave the branch a few tugs to make sure it would support his weight. Confident that it would, Charon gripped his own chains and began to do pull-ups in midair, constantly pulling and lifting himself up. He moved at a steady pace, knowing that he had a long way to go before his morning routine could be called complete.

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