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[let's just pretend this never happened]

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1 [let's just pretend this never happened] on Fri Dec 30, 2016 1:45 am

Bai yawned wide as she leaned underneath the bright yellow tape reading “Police line do not cross.” Several uniforms stood outside the tape keeping the general public at bay from the scene. Past the line, photographers, forensic annalists, and her partner, Guy Weston, all stood carrying out their various duties. Most of the attention was focused on a severed leg in the middle of the tapped off section of the sidewalk. As she approached Bai took in the scene. Left leg, Caucasian complexion with a shoe and sock still on the foot. Minimal blood splatter around the leg, so it was probably dumped here after being cut off, or the person was dead when it was removed, though they'd have to wait for the forensic boys to do their stuff before they knew if it was severed post or pre-mortem.  

“All the way out here in Springwood?” Bai asked yawning once again as she stopped next to Guy. Based on the look on his face he was about as awake as she was. The sun had only just risen and they both had to drive out from Bellmuse for this one. “I thought this place was supposed to be quiet and peaceful.”

“Yeah well, crazy doesn't much care about the local ambiance,” Guy responded as he nodded his head slightly at the severed leg.

“So what do we know, besides the obvious?” Bai asked. While everyone else was focused on the severed leg her focus was on the crowd. The chances were slim but whoever did this might decided to come back to “watch the cops scratch their head” at the case.

“The owner of the shop here called it. Said he was packing up for the night and when he stepped out the leg was there in the sidewalk,” Guy said turning towards the small antique shop that was also within the police tape.

“What about the camera over the door? That see anything?” Bai wondered as she turned in the opposite direction, finishing her scan of the crowd.

“Nope, damn thing isn't even a real camera, it's just a prop to make people think there's a camera,” Guy sighed.

“Great,” Bai sighed in turn her voice laced with sarcasm.

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2 Re: [let's just pretend this never happened] on Sun Jan 01, 2017 8:17 pm

This area was quite new to Errante. His newfound love of the rooftops had given him a great deal more freedom than he had anticipated it would. Lots more space to jump around. Lots more room to make his own. Hr had been out, hobbling from cobbled roof to cobbled roof, following something way off in the distance.

It was... early. But there was something. A strange... no not strange, familiar, taste in the wind. A familiar sound in the air, police... he'd been locked up before but it hadn't done much good. He'd been tortured past what could be legally done to him, a cage was just a room. Whether the lights were on or off.

So they'd sent him to Syne for rehabilitation... probably thought he was still there. Having given his tracker to a boy before leaving... well he said given... planted maybe.

He followed the roof around, boots clacking on the shingles and black dress shaking in the wind but too tight to flow. Having approached from the far side he neared the edge of the building. Sword in his right hand, blue eyes curiously scanning though poorly cut bangs.

"Oooh... just a leg. Wonder where the other parts went... Did he eat himself and that was all that's left? Bit of a waste... but no real waist." He asked, loud enough to be heard bellow though not directed at those down there.

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3 Re: [let's just pretend this never happened] on Sun Jan 01, 2017 10:30 pm

“Of COURSE it's not real,” Bai said shaking her head and sighing loudly. Sometimes people were cheap, you could blame the economy or whatever you want, but it sure made her job tough when people cut corners. Well looks like they would have to start with good old fashion police work. With her look over the croud complete she turned back to the crime scene itself. With only a leg to go off of there wouldn't be a whole lot the forensics guys could tell them now, and of course the M.E. couldn't tell much either so until then they wouldn't even know a lot about what kind of person or body they were even looking for. “So what do we know?”

“No idea, been waiting for you to get here before asking any questions. You always seem to catch stuff I don't,” Guy said turning towards the shop, “Owner is inside.”

“Hey you! You can't be up there!” one of the uniformed officers yelled out drawing the attention of those around. Bai, now next to her partner, looked up at the person on the rooftop. Something seemed off about this guy... girl... thing? Even after only a few years of police work under her belt Bai could pick out when something was off. She didn't know if this was connected to the case, but they couldn't just ignore it and move on, not with a case like this one. Especially with what little they have to go on.

“What's your gut say, Tango?” Guy asked, referring to Bai with one of the many nicknames she had picked up with her time on the force. 

“I don't like it,” The Faunus officer responded, “But I don't think it's connected. Could be something else though, if we do run into something we can pass it off to Kayne and Dickson.

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4 Re: [let's just pretend this never happened] on Mon Jan 02, 2017 6:12 am

Errante frowned, raising his hand he pretended to crush the head of the officer who had shouted at him. ”But I’m up here.. it isn’t hard to get up here. I can show you how if you want. Certainly not hard for me to be up here, of course I can be up here. I am up here after all. Don’t be silly.”

