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Oomukade Kaibutsu, Demonic Spawn of Satan Born from your Nightmares. [Finished and Ready for Approval]

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Oomukade Kaibutsu
Enrollment Form

WARNING, image is rather revealing:

Basic info
Name: Oomukade Tsen Scoli Kaibutsu ( OH-moo-kah-dey KIY-boot-soo)
Age: 19
Birthday: April 5th
Gender: Female
Race: Giant Centipede Faunus
Height: 6'6" normal stature with her first two sets of legs off of the ground. 25 ft total in length.
Weight: A solid 1150 lbs
Face Claim: Oomukade - Monster Girl Encyclopedia

STR: 5
DEF: 4
RES: 1
SPT: 2
Aura 140|160 HP

Major: Medical
Likes: -Arthropods.
-Restraining people in order to receive hugs.
Dislikes: -Rapid temperature change.
-Grimm. Too much.
Fears: -Water.
-Losing limbs/Segments.
Talent: Climbing
Weakness Vehichle Mastery
Overall Personality: The twenty five foot long centipede lady is anything but a giant centipede monster [Her name is Japanese for "Giant centipede monster"].
Oomukade is usually a nice person, and usually doesn't crush people when she hugs them. She likes to attempt conversation but due to her prominently different appearance it usually fails.  Another side of Oomukade leads her to be a slight bit of a temptress, and she has a tendency to unwillingly blurt out innuendos when she subconciously finds it necessary.
Typically, Oomukade has a strong dislike for people. She only takes a liking to a select few she deems worthy of her companionship, and due to her rather unique form, that group of people is not a group of many. Besides people she likes, Oomukade tends to be the sarcastic type, and likes to talk down to people, both physically and verbally, even when it doesn't seem necessary.

Body: Oomukade is a weird one. The human half of her body is exceptional; a solid DD cup, not underweight or overweight, good complexion, all the like, overall a good looking person.
She looks great, right?
Then you look down.
Oomukade is a total twenty five feet long, and she sports fifty six pairs of legs.
Oomukade uses forty four of these legs for walking. Two sprout out of her neck, also known as forcipules. These can inject a weak paralyzing venom that do nothing more than moderate muscle aching and discomfort.
Four of her legs sprout out of her human body, these are useless besides supporting her while she lays flat on the ground, or forcefully hugging people.
The front three pairs of legs on her centipede body are not used when Oomukade walks and are once again only used when she lays flat.
Oomukade, as well as the centipede body, has two segmented and flexible antennae that are extremely sensitive to physical contact, leading her to clean them near constantly. Oomukade is also completely colorblind and very curious about what colors the world around her hold.

Aura type: Strength
Aura Color: Violet
Semblance: Oomukade's semblance allows her to take the laws of transfer of momentum and throw them out of the window. Say you swing a hammer at someone. That hammer is moving fast, and when it comes into contact with the target it transfers it's momentum to the area of impact.
Now, hit Oomukade with that same hammer whilst her semblance is active and that same impact will not transfer it's momentum onto her body, therefore leaving no physical reaction.
Even still she takes damage but does not feel it until the semblance is cancelled, and when it is cancelled it hits her all at once, leading to intense pain and suffering.
10 aura to activate, 10 per post while active.
Item 1: Oomukade's weapon is different, to say the least. She wears rather large, bulky, heavily metal plated and minorly spiked steel gauntlets, and in these gauntlets there is a collapsible scythe blade.
This blade reaches a length, including the curve, of five feet.
Placed on her four centipede legs located on her human torso are similar gauntlets, but without fingers and instead in a more cone like shape to suit her "feet".
Out of these also come a curved scythe blade, with the top pair's blade length being five feet, and the bottom pair's blade length being 4'7".
The shape is comparible to that of a praying mantis' forearms.
Item 2: As well as being weapons, the gauntlets part of the weapons are also heavily armoured and can take a good pysical beating, however not against dust.

