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Hong Guowang (Finished)

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1 Hong Guowang (Finished) on Sat Dec 24, 2016 2:20 am

Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Hong Guowang (红国王)
Name’s Translation/Meaning: Red King
Age: 19
Birthday: 1/11
Gender: Male
Race: Ape (Gorilla) Faunus
Faunus Feature: Prehensile Feet (“Ape-Hand-Feet”), large Fangs
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 180 lbs
Face Claim: N/A, I drew it.

STR: 5
DEF: 4
RES: 1
SPT: 2
Aura 100|200 HP

Major: Combat Major
  • Food: The only thing that could awaken Hong after falling into a Coma or wake him up should someone think he ‘died’. Food. Though he keeps himself in excellent physical shape he is known for his appetite, and is often compared to a black hole as regardless of how much he eats he never puts on any body fat. His favorite food is everything.
  • Dogs: As you can see Hong’s ‘likes and dislikes’ are actually all very simple in nature, lacking the complexity and otherwise harsh lengthy exterior. This is due to the fact that he himself is a simple creature, and because of that he finds that Dogs are almost exactly like him. Loyal, soft haired. They’re very easy to read, they get hungry, thirsty, need to go to the bathroom, but all around lovable creatures that Hong has often tried to bring on campus [yet to no avail, no dogs for him]. They're his favorite animal.
  • Fighting: Hong is a Combat Major for a reason, his mind is combat-oriented, and he often fails to grasp most other things such as technology or medicine.
  • People: Hong, unlike many Faunus, has been treated fairly as though he is a normal boy throughout his life. Although this is due to easily being mistaken as another human, having no Faunus-traits aside from his unusual feet. Regardless of who they are Hong will attempt to become their friend.
  • Company among Friends: Hong enjoys good company among friends. Of which he has none.

  • Grimm: It should be noted that Hong has never actually encountered a Grimm before, and most of his life in the safety of that old mountain village he has never seen one attack before. However, years attending a Mistral combat school has exposed him enough to teach him that “They are the Enemy.” giving him enough of a reason to dislike them.
  • Layers of clothing and or Jackets: Hong’s semblance is very specific in it’s effects, he eats something, his body covers itself in fur everywhere but his chest, neck, and head, and he gets significantly stronger. The primary issue with this would be the fur, he doesn’t like wearing too many layers otherwise he would overheat. This is something he doesn’t like.
  • Technology: Having grown up without such luxuries as a Video Game console or a Scroll to call people on, Hong displays some degree of dislike for technology. Computers, Scrolls, televisions, etcetera. This doesn’t apply to high-tech weapons and guns. It does apply to robots.
  • Shoes Hong has a very specific Faunus trait that enables him to climb trees and ‘monkey bars’ much easier. He has prehensile feet (For Example, look at a Gorilla, or Beast from the X-Men). Shoes are very uncomfortable for him unless they have enough room.
  • Being told “how to eat”: Hong’s primary method of eating is utilizing his hands, he doesn’t like being told how to eat a steak or not to eat an Orange as though it were an apple (Hong don’t eat the orange skins!). More importantly to use a dining utensil. Please refer to his fears to delve further upon this dislike.

  • No longer being able to fight Hong for as long as he can remember, has loved fighting, the idea of hitting things fit him as though it were a missing puzzle piece from his boring life atop that mountain with his ‘father’. Being unable to do so would mean he is ‘broken’, something Hong cannot bear to think of.
  • Starvation For someone with an appetite as large as Hong’s, this is unthinkable and is something that scares him. The easiest way to stop him from thinking about this is to say “you ate five minutes ago.” or hand him a ham.
  • Dining Utensils Do you know the game where someone tries to feed a baby by saying “here comes the airplane, say aw!”, well, Hong understood it as there was an actual helicarrier about to crash into his face while he was already in recovery due to a head injury. This is where his fears begin to get sort of silly, as Hong possesses an irrational fear of dining utensils, and will deliberately push the ones he is given onto the floor or return them to the person that gave them to him. This has sometimes gotten to the point of him just trying to pour punch from a bowl into a tiny cup to avoid using a ladle or just tossing something out the window, breaking it in the process.

