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A difficult call [Private - Cabot]

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1 A difficult call [Private - Cabot] on Mon Jan 16, 2017 9:38 pm

Cayn Fortuna
The room temperature glass of the scroll pressed against Cayn's cheek and he held the speaker up to his ear. No sound emitted, to dialing tone to mark the attempt to connect to the other end of the line. He had failed to submit and actually call the person who's information was pulled up on the transparent screen. This had been on purpose, for he was far more nervous about this than he would like to admit. With the third sigh of the morning, the weapon smith lowered his hand to stare at the screen, his mind still blank.

The dog Faunus walked around just outside the Academy dorms, slowly making his way off the campus. He was constantly contemplating whether this was the best option of all the ones he could pick, to handle this business with the bounty hunter woman on his own. It was a little to late to call the authorities, after all he had lied to them about the attacker. Maybe if he told them that he was confused in the darkness he could get away with it and turn her in upon the meeting, but a tugging at his consciousness kept that from being his choice.

Was it really so wrong to kill the man? Cayn had done his research and found out that the deceased was a Faunus hater, suspected of instigating a couple lynchings of his kind, but had not been arrested due to lack of evidence. Maybe it was bias speaking, but at even the thought the huntsman was glad that he was gone forever.

But the woman had seemed to enjoy the act so much. And that threw Cayn's head into a spin. There were residents of the Academy who he knew enjoyed a fight, but this was beyond that. It seemed to him like bloodlust. Thus this was the fact that kept him conflicted. Would it not be safer then to also remove the bat lass from the streets as well?

Whatever way it was, Cayn exited Syne Academy's gates, his destination the Skylight woods. Basking in the warm morning sunlight, this time he actually hit the dial key, holding the phone up to his ear again. "It's me." He would say after it was picked up, calling again and again until it was so. Neither of them had given any names, so hopefully that would be enough to he recognized.

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2 Re: A difficult call [Private - Cabot] on Tue Jan 17, 2017 12:15 am

Cabot Von Hellsing
Ring, ring.

Cabot layed sprawled out across her bed, in a very uncomfortable looking position; her blanket was half off of the bed and didn't even cover her in the slightest. Not to mention the fact that her pajamas - Yes, the twenty four year old woman wears pajamas - were barely even on her body; every button on her top was undone, exposing the majority of her torso, as well as the fact that her arms were only halfway in the sleeves. It was at the point where she might as well have just not worn her pajama top at all. The only thing even slightly right with her nighttime attire was that her bottoms were properly on and pulled up. Cabot's eyes were only half opened, her cheeks were ever so slightly flushed, and there was a thin line of saliva dribbing out of her mouth. Apparently, she had drooled.
A lot.

Every since the encounter four or so days ago, the bounty hunter had not taken up a request; the cuts on her leg were quite bad. If she cast a glance to the left of the bed then she would be able to see a small blood stain that was mostly cleaned.
No, instead, she had been doing nothing. Just laying in bed, occasionally watching some TV, eating food, all that jazz.


The bland and monotonous ring of her scroll echoed throughout the room, and the young woman slowly sat up beforre reaching over to weakly paw at the object. After a second or two, she grasped the device and wrapped her fingers around it, pressing the 'accept' button before resting the item against her cheek. Eventually, the girl's top completely came off of her left arm, which only made the future dressing sequence just that tiny be quicker.
"Heeeeehhhhh...? Heeyhhhhh, aren't you tha' guy from... What wuz it... F-four days ago....? Whadayooowannnnn..? You're.... Interrupting my sleep...."

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3 Re: A difficult call [Private - Cabot] on Tue Jan 17, 2017 11:44 pm

Cayn Fortuna
Cayn tensed as the call was answered, his feet stopping completely as he waited in expectation of what he assumed was going to be some terribly snarky insults and then further berating for taking her stuff. What he heard was not what he expected. The slurring words through the receiver were hard to make out, but they were much less crazy than what his mind had conjured. They sounded actually quite normal, well normal for anyone who was just now waking up only an hour before noon.

"I'm sorry?" Cayn said on impulse, confusion flooding his voice that maybe even the woman could tell from the other end. The weapon smith started moving again, talking as he made his way towards his destination. "I've been thinkin' that you may want your gun back." He said and then had a long pause while he was trying to let that fact sink in. "But, you can't have it just yet."

