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Cherryl Clark, the militant girl of Bellmuse [Finished]

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Cherryl Clark
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Cherryl Agatha Clark
Age: 20 years old
Birthday: September 7th
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 122 lbs
Face Claim: Kushia Microphylla, original character made by the mangaka Kauto

STR: 4
DEF: 2
RES: 2
SPT: 4
HP 250|50 SP

Major: Citizen
Likes: Reading; Target shooting; Helping others; Classical music; Old books; Her semblance;
Dislikes: Cooking; Being alone; Having to wake up early; Working too much;
Fears: Ending her life alone; Small spaces; Speaking to large crowds; Being blamed for something she didn't do;
Overall Personality: Cherryl is a girl that lets her passions guide her steps, she goes with the flow, follows her instinct and does what she believes to be right for her and the one she cares about. She is a girl with pride and high optimism that never lets a failure get the better of her and will always strive to better herself by working on what didn't worked the first, second or third time. However she rarely asked for others' help, causing her to get herself in danger more often than she should. Despite all this hardworking and positive behavior, Cherryl can be really lazy at time and not feel like doing anything, even if it's the only thing to do in a dire situation. If this was to happen, offering something as a reward for the good deed needed can be motivation enough to get her moving.

Skillful in: Vehicle Mastery
Lacking skills in: Speeches

Aura type: Recovery
Aura Color: Dark Red
Semblance: Summon: H.A.V.O.C., Heavy Aerial Vehicle Of Clark
Summon Description: A small one-seater attack chopper equipped with missiles. Cannot be summoned indoors or without enough space for it to fit. For example it can't be summon among trees in the forest without a large enough clearing. It has to be piloted and only Cherryl can. Although it has great destructive power with its weaponry, it very weak and anything contact that has some force behing it would take it down without trouble.

Summon height: 8'
Summon HP Points: 1
Summon Damage Points: 5

Item 1:
Weapon: Luger P08, a semi-automatic pistol. It belonged to Cherryl's grand-father. She painted it red and added a ribbon to it as personal customization.
Item 2: Physical Armor: Cherryl wears a simple attire that his made from a very flexible textile similar to kevlar.

History and Sample
There is not much to say about the Clark family's background. Most of them were part of the military at one point or another, fighting wars both against kingdoms or against the Grimms, but it was all the same, fight the enemy, come back alive or don't. Cherryl's parents met in one of those wars in which their families fought and once this one had been over, the two of them settled in a small village. hoping to raise a family, which they did. Marco and Maria Clark had two daugthers, Rouge and Cherryl with Rouge being older by 5 years. They were all living happily together, and this was perfect.

If you think that this is the part of the story where Cherryl turns orphan because of a sudden tragedy that no one could have forseen, you'd be wrong. The happy family is still whole to this day and now live in Springwood, or almost. Rouge decided to become a teacher and is working in an elementary school in Bellmuse Central but she often comes to visit as her little sister is her most precious treasure. Cherryl on her hand has been reading history books from a young age, wanting to know more about the wars her parents fought in when they were younger. All those researches sparked a desire in the girl as she wanted to be able to help like so many people before her did, but no way she would go about starting wars. The whole world had a common enemy to fight, and this was the war that she would fight in.

With the help of her parents, Cherryl learned to fight, to think and to plan like any military would, but that's all they had to do as she knew what she wanted to do to help people. With the multiple events that occured in Bellmuse, notably the multiple attacks on the huntsmen academy of Syne and the infiltration that occurred in the palace, Cherryl thought that the people on the island might think that the kingdom wasn't able to protect them, and this doubt would only bring Grimms closer to them. Her solution: create a militia, have the people trained to defend themselves, make them a force to reckon with so that even the kingdom would believe in its people. This was Cherryl's goal, and she would do everything in her power to achieve it.
RP Sample:
In Skylight Woods, a girl with long red hair and eyes of a similar hue stands in a large field devoided of trees. A man wearing a mask with white hair caused by age is standing behind her, seeming watching what she was doing as if he was giving her instructions. However, no words were being exchanged by the two, both of them were staring down at the grass, seemingly for no reason. That was until the girl focused intensely on the green patch, which caused her aura to shine around her. Before long a blinding flash of light occured and the next moment, a small helicopter was standing where the two person were staring at. The girl looked behind her at the man with excitement and pride in her eyes. The man in return was nodding approvingly, his mask hiding the pride on his own face at the sight of the exploit. The girl jumped in the man's arm while laughing and smiling which he did as well as he cought her. "I did it Dad! I did it!" He didn't answer, but he didn't need to. The two of them were laughing happily for quite a while before they would head back to their home.

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