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Mindset of a Hunter (Closed)

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1 Mindset of a Hunter (Closed) on Sun Jan 01, 2017 4:19 pm

Madam Haze
The clicking of a pen broke the classroom’s silence. The Goddess Haze was on the edge. Having poured out her heart, mind and soul to the students they were still failing. How could it be? Were they all really so dense? So blind that they couldn’t even attempt to mimic her inherent greatness. Instead they tried to make their own path to become a Hunter, rather than the one she had so expertly shaped for them. The one the Goddess had lived through so that they need not suffer, her greatest gift to the masses.

She was sat behind a desk at the front of a small lecture hall, about to teach the first class of the year to what few students were here. Of course she was, the year had to start in the very best way possible. With the very best teacher possible of course. Garbed in her usual perfect dress, flawless golden tiara adorning her head. The best way to start the year... only the students would ruin it. As they always did.

She looked to the clock, fifteen minutes till ten. It’d all kick off then, the first combat strategies class of the year. Combat Strategies... Combat Strategies, she’d been through them all. Proper use of one’s semblance, the importance of one’s ability to fight alone rather than in a group. None of it to very much effect... could it perhaps be that she wasn’t cut out for teaching?

She let out a marvellous cackle, was there anything less likely? Her? The goddess? Bad at something? How silly to even think. No, the students were the wrong ones. It was something deep rooted. In the very souls, in their minds... minds...

The Goddess had finally got it, an idea for this class. Something new and fresh which would surely enlighten the students, she had reached a whole new level of brilliance.

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2 Re: Mindset of a Hunter (Closed) on Tue Jan 03, 2017 12:41 pm

Roy Fox
The halls were empty as a young man slowly sauntered down it. This young man was Roy Fox a new first year at Syne Acadamey who was currently heading toward his first class the year- Combat Strategies,albeit a few minutes early. From his appearance you could tell he had just woken up out of bed as his already messy and unkempt hair now had a severe case of bedhead. He had his trademark trenchcoat on with his katana strapped to his hip. He didn't care what those teachers said It was unsafe to go anywhere without a weapon.

Being a mercenary he knew the importance of strategies in combat as just charging in tends to end up with death. But to be honest he was probably just going to sleep through it anyway. From what his schedule showed the teacher there was named Haze he didn't know anything him or her due to being to lazy to ask around.

Suddenly he heard a loud Cackle coming from down the hall that made the hair on the back of his neck stand on end. The laugh was definitely feminine and emanated from the area his classroom was supposed to be at so it was safe to assume his teacher was female. He just shrugged before heading to the classroom. Once he arrived to the door of his aforementioned classroom loud bell rang and suddenly a stampede of noise started to fill the halls and with a sigh he entered the room.

He immediately went to the back of the classroom and propped his feet up on his desk. He looked at the teacher to see a slim woman wearing a very elegant dress adorned with a golden tiara. Not Ideal for combat but he knew not to judge by appearances, she was a professor for a reason. Roy then exhaled a audible sigh before closing his eyes and dozing off.

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3 Re: Mindset of a Hunter (Closed) on Mon Jan 09, 2017 5:18 pm

Combat Strategies, now there was a class that Charon could get excited for. There were many aspects to being a huntsman, but if you couldn't fight, you'd struggle, struggle for too long, you'd eventually die. That was just the way that things worked, the same rules had applied on the street when Charon had lived there as well. It was rough growing up, but all those experiences allowed him to be ready for today.

Well...that was a bit of optimistic thinking on his part.

Charon made his way in to the classroom and saw that he was a bit early. His partners had always taught him that it was always better to arrive early to everything, even when the instructions were to arrive right on time. If something was up, it gave you more time to prepare and make a move. So now Charon was presented with a very important decision: choosing his seat.

Seeing one spot taken in the back, Charon moved forward and sat in the second to front row. This way he was close enough to hear and see everything going on, but not too close that he'd be called on to answer every question. Course, that might be the case if so few people were going to arrive. Charon got out some paper and pen, starting to title and date his papers so he'd know where these notes fell with the others.

With that done, he looked up to the teacher, ready for the time to dwindle away so they could begin.

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4 Re: Mindset of a Hunter (Closed) on Wed Jan 11, 2017 10:49 am

Madam Haze
Two students had arrived early, one not long after the other. The first had soon decided to doze off, the second had sat himself neatly at his desk; prepared to take notes. The Goddess had to resist breaking out into a smirk or another cackle, these two couldn’t have been more different in temperament... yet she couldn’t picture either of them reacting much differently to what she was about to do.