The dog Faunus slowly wagged his tail as he walked, not feeling terrible at all of the hook he just placed. "I got a few more questions to ask you." Cayn said again after the small break. "In person. Today. And soon." He stopped again, but only because he did not know quite how to proceed from here, nor where they should go. His own personal preference would be a very busy place, but then what if the bounty hunter was being hunted as well? That could lead to a whole new list of issues. "I'll let you choose the place." He offered as a consolation.

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4 Re: A difficult call [Private - Cabot] on Thu Jan 19, 2017 5:58 pm

Cabot Von Hellsing
Commence the montage.

The half asleep girl tilted her head, her soft and slurred English accent soon again filling the air.
"My gunhh....? Oh yeah you have tha' don't yuuu..."
She listened to his request, letting out a heavy sigh as she realized she had to move in the day. There were two ways it could go; sleepy, drunk looking Cabot, or slightl less sleepy, tsundere Cabot. She preferred in bed sleeping Cabot.
"Fine... Baahht.... I need to get dressed first... Even thoh a lot of my clothes have already fallen ohff.... Ohkey I'll be bahk in a minuutt...."
Yes, her speech decisions were rather strange, but what do you really expect from someone who just woke up?

Slowly setting her scroll down, she kind of rolled off of her bed, tumbling onto the floor. The now slightly dazed bounty hunter got to her feet, already noticing her pajama top coming completely off. Oh well, it was only helping her now.
She proceeded on to get dressed, returning back to her scroll in a red dress with an attached skirt. Today was a dress day, she supposed. Picking up her scroll and placing it on her cheek, she once again began to speak; her words were less slurred this time around.
"Oi, I'm back. And about tha... That place... how 'bout the Skylight Woods? It's pretty isolated there, the only real threat is some Grimm showing up... I'll leave for there now, come if you're coming, don't if you're not."

Already deciding that's where they were going to meet, she got up, scroll in hand, recently repaired hat stuck on her head, and made way for the door, soon enough opening it, stepping out, closing it, and making her way to the Skylight Woods.

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5 Re: A difficult call [Private - Cabot] on Thu Jan 19, 2017 11:27 pm

Cayn Fortuna
Cayn listened to more of the woman's slurred words, half wondering if his words did something similar when he was waking. He shrugged it off, not actually caring, but he could not remember ever doing so. His speech was more dotted by yawns and sniffles if the dog Faunus remembered. A cart rolled by, it's wooden wheels squeeking uncontrollably loud against both sets of his ears. How the Faunus wished he could hold a hand up and block the noise, yet with his sword arm in a sling and cast, that possibility was beyond him.

As his brain worked to translate, Cayn's breath paused at the mention of clothes. But since it mattered not to him why she told him that with ease, he let it slide as the ramblings of the half asleep. As no sound emitted from the scroll during the pause, the blue haired weapon smith stared up at the sky. He let his mind run blank as the sun cascaded upon him, only to get yelled at by a passerby for stumbling over their dog's leash. "Sorry, sorry." He muttered without meaning it to the stranger, his attention brought again to his path.

"That will work wonders." Cayn said, as a small lump of worry knotted itself in his stomach. Certainly it was as he thought, safer probably than a large crowd. At least in terms of association. Though not physically safer. What he worried about now, not so much the Grimm, was being attacked while alone and still injured, by the psychopathic woman. However his mouth agreed before his mind did, and she seemed pretty locked on the idea. "I'll be there in a few hours. Look for me near the clearing." He said before hanging up suddenly. A quick change of direction would lead him to the airship hanger, and onto an out bound ship for the woods.

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6 Re: A difficult call [Private - Cabot] on Sat Jan 21, 2017 11:54 pm

Cabot Von Hellsing
Cabot was off.
Her rocker.

The bounty hunter was already closer to the woods to boot; already on ground level since she lived in Bellmuse.
Although it was still quite a walk.

Pulling the lip of her hat down over her face, the surprisingly unsuspicious girl trudged her way through the streets of the main city, hiding as much of her face as possible whilst still keeping her innocence intact. Inside of the hat, the woman's prominent bat ears were flitting around constantly in search of any and all sound, but were immediately denied that right due to the side effect of hearing literally everything within an unreasonable distance.
Her wings were folded tightly against her back, moving as little as possible as she made her way through to the edge of the city, before finding her way to the location previously discussed.

