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Combat Medicine 102(Open to Four)

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1 Combat Medicine 102(Open to Four) on Tue Jan 17, 2017 11:55 pm

Ishi Omo
Ishi Omo had taken an uncanny amount of time off. He had done various things with it, but he was back now. That's what mattered. He was back and ready to teach his combat medicine class. He, for once, had everything in order. The desks in order, his life? Well, we talk about that later. His life was enough in order that he wasn't high off about eight pills, or smoking. His life was in order enough that he could finally sell those drugs that he made, to the public. Mainly as gags, as jokes. One does not expect to actually grow anything when they take a pill that says it does that.

That's his specialty, surprise. He didn't look like much, you couldn't get a murderous vibe from him. He was your everyday doctor. Sure, he had his smarts. Undoubtedly, he has his smarts. He's also fairly strong. He had all this in consideration, but his somewhat serious and goofy personality would always shine through. For once, he wasn't going to pretend to be dead during the start of his class. He was, however, going to sit on top of his desk and wait. There was no point in pretending to be dead after all this time.

It'd probably surprise those returning to his class, that he wasn't pretending to be dead or something stupid like that. It's what he figured was best for this class. To start the class awake and alive, instead of sleeping, drugged and half dead. It was the best way to start class, and he'd have to see who would come to the class. He had a few guesses, but he hadn't looked through the class list yet, since he had just gotten back. It was going to be a fun surprise for him, he bet.

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2 Re: Combat Medicine 102(Open to Four) on Thu Jan 19, 2017 1:24 am

Rozaria Elenor
"Hmm a Combat Medicine class this late into a school year? ..........Hmmm i didn't even know they had something like that here." Rozaria didn't know it that was cool that they did have something like this but it was something new. She than sit up and got ready for her day. As she walked to the door she grabbed a laptop bag and headed to her classes. Her first two classes came and gone and next was the Combat Medicine 102? "Hmmmm i didn't see it was a 102 class hmm i guess it'll be ok the school wouldn't put me in a class i wasn't ready for."

She than came up to the class and walked in and took a seat in the front of the class closest to the Professor. She than pulled out her laptop and and mouse as well as a mic and placed it on top and pointing to the Professor. Not even looking up at the Professor she asks "Are you ok being recorded by video and or mic?" The mic as so had a high end video camera with the high end mic.

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3 Re: Combat Medicine 102(Open to Four) on Tue Feb 28, 2017 4:03 pm

Ishi Omo
Ishi Omo blinked as he was questioned on if he was going to allow recording. He was fine with that, but it was a matter of why. No one knew of his past, so was it just interest? Was it just a simple matter of interest? It was painfully odd that this came up at random. Ishi was a man of logic, and this made no sense, or at least, not yet. He didn't particularly care, so he formulated his response.

"That's fine. Once the other arrive, we can start class and you can record all you want. I'm not bias to either. After all, when you become a doctor, you have to be immune to a lot of things."

Ishi got up from him desk and stretched before going into his desk and dragging out a sodapop, opening it and starting to drink it. It was a good thing that Ishi had the metabolism he had, otherwise he'd be amusingly fat. It's not that he didn't exercise, just not as much as a hunter 'ought to.

(We're restarting posting order, but if Rozaria Elenor comes back, she can join back in. I'm restarting the posting order as I haven't seen her around.)

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4 Re: Combat Medicine 102(Open to Four) on Tue Feb 28, 2017 5:06 pm

Ser Lothric Ember
Lothric walked inn to the class room as he yawned slightly, not that his extreme training schedule hadn't taken it's toll but this time it was just from staying up late and reading books about this and that.

Looking around the class he let out a small sigh as his sight finally stopped moving after finding the teacher. Looking over him for a few moments Lothric bowed his head slightly while speaking in his normal tone "Salutations Teacher." after speaking he simply stood up to his full height and moved towards a free seat, sitting down Lothric simply turned his gaze towards the front of the class but quickly noticed that there might be a few moments where nothing would happen and so started to wonder about ways to deal with this free time.