Overall Personality:
To say the absolute least, Hong is a naive Faunus male that is lacking in the departments of intelligence and manners. He is frequently described as being a mix between that of a child, an adept martial artist, and a black hole that inhales anything and everything that could and is considered food. His love for fighting and eating is boundless, and his childish mind

Hong's primary personality trait would be his naive nature, he's childish in a way that only someone that doesn't understand most of the things that a normal adult would face, he lacks a deeper understanding of concepts that most men and women his age would grasp already. He's devoid of thoughts of attraction and love, and has been very innocent since his childhood due to having been diagnosed with amnesia, and then brought up in tiny mountain home with no one else other than the man that adopted him. To put something into perspective, if someone could look inside his mind and read his thoughts, they would find that he is devoid of thoughts that could cloud his judgement other than the word 'Food' in big bold letters, as well as the word fight in even bolder letters, outlined with crayon.

Hong can be very blunt and express his opinion in a discussion without actually taking into consideration that he might be unintentionally rude. This often happens when he’s speaking with someone of higher authority, as he usually doesn’t show respect. His naive nature is one of his most apparent traits aside from his intelligence, is described as being very naive, possessing no negative attitude intentionally or any form of negative or ‘dirty’ thoughts. He is also shown to be very innocent since his childhood, as he was sheltered for the most of it until his “Father” sent him to the town below their mountain to earn his dinner in fights.

While not exactly charming, lacking a finesse over serious wordplay (I.E, basic ability to hold a conversation is often dumbed down significantly), Hong speaks calmly and expresses confidence over harsh or dangerous situations, never emanating hostility when upset or frustrated, rather playing off of his ability to intimidate others with the use of his strength and his semblance. Out of all of the traits he has one of his most identifiable would be his sense of humor. It’s just a matter of how he can’t keep his mouth shut… Not in the sense that he’s giving out information, it’s just that he can’t stop mocking or joking about an opponent. Even in the face of certain death, Hong invariably cracks a joke, to the annoyance of both friends and foes. His reasons for this vary: either he wants to relieve the stress of a situation, or he’s sure what he’s fighting isn’t prepared for what is to come.

He also does this to get on the nerves of his opponents, as he knows that constantly berating them and cracking jokes about their appearance, creating witty banter, making them angrier and likely edgier than they already were. He playfully mocks and cracks jokes at his enemies. It doesn’t matter whose life is in danger either, he will stop telling jokes and mocking an enemy when he feels as though it’d be appropriate. It’s as though he mocks his enemies to make it seem as though he isn’t fighting seriously, which throws off his opponents enough to make it seem like he’s been holding back this entire time.

Despite Hunter’s working in teams, Hong has never really had any friends to communicate with, leaving his social skills (Not including his Banter skills) at a loss. Despite this he shows a great deal of care for others, and usually acts friendly regardless if someone’s threatening him or not. The friends he does make he is very protective over, and he will put his well-being above his own to ensure that they are comfortable, offering to buy food for them (as long as they share) and even put aside the classes he’s supposed to be attending for their wellbeing.

In conversation, Hong is very laid-back and casual, even in combat. He is also kind and patient, willing to listen to someone’s story and waiting for them to finish without interruption, bearing with their "small talk and weird looks".

He isn’t someone that has the capacity to watch another man or woman cry, or someone beg. He feels obligated to help them or cheer them up. It’s like watching an old man cry, Hong just can’t do it. He doesn’t care who or what is doing it, he hates hearing people cry, and he will do anything to stop them from crying or begging. Whether it be pawning off his loot for the day and giving it to them or making funny faces to cheer up a crying baby. Hong will find a way to stop the horrid noise.

In combat Hong is quick to become stern and reveal his combat-based intelligence, as well as his skill in battle. Should things become serious he’ll even put aside his mockery and the witty banter he enjoys all too much to adopt a more invasive and analytic mindset that would be more fitting upon a strategist behind the front lines. With that said, he plans out every move in a fight mere moments before it happens. To put something back into the air, he loves fighting, and loves winning those fights even more.