It was quite the amount of time later, and Cabot had finally reached the afforementioned clearing in the Skylight Woods; albeit, she was rather winded by the long journey. 
"Hah, would you look at that? Looks like I beat him 'ere!"
The Faunus looked around for a few minutes; she had never really been anywheres except for Bellmuse since she had arrived in, well, Bellmuse. This place was gorgeous, she had to admit. Breathtaking even. 
Cabot didn't get out much.
She casually climbed up a tree and proceeded on to perch in an overhanging branch, near completely hidden in the shadows of the leaves and such.
Even still, the girl could not help herself from wrapping her body in large, furry wings, providing ample warmth, and comfortability. Sometimes she'd even sleep whilst being cradled like a baby in her own pair of wings; they helped cover her when she, for some reason, forgot how to put pajamas on, as well....

So in the tree the bat lady crouched, because now...
She felt like having their next conversation...

Upside down...

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7 Re: A difficult call [Private - Cabot] on Sat Jan 28, 2017 12:47 pm

Cayn Fortuna
Cayn hummed as he heard the soft grass rustle with each of his steps. Somewhere in the back of the dog Faunus's mind, he knew that he could be walking into a trap or to his certain doom. Yet the warmth of the sun and quiet of the woods lessened the worry to a mere fraction of what it should have been. He did have a regret however, that he had not asked of the winged woman a more precise location.

Surely she had gotten here first, after all it had been a few hours before Cayn was able to arrive at the clearing. Unfortunately there was no soul in sight, and despite the good feeling he had, a little dread sunk into his chest. That feeling made him shift his broken arm in its sling, with his dominant hand loosening the sword within its sheath. At least seeing nothing also meant that he did not see any Grimm, if he had to look for the light of the situation.

With a reach into his back pocket, Cayn pulled out his scroll. "Wonderful. No signal." He mummered, a few unintelligible words of profanity slipping out under his breath. A turn of his ankle brought him to the western edge of the clearing, and a few more moments took him deeper in the woods. "Hey! Anyone around!" He shouted as he walked, circling the treeline from one hundred feet within. The weapon smith kept his eyes focused on the the ground, and the trees, never once thinking to look up into their boughs.

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8 Re: A difficult call [Private - Cabot] on Sun Jan 29, 2017 3:21 pm

Cabot Von Hellsing
I mean it would probably be fine... Unless her stabbed her in surpri-Nah it'll be fine.

Shifting the slightest amount, she let out a small sigh before cutting her breath off short. He was here.
Cabot's excuse was 'she needed to work on her stealth skills' but, in reality, she just wanted to scare him a bit and see what he did.
It would absolutely be just fine.

Cabot stared at the man intensely as he called out to see if anybody was there, before starting to do slow rounds of the treeline. She let him do one pass of her personal perch, taking note that she was facing him before he walked under her branch
Watching him slowly move around the trees, she waited until he passed under her specific tree once more, before sitting down on the branch and falling back, wrapping her legs aound the branch tightly, however she did realize raher quickly that her current attire -or rather mostly any attire- was not really suitied for hanging upside down so in the spur of the moment the bat wrapped herself in the large, blackish brown furred wings that sprouted out of her back, leaving only the top half of her body and most of her legs exposed; her arms were dangling loosely above -or below- her head, looking completely limp.

Lifting one arm up, she gently double poked the back of his head before allowing her arm to fall lifeless again.
"Well hello there luv. See, I told ya'I'd beatchyou here!"
In an almost carefree and comical fashion she began to slowly sway from side to side whilst staring at him upside down, already starting to feel the blood rushing to her head.
"Alright, so what did you wanna talk about?"

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9 Re: A difficult call [Private - Cabot] on Mon Feb 27, 2017 2:17 pm

Cayn Fortuna
Cayn roamed lazily around the clearing, his eyes no longer as focused as the first run around. Vigilance was not his strong suit, prone to sleeping when put on watch, or during any other time of inactivity. There was not a soul he could see in his first circle, and as he started again there was not quite the sense of suspicion that he held the first time. He began to wonder if the bat woman was running late, or had just decided not to show at all. Maybe she had a replacement for the strange gun thing that he had stolen from her.