Pondering about his options for a few moments he simply leaned back before moving his right hand up with a lighter held. When it was brought up to eye level he simply ignited it and a small flame was created, moving his free hand closer he poked the flame with his index finger and started to twirl it around his other fingers before holding his hand outwards and making the fire turn into a small shape that seemed to dance around his being.

He soon simply closed the lighter lid and focused on the remaining flame and easily just made it dance above his head as he looked upwards and let out a light sigh as the flame continued to dance above his head.

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5 Re: Combat Medicine 102(Open to Four) on Tue Feb 28, 2017 11:18 pm

Frost Kyanite
Frost was walking down the hallway, his schedule in hand as he paced along. He was hardly a medic himself, but knowing combat medicine was a great way to keep his team alive in the future. His first class at Syne, and it was something he'd have to motivate himself to do. Sighing as he approached the door, Frost shifted his binder in his hands, making sure everything was organized. This wasn't his first class ever, being a former Beacon student, but he needed to get the lay of the land here.

The door opened for him, and Frost was surprised to see only a few students seated, with the teacher (presumably) perched at the edge of his desk. Seeing no point in sitting at the back of the class, Frost settled into a desk on the front row, facing the professor.

"I'm guessing we haven't started yet." He spoke into the nearly-empty room, letting his words echo off the white walls and spreading his notepad and pen neatly on the desk.

The fluorescent light was glaring down on them all as he paid attention to the professor, waiting for him to speak at the expense of paying attention to the other classmates.

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6 Re: Combat Medicine 102(Open to Four) on Wed Mar 01, 2017 7:56 pm

Severa Scarlet
This Was Syne to be honest it wasn't what was expecting,it was actually a lot nicer than she originally thought due to being on an island away from the main kingdoms. She would be attending her first real class as she was always home taught by a tutor. The class was combat medicine and although the subject didn't really interest her she knew in the long run it might help. Plus it would be an opportunity to meet other students as much as loathed to do so, she knew that down the line being a complete loner would do more harm than good.

As she entered the room she was surprised to be met with only a couple of students and what she assumed to be the teacher sitting at the edge of his desk. Looking around for a moment She took a seat in the center row and straightened her things. She like the other students stared at the teacher wondering if he was going to say anything while out other corner of her eye she saw one of what she presumed to be a student do some things with fire while,another sat there quietly and spread his things neatly on his desk.

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7 Re: Combat Medicine 102(Open to Four) on Thu Mar 02, 2017 11:58 am

Ishi Omo
He nodded to Ser Lothric as he walked up and hailed him. As everyone got seated and such, he got a small speach ready for people to get to know him.

"Hello! I'm Ishi Omo, your Medical Combat teacher. I'm a certified doctor, and if worse comes to worse, I have a healing Sembalance, so that you don't die. While at the start, we will be focusing more upon creating first aid out of thin air and how to make someone not die, you'll probably be happy that there some combat. I'm not one who's especially good at it, but just be happy that I didn't get a-"

Ishi stopped and dug into his desk, taking out a pill. He popped it in his mouth.

"Sorry. Headache was getting bad. You should be happy that I didn't get a singing class, otherwise we'd leave with a bunch of deaf kids."

He knew he had to wrap up the talking, so he elected to finish it up with one last schpeal before the pill properly took effect.

"Right. So. The first lesson will be what to do if someone coll-"

Right on queue, Ishi collapses onto the floor in front of his desk. Unless one could hear very faint vitals, one would assume that the man named Ishi Omo was very, very near death. After all, it's his favorite pill. The one that makes him seem very close to death, but not quite dead yet. Realistically, he wasn't even close to dying, but he figured that the kids should get some experience with teh real world fact of people might be dying.

He still held the ability to know what's happening, While not being able to react, it was more akin to being in a coma that one could know what's happening on the outside, rather then actual death. However. Those knowledgeable, might figure that their teach just went and died on them.

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8 Re: Combat Medicine 102(Open to Four) on Thu Mar 02, 2017 12:26 pm

Ser Lothric Ember
Lothric looked at the teacher when he started speaking, Ishi, an interesting name but no matter the time was ready to learn and at least this teacher was a certified doctor, not that he didn't think lowly of the faculty but there was always a chance that some one not fit for the position might get it.