Continuing to pretend to crush the officers tiny heads, one by one, he couldn’t help overhearing the woman bellow... not that he was trying not to, ”Well of course it’s not connected silly. Look at it, it’s been taken off the rest of the body. Do you need glasses or something? Is that how glasses work? I know they help you see things... can you really not see that the rest is missing? You only think it’s not connected... I guess the rest could be underground beneath it?”

He pretended to crush the talking two’s head between his forefinger and thumb. Seemingly struggling with the faunus woman but eventually closing the gap between the two digits, ”You have a good head you know... maybe it’s just bigger. I’m not sure. Anyway, I don’t think it’s still connected. Unless that guy’s a mole.”

With a yawn he looked at the other one, the one next to her who’s head wasn’t so hard to crush. Shuddering slightly Errante accidently activated his semblance on the man... well, probably accidently. As the gangly boy’s aura flared to life the man would see in him the physical manifestation of whatever would scare him the most. Those around him blissfully unable to see whatever he was. Errante blinked twice, as if coming to some sort of realization. He kept his semblance on the man, ”Oops... I forgot I  do that sometimes. You guys are cops right? I don’t think you like me then... that’s rude.”


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5 Re: [let's just pretend this never happened] on Tue Jan 03, 2017 7:32 pm

What in the hell was this person trying to do? Bai raised an eyebrow as what he... she... it might have been doing. Was he pretending to crush their heads with his fingers? Well then... Either this was going to be very entertaining or it was going to be a huge waist of time. Actually, it was probably going to be a huge waste of time anyway.

Bai's eyebrow raise changed to a full head tilt as the person spoke, responding to her words. Well, either this person didn't understand figures of speech, or even context in general. In any case the best course of action would to be to let the uniform's get them down and hold them in one of the cars until they were done with the scene.

“I knew there were some character's in Bellmuse, but didn't expect to see a crazy out here in Springwood,” Guy said in a rather droll tone.

“Yeah well, I guess no one is safe from insanity,” Bai responded ignoring the person's comments about her head.

“N-n-n-no!” Guy suddenly stammered out, the expression on his face changing from one of disinterest to utter horror, “Mauveine! No! No! No! No! Mauveine!” The normally calm and collected detective fell to his knees grasping the sides of his head while shouting over and over again the name of his dead daughter. Bai didn't know much more than his daughter was dead, but after this she wasn't sure if she wanted to know or not.

Something was off about this person. Looking closer she noticed a faint purple glow around the person.  Was this their semblance? Something that cause a target to have a mental breakdown? Suddenly the sword that was in this person's hand was a lot more troublesome. Instinctively Bai placed her hand over her sidearm, mentally trying to prepare herself for, well whatever might come.

“Honestly I had no opinion of you until you did whatever the hell you're doing to my partner,” Bai said in a raised voice while looking directly at the person.

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6 Re: [let's just pretend this never happened] on Wed Jan 04, 2017 7:22 am

Errante looked at the woman like she'd just grown her eighth head, not perhaps as strangely as when she grew the first six but it was still an unexpected event. Scratching the back of his head with his free hand, his aura died down. The man would once more see Errante as he truly was.

He frowned slightly, tugging at the hair on the back of his head, "If he just stopped staring he wouldn't have a problem... It's like a car crash, if you look away you won't see it... I guess it's like just about everything if you think about it. If you can’t see it, then it can’t affect you. You get me?"

He then looked to Ragnaroc, the weapon that police officer seemed a little anxious of.. well, in his hands who wouldn’t be a little anxious even. Drawing his hand from behind his head, he grasped the sword by the blade’s blunt edge; turning it to almost point the grip at the man. Icy eyes full of curiosity.

"I don’t know what you saw... I don’t really know what anyone sees when they look at me. It’s not like I can stare through their eyes. Do you want to say? I can’t really make you... well. I can... I guess I can. Are you... strong?” "

The gangly man got in a few practice swings, still holding his weapon by it’s blade. He seemed to stumble, as if he would fall from the rooftops at any moment. He stopped with his weapon over his shoulder, eyes once more drawn down to the severed arm. He stared at the detached limb,, seemingly having removed himself mentally from the world outside it.

"What are they going to do with you? "

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7 Re: [let's just pretend this never happened] on Thu Jan 05, 2017 7:39 pm

Bai focused on the figure standing on the rooftop. The more she watched him... or her.... it, the more unnerved she became. There was something dreadfully off about her. She didn't know exactly what it was but she had gotten this feeling before, more than a few of the students back when she was at Syne had given her the same vibe. Something small clicked in her mind. Of course, this was probably one of the strangely large number of insane individuals who had somehow made it to the island kingdom.