The thought annoyed the weapon smith, but he tried to not dwell on that. His steps slowed to a lethargic crawl, still roaming in case he had missed the woman the first time. Still he could not see anything, even as he passed underneath the tree limb where his contact was sitting. As Cayn passed, he froze. A feeling, two quick taps on the back of his head brought fear and he shivered. He could imagine the barrel of a gun being pressed against his skull, a distance he could not dodge. And even at that range firing enough times to shatter his aura would not have been hard for anyone with a grudge.

The dog Faunus turned, his face pale, and though his falchion was loose within its sheath he did not reach for it. Yet what he saw was probably the least threatening look that he could imagine from someone who just a few nights ago murdered someone. "I guess you did." Cayn murmered, not certain as to what to say now that his heart was beating dangerously against his chest. He had to pause and take a deep breath through his nose as he took in the sight of her swaying from side to side. The darker side of him wanted to try and remove the hat from her head, disabling the threat. However that would have defeated the purpose of the peaceful talks he planned.

"I wanted to know more about you, and why you do the things in the way that you do." The tailed Faunus started quietly. "I found out that you weren't lyin' about what the man was, but why be his executioner when you could have turned him in alive? You certainly have the skill." Cayn motioned towards his broken arm as proof of what he said. Even if he was one of the less skilled students at Syne, he was still a Huntsman of sorts. Of course that was his own pride speaking. "If it was money, I'm certain that there would have been some kind of reward for his capture. But it can't be that simple right? Right?" Cayn refused to believe that someone would kill for a few Lien, not that he was ignorant of that happening, but because he figured there must be some kind of reasoning even behind that.

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10 Re: A difficult call [Private - Cabot] on Fri Mar 03, 2017 11:40 pm

Cabot Von Hellsing
She had resisted the urge to say boo.

The pale face did cause Cabot's upside-down grin to grow slightly wider, but it slowly faded as he began speaking. Speaking of her actions, questioning her motives.
She exhaled a deep, heavy sigh.
"Alright, alright. I guess if I came all this way, I might as well talk. . . First off, there are some sick people out there. Some sick people that man messed with that he shouldn't have. I'm like a hitman, you could say. Now, some uv those sick people got a lot a money, luv. They got a lot of money and they don't like that man. Some for selfless reasons, some, for selfish. I don't really care what their motives are, they have money and I need it. I don't want their dumb, idiot backstories I want to get paid. I know it sounds like a rubbish way to see things, but what I've been through has made me see things differently. For your question about why I didn't turn him in, it's a simple case of "Who gives ya more money"."

"Now that isn't to say it's my only motive. . . I uhm. . . I've got a. . . Thing. . . With humans. I don't like them."
The faintest hint of a blush began pushing it's way onto her cheeks as she averted her eyes. "I don't like them", following a bunch of stuttering made her sound weak and scared. At least to her, it did.
The girl slowly tucked in, allowing her legs to eventually slip off the branch. She spun 180 degrees in the air as well as flipping rightside-up so that she landed facing him. Or, would have. . .
A jolt of searing pain shot up her right leg as the still not fully healed limb simply buckled, crumbling under her weight from the impact. She caught herself with her hands, laying half on her side with her left leg curled protectively over her right. A pitiful position if she was honest, and not really one she liked being in, so she began to right herself. The pain was practically gone by now, she had simpl just put too much weight on it and had suffered the consequences.

She kept her swears under her breath for now, before giving the man a slightly pained, but forcefully content stare.
"You said you wanted to learn about me, huh? Alright then. What do you wanna know?"

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11 Re: A difficult call [Private - Cabot] on Sat Mar 04, 2017 12:54 pm

Cayn Fortuna
Cayn did not like the way that the woman smiled at his torment. It made him feel off, scared even. It maybe would have seemed to be in a joking manner to the dog faunus if they were under different circumstances. But the fact that they had both tried to kill one another put him a little on edge. As he listened to her explain herself the pale blue tail swung slowly from side to side, just as she had done so earlier. Even with the absurdity of the lass hanging the way she was, there was no humor on the weapon smith's face as she went on. The contrast was striking even, as if she did not have a care about speaking of taking human lives.