Either way he diverted most of his attention towards Ishi while still having the fire dance above his head, just in case one never knows when fire might be needed. When Ishi just collapsed after taking a pill in front of the students Lothric just looked confused at the spectacle before speaking as he grabbed the small fire above his head "I think he might have taken the wrong pill."

Standing up and walking over towards the now 'dead' Ishi he simply crouched down besides it before turning to the other students. "So any one know what to do in this situation, I admit that I only know of cauterization and some of the most basic of basics."

Hopefully some one had the knowledge that was needed and Lothric wouldn't have to attempt the true and tested method to check if some one was dead, not that it would be easy but a light burn or death the choice was clear to him if it would come to that.

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9 Re: Combat Medicine 102(Open to Four) on Thu Mar 02, 2017 5:52 pm

Frost Kyanite
Frost blinked. The teacher dropped to the floor, apparently unconscious. Either this was some kind of test, or the absolute best example of irony he'd ever witnessed.

One of the other students was already up, but it looked like they didn't really know what to do. Taking a breath, Frost knew he had to fall back on the first aid training he'd learned in his military academy training. "Alright, let's all stay calm."

He spoke with confidence, breathing deeply to flood his veins with oxygen. Oxygen would keep his head cool, level in the face of an emergency. Frost looked to the redheaded girl, the pretty one who had come in after him, and gestured around the room. "It's a medical training classroom, can you take a look around and see if there's a first aid kit around here?"

Addressing the pyrokinetic, Frost yelped at him a bit louder than he meant to. "Don't burn him!"

Policing his own tone, he said again, calmer, "If it's chemically induced, that won't help. We need to assess him, see if he's breathing first. Put a hand in front of his mouth, and I'll check for a pulse."

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10 Re: Combat Medicine 102(Open to Four) on Thu Mar 02, 2017 6:14 pm

Severa Scarlet
As the supposed teacher fell to the floor Severa Simply raised an eyebrow in questioning before letting out a heavy sigh as one of them got up and checked, but was stumped on what to do while the other tried to take control of situation. The soldier looking student then gestured to her and asked her to look around for first aid.

Severa stood and narrowed her eyes and completely ignored the student who had asked her to look for first aid. As she walked toward the front of the class she heard the blond one yelp out something before trying to rationalize the situation.

Once she stood directly in front of the teacher's form, Severa let out a sigh before speaking- "Are you daft? Its simple, if he's dead he won't react." She then picked up his form off the floor by the collar of his shirt with one arm before rearing her free hand back "To this!" She said as she slapped him as hard as she could across the face.

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11 Re: Combat Medicine 102(Open to Four) on Fri Mar 03, 2017 11:01 pm

Arcen Anokades
This class was almost as strange as Arcen.

For the second time, the arctic fox had spontaneously decided that she would attend the combat medicine class. So she casually made her way down the hall towards the aforementioned class. She caught curious and sometimes fearful glances out of her left eye - the functional one -, whilst her right stayed simply as a mere violently shaking blur. A tiny, red, vibrating dot.
The teacher, as Arcen now knew was quite different. Then again so was that egotistical girl in the combat class. . . Everybody here was rather strange, but none so as Arcen.
As she grew closer, the distinct metallic clanging of her prosthetic right leg was now making it's way to Ishi Omo's door once again, this time however being joined by the mechanical whirring of her hydrolically powered combat prosthetic, as opposed to the bog-standard casual one.

A sight to see was Arcen as she stood in the entranceway for a brief moment. The girl, as disturbing as usual, just stared. Her left eye looked calm, almost. It gently glided across the classroom. Her right, on the other hand, continued spasming violently, not even slightly following the left in the brief sweeping gaze. As she shifted her eye back, her one true and one false faunus ears picked up a loud *smack*, as if someone had just been slapped.
Oh wait, they have.
The fox looked with little to no concern at the scene of her teacher being hit across the face. Speaking of her teacher, it looked like he was passed out. "Oh well", was her thought process.

The now even less concerned faunus walked to an empty seat she presumed to be unoccupied by any of the people out of their seats, and sat down.
No really, she just sat down.
She hadn't even scanned the people in the room with her. She simply just sat down and stared at the front desk, the passed out teacher, and the girl currently slapping him.

