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Suddenly A Stray [ask to enter]

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1Suddenly A Stray [ask to enter] Empty Suddenly A Stray [ask to enter] on Mon Dec 05, 2016 5:11 pm

Moxxy was alone, more alone than she had ever been before. Sure she was now in the middle of a decent sized city, but even with all the people around she was alone. Her master was gone, she had been stolen and now she didn’t know where she was or what to do. It had all happened so fast and suddenly she was here. In the middle of a city with no clue what to do or where to go. The people who had stolen her had dropped her on the streets with a bag with food water and some funny looking paper.

Curled up just inside of an alleyway she fiddled with the leash attached to her collar. Moxxy didn’t cry, she was out of tears now. Now all that was left was silent sorrow. Even though she didn’t have much experience out of the house she knew that she was almost out of food, a baser part of her knew that when what she had was gone then she would have to find more. It was a scary prospect. In the past Master had always given her food, and when he wasn’t there the cooks would feed her. Now she was alone, no one to feed her, no house to stay in, no bed to play on, no cage to sleep in.

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2Suddenly A Stray [ask to enter] Empty Re: Suddenly A Stray [ask to enter] on Tue Dec 06, 2016 9:02 pm

Cayn Fortuna
Cayn tottered down the sidewalk. He looked a poor sight, darkened eyes and hunched shoulders as he cursed the light of day. Too little sleep that night, like many others, but had he slept in like he wanted he could have never gotten the items in his hand. A small cloth bag clinked with every step of the Faunus's slow gait. He opened the bag to relish the contents within. A new set of tools shone silver as they caught the daylight. The tinkerer's pace quickened and steadied a small bit, eager to make his way back to the dorm and add these to his collection.

It was in this new hurry that Cayn glanced down an alleyways. What he had hoped to be a shortcut through was nothing of the sort, and he just nearly kept on going his way. But something made him stay. While the sight of the lass curled up in the alley was enough to make him look twice, it was her dejected air that brought him to a standstill. It took everything he had to not continue on and pretend he saw nothing, but there echoed a tiny voice in the back of his mind. Tiny, and quite annoying by the dog Faunus's standards. "Be a hero in my place." He could hear as the expectant tone of his adopted brother's wish kept his feet from getting away.

Cautiously the Fortuna lowered himself to rest on one knee, setting the bag softly on the ground as he took a look at the lass. She was definitely younger than him, and while his eyes jumped to the cat like ears, they took noticed of how damaged one was more so than that she was a Faunus. Cayn had trouble finding the right words, as almost every social interaction before normally made his skin crawl in annoyance. "Is somethin' the matter?" He asked simply, lacking the ability to react with empathy when he could just be shoving his nose into business that was not his own.

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3Suddenly A Stray [ask to enter] Empty Re: Suddenly A Stray [ask to enter] on Thu Dec 08, 2016 4:20 pm

People walked by just outside the alley, almost none of them payed her any mind. A few spared glances and some, mostly those strange uncollared pets she had seen since being taken, looked on in horror when they saw her leash and collar though non stopped. Moxxy didn't hate them for ignoring her, mainly because she didn't know how to hate anything, the word wasn't even in her vocabulary. Watching as more and more passed she gazed up at them with wide silently pleading for help, but still no one stopped.

Hours went by like this. Days had already gone by the same and it seemed as though this day would be no different. That was until someone actually stopped. Someone came out of deeper within the alley, rather than just passing her by he kneeled down in front of her. Moxxy looked at him as he did the same to her. Once again he was one of the many uncollared pets she had seen since being dumped here. That still didn't make any sense to her, but there were bigger issues right now.

Moxxy said taking a pause to figure out what to say. There was so much. Being taken from her home, being told that her master was gone, not even knowing where she was, running out of food and water. Perhaps the best place to start was the basics. Then she could worry about the rest. "I... I was taken from my home... and now I don't know where I am," Moxxy said in a tone that was halfway between sadness and acceptance.

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Cayn Fortuna
Cayn felt the long blue hair of his tail swish across the cool concrete slowly, as he kept his eyes glued to the lass. Hazel colored eyes glanced over the collar, missing the attached leash, and could not bring himself to care enough about it to say anything. People had strange fashions sometimes. The Faunus's mind wandered over the possibility of her being nothing more than lost, but his ears held onto the word "taken". That was fairly ominous. Almost so much so that he got up from where he knelt and moved along to try and forget this. But he was a Hunter, that afforded him no quarter at not helping those in need. At least if one was to adhere to the glamoured model that was offered to civilians.

"Well you're in Bellmuse. You know where that is?" Cayn asked, trying to whittle down how much the girl knew about her predicament. If she did not, then how much he could help would end soon. Not much a novice Huntsman could do about a Remnant wide search. The tinkerer felt he needed to do something more out of pity. Just giving advice and leaving her on her not so merry way was a bit too half-assed for his tastes.

"Ya know what?" The elder Fortuna asked rhetorically as he stood to stretch his arms skyward, only to lean over again. Picking up his tan bag in one hand he held the other to help the girl up. "Sittin' here won't help either of us. How 'bout we look around and see if you recognize anything." Cayn had no clue that the other Faunus had been sitting there for more than a little while. He had a lot of trouble hiding his discomfort due to his already darkened eyes, but he was trying his best to seem motivated.

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5Suddenly A Stray [ask to enter] Empty Re: Suddenly A Stray [ask to enter] on Sun Dec 11, 2016 1:21 pm

Now looking over the person before her Moxxy saw that he had dog ears and a tail, but like very other pet she had seen he had no collar. But right now she didn’t have the luxury of asking questions. Help from anywhere was good enough for her.

“Bellmuse…?” Moxxy pondered the name while thinking, “Um… no… I never heard of it.” She shook her head, the name not ringing any bells in her memory. She hadn’t known a lot about the outside world when she was back home with Master. She only remembered a few names of some of the really important places, though that was more due to the stories she had been read, she had no concept of where they were.

“Huh?” Moxxy looked up as the dog person stood up and grabbed his bag. Somewhat reluctantly she lifted her paw up to his outstretched hand. “Um… okay, but I don’t know if I will know anything… I didn’t leave the house a lot… only when Master took me on walks when I was younger,” Moxxy said as she stood up.

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Cayn Fortuna
Cayn grimaced as he heard that the girl had not heard of Bellmuse, having to wonder if he was dealing with someone who was either extremely sheltered, or just ignorant. Both kind of went together anyways so he saved any decisions upon that for later. As his hands wrapped around the furred paws of the younger Faunus, a fact that barely even registered as odd to the one who's tail was rocking slowly from side to side, he pulled softly and helped her to standing.

"No matter." Cayn spoke, realizing that maybe he was in over his head trying to help when he understood that she was more of the sheltered kind. "Maybe even if you don't see anythin', someone else will see you." Said the dog Faunus in a tone that had no real confidence behind it.  The chances of that were slim if she had been hidden away. If he could even bring her mind away from the issue at hand for the moment, then maybe that would be enough to ease this mind of his. A thought formed as he began leading the cat eared Faunus out of the alley. As the cool light of the alley gave way to the brighter light, Cayn's eyes cut until he could bring himself to withstand it.

Slowly the tinkerer lead the girl towards the center of town. Long before they arrived he turned around to ask. "So this... master of yours. Did he have a name?" The word master had an odd taste upon his tongue, but maybe it was in the meaning of mentor. Cayn would much prefer it if that was the meaning she had meant. "And do you?"

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