It was a strange matter for the normally lethargic Huntsman to take an interest in. To be fair, he tried putting himself in her shoes. To be in need of money and finding the easiest way to do it being to take another's life. Even someone as foul as the last victim. That he knew about anyways. Yet even with that he could not see himself partaking of these actions. It was just not in his bones to willingly kill someone else for profit. Cayn shook his slightly in distaste when she said that she disliked humans, even if there were times where he found himself irritated with some of the race as well. The dog tailed faunus opened his mouth to speak just as she started to fall. With a wordless exclamation of surprise, he would have tried to catch her if not for the spinning that made him think that she had it all under control. Until she crumpled anyways.

As Cayn looked, he felt a small pang of responsibility for her plight, having been the one who's actions caused said injury.  With a small slide of his own, he knelt down to sit on his knees in front of her, good hand extended to help if she needed it. "Stay still. If it hurts don't try to stand until ya leg starts to feel right." Cayn said, though he was uncertain if she would follow his advice.

He sat, staring at her face silently for a good minute. Gears spun under the blue hair as he worked out what he wanted to say, watching her eyes to see if there was anything that would give a sign that she was not quite right in the head. Yet even if he believed that, Cayn is not the greatest judge of character and though he tried to put his feelings behind and think in a logical manner, this just led him to be very conflicted.

"You said you have seen things, things that make you view things differently." Cayn said after a short drawn out hum. "I know this world ain't great. But I'm tryin' to wrap my head around that. 'Cause I just can't get myself to think the way you do. What did happen to you, even if you only want to say a little. Please." He added the last word to try and not sound like an ass, though he felt that he should not have to care. Again he felt like he was the absolute worst person to be making these decisions. Yet with how involved he had made himself already he did not want to put anyone else in his shoes. A sense of responsibility. That and he did already lie to the police once. If he had to call them again and report what he found he knew that there would not be any light consequences.

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12 Re: A difficult call [Private - Cabot] on Sun Mar 05, 2017 9:35 pm

Cabot Von Hellsing
Story time.

Cabot stared. Her eyes were flitting around, but they kept refocusing on the man. She didn't know why she was trying to avert her eyes, and she didn't know why she couldn't.
"I know, I know, ya bloody knob. . . I've had ta. . . Take care of the damned thing ever since that night."
Through gritted teeth the girl spoke, half because of pain, half because of a sudden wave of rage because of her injury making her seem weak. After a while of trying to get up herself, she looked at his hand. She probably should have taken it, but she didn't. The pain had returned, so for now, she stayed half propped up by her arms, with her lower half simply laying limp.

The faunus looked mildly surprised when he asked about why she did what she did. It was the first time she was caught, and it was the first time someone had asked her.
"O-oh. . . Uhm. . . O-o-okay. . ."

When I was. . . Little. . . Just a little girl, I learned how to steal things. I had to because my family was too poor to. . To live right, you know? You gotta do stuff you don't want to. Thing is, I wanted to, luv. It was fun, they couldn't catch us. The police, they were no problem. We weren't the violent types. We went in, stole stuff, got out."
"One of. . . One of those nights, my parents went into the house first. The owner, he was home. I was probably about, god I don't know, twelve? They um, they got caught. We had a plan for that, right? We. . . We had a plan. . ."

Her eyes became distorted by tears, thin little streams began making their way down her cheeks. She briefly bit her lip to try and make it stop, but it didn't. It didn't stop.
"That prick shot them. He shot them while they were on their knees, surrendering. I watched it through the window. He had a shotgun, a-a twelve gauge. . . Point blank. Just imagine that. . . The only two people you've ever loved, and suddenly their chest is blown open. They were both torn apart. . . Just a bloody corpse on the floor. Their bodies got ripped apart, there was blood everywhere."

"I know, it's a rubbish reason. It's bloody stupid. I don't like humans because we robbed the wrong house. It's. . . Just how it works. Past then I was on my own. I had to keep stealing things, and eventually I had to have a weapon. I got shot a few times. More than a few. I started losing it. I was losing my mind, going insane. Cute, innocent girl by day, ruthless theif and occasional murderer by night. I liked it. I liked killing them."

It was a slow, pitiful descent. She started slumping down, losing the will to keep herself up. It was easy to tell in her voice that she was trying to convince herself that what she had said was true. She hadn't remembered these things. She had, over time, convinced herself she hadn't seen her parents die, convinced herself she hadn't killed anyone. But she had. She absolutely had.

Cabot was now turning her face away from him, trying to hide the fact she was crying. Every single day of her life was telling herself that emotion was weakness, and right now, she was feeling pretty weak.

