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Ichigama Tachibanami, The Proposterously Professional Gamer Girl. [Finished]

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Ichigama Tachibanami
Enrollment Form


   Basic info
   Name: Ichigama Harley Monika Tachibanami
   Age: 17
   Birthday: February 19th
   Gender: Female
   Race: Dog Faunus, Staffordshire Terrier
   Height: 5'7"
   Weight: 121 lbs.
   Face Claim: Unknown author, unnamed character.

   STR: 5
   DEF: 2
   RES: 1
   SPT: 4
   Aura 170|140 HP

   Major: Tech
   Likes: -Gaming.
-Being alone in her room.
-Being recognized.
-A wide variety of foods and drinks.
   Dislikes: -Egocentrics.
-Being without some form of digital entertainment.
-Losing to someone who doesn't deserve to win.
   Fears: -"Game over". -Death.-
-Not being good at games anymore. -As sad as that is, yeah.-
-Being without some form of defence.
   Overall Personality: A rather eccentric young woman, Ichigama, or "Ichi" for short, is a professional gamer at heart and soul. Rarely ever sad, little Ichigama Tachibanami is a trigger happy individual and is probably missing a few screws for how excited she gets about most things. Your generic happy go lucky individual.
While not an egocentric, hearing people talk about her or recognize her in public does make her quite overly happy.
Despite being a hard core gamer, Ichi is rather physically fit, harbouring an impressively fast running speed, packing quite a punch, and being able to withstand firing a large three round burst rifle. She does not, however, have a very good resistance to any form of attacks, dust or physical.

   Skillful at: Computer Wizard.
   Lacking skills in: Cooking.

   Aura type: Recovery
   Aura Color: Gold
   Semblance: -Attack- Hand Gun.
Ichi's right or left hand begins glowing Gold when she makes a gun shape with one hand; Hand sideways and curled up into a fist with her middle and index finger pointing outwards and her thumb pointing up towards the sky.
This mock gun is actually an extremely dangerous semblance weapon and should not be taken lightly. It fires an impressively fast object resembling a bullet, but it dissipates whenever it hits an object such as the ground, a wall, a rock, or a car. Things like that.
It can rip through basically any type of trees with little to no resistance, however when going through flesh it typically falls to the ground soon after, like a bullet.
It has no drop off, however being a semblance weapon it can only go for ten meters, making it more of a pistol than a sniper.

   Item 1: A three round burst rifle with exchangable scopes and other attachments.
Battle Rifle:

   Item 2: Armour capable of taking a beating from physical attacks, but does nothing against dust.
Venator Armour:

   History and Sample
Little Ichigama Tachibanami never had parents. She had been given up for adoption and her parents had apparently been shot a few days later. She did know this, but has long since forgotten due to her pretty terrible memory. She had siblings, unknown names, location, anything.
Adopted by a single man, she grew to know him as "Master". He sighed everytime she reffered to him as this, asking her to call him by his real name.
She never did. He was her Master for life.

She had a collar and she liked to wear it 24/7.
Relentless about enforcing this "Master" thing, she was...

Young Ichi found her calling through video games. Often reffered to as a "prodigy", she could pick up literally any game and immediately adapt to it. She was also able to program a wide variety of software as well as hack into practically anything.
Common name "Speckles", the girl quickly grew a fanbase and became rather well known to anybody following the gaming industry. She was quite popular, though most didn't know she was a girl, for she never had a mic or a camera. Some had met her in person at gaming conventions and things like that, and she always enjoyed the look of surprise as they came to the sudden realization that their role model was a girl.

One day... One fateful god damned day... There was an accident. There was a bad, bad accident.
Her and her Master had been driving home from the grocery store, and had decided to take the back road. Nobody ever went that way, so it would be fast.
Someone did go that way.
They were drunk.

Cliche sounding, yes, but a fifteen year old Faunus was now traumatized for life; But of course, before all that could happen, she had to witness it first.

Big truck, swerve, tip, tip, roll roll roll roll TREE. A quick death for her Master he had is neck snapped instantly by the object, but little Ichi didn't die.
A piece of metal had crushed her tail as she crawled out, pinning it to the pavement and holding her to the blazing inferno.
She fumbled around in the dash of the car, finding a large knife that was there for self defense in case of a Grimm attack, or some random psychopath.
She sawed off half of her tail and left it to burn.

Following the thick blood trail left behind would lead you to a small girl curled up in a ball against a tree, a good distance away from the ticking time bomb. She shockwave simply tipped her over onto her side.

She blanked for the next month.

Soon enough, a seventeen year old Ichigama found herself going to Syne Academy. She had essentially shut herself in ever since that night, as she was self sufficient enough to take care of herself. Unfortunately, the girl's once very lively tail had been docked, now just a tiny oval shaped stub sprouting from her rear.

She would eventually rid herself of the depression that overtook her life, deciding she would continue going to school like usual. But that was when she was accepted into Syne academy.

She built her own weapon and armour, based off of her favourite weapon and armour in the main game she played; A three round burst rifle with an amazingly fast bullet speed and pinpoint accuracy, as well as a heavily armoured suit meant to absorb the recoil of her gun as well as protect her from oncoming damage.

So off she went, the Proposterously Professional Gamer Girl known as Ichigama Tachibanami.
RP Sample:
Apparently her airship landing in Bellmuse, forcing her to walk to the academy only to find a great bloody rock wall wasn't enough to tick Ichi off, according to fate, so she now stood before a rather large Beowulf.
"Hey, you. Yeah you. The one with the ugly face. You mind, oh I dunno, getting the heck outta my way?"
A snarl carved it's way onto her face in retaliation to the growl emitted by the petty beast.
"So we wanna play a game, eh? You're mistake.
I'm great at games."

The disgusting abomination lunged forward, leaping towards Ichi, mouth gaping. A simple sidestep before she lifted her leg up to nearly a 180 degree angle, thrusting it down, heel first, directly onto the thing's neck.
A pitiful whine came from the creature as she twisted her foot back and forth, digging her heel further into it's neck.
"You are a mere glitch in the computer known as Remnant. You are a disgusting little abomination of numbers meant to destroy the system. And I? I am the anti-virus.
Commands aren't the only things I'll be executing today."

A small stomp, followed by removing her foot, allowing it to begin to stand up, before roundhouse kicking the Beowulf in the side and dashing over incomprehendably fast to pin it to the ground on it's back.
She applied pressure with her foot onto it's chest looking it dead in the eye as she raised her right arm to point her fist directly at it's face, giving the creature a thumbs up.
"Congratz you little wretch, you gave me confidence that everybody back home was wrong... You Grimm are weak..."
She pointed her middle and index finger at the thing's face, her hand glowing a pure gold as the hand gesture known as a "gun" was completed.

Ichi's grin grew wider as she stared the beast dead in the eyes, her hand lit up like the sun.

"Game over."

The recoil of the projectile tossed her arm back like a ragdoll, but she was not phased as she was too busy admiring her masterpiece; A dead Beowulf with a bullet hole in it's skull.
She lowered her arm back down, spitting onto the lifeless corpse as she began walking back to Bellmuse.


Jesus christ I'm so cool!"

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