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12 Re: Combat Medicine 102(Open to Four) on Tue Mar 07, 2017 5:01 pm

Ishi Omo
Ishi was pleased with what was happening with the first two. One admitted his faults while the other fell back on same basic training that he got; likely from Atlas with the way he was reacting. There was something about the perception that slightly impressed him in Frost's case. He was happy with Ser Ember's reaction, as he stated his skills and told the others what he could, and could not do. That could be crucial in saving someone.  Making sure that people know what you can, and can't do, is important in the long run. If you're trying to save someone and you're assigned to something you don't know how to do, that'd equal death in the person you're trying to save.

However. Severa's reaction has brought him a slight bit of anger. The pill wore off shortly after the slap, although it wasn't a direct correlation. He swung his legs back, placing himself upon the desk, before sitting cross-legged. He was happy with a majority of the class, but Severa's reaction allowed him an excuse to lecture.

"Alright. So. Wonderful reactions on Ser Ember and Frost's parts. You both managed to clear the situation, what you could do, and what we needed to do. However...Severa. You slapped an unconscious man. While, in my case, it doesn't hurt as much since mine was a controlled test, if you go into a real world time like that, you run into a problem. That could cause a multitude of problems. Including shock and extra damage."

He saw Arcen enter. Ah! A familiar face. Alas, he still had a lecture to go through.

"I'm not sure what you thought was wrong with me. I could've been in a cardiac arrest, which you would've had to assist me in both breathing and CPR. There's an AED in this classroom, in the closet. I admit that I should've told you what was where, but you rarely know that at all times, am I right? Now. How many here know how to do CPR? Along with an AED?"

(wow i suck at posting at any reasonable times)

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13 Re: Combat Medicine 102(Open to Four) on Thu Mar 09, 2017 5:28 pm

Ser Lothric Ember
Looking at the teacher standing up Lothric simply returned to his seat and slowly sat down as he extinguished the flame and focused completely upon Ishi. Listening to the praise and folly of their actions he simply gave a few nods but had a small look of confusion when Ishi mentioned AED, something Lothric couldn't remember if he had ever heard and this cause him mild irritation as not knowing something like this could hurt him and his allies when the situation called for it.

Waiting for the reaction of the class when they where asked how many knew CPR with AED and Lothric simply shook his head once before looking around as he was quite curious about this at the moment. Still the real interest was within his mind and the possibilities if he could perhaps place this knowledge into how he weaved the flames and perhaps knowing a bodies full limit on certain things would always be helpful.

Returning his thoughts to the lecture at hand he simply waited until some one would say or do anything and the possible demonstration that Ishi would most likely have ready somewhere, but going by his last trick it might not be what one would call normal.

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14 Re: Combat Medicine 102(Open to Four) on Mon Mar 13, 2017 10:44 pm

Frost Kyanite
((Skip me guys, real life is gonna keep me busy for a while))

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15 Re: Combat Medicine 102(Open to Four) on Wed Mar 15, 2017 12:45 am

Severa Scarlet
As the teacher in question began to recover from his "Unconsciousness" He began to Compliment some and Reprimand others specially her, comparing it to a real life problem to which Severa narrowed her eyes and spoke out in retaliation-" I understand that if it was a real life problem approaching  it that way would be bad." However I just used deduction skills to figure out you were faking. " "First off, What kind of medical teacher keeps a specific pill that has any danger next to him in a special spot. Second off If that was powerful enough to put you in a coma like stasis why is it not organized with a buncof other dangerous pills?" " I'm not dissing your ability as a teacher but just because were in a medical class doesn't mean every scenario has to do with medical problems!"

As she finished her rant she gave the man one last look before returning to her desk waiting a for another reprimand as the teacher continued to talk. As he mentioned more things Severa understood some of his points, and knew basic CPR procedures, and she knew that an AED was a fancy acronym for a fancy way to say diffibulator. She also looked to the side to see A strange girl sitting down that wasn't there before. She gave off a sort of creepy aura, but Severa simply ignored her for the time being seeing as there was a class going on.

