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Loden Favre [Awaiting Approval.]

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1 Loden Favre [Awaiting Approval.] on Sat Jan 07, 2017 6:49 am

Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Loden Favre
Age: 19
Birthday: 12/09
Gender: Male
Race: Human, with android hand prosthesis.
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 165
Face Claim: Kent – Amnesia

STR: 2
DEF: 3
RES: 4
SPT: 3
SPEED: Average, max of 3 hits.

Major: Tech (Engineer)
Likes: Tools, Tinkering, Lightweight Alloys, Engines, Robots/Androids, Low Brass Ensembles.
Dislikes: Inanimate AIs (e.g. Siri), Prosthesis, Outside contact of prosthetic hand (see history), easily irritable and/or bubbly personalities.  
Fears: Humiliation/Alienation, Suffering, Inability to complete certain tasks.
Talent: Engineering
Weakness Cooking

Overall Personality:
Loden’s personality is fairly average compared to others of his age and demographic. He tends to express serious emotions while his subconscious comically takes everything in stride (read: Deadpool voices). Occasionally the comical aspect of things end up getting turned into words, usually to his disadvantage if it is heard. If he’s lucky, it only comes out as a mumble. Being social is an easy thing to do, as he has an agreeable nature and tendency to monologue over hobbies and ambitions.  

Loden can become easily frustrated with arguments on trivial things, events not going according to plan, and excessively bubbly/irritable personalities. Such personalities are both overwhelming, and annoying to him. He finds traits such as excessive height/shortness to be an odd but appealing charm.  

When Loden goes about tinkering or engineering, he lets the inquisitive part of him lead the way, which can get him into trouble every now and then. While possessing an affinity for technical and mechanical objects, his has a special distaste for inanimate AIs; Loden simply finds them offsetting due to their lack of physical form. He also makes sure to cover his prosthetic hand when out in public, due to a fear of humiliation and/or isolation. Consequently, has a hard time shaking hands, and having others touching his prosthetic augment. It should be noted that this hand is usually in either a pocket, or a black leather glove.

Loden’s admiration of mechanics inadvertently led him to discover Low Brass ensembles. He can’t play an instrument, but he thoroughly enjoys music made by the lower-voice types.          

Aura type: Healing (+5HP Per Post)
Aura Color: Dark Green
Semblance: Clockwork Clarity (Utility)
This semblance allows Loden to analyze and deduct information from the inner workings of mechanical devices. This is only done thorough physical contact with the device. Doing so allows him to identify possible functions, strengths, weaknesses, and methods of repair. All devices will demand 10SP per use:

  • 6 Simple machines
  • Small constructs
  • Locks
  • Basic gun/rifle assembly
  • Small Engines
  • Machinery
  • Advanced (multi-form) weaponry
  • Clockwork

Item 1: Weapon Rating 1: Dual Wielded Tomahawks (Green in place of Blue)(TOTAL PHYS DMG +10)
Tomahawk Image:

Item 2: Armor Rating 1: Right Shoulder Armor (+10 PHYS DEF)
Armor Image:

History and Sample

Loden Farve was born in Springwood, being the first and the only child of his parents. His family is well versed in the equipment business of Springwood’s agricultural industry, and own a prosperous business maintaining and repairing farming equipment. Naturally Loden gained exposure to the advanced internals of machinery watching his father work, and this lead to his background in tinkering. With every year that Loden grew older, his skill and interest in mechanics grew.

Around the age of 14, Loden had already worked his way into fixing engines with his father. By then Loden had already started the personal project of building his own engine.

One particular evening around that age would leave Loden a changed being, both physically and mentally. Loden was working on his project by himself, reaching a rather difficult part of the assembly. The entire engine was suspended via cable, allowing access to every inch of its structure. In hindsight, the cable suspending the engine should’ve been much larger in caliber, but the thought hadn’t crossed Loden’s mind.