She placed her handbag on the table, the surprising and loud crash of her mace within colliding with the table should have been enough to get their attention and awaken the one further back. Next she stood, pulling the weapon from within. She paced slightly at the front of the room, gently switching the ways in which she held it. Forehand and backhand with the left, forehand and backhand with the right. Eventually she brought the large golden mace to rest in the crook of her right shoulder.

She had to drag this out a little, make the blow truly sting. She dis her best to put on a serious face, the once present smirk now absent and replaced by her crimson red stare. Bearing down on the students. She mulled over the words for a moment more before speaking, ”O won’t waste tine, waiting for others to arrive. It is my job to inform you all that, due to a decrease in funding we have been forced it increase the school’s requirements for students. As such none of you make the grade. You have been expelled from Syne academy, there is nothing you can do about this. None of you will ever become hunters or be legally allowed to hunt grimm in any capacity. You likely won’t be allowed to even keep your weapons if you are deemed dangerous.”

Of course, this was a total lie. No one was expelled, no one was going to lose their weapons. But their reactions would be the stone in which this lesson was set into.

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5 Re: Mindset of a Hunter (Closed) on Fri Jan 13, 2017 2:31 am

Roy Fox
*THUD that was the sound that had awakened Roy from his light slumber. Upon opening his eyes he Immediately looked over the area to see where the sound resounded from setting his eyes on the large handbag on the table. Strangely besides him only one other student was in the room. Judging from the sound, the bag must have contained something large and heavy but at the same time able to be used relatively easy- a club perhaps?

She then stood and pulled out the mystery item- a large golden mace. After pulling the item out of the handbag, She started to pace back and forth while easily switching the ways her mace was held. For a breif moment she also seemed to ponder something before replacing her smirk with a peircing glare. Her crimson eyes seemed to bore into me as she started to speak the first words of the day.

After a brief explanation about the schools funding and how the criteria for entering were suddenly raised thus making us expelled, he simply slammed his head on his desk- not due to being expelled- in all honesty it was an obvious bluff ,but as soon as she added the little fact that his weapon might be taken away- all rational thinking went out the window.

He let out an audible groan and muttered under his breath, "I knew I should'a tried harder on the entrance exam." After  wondering what to do he decided on glaring at her in an Intimidating fashion, but in all honesty the glare was not very frightening.

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6 Re: Mindset of a Hunter (Closed) on Fri Jan 13, 2017 5:11 pm

Charon turned his head up only slightly at the large thud that came on the desk. Having been raised in less-than-ideal circumstances, violence and loud noises didn't particularly get Charon's attention like it did so many others. Instead he just sat and listened, his face going from curious to confused as the teacher continued to keep talking. There were so many things about her statement that just didn't make sense.

"So...everyone in the class is expelled?" Charon asked as he leaned back in his chair. "Seems like the kind of thing you'd want more than two people to hear before announcing to me. Along with that, I don't think that they sort classes based on how we did in our entrance exam" Charon added. "I honestly hope you're wrong, because if this is how I'm getting expelled, I'll be pretty disappointed that this was the best the school was willing to provide. I'd think the headmaster would at least come and say something" Charon remarked.

Of course, he was just thinking outloud. Charon actually had no real proof or evidence that this teacher was in fact lying.

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7 Re: Mindset of a Hunter (Closed) on Fri Jan 13, 2017 6:09 pm

Roy Fox
After slamming his head on his desk and glaring at the teacher, he soon changed his glare  to a curious one as the other student in the classroom started to speak. After hearing the other students rationality he realized that this was an obvious bluff.  If he was to be expelled so soon why would he even had the opportunity to enter?

Roy mentally berated himself for falling for such an obvious bluff. All the while settling down and returning to his former mentality. Seriously they ran out of funding? What kind of scare tatic was that? He let out a sigh before setting an apathetic gaze toward the head to of the classroom hoping that  the lesson would start soon.

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8 Re: Mindset of a Hunter (Closed) on Sun Jan 15, 2017 2:44 pm

Madam Haze
"And with that the Grimm would have burst into our camp, shredded through the tents and even if we could fight them off we'd be without shelter and the degrease in the group's moral would lead to further Grimm attacks." The Goddess smirked, swinging her mace to align with their eye-level; pointing specifically at the boy in the back.