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13 Re: A difficult call [Private - Cabot] on Wed Mar 08, 2017 1:07 am

Cayn Fortuna
Cayn was not at all surprised when this woman did not take his hand for assistance. There was no need he assumed, especially if she was as stubborn as he mentally made her out to be during their brief meeting before. Yet even with his own sense of people being poor, he could not mistake the obvious signs of pain. Despite his own desire to help, he respected her wishes, not even bothering to retort at the minor insult thrown his way.

Whatever the dog faunus was thinking he would hear, he not expect the tragic yarn that was woven before him. At first he could sit in silence as she briefly described a life that was already many times more difficult than the one that he had lived. Sure he may have always felt a bit odd having grown up in household of humans, but that was the extent of his troubles. He maybe thought it was going to be some unfounded reason, that she was a psychopath and then he could just be done with this whole thing. But, he started to not be able to blame her.

Then, what was probably the largest punch to his gut, she started crying even as she spoke. Cayn's heart became empathetic, tears being one of the blacksmith's greatest weakness. As the bat woman described the horrific scene, and how she had moved on, that one scene changing her life forever. He had to try and put himself in her life, seeing that one event with his owm mother and brother instead. He did not like the feeling, the very thought leaving a knot in his stomach so heavy that he could have been sick. The sobs he saw from her kept him from speaking immediately, having to pull through the clenching of his throat. Instead he shuffled slightly closer, awkwardly placing his hand on her nearest shoulder, rubbing his hand in a small circle. Something his mother did when he was upset, not certain if it would do the same for her.

Even as she turned her head away, he got over his issues with his throat. "You're not losing your mind." Cayn spoke assuringly, doing his best to not sound unsure. "You've just made some choices, to the best that you could." He was picking his words carefully, trying to console the woman. It did not fail to dawn on him that he was trying to console a murderer, but he did not care. He dared not tell her that he thought they were the wrong choices, even the lethargic faunus had enough sense to not to do that.

Cayn would sit, and wait. There was no way he would leave the lass sitting there by herself in the middle of the woods. He waited for her to settle. "I am, sorry, that I put you through that." He had issues finding the right words. Instead he removed the strange under arm holster and set the odd gun type weapon set it on the ground where she could have it when she wanted. The best sign he could give that she trusted her for this moment at least. Strange, considering he still did not have a name.

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14 Re: A difficult call [Private - Cabot] on Wed Mar 08, 2017 9:16 pm

Cabot Von Hellsing
Originally the girl had planned on saying more, but the coming of the realization that she had seen everything.

"I-i-it's funny how that works-s-s, you know. . ? Your brain just. . . Alters your memories t-to make it seem okay. . . But it's not, it's not okay. . ."
Cabot shook slightly as she felt his hand on her shoulder, which strangely lead to her turning her head back, looking out of the corner of her eye at his face. A face blurred with tears.
"I know. . . You're lying, luv. . . I'm not sane. I've done everything wrong. None of these choices were good."
Despite the current situation and the man she was being comforted by, Cabot felt ever so slightly happy. Happy that, even though it was just one, someone cared. It was a small victory for the girl, but a victory nonetheless. Slowly, carefully, she reached for her weapon. After safely grabbing it, she began to stand up. Cabot was successful in this attempt, but she still gave off a small stumble backwards when she did.

The girl, with her tear stricken face, gave off a small, unfittingly innocent head tilt.
"Why. . .? Why are you doing this. . .? You said you wanted to learn more a-about me, but that's n-n-no reason to want to meet a cold blooded murderer in a private area. . . There's gotta be something else. . . Maybe you thought I was cute."
She hadn't considered the man's intentions yet, but no that she had she was thorougly confused. It made no sense to the girl. She took a short moment to brush some dirt off of her red and brown dress before returning her intent gaze to the man, still not knowing of his name.

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15 Re: A difficult call [Private - Cabot] on Sun Mar 12, 2017 1:32 pm

Cayn Fortuna
Cayn could only keep a gentle hand upon her shoulder as the woman began to explain her doubt upon her memories. He did not have the words to say that would be comforting. How could he? He did not have these issues, nor had he ever met anyone else who did. The only help that the dog faunus could give was his presence, and to not judge to harshly.

