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Officer Bai Zhang badge number 67482 [done]

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1 Officer Bai Zhang badge number 67482 [done] on Wed Dec 21, 2016 10:59 pm

Bai Zhang
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Bai Zhang
Age: 23
Birthday: August 8th
Gender: Female
Race: Faunus: Labrador tail that was severed when she was young
Height: 5" 4"
Weight: 124lbs
Face Claim: Alice Choi by Paparazzi Brother
STR: 5
DEF: 4(+1)
RES: 2
SPT: 1
Aura 200|100 HP

Major: Citizen
Likes: Dango, Mysteries, Old movies, Dating sims, Doughnuts
Dislikes: Cats, Broccoli, Crime, Corrupt cops, Fast food, Coffee (Doesn't stop her from drinking it though)
Fears: Being a lonely old hag, Becoming corrupt, Getting someone else killed through her actions or inaction.
Overall Personality: Bai is often considered a by the books, straight and narrow, officer. And though this is the case when it comes to most every case she has worked on, she understands that every now and again the rules need to be bent or even broken, but only when it's for the greater good. She despises those who take advantage of the rules for evil or even break the rules for their own gain or to push their own prejudices. When it comes to enforcing the law Bai can be swift and merciless. Several of her coworkers have refereed to her as “the precinct’s attack dog.”

When off duty Bai is a typical early twenties bachelorette. Most night she spends alone in her apartment reading books or watching romance movies. She tends to play a lot of video games, though mostly she plays dating sims, strategy games, and puzzle games. By her thin frame some would think she is always dieting, but that is far from the case. Bai doesn't exactly watch what she eats, but her own habits tend towards avoiding fast food since that is all she ever eats when on duty.
Skillful at: Investigation
Lacking skills in: Cooking

Aura type: Defense
Aura Color: Blue and Red
Semblance: Pulse view: When her Semblance is activated Bai emits a pulse of energy that travels out within a ten meter radius of her body in all directions. This energy pulse appears as a blue wave to her eyes and reverberates off of all objects and beings in her view. Objects the wave passes appear as blue outlines while living beings appear as red figures of their form. This allows her to see through obstacles that would normally conceal persons and things from view.
Item 1: (tier 1 weapon)  Standard duty service pistol of the Bellmuse PD
Item 2: (tier 1 regular armor) Level IIIA body armor, standard issue for the Bellmuse PD. Covers her torso above the waist line, protecting the vital organs.

History and Sample
Bai grew up in a rough part of town. Her father worked as a drug dealer and her mother was a prostitute. A real stand up family. Due to their professions both of her parents were barely every around, meaning that she mostly spent her time between a crappy school and an empty apartment. On a somewhat bright note she did always have more than she needed due to her father's income, even if she was never around. When she was at home she spent most of her time reading old detective novels she bought after selling all the useless stuff her father bought her in an attempt to get in her good graces. Needless to say her relationship with her parents wasn't the best.

It was in the third grade when she first learned about the brutality and discrimination the Faunus face. Though she didn't look it she herself was a Faunus, though due to the fact that her tail had been severed in an accident shortly after her birth she was always treated as a human. It was on her way home from school one fateful day when she knew what she wanted to do when she grew up. A group of older Faunus, maybe in high school or so, were walking across the street from her, generally minding their own business and being unobtrusive. A police cruiser pulled up and two officers emerged.

The next several seconds were a blur and when it was over two of the young Faunus were dead and the officers each had their weapons drawn on the remaining teens. After handcuffing the living teenagers Bai witnessed the officers plant firearms on the two dead Faunus. Despite her pleas to the local police department the officers actions were deemed to be justified and they were put back on duty. A seething rage slowly began to build in her soul. As she grew Bai kept hearing about the institutional injustices towards Faunus. Though unlike most in her situation she didn't just say “F the police” and turn to a life of crime.

She knew she had a unique opportunity before her. Due to the fact that she looked human she knew she would be treated as such in almost every situation. It was about middle school when she decided that she was going to join the police force and change it from within. Instead of going to high school she pushed herself and joined a combat school. In most cases she was average, average speed, average strength, average fighting skill. Where her power laid was not in her physical abilities, but in her mind. Almost every battle she won was not through her skill with firearms or fighting talent but because she out thought her opponent.