"As important as weapons, armour and dust are; get are completely insignificant when compared to a hunter's mindset. The only thing remotely comparable is one's own aura." Haze nodded, "I'm tired of waiting for other students, they'll arrive when they arrive. The Goddess time is not worth wasting, simply put."

She pointed her weapon to the boy at the front, "While you reacted less than the boy at the back, even the confusion in your eyes and the gut immediacy of your reaction would give the beasts a hint as to your location. Imagine if something genuine had happened. Imagine if someone succumbed to illness or a wound, even the weather could get worse and lead to decreased moral. Your fears are your worst enemies in this career, not the Grimm themselves."

She returned the mace to her shoulder, "In order to become a hunter, granted never one as great as me but a good hunter none the less, you have two options. The first is to learn to maintain total neutrality in all cases, to become almost a blank slate at all times. The other would be to follow in my footsteps, achieve total self confidence in each and every action, the path of the Goddess."

She returned to her seat, smirking, "Now tell me what you all fear, and I'll tell you how stupid you are for fearing it."

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9 Re: Mindset of a Hunter (Closed) on Mon Jan 16, 2017 3:23 pm

Well, this was clearly going to be an interesting class. Charon hadn't decided if that was a good or bad thing yet. Only time would tell that. While his teacher continued to lecture them, Charon pondered her words. It was true that Grimm reacted to negative emotions, but he had always thought it was large amounts of negative emotion. He didn't think that something as subtle as doubt or confusion could lead to an attack.

Then again, Charon came to this place to learn to be a huntsmen, so wasn't it time to start listening? "Interesting" he said under his breath as he thought about the options. Remaining neutral in all things sounded difficult, and he wondered if all hunters were like this.

Charon looked up as Haze asked them to share their fears, only to immediately add that she would later berate them for having stupid fears. Charon had a feeling that this class wasn't going to be as enjoyable as he once thought. He glanced to the boy in the back before seeing that he would have to go first.

"Well, never really thought about it much. If I had to pick anything though...I think the last thing I'd ever want to go through is being a prisoner of war" Charon decided. "Being tortured, malnourished, all so that the enemy can get information out of you. You either break and they'll kill you for being useless, or you endure pain for a long time before they decide you're not worth the time" he added. "If I had to pick something to fear, it'd be that fate"

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10 Re: Mindset of a Hunter (Closed) on Mon Jan 16, 2017 5:55 pm

Roy Fox
At first all Roy wanted to do was doze off but he soon realized that this class may not be as boring as he once thought . As the teacher rambled on about their reactions and how the situation might have turned out if they were on the battlefield, he realized something as much as he hated to admit it-she was right.

Now he wasn't sure if something as small as confusion would lead to an atack, but who was he to disagree this is a battle strategies class after all.

So a hunter needs to remain neutral in all situations that does sound interesting and difficult but with mastery would be a great asset.

Just as Roy finished thinking about the lecture she suddenly asked them what their fears were as well as adding that she would tell them how stupid they were for fearing it. He intentionally waited for the other student to go first all the while thinking about what he was to say.

Fears huh, well that was a tough one he never actually encountered anything he feared,so far all he did was breeze through life without caring about much, but as he flashed through his memories he remembered one thing he feared deeply. He waited until the other student finished before answering her question.

"" Being powerless. Having to watch as everything you care for is taken away from you while you are unable to do anything to stop it. Knowing that if you were stronger you could've done something. So if I had one thing I feared it would be being powerless."

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11 Re: Mindset of a Hunter (Closed) on Wed Jan 18, 2017 9:45 am

Madam Haze
The Goddess frowned upon the mortals, "Neither of you are thinking quite hard enough about what would truly terrify you. What is being powerless, being locked up and tortured or simply being weak, to having all power permanently removed or becoming a prisoner within your own body? Loss of limbs or damage to the spine, resulting in paralysation. You must be able to lose an arm or a leg and retain total composure. Continue to fight without a thought to your situation, can you honestly say you can perform to the best of your remaining abilities under those circumstances without fearing? Use what's left of your capabilities to continue the fight without hesitation, nor letting fear conquer you."