There was a small freeze up in the movements of the blacksmith when the dangerous woman picked up her weapon off the forest floor. He had no real idea as to what she would do, but in the shakey way that she stood Cayn did not feel threatened. He rose shortly after, feeling that she needed to stand first on her own. A symbolic victory he hoped that she would see. The dog faunus rose, having to pull a twig out of the fluff that was his tail as he did so. There were times where he wished he did not have the blasted thing.

"No. They weren't the best options." Cayn said as he came to his full height, which was still a few centimeters shorter than the woman he was talking with. "But were they wrong?" Cayn shook his hesd violently instead of using his voice. "Without going back, and looking at every single decision you made there is no real way to tell." Actually the blacksmith hoped that she would not go and try to get him to do just that. It would take oh so long, and take up so much time that he would not want to waste on the matter.

It was funny enough that Cayn could crack a smile. The cold-blooded killer was the one who was now doubting his intentions. Yet, now that he thought about it, he actually realized that with all his thinking he never had a reason. At least not a single one. Still he tried to give her the best that he could. "That doesn't have anything to do with it." He replied as to maybe it was because of her looks. It did not hurt anything, but the faunus believed that he would not go so far just for a pretty face. "As a huntsman, I try to keep an open mind. To think that everyone must have some good reason behind them. Maybe this makes me ill suited to the job. But I do not wish to be both judge and executioner."

Cayn took a breath before continuing. "Maybe I figured that if I talked to you, I could help you change. Maybe. I don't know. Never thought that it would go like this." He mumbled the last bit, not quite a stutter, but more that he just began to be quieter as he finished. "Anyways!" Cayn spoke loudly again before silence permeated the woods and made talking hard. He raised a hand, wiping away some of the tears on her face with his fingers. "Don't be saying that you're cold-blooded. Your tears are quite warm after all."

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16 Re: A difficult call [Private - Cabot] on Tue Mar 14, 2017 1:56 pm

Cabot Von Hellsing
She wasn't having the best of times right now, but Cabot stayed vigilant. The now dried tears were the main focus of the hand wiping at her face but no matter how much she tried, a few thin streaks still remained. She looked and felt weak.
The girl absentmindedly flapped her wings, a slow gentle motion as she stared the man dead in the eyes. The girl now considered the fact that she did not know the man's name, and decided that they had reached the point where she would like to know.

"Well, I suppose now would be the time we should. . . Exchange formalities. Yah, that sounds right. My name is Cabot. . . Cabot Von Hellsing."
Slowly and carefully the girl lifted her hat off her her head, before wrapping her arm across her waist and leaning forward in a sort of bow. Her large, prominent ears began twitch rapidly, so when she was done bowing she did not hesitate to stand up and swiftly place the hat back over them. The brief exposure to every sound in the nearby area causing her head to start hurting. A blatantly obvious wince had already formed on her face from said sound, but she hastily wiped it away.
"And you?"

Cabot was intruiged by the man now. She had subconciously nodded to his other statements and was now staring blankly at his face, her head performing the slightest tilt. Her gaze was piercing by default, and that gaze was now focused on his arm. It was a look that had a hint of pity. She'd never had a survivor, and she'd never really looked closely at her work. Slowly she took a few steps forward, coming closer, closer, and closer still, until she stood a few inches from him. Her eyes stayed focused on the cast it was slung in.
Cabot slowly crouched down and reached out to start poking around it with one hand.

She had killed many people, but not once had she inspected how the body worked.

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17 Re: A difficult call [Private - Cabot] on Wed Mar 15, 2017 5:41 pm

Cayn Fortuna
Cayn stepped back slightly, still slightly taken back by the wings even though he knew that they were there. Yet now that they were not quite the surprise, the dog faunus did not feel that sudden jolt of fear that he had done so in the dark. What caught him the most off guard was the fact that the woman bowed and removed her hat during her brief introduction. He was not oblivious to the fact that her sensitive ears were what probably allowed him to survive their last encounter. Still seeing the somewhat frail looking appendages made the blacksmith want to flick one of them out of curiosity, but the grimace that he could plainly see upon her face from just the ambient noise also made him think that that would have been a very bad idea.

"Cayn Fortuna." He offered, giving his own name in time. There was some slight confusion as to if he should have bowed as well, but ended up deciding not to. "One of the mechanics at Syne." Cayn said, thinking it only fair that she know something about what he did now that he knew quite a lot about her. He had put out his good hand for her to shake, but almost immediately retracted it as she approached. Honestly the dog tailed faunus was a little intimidated as she did so, and backpedaled a few steps accordingly. He had no idea what was going to happen, and though he kept his eyes on her, he did not follow her gaze very well.