After combat school Bai applied at Syne academy. After being accepted to the school she quickly found herself challenged beyond what she had ever done before. Mostly in the physical aspect of the courses she took. Her interest in becoming an officer of the law was not a secret, and it caught the attention of one of her instructors. He had been on the police force in Bellmuse for years and ended up pulling a few strings. After her second year a chief within one of the districts contacted her with an offer. She would be allowed to join the police force with only two years at Syne under her belt if she could pass the detective's exam as well as the police academy.

Bai enthusiastically agreed. The next six months were possibly easier than her two previous years at Syne. The physical requirements were about the same, but the classes were far more strict and militant. Of course several members within her class were... less than desirable as officers of the law. Half way though the academy she knew something had to be done when she overheard two of the other trainees conspiring to get one of the Faunus trainees kicked out. She knew that she couldn't stop them going by the book, and so she broke the rules. Of course she was careful about it and didn't get caught. In the end she got the two kicked out, passed the academy third in her class and passed the detective's exam.

At the ripe young age of twenty years she joined the Bellmuse Police Department, precinct 11. Bai worked hard, harder than most, climbing the ranks and covertly fighting corruption within the force. In the rare case she was willing to bend or break the rules to make sure that proper justice was rendered. Of course she knew that some people might catch on, considering that several of the officers she put in the spotlight had been on the force for years. Her chief, Dunhan, the same one who had given her the offer, was behind her however.

Despite the suspicions about someone going after crooked cops, no one ever seemed to consider that Bai was behind it. She tried to be friendly with everyone in the department and ended up making quite a few friends. Most everyone considered her to be a fine officer and a good person.

After being in the force for two years Bai was chosen as a candidate for detective. While she had already passed the exam she had to take it once again, and once again she passed. Of course that wasn't all she needed to to. Though after several interviews and a mock investigation she was selected to be one of three new detectives and was placed on a six month probationary period. Assigned to the theft unit due to her high scores on the exam she managed to solve a record number of cases within her first year. A whopping two a month. Most recently she was transferred to the violent crimes unit as their newest member.  
RP Sample:
“Damn, this is boring,” Bai yawned as she leaned back in the passenger seat of the police cruiser with a half eaten burger in hand.

“Yeah, well most stakeouts are,” Devon, her partner and veteran of the force for ten years said as he looked down the binoculars at the building they had been watching for the past seven hours. Their investigation had led them to this worn out old warehouse. Despite the fact that the building was supposed to be abandoned it seemed like someone was using it for something, and if Bai's logic was right then this was where a fence was running his operation.

“How much longer before we actually check the place out? It's been hours and nothing has happened,” Bai asked as she casually munched on her burger.

“Patience rookie, we can't get a warrant until the morning and even if we could if this guy has the operation we think he does then we're gonna need a tac team to raid the place,” Devon said putting down the binoculars and picking up his large cup of coffee. A soft beeping sound came from Bai's scroll as her timer went off.

“Alright, well I'm taking a nap, wake me if anything interesting happens,” Bai yawned again as she pulled the leaver on her seat to let it fall all the way back. Just as she closed her eyes...

“Someone’s coming out.”

Instantly Bai was back up in a sitting position and grabbing at the binoculars. She stared at the person coming out. A tall figure in a long coat with a high collar walked out towards the car that had been parked at the warehouse Devon stared the cruiser as the figure got in the vehilce and took off.

“I'm calling it in,” Bai picked up the radio as the cruiser began to follow the car.  

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Bai Zhang
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Richard Lionheart
Going to have to pull this out of approved for aome minor touch ups ^^ Nothing big, don't worry. The first thing is on the knives, we do need an actual number of them. I believe 24 is the most that has been allowed ^^ Please specify the number you have.

The second thing is that you do not need to pay with aura for armour, even the energy type. Please remove the aura cost. Also, you do need to specify if it defends against physical or dust based attacks. Bump when done ^^

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Nope sorry Richard you were asleep but new judgement has been made she is allowed to have unlimited knives! All you got to do Ao is drop the aura cost on the armor then I am pretty sure you are good to go just bump when done so we can do one final little sweep of it

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Bai Zhang
Bump again. Requesting name change to Bai Zhang

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