Skillful at: Fighting

Lacking skills in: Computer Skills

Aura type: Regeneration/Healing
Aura Color: Red
Semblance: Hong's appetite is ravenous and seemingly insatiable, but not without reason. Like all other beings he utilizes food as a source of fuel, although his semblance takes this literally. His semblance is affectionately referred to as "World Eater", and it enables him to eat virtually anything organic or inorganic (trees, his own weapon, steel, bullets, plastic, glass, cardboard, etc.) without harming himself. Regardless of what he's eaten or the amount of which he's consumed, it always has the same effect, creating an energy that channels into and through his muscles which lends to his already absurd strength. There are notable physical changes in the buff, such as an increase in body hair (to the point of Hong having fur on his arms, back, and legs.) and a distinct increase in muscle mass.

It should be noted that this Buff only works for him. Usually other people can’t chew through steel… unless you’re like a goat or something. This is a buff that provides +2 to strength. This costs 10+ Aura to maintain.

Item 1: Hong’s signature weapon is a large cudgel roughly 5 feet in length with a spiked metallic end.
Item 2: Before leaving to attend Syne Academy, Hong was given his adoptive Father's Keikogi, albeit modified a bit to fit him better (Dogi, or more commonly "Gi". Google it if you don't know what it is.). For a brief description of the apparel, this Keikogi is loose-fitting and fairly wore down, the light blue undershirt is covered with a gray Gi. While visibly loose-fitting and light, the Keikogi is reinforced with 30 pounds (It was made to take a hit, not make him more mobile.) of intricate metal-plating and frames which provide basic defense against physical attacks.

History and Sample
Hong’s story begins with a Tribe of Faunus warriors whose fighting spirit went unchecked for far too long, a mix among Apes, bulls, crocodiles, and other Faunus gathered together from different parts of the world to a single spot in mistral to seek shelter after the destruction of their village. After finding a suitable landscape, an Oasis in Mistral’s deserts, they began to form townships and settle down far outside of the visible threat of the Grimm or any form of hostile. The Warriors that made up the Faunus Ape clan that had been formed were significantly more kind-hearted than than the others that inhabited the village, even more so after their callous and inhospitable jungle village had been destroyed by the Grimm. All together they were Desperate to find a save haven far outside of the reach of Man's government as well as any Grimm or Faunus, the tribe settled far to the barren east of Mistral. Hong's father, Kong, (Keeping with the silly gorilla names), was the leader of one such township, and for a time, all was well!

However the native xenophobic human settlement that had claimed the Oasis as their ‘own’, were not too happy with the Faunus circling what they claimed to be 'their land', and over time many of the tribe were brutally slaughtered should one walk while gathering what food they could as to send a message that "They were not welcome." Of course the tribe of Faunus had some fighting spirit left in them, and a small war broke out in surrounding colonies, which Kong led the charge. Hong though, an inhumanly strong, yet cowardly child at the time attempted to shelter himself from the small onslaught (as any normal boy would, seeking shelter in the nearest comfortable arms while sobbing). In doing so he was labeled a disgrace and traitor by his father, whose pride often led him to forget his son was still just a boy.

After three long years of mistreatment from his father, eight year old Hong would eventually wander off and play far too close to the valley where a natural river lay at the bottom, he would be pushed off the side by one of the human children that had followed him. One push off the edge and young Hong fell from a height that most men and women would die from, leaving the Faunus to wonder if the boy had become one of the casualties in their small recurring fight between the two villages. As he lay at the bottom of the hill with his head cracked open (likely what caused the brain damage that has made him the way he is now), he would be found by an aged fellow (50-60 years old) by the name of Connor, a retired human Hunter that would come across the Faunus child.

Unsure of how long the boy had been there, even by the amount of blood that had seeped into the ravine, would scoop up the carcass of the child and take him to the nearest stable township for medical assistance to treat his injuries.

The moment Hong awoke he would only remember one thing. His name, everything else was a blank space in his head, and while this scared him he was more concerned with who and what he was staying with, and why his feet worked like and sort of looked like hands (Toes in a strange place, worked great for climbing though). At first, Hong was extremely violent and ill-tempered, not obeying the man that had saved his life, hitting him, kicking the old man, and running off to hide in the nearby trees beside their remote house in the mountains. It wasn’t until Connor cooked up a rather simple lie that Hong was his son, and that his parents were hunters. With that lie and continued exposure, Hong would gradually settle down and treat the old man with love. Slowly being re-raised to become a kind, energetic, but hungry young boy. Connor would teach Hong how to fight, and told him about such things as the city and people down below their remote mountain home with no communication.