She paused momentarily, catching her breath, "At that point, if you are simply a howling sack of flesh and bone, you become what I would refer to as a Calamity Generator. When you're on the ground, crying out in fear and pain, not only do you radiate fear to draw in more Grimm... but you spread that fear to your allies, breaking their composure and leading to them feeling further fear and saddness. Sad for you and scared about what could happen to you. Thus leading to even more grimm focussing on the group's location. This is why a hunting party should consist of mainly experienced hunters and few rookies, as well as why many simply train to the point that they can face most adversaries alone. You won't be dragged down or drag anyone else down that way."

She fixed her gaze upon the boy in the back, "The fact that you fear for others is not misplaced though. It is one you must overcome in the gravest of manners. If someone else does become a Calamity Generator, you have to be able to promptly knock them unconscious. If you are unable, for the survival of yourself and the group, there is a high probability that you'll have to kill them. You must be neutral in your attachments and all aspects while hunting, never fight alongside someone you hate certainly... but it's an even worse idea to fight alongside someone you really like."

The Goddess shook her head, unfixing her gaze and once more broadening her smirk, "Of course, as a Goddess I lack such fears of loosing people. Being the sole retainer of my genetics, with no parents nor any remaining relatives these are fears I haven't held since my youngest days. And with no reason to get attached to mortals such as yourself, despite having never needed nor been in a party, I can function excellently with or without one. My experience and raw power allows me to shrug off any fear of ever being immobilised."

She straightened her tiara, running her hands through her black locks. She was confident in all she did, and while yes it was a massive problem socially, if she could live up to her own expectations she would be truly unstoppable. "While within a city or town you have the emotions of others to hide your own and the defences of the infrastructure, in the wild, while hunting grimm, you have none of that. If you're the only thing showing those emotions within fifty miles, you're the only thing target within fifty miles."

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12 Re: Mindset of a Hunter (Closed) on Wed Jan 18, 2017 10:15 pm

Well, this was uplifting. Charon just sat in his chair and listened as Madam Haze continued to go on about Calamity Generators. Charon had never heard such a term before, but he could actually see it posing a problem. He had never stopped to consider that should Hunters begin to lose the fight, that they'd make things worse by worrying about their survival and thus attract more Grimm.

To think Charon just thought fighting Grimm was about being stronger and coming out victorious. Apparently, that was the least of his concerns. Victory was the last step in this process.

Charon just lowered his head in thought, thinking about what to possibly say or do at this point. " did you do it exactly?" he asked. "I don't have any relatives or anyone I'm close to either, but I'm definitely not like you. So once you didn't have anyone to worry about, how'd you train to where you became....well, like you?" he asked.

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13 Re: Mindset of a Hunter (Closed) on Thu Jan 19, 2017 11:19 am

Tokaru Anderson
Upon the leave of the docking gate from the Airship and his travel to the front desk in this illustrious academy, a black shelled being with hair dark as night, trotting along the hallways; the loud clank of metal grinding against each other. A bag in one hand and a schedule in another, emerald gems glowing as they dart about, fixing a sign of the class number for his first class of the year, "Combat Strategics", this was an important class and he well aware that such a skill would be life or death in the battlefield. With a calm, cool and collective aura flowing from his being he walked up to the door that was labeled on his roster and calmly opened the wooden obstacle but not before overhearing the sound of a female voice within the room. He stepped in and saw that two students already were in the class, and the teach holding a golden mace, laying it soundly upon her shoulder, her dark locks seemed to catch his serpent-like stare, a weapon clearly larger than normal for others was strapped upon his side, his own hair dancing like black water in the air as being held up in a tight ponytail and creeping towards his midback. "Forgive my tardiness, the Airship was a tad bit late on its arrival, I blame the captain for an improper departure." His deep tone, so crisp and clear as his words were like velvet honey traces with summer time flowers, an entrancing rhythm it held for now trekked over to a desk in the front row, pulled out a notepad and fancy ink pen, unlatched his Saya, the scabbard from his side and laid it to the side of his chair, his fierce like eyes held little or no emotion as class was beginning, he held no need for pleasantries while learning.

OCC: If I do not respond, it is because I am at work.

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14 Re: Mindset of a Hunter (Closed) on Thu Jan 19, 2017 6:32 pm

Sorcha Valkyr
Sorcha checked a small roster she had written for herself, a list of the classes and rooms in which they normally took place. With a bit of gleeful surprise she realized what was next on her itinerary. Of all the lessons she had, this was the one that she looked most forward to, even if what she heard from the other hunters in training about the professor was a little less than flattering. But that was no matter to her as long as this Haze was able to teach something new.

