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Rusty Kit, the wind in the... lovely blue trees?

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Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Russell "Rusty" Kit
Age: 18
Birthday: 27th September
Gender: Male
Race: Faunus (Fox, tail visible)
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 122 lbs
Face Claim: (Custom, albeit based on Mercury's model)

Aura 230|70 HP

Major: Undecided. Enjoys tinkering, so may go towards Tech major. Also has innate talent with plants, so may go towards Medical major.
Likes: Shiny things, Chasing/Being chased, Heights, Quiet corners, Fiction books that give a sense of hope.
Dislikes: Large crowds of people, Arrogant/Bossy people, Strong winds
Fears: Water, Being caged, Not being good enough
Overall Personality:
Rusty Kit is still a kid at heart. Naive, playful, and curious, he approaches new things with a sense of wonder and trust. (Everything is exciting and good until it is proven otherwise.)
Once he has made a friend that he knows he can trust, he will defend them from anything: Physical threats, verbal threats, or threats against their honour/nature. (Loyalty till death.)
In combat, he uses techniques that he has learnt in class. He is not a naturally skilled fighter, and has no consideration for his own health and safety. He values brains over brawn and speed over strength. His fighting style can best be described as hit and run: If he takes a hit, he will likely be down for the count, but for the brief moment that he is in the face of a single target, his flurry of blows will make them hurt. (Assassin style fighting)
Academically, Rusty is close to being top of the class. He is attentive, knowing that the slightest detail could mean the difference between life and death in the field. He takes clear notes, though in downtime he will scribble little drawings in the spaces around his notes. (Academic and attentive)
In response to discrimination about his Faunus heritage, he will ignore it. "If you ignore them, they will go away". However, even Rusty has his limits. He has a LONG fuse, but when he reaches tipping point, he explodes in an intense and violent manner in the direction of his harrasser. (Tolerant to a point)
To summarise, Rusty is playful, loyal, academic, and tolerant.
Skillful at: Climbing.
Lacking skills in: Being a tactician.

Aura type: Recovery Aura (+5 SP per post)
Aura Color: Blue-green, closer to turquoise than teal.
Semblance: Rusty's semblance is all about growth. Plant growth, specifically. Flowerheads lean towards him as he passes in the forest, and by concentrating, he can accelerate the growth of plant matter nearby. This includes trees, vines, grasses, moss, and other various herbs.
In combat, the most use he can get out of it is to attempt to restrain the movements of his opponent with vines, or by growing plants with innate uses (for example healing herbs to be used in a poultice on a wounded friend, or opiods to attempt to put the enemy to sleep).
Rusty mostly uses his semblance for mobility. Vines will swing him where he wants to go, trees allow him to climb them easily. Grass will soften his fall where possible, and the sudden bursting growth of a root through the ground can launch him through the air.
In barren, lifeless settings, Rusty is noticably depressed. The absence of plants is too much for him, so much so that he carries a pouch of sprouts in his pocket just to always have a connection to nature with him.
(10 Aura per use, Utility)

Item 1: "Psithurism". Psithurism are a pair of dual black tonfas. Each can be wielded individually, and can be held in either a defensive way or an offensive way. Defensive means the long end runs back along Rusty's forearm, ending at his elbow, and the short end protrudes a finger length from his fist. With a flick of his wrist, the shaft pivots around the handle to be wielded offensively. The long end protrudes out like a shortsword. The short end of the shaft forms a solid point, allowing dangerous stabbing motions to go along with the swinging blunt attacks. As Psithurism is swung, notches cut into its length catch the air and make an eerie whistling noise, giving the weapons their name. (Psithurism is the word to describe the sound of the wind through the trees, and the noise from the notches sounds exactly like the wind rustling through a forest, no louder, no softer.).

Rusty has plans for an alternate form for Psithurism, but needs a lot more lien to be able to upgrade it. This form will made by joining the handles together, with the limbs of Psithurism bending outward to form a bow. A silver ring that Rusty wears will act as a focal point, and when the ring passes through the "imaginary bowstring" between the two tips of the bow, a blue-green arrow will be formed from Rusty's Aura. The ring will be able to produce arrows without Psithurism in bow-mode, but it cannot fire them without the bow. It should be noted that the same whistling noise will be produced by an arrow as it flies through the air.

Edit: I realised that the bow form would make Psithurism a rating 3, which isn't allowed for starting characters. Therefore, it is now just the set of spiked tonfas, with dreams of being something more.