The cable snapped while Loden had his right hand deep in the internals of the engine. The manner that Loden got his hand inside in the first place involved passing through a pinch point between heavy pieces of the metal, which clamped down with tremendous force following the cable failure.

The sheer weight of the cast metal along with its sharp edges was easily able to cleave through the young teen’s wrist, severing his hand from body.  

Excluding the gruesome details, Loden’s severed hand was crushed by the fall. Surgeons within Springwood and even Bellmuse concluded that prosthesis would be the only option for Loden at that point; his hand was irreparable.

Soon after, Loden was put under the knife, and “gifted” with a new, artificial hand.
Psychologically, Loden buckled under the shock. Such trauma had gained a stable foothold in his life, and would follow him to the grave. Basic functions, activities, and interactions would never be the same following the incident. His self-image would never be the same.

Given time, Loden slowly worked toward recovery, and picked up his tools once more. Following the incident, his ambitions experienced a shift. From then on, Loden would work to innovate robotic limbs for both androids and prosthetics alike. The closer he could return a person to their former self, the happier he would be. Seeking specialized knowledge in this field, Loden left home for Syne Academy, and his new potential Career. Somewhere along that line was when he discovered his semblance, finding a special clarity inspecting a small engine. He dubbed it Clockwork Clarity, and added it to his bag of tools.  

RP Sample:
Loden took a seat at the table in the dining hall, scanning the various faces and meals littered about the area. The facility was serving pork chops today, one of his favorite meals, given a side of potatoes. Grabbing both fork and knife, he went to carve into the pork. Before he could do so, however, a female student casually took a seat across from him, brandishing an identical meal.

“The pork is really good here, huh!” The girl asked out of the blue, causing Loden to delay his intended cut.

“I’d have to agree. It’s one of their best meals.” Loden replied with a small grin, knife only millimeters from his food. He looked up from his food, and took a glance at her face before staring at his tray again.

Dang, what’s the better deal here, the girl or my food?He mused internally. A smile was forming, the gods above had finally gifted him with such an opportunity to meet someone new.  

Loden mulled over his options. For what it was worth, the girl struck his fancy. If the long hair wasn’t it, then it was definitely her tall stature.

But then again, the pork was indeed tempting.

“Girl, pork, girl, pork... the choice is obvious, right?” Loden murmured to himself quietly.

“What was that? The girl asked, missing the whisper.

“Oh, nothing. Name’s Loden Favre. You?” He asked.

“Mary Sue.” The girl replied, extending her hand.

Loden smiled, but felt chills run down his back.

I have to shake her hand!?

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2 Re: Loden Favre [Awaiting Approval.] on Wed Jan 18, 2017 8:41 am

Leena Lilac
Hello, I'm Leena And I'll be your mod today~

Sorry for the wait, we're still kind of debating your semblance, but we should have at least posted in here. I take full responsibility for that.

What we can tell you is that your semblance needs to follow rules for how much SP it takes to use, since it's easier for us and other members to keep track of it (which makes it better for you, actually XD). It's a 10 SP utility use per post, the way I'm reading it.

I can also say that you 100% definitely cannot use this on androids. We do have player androids and that would become Godmoddy real fast. As for player weapons, the jury is still out.

Everything else is absolutely perfect. If you could fix what we know is problematic, then that might help us in staff reach a conclusion faster.

Again, Super sorry for the wait, bump when done. ^^


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3 Re: Loden Favre [Awaiting Approval.] on Sun Feb 26, 2017 3:45 am


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4 Re: Loden Favre [Awaiting Approval.] on Mon Feb 27, 2017 12:44 am

Leena Lilac
Can you establish that your semblance requires contact?

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5 Re: Loden Favre [Awaiting Approval.] on Mon Feb 27, 2017 4:51 am

Edited and bumped~

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6 Re: Loden Favre [Awaiting Approval.] on Sun Mar 05, 2017 9:31 am

Leena Lilac
Okay, /should/ be fixed now


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