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16 Re: Combat Medicine 102(Open to Four) on Wed Mar 15, 2017 10:52 pm

Arcen Anokades
Arcen stared blankly at Ishi as he gave the lecture. "Blankly" did not mean she was not paying attention. No, that was just her normal stare.

Arcen found it safe to assume she was one of the most medically advanced students in the room. When the question of knowing how to do CPR or use a defibrilator was asked, Arcen simply raised her hand. She would spare her voice unless absolutely necessary, and she already had a piece of paper and pen at the ready. Even with the girl's emotionless and careless demeanor, she still had enough common sense to make sure people knew what she wanted to say.
It was hoped that Ishi would remember that Arcen was of the medical group and had already been in the 101 class, and that no simplistic processes would be repeated. It was not hoped by Arcen, of course. She didn't hope anything.

Eventually the atypically autistic arctic fox took a half hearted look around, presumably to take in the other students currently in the room with her. Some tall guy with white hair, a smaler built girl with red hair, and two others. She traced over each and every one of their features, her half piercing and half not-facing-the-right-direction gaze locking onto them all individually. Good enough for analyzation, she guessed.
If this class would go anything like the last one then she presumed that there would be introductions at some point; maybe she had already missed those, but she didn't care, really. If anything she'd be "happy" to have missed speaking, for obvious reasons of course.

Arcen shifted her blood red scarf, brushing it off to the right side of her body. Her golden left eye refocused on Ishi, an innocent, expecting look. Of course the red eye was dilated, twitching around sporadically as per usual.
The only thing usual about Arcen was how unusual she was.

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17 Re: Combat Medicine 102(Open to Four) on Sun Mar 19, 2017 12:32 pm

Ishi Omo
"You used your deduction skills to slap a man in a coma, Severa. I understand your qualms, but I have it labeled. Plus, I'm the only one with knowledge on the pills. Now that that's out of the way, let's get something clear. I'm training you for sudden situations that could happen in combat or in the street. Combat is excitable. You won't have an Automated External Defibrillator out in the field. AED is Automated External Defibrillator by the way. Next, if you sneak into my desk and take my pills, it's my fault that I didn't lock it properly."

Ishi started, and noted that it was getting quite warm in the room. He took off his lab coat to reveal a black dress shirt and dress pants. His lab coat had hidden his pants as well, after all.

"Now, I don't have any way to paraphrase this next section. It's about what to do if you get stabbed and or cut. Now, you don't slap a man who is bleeding. Thankfully, I have something for all of you.”

He goes behind his desk, fishing enough first-aid booklets out for everyone, and starts handing them out while talking.

“This is a basic first aid. This has most of the basics, including what an AED is and how to deal with shock from a sudden injury.  Now, an important thing is how to deal with shock when it relates to injuries. Tell me. How do you detect a shock victim? Don’t look in your book yet.”

He finishes handing things out and goes back to sit on his desk.

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18 Re: Combat Medicine 102(Open to Four) on Mon Mar 20, 2017 4:36 pm

Ser Lothric Ember
Lothric just kept listening to Ishi and Severa, looking around for a bit he returned his focus to the teacher as he once again began to talk and even handed out some booklet, a moment before he opened Ishi said something about not using the booklets they had just received and Lothric simply looked at the cover before looking up towards the teacher again.

It wasn't that he was completely lost in what Ishi was saying it was just that Lothric was not often or ever in the position where he had needed first aid beyond what he could accomplish with his fire and basic knowledge, he also had never had the need to care for another in that aspect.

He was very interested in what would be going to happen and what the answer would be as detecting something like that would be invaluable to certain circumstances it would also be quite handy in knowing how to inflict such wounds upon an enemy. Not wanting to be rude Lothric left his thoughts alone for now and returned his focus to the teacher before casting a quick glance around himself.

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19 Re: Combat Medicine 102(Open to Four) on Fri Mar 24, 2017 1:06 am

Severa Scarlet
After giving Receiving a decent scolding from the teacher Severa sat down at her original position before the whole Passing out act that the teacher pulled. He then handed every student a booklet of some sort, they apparently detailed first aid administration and such.