Item 2: "Embrace" A set of vambraces and shin guards that are designed to minimise impact while also deflecting sharpness. They also help to absorb impact from long falls, though are not a replacement for proper landing strategy. Rusty uses Embrace to block incoming attacks from enemies his size, but only when Psithurism isn't available to be used defensively.

History and Sample
Russell "Rusty" Kit was born in Vacuo, the western kingdom of harsh desert where anyone is welcome, as long as you can survive. His parents, Misty and Garth, were hard-working farmers in one of the smaller villages on the outskirts. Not much grows in the desert, but they made enough to get by. Misty and Garth were nice enough people, but they were always working. Rusty didn't have many opportunities to socialise with kids his age, but made a couple of close friends. Whenever he wasn't working the farm with his parents, he and his best friend Mars would get into all sorts of trouble; stealing eggs, harassing livestock, and generally making a nuisance of himself.

One day, around age 10, Mars tried a prank that was a bit too big for him. He tried to steal from a visiting noble. The travelling guard quickly snatched the boy and took him away. Rusty saw this all happen, and swore off stealing. He hasn't seen Mars since.

At age 16, Rusty met a huntsman that was passing through the kingdom. There was something exciting and hopeful about the stories the man told, and Rusty got the bug. He knew that he HAD to become a huntsman too. Shade Academy was beyond his skill level, as he had no formal training at all. Rusty was going to have to find a low-level school to learn from. Signal. The huntsman had mentioned Signal Academy. It didn't take long for Rusty to learn from passing traders that Signal Academy was based near Vale, on the other end of the continent.

Rusty bid farewell to his parents, and went with a trade caravan on their way to Vale. It was strange, though... The further he got from Vacuo, from the desert, the more ALIVE he felt. Something about the vibrant life around him as he passed through lush forests spoke to him. He started to talk to the plants when the caravaneers weren't nearby. The plants didn't exactly speak back, but could communicate emotions to him; thirst, calm, hunger, and pain. Much to his surprise, Rusty found that if he reached out with his own soul, he could provide them with what they needed. Later, he would learn that this was his semblance in action, but at the time he felt confused, but special.

Upon reaching Vale, Rusty quickly sent in an application to Signal, where he was eventually accepted. There, he was allowed to design his own weapon. Not being the most creative sort, he took the basic form of a tonfa and added a sharp point to the short end of the shaft. Over the course of two years, Rusty graduated from Signal, and looked towards attending a TRUE hunting academy.

In a show of impatience, he chose not to return to Vacuo to attend Shade. He wanted to continue training straight away! It was then that Rusty heard about a small island off the coast of Sanus. Bellmuse. It seems they have a hunting academy: Syne Academy. Rusty rushed his application in.

RP Sample:
The faunus sits on the edge of a hard cot, swinging his legs impatiently.
“Can I go yet?”
The brunette turns back to him and sighs.
“Rusty, this is the third time this month you’ve been sent here.” She opens the boy’s eyes and shines a light in each one, checking the reaction time. “You really need to be more careful. Too many more knocks to the head like that and you won’t even be able to tie your shoes.”
Unable to help himself, the fox rolls his eyes at her.
“I don’t wear shoes, see?” He wriggles his toes as he looks down at them.
After the nurse finishes, Rusty hops down off the cot and looks to her expectantly. A big grin crosses his face as he grabs a lollipop from the jar offered to him. He rushes out of the nurse’s office, wondering if he can make it in time for class.

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Hey there Rusty Kit! ^_^

I want to formally apologize for the long wait for your app to be graded. I wasn't a mod at the time, and the Staff at the time was rather busy with the holidays, and must have not seen your particular app afterwards. I am very sorry about that!


Anyway, hopefully you will see this, as your app only needs a few small changes.

First off, your Face Claim. Sadly, even a really good edit of a canon RWBY character is a no-go, what with the whole 'Syne's canon is happening at the same time as RWBY canon in the same universe' thing. Basically, even though OCs cannot meet and talk with the original characters from RWBY, Syne is a part of that universe. That means that Mercury already exists. If you need help finding a fitting FC, just ask someone in chat. We have a lot of talented image searchers! ^_^

The second is your armor. Now I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be physical armor, but you have to actually label it as such, since armor here on Syne can be for either Physical Damage or Magical Damage (Dust).

If see this and make these two small edits, you will be good to go! Love

Once again, apologies about the delay in grading your app!

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