If he stopped staring he wouldn't have a problem? Bai didn't fully understand what was being said but she logged it in her memory just in case. Sometimes people would just tell you things that you would otherwise have to deduce for yourself, and she had found that many times other detectives did it the hard way by ignoring people. Sure she still took everything with a grain of salt, but words were more important than most people gave them credit for.

Guy continued to stammer, quieter now, what he had been before, though he was no longer looking at the person on the roof. Bai did her best to ignore it her eyes focusing on the sword... which was now being held by the blade and having the hilt pointed towards her and guy. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed two uniforms moving around the side of the building. Hopefully they could get this person down without a fight. With such a crowd here there would most definitely be people recording and if they had to use lethal force.... well the media would latch on to it like always.

Okay, this person doesn't know what Guy saw. Which goes with what was said earlier. If this was in fact this person's semblance then it was vision based. So far only Guy seemed to have been affected, which meant that it could only affect one person at a time. That or it could be targeted to only affect one person. Bai couldn't rule out the possibility of an area off effect style semblance.

Bai's hand now rested on the grip of her gun as the person on the roof swung the sword, still holding it backwards. Great and it looked like the might fall off. Almost without meaning to she half wished this person did, and broke something so she could cuff 'em and move on with the investigation. In either case, though the officers coming up to the roof didn't know about the person's semblance so this could get tricky. Bai silently pleaded that this didn't turn into another foot chase.

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8 Re: [let's just pretend this never happened] on Fri Jan 06, 2017 1:16 pm

Errante stared down at the crying husk of a policeman, frowning slightly. “That was only a couple of seconds. Are you really that weak willed? I was surrounded by them much longer, I could feel them touch me and speak to me. You only had to see one for a moment. Not even a minute or a touch. They became part of me, like how your nails are. You might not want them to be there and you might try to get rid of them... but they’ll come back eventually. Hallucinations are a little funny like that.”

Errante stared back down toward the foot. “Well... maybe their toenails will stop growing. But it cost a lot to stop them growing didn’t it? Do you think it was worth it? To give up a big part of yourself in order to remove the part you really want gone? I don’t think so... maybe they did though."

Leaning a little top far off the edge, staring down at the leg, the tile beneath his foot must have been cheaply affixed. Before his already slow mind could understand what was happening he was falling. As the ground had slipped out beneath him, it appeared as though he would land on his back; had he lacked aura the fall likely paralysing him, however with what little control he had the boy seemed to almost accidently push the blunt end of hid sword off the shop wall and right himself. Landing on both feet. Blinking twice, it seemed to take him a moment to realize quite what had happened. The force of pushing off the wall had deeply bruised the palm of his right hand, as only the pointed tip was sharp he hadn’t cut himself.

He switched the weapon’s hands, but as he did so his eyes were set on the woman. She had gotten awful quiet... said nothing else since he’d scared her partner. Midway through swapping hands he set his semblance upon her. He was inches from the removed limb.

“What will you see?”

130 aura remains, 2 str debuff on Bai

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9 Re: [let's just pretend this never happened] on Tue Jan 10, 2017 11:26 am

While whatever this person said might just be the ramblings of a madman, there still might be useful information in there somewhere. Though when they mentioned hallucinations it did offer slightly deeper insight into what was going on. Based on everything this person had said their semblance was some form of visual hallucination. Whatever it was it hadn't taken long to incapacitate Guy. Without looking away from the person on the roof, Bai waved over two uniforms to remove Guy for now. In his current state he wasn't going to be much help.

And next thing she knew there was a slight cracking sound as a roof tile snapped and the strange person fell from the roof. And with what seemed to be the most accidental display of acrobatics they were able to right themselves up again to land feet first on the ground. Silently Bai wondered why the hell it was always the insane people who had the best luck.

In either case this put the person mere feet from Bai, not somewhere she wanted to be honestly. Without warning the person’s form began to distort and change. Without hesitating or letting her curiosity get the better of her Bai closed her eyes. If this person's semblance was what she had deduced, then simply not looking at him would be good enough to keep herself from being affected.

Of course the lucky thing for Bai was that she didn't need her eyes to see. The officer activated her semblance and a series of blue waves of energy emanated from her body. Only she could see them, but they mapped out her surrounding perfectly. She focused on the red figure in front of her that she recognized as the person from the roof. Slowly she backed up to put some distance between herself and the insane person. At the same times several uniforms made their way closer to surround them.


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10 Re: [let's just pretend this never happened] on Wed Jan 11, 2017 7:33 pm

Errante , noting the submission of the woman, allowed himself to wander a step or so forward. He stopped suddenly, leather boots coming in contact with the detached limb. His pupils dilated, with slight hesitation he lowered himself, aura fading from around him. Placing one hand on the ground, raising the one that gripped Ragnarok behind him in preparation to swing. Despite his hunger he knew lowering his head to eat would leave him exposed. He couldn’t take his eyes off them for a moment, especially with how the other officers were moving. This left relatively few options, he could take the foot and run... he could fight them here and now... or...

