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Dust Wars: A RWBY RPG

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1 Dust Wars: A RWBY RPG on Fri Jan 06, 2017 9:12 pm



Legends, stories scattered through time.

Mankind has grown quite fond of recounting the exploits of heroes and villains, forgetting so easily that we are remnants, byproducts, of a forgotten past.

Here at Dust Wars, we are a part of that long forgotten past. Forge your way as a huntsman into the dark world dominated by Grimm and work to keep the single spark of humanity burning.

At every corner awaits a new world with new discoveries. Will you be the one to find the Tropical Oasis of Vacuo or the distant island of Menagerie? Only time will tell. Join our ranks, fight the Grimm, and change the course of legends themselves.

* If you don’t know anything about RWBY, that’s fine. We have guides that cover about everything you could want or need to know in spoiler-lite fashion. We even have an always growing Lexicon on the setting as more members add lore to the world.

* On Dust Wars, you can join up as a Student starting life at a ragtag military academy, a teacher there, or a huntsman off in the world fighting to expand the light of Humanity. Or if you want, you may try to extinguish that flame.

* A simple, fast paced battle system makes sure that combats are quick paced, action packed, and over with enough time to spare for you to make it to your next class.

* With things just beginning, your involvement may set larger structures into play that set the future of the roleplay. We are always looking for antagonists to the action, from street muggers and disgruntled Faunus to evildoers on the side of the Grimm working to undo man’s progress.

Drop by and tell them Grimm sent you.

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