Arriving a little bit before the scheduled time, the fiery haired huntress was surprised to see that discussions had been started already. Wasting no time she sat in the second row, just a couple seats down from the other. She pulled out no notebooks at the moment, not thinking what was being said was worthy of writing down. She had missed some of the earlier points of the conversation, but from what this Professor Haze woman spoke of Sorcha could get the gist of it all. And she agreed, for the most part. Yet there were a few points of which she could not let slide without speaking her mind.

With a slight tug on her gloves, Sorcha placed her elbows on the desk, leaning her chin on her hands. "I think that's hogwash." The heiress spoke clearly, but without any contempt in her tone. "If the situation has become poor enough that you must contemplate killing someone just for painting a target, wouldn't that just create more unease and fear?" She asked, sounding certain of herself. "After all, if knocking them unconscious failed, that would mean they are resisting, creating an even larger amount of negative emotion. Redundant if it can't be done in an instant."

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15 Re: Mindset of a Hunter (Closed) on Thu Jan 19, 2017 10:13 pm

Roy Fox
Interesting, that was the word Roy would use to describe the lecture he had just given. He had never actually put much thought into how ones emotions could so drastically turn the tide of battle. He would have to learn as much as possible if he wanted to succeed even if the teacher had a bit of an enflated ego.

"So neutrality in all situations was the key to becoming a hunter." Roy mumbled in his musings. He was about to speak before realizing he had no idea what to adresss her as, as calling her miss all the time seemed a little odd. Deciding to get the question out of the way Roy cleared his head  set his gaze upon the instructor,and started to speak paying no heed to the two students that had just walked in.

"Before we begin I would like to know what to call you? Proffesor,Miss,or would just Haze be fine? Roy said aloud hoping she didn't answer something crazy like Goddess or something.

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16 Re: Mindset of a Hunter (Closed) on Fri Jan 20, 2017 4:09 pm

Madam Haze
A heeled foot tapped as two more students trekked into the classroom. Despite having started early, these two had arrived later than the allotted time. She had half a mind to throw them out on the spot, however seeing as she was on a roll she thought it best that she ignore their tardiness. After all, those so slow that they would end up missing a class are the most needy of her aid. One of the immediate newcomers however seemed to think her words were worth more than the Goddess' own.

"There was a reason I said you must be able to promptly knock them out and, if you cannot, kill them. If you believe you could not, it would be best to go for the kill. You should learn about your comrades and figure out if you could perform the act swiftly and successfully. Odds are if they're in a situation where they would require being knocked out, their aura is already either heavily drained or broken. If you still have your own it shouldn't be difficult, unless you are extremely weak." Red eyes were locked on the Huntress before her, smug sarcasm washed over the Goddess. This child, this runt, really thought they could debate the Goddess teachings? "Is a first year student really in a place to question their lecturer? The highly decorated and award winning, Toxic Goddess, Madam Haze? Are you under some kind of guise? Have you actually been in a party with a fear generating ally? A miracle away from the civilised medical care they require? Are you actually a highly trained huntress, having been on year long expeditions? Or are you a student, brand new to these terms, having fought a handful of Grimm...totalling the amount I could dispatch in a single outing, perhaps less. Maybe you've never even fought Grimm."

Of course, Haze herself had never been in a party and her acolades came almost exclusively from tournament fights and publicly held Grimm fighting gauntlets, not that the student knew that nor that she would admit it. "If you are all as one mentality and you all are practiced enough in holding your neutrality, the party will be able to successfully survive and defend without drawing more grimm despite the loss. If you are all in understanding you will hold no fear. You must work in your groups as a large, well oiled, machine or on your own and become the entirety of the machine yourself. I hope this is now clear to you, it is an incredibly common situation. In reports these deaths are regularly written off as Grimm attacks to avoid guilt and blame rather than anything else."