Now while Severa had always been a fighter and always fought for herself do to her first aid was a bit pointless,but she always saw the use it could  in the potential future. Severa let out a sigh and decided to look at the class with a clean slate despite the rocky start.

The teacher seemed to be pretty fun and laid back so she did see herself possibly liking it the future. To be honest  didn't really know how to answer his question as the logical answer would be rapid shaking and clammy skin, but she didn't feel like making a fool of herself with such an obvious answer,  so she bided her time decided not to speak out.

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20 Re: Combat Medicine 102(Open to Four) on Tue Mar 28, 2017 3:42 pm

Arcen Anokades
As she was given a booklet and asked how to detect a shock victim, Arcen began rapidly scribbling down on paper. When she was finished she lightly smacked her table to get the teacher's attention and held the paper up.

"Typical symptoms of a shock victim include a rapid pulse, rapid breathing, cool, clammy skin, pale or ashen skin, nausea or vomiting, enlarged pupils, weakness or fatigue, dizziness or fainting, and changes in mental status or behaviour."

Arcen's emotionless look could be vaguely translated as smug and overconfident as she held up the list. Her golden eye stayed focused on Ishi while her right of course spasmed off in the corner. She stared him dead in the eye, as if she was simply looking into his soul, but that was the normal feeling Arcen gave off. A terrible, dreadful feeling. That was consistent with every one of her stares because they were all equivalent in emotion to a death stare.

Quickly she scribbled more down, holding it up again
"Well? Am I correct?"

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21 Re: Combat Medicine 102(Open to Four) on Fri Mar 31, 2017 11:08 am

Ishi Omo
"Wonderful answer, Arcen. It's as Arcen wrote. Arcen, show that answer to the class.. Now, that might seem fairly easy to spot. It is. However, the treatment requires a level of tact that a lot of people lack."

He stared back at Arcen, who was staring at him with her one good eye. He met her death stare with his own sort of stare. It was obvious, to him, that this was her normal stare. Therefore, he gave her his own version of a death stare. Just to see how she'd react. One doesn't just be an assassin without developing a mean eye for people and their casual looks. Franky, Arcen was a terrifying monstrosity of science.

While Arcen was the most unique, coming from the medical standpoint, he figured that he'd have to live up to the combat side of this class. It was a Combat Medicine class after all. He looked at those gathered. Ser Lothric would likely be the best man for the job. Severa was a girl, and therefore out. Arcen was, as stated before, a massive amalgamation of science and prosthetics.

"Ser Lothric. Do you have your weapon with you? I wish to go over some combat characteristics. Don't worry, I won't feign shock. I will, simply, combat you."

He went to his desk and pulled out his scimitar.  He unsheathed it and sat on his desk again. The doctor looked a lot more like the assassin he used to be. He brushed his hair back and sat a bit more straight. He had to dig into past experience. That past experience was the metric ton of people he killed. Experience was a wonderful thing, even over talent. Especially over talent. That's what Ishi had over a bunch of these kids. His fights were to the death.

Fights to the death were not something he particularly adored. Now, in fairness, said fights are never an equal thing. That's the thing about fights. They always have a winner in a short amount of time. He knew that for the time wasted on fighting others. It's not like it was his main method of assassination. Well, it was for a little while. 16-year-old Ishi constantly did it for the sake of doing it. 16-year-old Ishi didn't find any problems with it.  If he did, he never showed it. He had no reason to do so.

"Now, one must understand. Fights are, quite literally, never equal. Not when people are properly trying. I know this is dipping into Haze's territory of combat strategy, but you have to have a decent understanding of combat to be a medic. I'm trying to supplement the basics so that if things get bad, you can defend yourself. Medics can't just be medics, they also have to be able to be heroes."

Ishi would stay sitting until Ser Lothric would come up.

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22 Re: Combat Medicine 102(Open to Four) on Tue Apr 04, 2017 2:09 pm

Ser Lothric Ember
Having focused upon Ishi, Lothric had not kept up to what Arcen had showed Ishi but he didn't think much of it before Ishi told her to show it and as he was about to switch his seating position to get a good look he was asked if he had brought his weapon. Lothric wanted to ask Ishi why he had to ask that as in his mind a student at the academy should keep their weaponry close at hand or at least when it came to the classes at least.