He slowly raised himself, ”What do you want this for anyway. Do you guys all want to eat it? There’s not nearly enough to split it among all of you... maybe if another of you died and you split them to you could do it. I’m pretty sure I saw it first anyway, if we’re being totally honest. Like... sure you’ve got all these people and fancy yellow tape but finders keepers and I’m the finder. You understand that right? So what do you want it for... I probably won’t let you have it anyway but  I wanna know.”

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11 Re: [let's just pretend this never happened] on Wed Jan 18, 2017 11:19 am

Bai kept her eyes closed, she didn't know if his semblance was still up or if it had gone down, but it was better to play it safe in this case, especially since she didn't need her eyes to see. As the person took a step forward Bai drew her sidearm. At almost the same time several of the uniformed officers around her did the same. With her weapon trained on the strange sword wielder she waited. This situation was bad. If they shot him too soon the media would have a field day with it. If they waited too long then one of the officers might die.

“What the f***,” Bai heard one of the officers say as the person looked at them all and asked them about wanting to eat the leg. Several people in the crowd uttered similar remarks. And Bai felt about how they did. This person was crazy, and if they were in fact a cannibal then there was no proof. They could still bring them in on impeding a police investigation. Of course it was a dangerous choice. Bai had a gut feeling that his person could hold their own in a fair fight. And if that was the case then she would just have to make things unfair.

“Step away from the leg, drop your weapon and put your hands above your head.” Bai ordered in the same sort of authoritarian way that every good officer could muster when needed. She trained her weapon on the person, dead center just like training. And if the uniforms here any good then they would be doing the exact same right about now.


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12 Re: [let's just pretend this never happened] on Wed Jan 18, 2017 12:38 pm

"Heh, step... leg. Kinda ironic that you'd word it like that isn't it? Telling me to step away from the leg, you could have said move away... but step was your choice. Are you a comic person? I like comedic people." The boy shuddered slightly as he half giggled.

Blue eyes scanned the line of police officers, all with weapons of some kind it seemed. Straightening himself out totally he turn his semblance on each of them, he could only do one at a time of course; but he gave each of them in his view less than a second. A single glimpse into their fear, momentary and frightful for sure.

"Let's be fair at least, if you want to do this without weapons then none of us should have weapons. That's the only way this'll really work, it's not fair that you all get to have things and I don't. If you want to do this with hands we can do this with hands."

Errante stretched his neck a bit, guttural clicks ringing out. It almost looked as if it might come off as he did. Rolling his tongue over the back of his heavily scaled teeth, he was preparing for a fist fight.

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13 Re: [let's just pretend this never happened] on Fri Jan 20, 2017 3:39 pm

Ignoring the person's words Bai focused on their movement. Unfortunately it seemed like words wouldn't work here. As far as she could tell this person wasn't all there mentally. This would end up being her first encounter with someone so openly insane. Sure, working violent crimes meant that she had encountered a few psychos from time to time, but most of the time it was a crime of passion.

As the person activated his semblance on each officer in turn some filched and others shook their heads, not sure what they had just witnessed. Bai still had her eyes closed so she never noticed when the affect left her.

“I don't think you get it. This isn't a fight, this is an arrest,” Bai said calmly her weapon still trained on the crazy person. It looked like he was gearing up for a fight. Damn. She didn't know enough about this person to make a proper strategy for taking them down right this moment. Which meant she would have to improvise, not her strongest skill.

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14 Re: [let's just pretend this never happened] on Fri Jan 20, 2017 4:34 pm

"Oh no, I've been arrested before. This is not an arrest. Arrests work quite a lot different than this. In the arrest you would be behind me with cuffs and such, but really with this many guns trained on me I don't think we can call this anything less than a fight. If you were all to shoot, you don't know that there would be anything left to shoot. So we can do this with you all and the guns, me with the sword. Or you all without guns and me without the sword. It's up to you all." The mad man nodded, shrugging slightly.

He let his aura die down totally, pleased to see that all of the officers had been at least slightly intimidated by his semblance despite the shortness of time he'd show it to them. Then again, he hadn't met anyone who had been unresponsive to his semblance in his entire lifetime. He kinda hoped that he would. One day.

"To have so many guns pointed at me, but the one's pointing can't really look to aim them can they? This seems like it's going to lead to misfires and killing friends. That's kinda sad isn't it? I could run into the group and you'd all end up turning on each other, even if it's on accident. Still pretty sad. Maybe good to put the guns down?"

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