She stretched her gloves, tightening them around the knuckle and inspecting their cleanliness, "Now, as for you two's much more valid questions, you will refer to me exclusively as Madam Haze. You will not call me Miss, Professor or Misses. As for reaching this mental state, upon my first arrival at the Academy I trained at I spent months in almost total isolation. Performing few to no acts outside training and eating, I nested among the work equipment. Once I emerged from my larval stage, the magnificent Goddess you see before you felt nothing but self confidence. I never lost a fight to another student, and there were many I can assure you. I hold such confidence in my actions, even in putting a party member to death, that I will not experience any emotion which would draw Grimm to my location. Of course, my inherent natural greatness allows me to achieve this. For you all, I think it is much more likely that you'd have to find some form of total neutrality or neutral state. Even a way of getting back to zero on the emotion scale like smoking, I believe some can even do it by sheathing and redrawing their weapons to reset. Mental ticks, even controlled breathing."

She looked up from her gloves out to them all, "Some of you may even have them already, a song you listen to in order to calm down or the like. Do any of you?"

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17 Re: Mindset of a Hunter (Closed) on Fri Jan 20, 2017 4:24 pm

Tokaru Anderson
As the black locked fellow listened in, not speaking out as he thought it would be rude to while she was lecturing, her tone seemed self-centered; selfish and egotistic, he didn't approve of her words as he would never sacrifice or harm others in his party, but he held no wisdom to counter her claims, unless to invoke her wrath upon him. He merely just tapped the tip of his pen cap on his paper and waited for her to ask them all a question, which he was more than happy to speak out, but twas a short verse he gave; "Indeed, remembering the time of making potions, salves and tending herbs with my mother helps." This was all he said, his tone was still the crisp and clear summer time like wind, swift, as his black armor creaked with his movement of adjusting his posture of crossing his leg over the other, the azure robe that passed over the chest plate revealed a necklace dangling from his neck, his pale ivory white skin glimmered again the black armor, hair, and clean goatee-mustache combo.

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18 Re: Mindset of a Hunter (Closed) on Fri Jan 20, 2017 11:43 pm

Charon glanced over at the other two now, listening as Madam Haze clearly got to the point that her teachings weren't to be taken lightly. And why should they be? Her words seemed valid, even if they were ideas that Charon had never considered. Then again, he had never really had to fight Grimm in a life or death situation. Even if Charon wasn't strong enough, he always had his mentor there to fight them should he be unable to rise up. This ability to generate fear that Grimm had, it was something to take seriously.

"I also have an affinity for music. There are a few albums that I can think of that remind me of friends from back home" Charon said and left it at that, wondering how Madam Haze would suggest they use such information to become better Huntsmen.

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19 Re: Mindset of a Hunter (Closed) on Sat Jan 21, 2017 6:20 pm

Roy Fox
As Madam Haze went on to lecture, and ridicule, one of the newly arrived classmates Roy took the time to observe the new arrivals. One was clearly louder than the other- stating her opinion as soon as she walked in, while the other seemed to be quiet and observational.

As Madam Haze finished up her boasting she went on to actually talk about the class. This class was actually important from what He's seen and heard, He never realized how negaivity could so drastically change the tide of a battle as most of his experience came from battling humans and not many Grimm. Another problem is the Idea of working in a party Roy has little to no experience in group situations as most if not all of his work was solo.

"I have a couple of songs that help me relax." That or I think of how much sleep I can get when the task is finished"said while leaning back in his chair wondering what her reply would be.

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20 Re: Mindset of a Hunter (Closed) on Tue Jan 24, 2017 2:41 pm

Sorcha Valkyr
Sorcha clenched her pearly whites as Madame Haze began berating her for speaking her mind. While she had always been told to watch her words carefully, the red headed young woman had always been very bad at following that particular piece of advice. "There will definitely be other methods besides pulling out our weapons." Sorcha spoke without a glimmer of restraint. "To jump strait into violence will solve nothing, and it is just barbaric." She argued, her growing distaste for the woman settling into a knot just under her heart.

Nobody else seemed to wish to speak. Did they all agree? Or perhaps they were all to cowardly to raise their voice in front of this vile lecturer. Sorcha could not believe that she was being told to kill another person just because things became difficult. She fumed now, but did not stand and leave as her mind would have her. There may still be something useful to learn, even if she completely disregarded what had gotten under her skin so quickly.

As the entered a slightly different topic, Sorcha nodded her answer without speaking a word. So soon she did not trust her own throat from expelling a long string of vile phrases. Her own answer would have been a poem that her father used to recite when she was troubled, not a song per say, but more than a memory.