Lothric had indeed taken with him his sword Sanctus Ignis, when he had entered the class his sword had been with him but he had simply placed it on the floor by the place he had taken his seat and decided to leave it there until it was called for and now it was.
Grabbing the sword Lothric stood up and walked towards Ishi and made sure they at least had four meters spacing between them as he started to unsheathe his two-hander.

When Lothric finished drawing his sword he drew the end of the sheath over the magnesium strip creating a few sparks which he then used to conjure for fire that engulfed his sword. The fire started to grow and soon engulfed his arms from the point of his fingers to his shoulders and flowed backwards behind him as it crackled and roared slightly when Lothric got into his combat stance, lowering his stance slightly he placed the tip of his sword down by his left foot as he held the hilt towards his right shoulder and turned his gaze towards Ishi.

"I am ready..." his voice was calm but held a slight sinister undertone as he watched Ishi for what would happen.

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23 Re: Combat Medicine 102(Open to Four) on Sun Apr 09, 2017 7:04 pm

Severa Scarlet
Severa looked over ar Ishi with a bored glance, before looking over to the strange woman know known as Arcen, as she gave a spot on answer. She turned and observed Arcen a bit closer, from the way she gave her answer she was probably a mute, she was also a faunas and gave off an unnerving aura that severa did not like. She was going to continue her studying if Arcen before being pulled out of her stupor by Ishi's voice.

He then asked Lothric if he had his weapon, to which Severa rolled her eyes. They were at a hunter academy of course any student would be carrying their weapon. His next statement is what made give a halfhearted glare at the man. He Immediately called upon Lothric for a combat lesson. Apparently he thought Lothric looked stronger from a glance, or he didn't think women could fight as well as males, most likely the former but still a possibility.

She then saw him draw a curved sword out of his desk,while Lothric grabbed his own weapon and approached the front of the room as asked, and got into a stance. Severa sat back in her chair not as angry as before, but more interested. While Ishi was a teacher, and possessed some level of talent, Lothric on the multiple accounts she had seen him on was very powerful as well. She narrowed her eyes slightly studying both players making sure to keep track of their every move.

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24 Re: Combat Medicine 102(Open to Four) on Tue Apr 18, 2017 5:19 pm

Arcen Anokades
Arcen took the praise "happily", not actually changing her expression but based on her body language she was slightly happy. She was fine holding the paper up for everyone to see, but soon placed it back on her desk.

Apparently Ishi was going to fight one of the students named Lothric. In that strange, disfunctional brain of hers Arcen thought in the back of her mind what his reasoning was. It was obvious why he wouldn't choose her, considering she was some... Thing... She was definitely some thing... Severa... Maybe because she was female? A man's body was more of a blank slate than that of a female's. Arcen hadn't yet gauged any of these people, and soon she would do so, but for now she was going to just watch, and wait. There wasn't much she and theother girl could do, what with the other two fighting, so for now she waited, in her chair, staring intently.

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25 Re: Combat Medicine 102(Open to Four) on Wed Apr 19, 2017 10:50 am

Ishi Omo
"Right. The lowering of the general stance is smart in your case, which allows you to use your frame for more explosive power. Your height gives you an obvious advantage in this fight. Now, notice, you have your sword set to a sort of stabbing stance. That stance, thankfully, is exactly what this entire presentation would need, however, don't attack me yet. Let me show some things."

Ishi hopped off the table and did a few stretches. He couldn't just hop into battle at his age. He, however, had experience over these kids. He went almost sideways, making less of himself to hit. He held the blade out in front of him, his stance akin to fencing.

"Now, I understand that most students here are blessed with immense physical strength. I'm not. Not anymore. Kinda slacked on training, myself. However, that doesn't mean this old fart is a weakling. When you do what I've just done, it makes less of you to hit. Now, Ser Lothric, stab me."

He'd turn off his aura so that when Lothric did, in fact, stab him it'd be bloody. Gotta teach kids how to cover for a stab wound.

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