History and Sample
Oomukade Kaibutsu was never normal, and she certainly never fit in with the general crowd, what with the centipede thing and all. But it wasn't just difficult to deal with other people, it was difficult to deal with being so large on a daily basis as well. Eventually, beds got rather difficult, and she got used to sleeping on the floor instead with only a bit of her long body resting on the bed.

As a child, a faunus child, you can imagine that she was made fun of for being one but with how different she looks it was more "difficult" for her. She made it difficult for them in turn.
Oomukade knew how to fend for herself and she was usually required to do so, what with, once again, her being a faunus.

Oomukade had it... Better than some, to say the least. People said things but they tended to not try to fight her, mostly because she was a lot bigger than them, and definitely much stronger. Growing up the girl got bigger and longer, and the bed got smaller and smaller - to her anyways.

Teenage years were probably the most difficult for Oomukade, with the large size and all. Growth spurts were, of course, troublesome for the giant centipede lady, and there was a period of time where she just gave up on beds. A pillow was placed on the floor and a blanket draped partially over her body.

The girl was always really good at punching things with her fists, as well as her torso appendages, so when she found the opportunity to become a huntress and stick scythes on the afforementioned punchy things, you can probably imagine that she took it.

Oomukade often refers to her childhood as 'boring' and 'unimportant', and she is right. Besides the standard faunus bullying and the not standard having fifty six legs, the girl's childhood isn't able to be considered interesting.
RP Sample:
An eight year old Oomukade was rather huffy at this moment in time, for it was now bed time. She didn't like bed time.
Her multi-meter long body was sprawled loosely about her sleeping space, with her human "half" laying normally on her bed. Now, the reason that this girl was so worked up was that she was face down on the bed and she wanted to be face up.
The problem was that even at this age, Oomu still weighed a lot, And in order to flip her human half over she would have to flip at least a quarter of her centipede half. That would require a massive amount of force at this point in time and right now the centipede child was very oscitant and didn't want to move. In short, her brain wanted her to flip over, her body didn't.

A small grumble escaped her lips as she tried to fllip herself, but to no avail. Again, an attempt was made and again it failed. One more try and the girl sighed as her body refused to move. This is how she would sleep tonight, she supposed.

She wasn't happy about it, but it was.

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Oomukade Kaibutsu
Time to cause nightmares.

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Richard Lionheart
Alright ^^ This app is good, however I'm afraid that semblance cannot be allowed. An immunity to damage like that, even if it were temporary, does fundamentally alter combat in an extreme manner. It would also allow you to outlive fights where you shouldn't due to the low aura cost and potentially massive damage. Bump when done.

"Call me short and your life'll get a whole lot shorter."
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Oomukade Kaibutsu
Cabot's eyes go from a calm cute pink to a darkened bloody red, along with a faint glow of the same colour orbiting around her.
Cabot's body no longer retaliates to puncturing damage and blunt attacks. She can be impaled, stabbed, whacked with a hammer, or kicked in the gut, and she won't break stride. Say a sword went through her chest. A normal body would go back with it for a while, but Cabot is not affected by it. Or maybe she gets hit with a hammer. She won't move, but she will take the appropriate damage.
It still does damage, however she can fight as if she were at full health, whilst she is at even one percent.
When she comes out of it, however, all of the pain hits her at once, which as you could probably imagine, HURTS.
10 Aura to activate, 10 Aura per post while activated.

If you'll notice, I've simply taken Cabot's old semblance and worded it better. Cabot was approved with it.

Also, she could not outlive five fights. She gets hit by a weapon she takes the appropriate damage, she just does not stumble or collapse.
Like I said she only cancels the transfer of momentum and any reaction that would follow. Shoot her a few times and she'll still fall over dead but her body won't react physically until then.

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Richard Lionheart
Approved ^^

"Call me short and your life'll get a whole lot shorter."
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