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21 Re: Mindset of a Hunter (Closed) on Fri Jan 27, 2017 1:27 pm

Madam Haze
"You're about to go out into the world and face creatures with no will outside that of destroying you, like it or not violence is going to be a big part of your life sooner or later. Sooner you come to terms with that, sooner you'll reach your neutral state. Listen to your superior, do not question me." Haze smirk only grew at the girl's quashed state, almost to the point of fully exposing her snake like features.

She quickly recomposed herself however, addressing the entirety of the class, "While these things sound to be of varying degree of use, they are good beginnings from which to form mental ticks to achieve your neutrality. Changing a song can be difficult and unpractical in the heat of battle. If it were possible to whistle the song it'd perhaps be of more use to you. As for thoughts of a better time, if you can truly reach calmness on a dime it would be much more practical. It takes a lot of time and effort to associate these things with a sense of calm however. Over time, a song will almost certainly become not associated with calm; but the battlefield and the fallen allies you've lost while concentrating on it. Memories may also sour with time, if those in them are lost or betray you."

She raised a finger, as if to emphasize her next point, "While this will work for maybe your first couple of years at the academy, supposing nothing goes to wrong, a greater dedication is needed to achieve the true neutrality of mind you require on the battlefield. Not only in the case that you have to deal with an ally, but ideally you should retain a neutral to positive mental state for the entire hunt. I'm sure you can all understand how awful remaining truly, not falsely, happy while on a 6 month excursion alone would be. Of course, not for myself. I'm all the company I need, but you're all much... blander. Less interesting. You'll give in to depression."

Haze pulled her finger back down into a fist, "And so, it is the Goddess decree, that you are all to practice meditation twice a week for four hours. This is the only work outside this lecture hall, save for the occasional excursion, that you will receive from me, but I expect it to be done. If I catch wind of any failure to do so, and I do have eyes and ears throughout this academy, I will make proceeding through this class even more strenuous. To the point where you'll need the meditation to recover~"

"By the end of your first year, I want you to be able to properly control your heart rate. Not stop it per say, but use your breathing to accurately control it. As this class is ongoing throughout your entire time at the academy, I expect you to be capable of totally silent meditation for an entire day without breaks by the end of your second year and to be capable of meditation in a strenuous environment for twenty four hours by your third. Through this control of your mind, you'll be able to return to a neutral state without the need for music or even thoughts. Lacking the latter should even make you more proficient on the battlefield... not that I think any thoughts of worth or complexity would ever run through them." The Goddess had decided to place this task on the students on the spot. She hadn't planned this lesson out, she never did not that she would admit it, but it was going surprisingly well.

"You could never achieve The Goddess Haze complete level of self confidence, so you'll have to settle for this second best."

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22 Re: Mindset of a Hunter (Closed) on Fri Jan 27, 2017 7:49 pm

Tokaru Anderson
The words he was hearing, everything this woman was proclaiming to them all, it was arguably laughable, which made him begin to smile, his own long fangs beginning to glimmer as his lips went wider and a series of demented chuckles seeped from his lips. "A goddess you say... well well, that's funny, rather hilarious." "Seeing how I see nothing but a deluded woman with a false title." His voice was different than before, as so was his tone; he was clearly agitated as his long two-inch canines flashed at the teacher, his pale skin glimmering against his black locks, now to the point he cared little about her word. "Honestly, kill those who lose the will to go on, that's counterproductive, why waste good resources?" "Instead of breaking them, like a spoiled child, fix them."

He continued, but not before packing his things up in the bag he brought, picked up his Saya with his enormous blade still sheathed, the wooden floor creaking under the weight of it as well as the wood flexing, in hindsight, hearing this woman's words before anything up to now was a futile attempt at teaching. "I see nothing but an egocentric pompous brat who's ego has inflated too much that she needs to give herself a rather delusional title as a goddess." "This class is a joke coming from you, and I will not stand for someone with a God complex, just because you see yourself better than others, consider yourself a failure as a teacher in my eyes." "Now Auf Wiedersehen, du Dummkopf." And with that he stood up from his desk and walked to the door, before giving her a rather distasteful glare, his emerald orbs now switching to a vivid crimson hue that glowed with a brilliant subtle rage, but his facial expression held no emotion to it, and with that he left the room, and returned to his dorm shortly afterwards.

Student Tokaru Anderson has left the topic.

OCC: Auf Wiedersehen, du Dummkopf is roughly translated to Goodbye you fool in German.