What a surprise it was that Cabot was instead more interested in the injury that she had caused. Cayn grimaced as her fingers poked around the hard cast. "That still smarts sweetheart. Um Cabot." He said but did not pull away out of not wishing to seem even more defensive. "Actually. Why are you poking it anyways?" He asked on the confused side. There was a small thought that maybe she was a sadist who was now reveling in his pain. He tried to find something else to take his mind off of what she was doing, speaking of the first thing that he could. "So I, uhm. Cleaned your odd gun thing for you." He spoke in a desperate attempt to keep his mouth moving.

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18 Re: A difficult call [Private - Cabot] on Wed Mar 15, 2017 9:33 pm

Cabot Von Hellsing
Poke, poke.

Cabot listened intently; almost as intently as she was poking around his arm.
"Cayn, huh? That's an odd name. . . - Nice, though. And Syne, eh? Never went there."
She began to move her head around the broken limb, seemingly inspecting every little bit of it. At the mention of it still hurting, however, she drew back and rose up to her full, still shaky height.
"Ah, sorry 'bout that luv. Just never. . . Had a survivor before. Never looked at the body, either."

She looked over his form again, scarily prepared to simply shoot Cayn. She wouldn't, however. He was no threat to her anymore. "Thanks", was her reply when he mentioned he had cleaned her weapon. Backing up another step or two, she decided she'd leave him a "warning" of sorts.
"You probably noticed earlier; my ears are really sensitive. They're big, and really, really sensitive. Even just poking the bloody things hurts like hell. So, my advice is: if you value your life, don't touch them."

"So, uhm. . . Cayn. . . What do we do now? I don't know if you've got what you wanted from me or not, but my attention span is kind of running out. Maybe I'll start asking you questions about your life; I doubt it'll be as interesting as mine, though."

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19 Re: A difficult call [Private - Cabot] on Mon Mar 20, 2017 5:35 pm

Cayn Fortuna
Cayn was a bit astonished at the news that Cabot had never looked at the body. It was something he would have imagined her doing to gloat, but maybe that was just a false reasoning. At least she had stopped poking his injured arm. There was at least that. Then he was given the warning about her ears, and frankly he was already certain of a few things about them. But the fact that the assassin had to make a threat just covering those single appendages was a little extreme as far as the blacksmith was concerned. And also it really just made him want to touch them more. However the threat of death was a little foreboding, and quite likely far to much trouble for the lethargic hunter.

He could only nod as he looked and the bat eared woman raised her questions. "If you're getting bored then maybe we should end this here?" Cayn offered. "Though if you want to ask about my life that's fine as well." He had no secrets to hide, well maybe he wouldn't tell her the exact location of his family just in case. There was no need to question her further as Cayn no longer felt that she was a loose menace that warranted the trouble and energy to worry about. Well there were things he could offer to do to help, but that all needed careful deliberation and planning. The faunus was not going to jump head first further into this mess if needed, maybe a little at a time.

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20 Re: A difficult call [Private - Cabot] on Fri Apr 14, 2017 8:03 pm

Cabot Von Hellsing
Cabot continued looking him over, the grip she held on her "gun" loose, and obviously favouring her right leg. She stood on a diagonal to him, her left shoulder and left leg out front. It was apparent that, even if she held an advantage over him, she was still wary.

Her current state wasn't intimidating in the slightest, her right leg bent slightly, her eyes ever so slightly dropped; not a narrow eyed stare, they looked hurt.
"No... No it's fine. We can end this here. I woldn't wanna trouble you with... With little 'ol me anymore,
I know I can be a bit of a handful sometimes. Plus the fact that I'm sure you think I'm a crazy psycho lady that would kill your family if you told me where they lived, so... I guess... Bye? I've never been great with goodbyes... Or hellos...
So... I'm gonna leave now. Bye."

With a small wave, Cabot turned around, raised her right arm, and fired the whip like object into a nearby tree, and when she heard a small crack as the spiked head lodged itself into the bark, Cabot reeled it in, and basically flew away.
Flew away until she got to the tree, which she hit, and fell to the ground. After a few seconds she got back up and started walking home.

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