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Mindset of a Hunter (Closed)

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26 Re: Mindset of a Hunter (Closed) on Sat Feb 25, 2017 10:45 am

Madam Haze
"You're not incorrect, it's not a bad starting point," Haze semi-praised, "Your actions will speak louder than your words. If you can approach this mission with confidence, easily dispatch what grimm you come across and transport them quickly as well as directly, they will have no reason to feel any negative emotions. However, in the event that there is a large body of Grimm directly in your path, you have a few options."

"If you are traveling with a party, send the quickest of you face to face with the Grimm and have them reflect on something negative. This way this way the Grimm will all be drawn toward them, they can dash off in an alternate direction, and as the emotion is being staged they will be able to return to zero and throw the Grimm off their trail. Far from the group." Haze smirked, how ridiculous it was that students had walked out of this class. It was going perfectly. "Alternatively, though this should never be the case, if you were the only one herding the group you could alter your path... however, as stated before actions will speak louder than words. You cannot tell them that there are Grimm, yet you cannot make it look like you took the wrong path. It is safest to inform them of some form of natural disaster, like a tornado, had ripped through the area and made it impassible, but tell them you know an alternate and equally safe route. This will bring little to no fear to the group."

"Fighting Grimm while you are with a group is a terrible idea for obvious reasons, any civilian will fear the Grimm more than the hunters and so the Grimm will go directly for the civilians. Are there any questions?"

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27 Re: Mindset of a Hunter (Closed) on Sun Feb 26, 2017 10:59 pm

Roy Fox
Roy let a small grin adorn his face as the combat studies professor semi-complemented yet bolstered his answer with such detail that it made her talent leak out in massive proportions. To be honest he wondered if the other two remaining students in the class were even paying attention as they had remained dead silent for a while now. He decided not to contemplate on it as he had other matters to worry about. As he thought of any question to possibly ask he came upon a blank realizing that her plan had no visible flaws that he could see. He then spoke out "I have no questions"

Despite disliking the teacher as he was sure many others would and do, he had to admit that she had a natural talent for teaching combat strategies she was able to pick apart his strategy and not only describe its flaws but booster it to make it almost surefire to work. He wasn't sure about her combat abilities but from her status he assumed she was strong and even Ego has to root somewhere. So If you were to ask Roy of he He enjoyed this class as reluctant as he would be to say it he would have to say a little bit.

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28 Re: Mindset of a Hunter (Closed) on Tue Feb 28, 2017 4:55 pm

Madam Haze
Wow... she was actually presenting methodology and information to her students in a formal manner. It was a surprise even to the glorious Goddess that this was going so well. Usually her lessons simply flew over the heads of mortals, but finally she had found a way to connect with them. If she talked for long enough, they wouldn't be able to speak so they'd be forced to listen to her greatness. Why hadn't she thought of this before? She was capable of talking for hours, was this all the teaching business was about?

"Of course you're all speechless, you couldn't even ask why the moon is broken after such a perfect line of lecturing. Now clearly you see how foolish that envious boy must have been of my prowess, Fufufufufu~" She allowed herself a joyous laugh at the front of the class, uncaring as she wasted their time. For the Goddess time was worth far more than a mere mortals, they were but insects to her.

"Now, when it comes to addressing a party of civilians, you must do it as rarely as possible. Of course, there will be times when you have to speak out to them, however with each communication you increase the chances that you've said something to make them nervous. Especially if they are asking about the journey ahead. Aim to talk about more simple subjects such as sports or music if they are ardent about talking to you, do not send them away for this will cause frustration which will attract grimm, this will also lull them into a further false sense of security. Well... if you're even remotely decent hunters, it won't have to be false.

"That should end the civilian topic of the lecture, now to move on to the final part; what to do when alone and in a highly Grimm populated area"

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29 Re: Mindset of a Hunter (Closed) on Wed Mar 01, 2017 2:53 am

Roy Fox
As Roy's train of thought on the matter of Madam Haze's knack for the class she was currently teaching. She seemed to come upon a realization before smiled and spoke out again accurately describing their speechlessness,before mentioning the student who had walked out earlier briefly. She then let out a laugh before continuing on to the lecture.

She then talked a little more about the civilian situation, and ways to make it go more smoothly. Before bringing up a topic that made Roy give a foxy full toothed grin. What to do in a situation where you are alone in an area highly populated by Grimm. This by far was the main reason this class intrigued him in the first place. The obvious answer would be don't think negative, but there was so much more to it, the layout of he area, individual Grimms personality, the whole matter in general would be a  bucketful of information and Roy would soak up every word spoken during the lecture.

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30 Re: Mindset of a Hunter (Closed) on Wed Mar 01, 2017 11:56 am

Madam Haze
"I won't reiterate the assumed calmness of mind you should have at all times, especially when alone or with civilians, however when on your own the slightest slip up means not only your death but the end of the mission and failure." The Goddess imparted more of her wisdom upon them, "All that can be seriously recommended is that you do not stop moving. If you are proceeding from point A to point B or are targeting something, or someone, specific you must not stop until you encounter that person. If it is a multi day trip then  rests must be brief and efficient. Setting up camp is much more dangerous than sleeping rough, be it in a cave or even up a tree. You can't afford to waist the time, effort and noise involved with cooking or preparing. Scout an area and fall asleep. If you have to eat, have food you can eat without preparation on hand."

Her smirk widened, "Of course, being the Goddess that I am, I no longer have to follow these rules so closely. Rather I can ignore a majority of them and sleep as I please due to my overwhelming power and confidence acting as a repel to grimm, but you all absolutely have to follow these rules due to your less stable mental states, experience and lesser combat capabilities. Not to mention I can clear my area effectively of everything, from Grimm to insects, in under a minute."

"In the event that you are forced to engage a party which is not your target, aim to kill with each of your attacks but if you do see an opening in which you can run then you should flee. If you are as in-tune with your mental state as you should be, you will be able to throw the grimm off your trail through reaching your neutral state. They will chase you, but never find you. So-

A vibration went off in the Goddess' handbag. Checking it she found that more jewelry had been deposited at her house. Well... she had come to the less anyway, practically. This would do for today.

"That concludes today, you can use any remaining lecture time for your meditation practice. I must be off, the Goddess' time is important to keep." And with that she placed her mace in her handbag, placed the handbag over her shoulder, and simply left.

-Exit/Class end-

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