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23 Re: Mindset of a Hunter (Closed) on Sat Jan 28, 2017 12:18 am

Roy Fox
Roy was beggining to really dislike this class. First she starts going off on another superiority rant at the female student who sensibly replied that striaight up killing or disabling,  another when things go bad was not smart. She than just started to lecture like a normal teacher for a bit going on about good starts and crap, before marvelling at her own accomplishments once again.

Then she basically gave the class her own equivalent of homework each week, which in all honesty was the most relieving part. Meditation was pretty close to sleeping so it wasn't so bad for him.

She then went back to lecturing-blah,blah She's great so on and so on  second best blah, blah. After her superiority and expectation lecture.

After she was finished the broody looking kid said some things got a little mad and stormed out of the class room. Roy just shrugged as he could care less who stayed and who didn't, as much as he disliked this woman and as much as he disliked this class he knew that in the end in would actually be of use the neutrality part anyway, that and he didn't see any other combat strategies class around. So yes he hated this class, but would he leave. No

"So are we just gonna sit here and twiddle our thumbs or are we actually going to start this class?"

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24 Re: Mindset of a Hunter (Closed) on Mon Feb 13, 2017 5:55 pm

Madam Haze
Haze smirked at the rising boy, the petulant child thought he had the strength to challenge the Goddess? "Child, you're green. Both with envy of my majesty and newness to hunting, let alone this academy alike. Greenhorn headbutts into my classroom, late, of course he doesn't think to shut his mouth and listen. Instead decides to challenge the teacher and throw fit. If you'd been in on time you'd know fine well I specified a situation in which there was no chance of recovery. When you're out in the boonies with no civilized medicine for miles, surrounded by grimm there is nothing you can do but attempt to silence the emotionally unstable. When you're pinned down by wave after wave, and you've got a fear generator on your hands... you'll know what you have to do. Awful as it may be.... that is, if you even make it as a hunter."

The boy could glare as hard as he liked, his eyes would only be met with a perfect smirk, "You can try to avoid my class, any of you can. But the final exam is set by me, for this course vital to your hunting career. And you know that it will be on work exclusively covered here.

"And just what would you call the information you gained if not the start of the class? Information and strategy for a scenario you are likely to face, does that not sound correct for a lesson?" Haze turned her smirk on the next petulant boy before returning to face the class as a whole.

"Now then, where was I... Yes, meditation. Controlling one's own mental state.If you can do that, if you can return to a zero state even on the battlefield, it shouldn't matter what happens to you. You should be able to loose limbs and not incur further grimm attention. What's more, you should be capable of knocking yourself unconscious once you gain that high a level of control. Of course, you would not do this in the face of a grimm... rather you would have to flee, but if you can throw their scent from you and pass out you should go unnoticed. Trackers installed in scrolls to find party members should allow your allies to find you and patch you up if the situation allows later." Haze continued to teach.

"There is however a situation I will present to you... say your mission is to help the passage of civilians from a fallen outpost city or town, like those scattered on Remnant's main continents. Of course, you could not kill the civilians you are protecting... you're as well dying yourself with that much on to shoulder. How do you keep up the moral of so many? The Goddess asked the class.

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25 Re: Mindset of a Hunter (Closed) on Thu Feb 16, 2017 11:10 pm

Roy Fox
Roy sighed as Madam Haze Went off on the student who decided to leave the class, before sighing once again as she gave a sharp remark to his own impatience. She then began to teach once more describing what a Hunter should be able to do in face of Grimm and how to handle oneself if you cannot promptly knock yourself out should the situation call for it. She then continued to speak about a certain situation where killing or Knocking out the civilians was not an option, and then promptly asking the class a question on how to keep the morale of the group up.

Roy stayed silent for a bit not wanting to draw anymore attention to himself, before groaning when no one else decided to speak up. He then muttered something under his breath before speaking out. "First and foremost before you can even worry about the morale of the group, you must make sure to have a level head yourself as even the slightest not of negative emotion can put everyone in jeopardy, or in your terms don't be a calamity generator. Roy let out a sigh before speaking out again " And to answer your question I think you must be as reassuring as possible, make it so any doubts they have is put on your shoulder's, and of course think carefully about every move you make no rash decisions, make it look like you know exactly what you're doing so they feel like there safe with you."Roy finished before slumping back in his chair.

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