As Hong grew tall, as did his appetite. Troubled by the boy's insatiable appetite, Connor, unable to feed the child despite his significant income, and unsure of how to make him more self sufficient he had brought into his home, decided to put Hong up for simple Combat Betting matches in the town below. The terms of the matches were that if Hong won, the loser would buy him a meal in the tavern, whereas if Hong lost, he would be bound to do whatever the winner demanded. A recurring process that Connor would think build the boy’s character. The things he was asked to do when he lost could range from using his unusual physical strength to deal with something that was either disturbing the town, to menial tasks like deliveries or just generally helping out around the slums.

Much to Connor’s surprise the losses were significantly overshadowed by Hong's victories, as more often than not the red-haired gorilla Faunus happily filled his belly every day, and despite this still persisted to ask what they would have wanted him to do, depending on the task he would try to do it regardless. Then, one day, an elderly man with short, curly white hair appeared before Hong and challenged him to hand to hand combat, saying, "If you lose, you will train under me and become a hunter."

Happy to oblige, Hong pounced and eagerly attacked after seeing him enter a stance that would promote guard. Much to Hong's surprise, he was defeated before he even knew what had happened. The old swordsman was named Duncan, and after a quick chat with Connor, who without hesitation pushed Hong off onto Duncan to take the hungry 14 year old overseas to vale where he could better learn to be a warrior.

The moment a proper home was set-up and everything that Hong owned was moved overseas, he would learn that the school he would be attending would engulf every minute of every waking hour of daylight with sparring, classes on how to build weapons, mental and physical conditioning. Fighting would soon become Hong's life, and soon he had no thoughts other than training, and eating, as he became stronger and more agile with each passing year he attended the school.

His days would become filled with grueling exercises and classes that taught him about the multitude of ways to take down creatures far larger than any man or woman that walked on two legs. Days filled with sparring, eating, and things that he enjoyed and felt at home doing. His nights however were filled to the brim with study in the library and private lessons to fill in the gaps of what he was missing.

Hong mastered what he understood quickly, fighting, utilizing the oversized cudgel he had been given by the retired hunter who remained in the mountains overseas. There was always more to learn, as the man that had brought him there always had something else to teach him. For years the school was his home, training his life, but as time passed his thoughts always returned to the idea of something inhuman for him to beat down.

Eventually Hong would learn everything he could have from the teachers there, and at the age of 18 he would be offered the chance to further his education, to which he gleefully accepted. Duncan, the old swordsman that had taken him in contacted an associate in Syne and sent out every bit of combat data they had on Hong, as well as his transcripts to get him enrolled in Syne Academy.
RP Sample:

(Haven't actually written anything in the way of RPing in quite some time, hope this will do!)

Hong stood his ground as the lumbering Ursa rushed towards him through the Bellamuse Forest, the calming sounds made by the native wildlife around him was slowly drowned out by the sounds of twigs on the ground snapping, leaves crinkling under the weight of the creature, and the loud ‘stomps’ that made up the creature’s charge. As he stood there waiting, he thought to himself something completely unrelated to the situation at hand, two words that described him all too well. ’I’m hungry.’ The moment the words bounced around in his head as the Grimm grew ever closer, he stared at the metal end of his cudgel as though it were a cooked ham still on it’s bone. Without hesitation the gorilla boy leap into action, taking a large bite through the steel end of his cudgel not realizing what he would be involuntarily activating. His semblance.

The metal bent and turned to mush as he chewed, just as any other ordinary food would when he ate, and the moment he swallowed the now mushy steel his body would catalyze it and turn it to an energy he could use. Hong’s muscles tightened and constricted before a mess of thousands of dark red hair follicles on his arms began to lengthen and thicken before finally turning to a thick and clean fur that left only the palms of his hands and his fingers bare. With that the young fighter dropped the useless cudgel onto the ground and held his arms out in front of his body after entering a braced stance.

The moment the lumbering Ursa crashed into Hong grasped ahold of it’s head as he began to slide backwards. All the while it began to aimlessly flail and swipe its large claws to scratch the Faunus until the two came crashing into a tree. Pinned there against a tree, Hong slammed his fists into the creature’s mask, with each hit it began to break and crack. The more and more the mask cracked under his strength the less the creature was able to stand on it’s own, and the more Hong hit it the closer it came to death.

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