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D.J. Malachite Glitch [Done]

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1 D.J. Malachite Glitch [Done] on Thu Jun 05, 2014 3:44 am

Malachite Glitch
Enrollment Form

Symbol :

Basic info
Name: Malachite Glitch
Age: 20
Birthday: May 1st
Gender: It's a trap! (male)
Race: Human
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 113lbs
Face Claim: Unnamed character by Itou

STR: 4
DEF: 4
RES: 2
SPT: 2
Aura 100|200 HP

Major: Tech
Likes: Music
Dislikes: Carrots
People who discriminate
Being mean
Fears: Loosing those he cares about
Not being able to keep his promise
Being made fun of because he looks like a girl
Getting dumped
Overall Personality: At first glance Malachite Glitch looks like a girl. This assumption would not be shattered by his actions either. Not only does he act like a girl most of the time he dresses like one as well. Even when he speaks he sounds like a girl. While he once accepted this as who he is he recently has begun to question who and what he really is. He is unsure of his gender identity and as such tries to avoid conversations in that direction.

Malachite is a creator. He loves to spend his free time on his laptop working on his latest song or remixing songs he likes. Like any true creator he listens to all kinds of music to find his inspiration but his favorites are house, glitch hop, trance, and electro. When he is not making music or listening to it he enjoys a good explosion. Due to his semblance he will often go off and blow things up just for the heck of it.

Malachite tries to keep a positive look on things. Even when things have gotten bad for him he tries not to let that get him down. When others are down he will try to be the smiling face that helps everyone through a smile and kind words. But when he has to he can be the one to bring out the fight. It usually takes a lot to make him mad.

A few things are able to get through his positive attitude. Most of which has to do with making fun of his… appearance. When someone finds out that he is in fact a male and begins to insult him he wont confront them and instead retreat. Being a sore topic he is likely to spend time crying over this issue.

From time to time Malachite has nightmares, most of the time they focus on the death of his parents. Malcolm often shows up in these dreams as a form of tormentor. Recently these nightmares have also begun to include the death of Vermilion and the events around his break up with Matt. Due to this he often will wake up crying and in a cold sweat.

Performing is perhaps one of Malachite’s favorite things to do. Whenever he can put on a show he does. Even if they are small and only hosted by himself he wants to share his music with the world. After every performance he tries to hold a meet and greet to meet some of his fans. Something about not just seeing the people who like his music but also being able to talk to them brings him happiness.

Malachite can often be found dancing with his headphones on, not really caring who watches. Due to his link with music his speech is often somewhat melodic and almost sounds like he is singing.

Aura type: Healing
Aura Color: Orange
Semblance: Malachite’s semblance allows her to create ethereal explosives. Each one acts like a model 24 stick grenade and can cause damage within a 15 meter radius doing full damage within 5 meters half damage out to 10 meters and quarter damage out to 15 meters.
Item 1: Weapon rank 1: Beat6 looks to be a leather pouch sitting on Malachite's belt. From either side three headphone chords can be pulled out each one with a 1/4” trs connector on it. Each connector is sharpened to a point for easy penetration of a target. The chords themselves are made up of orichalcum wires wrapped in carbon nano tube insulation. Not only does this make the weapons incredibly durable it also allows them to deliver powerful electric shocks to the connector at the end. All the while they still can be used to play music and the pouch as a link to Malachite's scroll for just that purpose.
Item 2: Armor rank 1: A simple camouflage jacket
History and Sample

“I’ll let the beat flow through me and lead me to victory.”

Malachite Glitch born Mint Verdant grew up in the kingdom of Mistral. Both of his parents were well known actors and high rolling socialites. They were praised for their skill and versatility on stage. This lead to the expectation that Mint was going to follow in his parents’ footsteps and one day join them in the performing arts. However, it seemed that while Mint did enjoy the performing arts his passion lied not in theater but in music. Supportive his parents payed for music lessons and bought him any instrument he could play.  From near age five he could play the trumpet, saxophone, piano, trombone, violin, cello, and flute. Not only could he play all these instruments he could play them incredibly well.

Not only could Mint play these instruments he also discovered his skill in composition. Between his fifth and sixth birthdays he composed the soundtracks for several of his parents’ plays as well as six symphonies. Though he enjoyed listening to, creating, and playing music Mint was never satisfied with his music. That was until one trip online. While researching genre’s of music he stumbled upon electrically generated music. Tunes made not with an instrument but with a program. It wasn’t long before Mint had downloaded a piece of software and began to create his own electronic music.

It is just when it seems like everything is going right that the world throws you a curve ball, or in Mint’s case more of a grenade. Just after his discover Mint was kidnapped. A group of local sum and decided to try and get a ransom from his parents. This kind of activiy was not uncommon in Mistral. There was a from of unspoken agreement between the lowlifes and high society. “We’ll take the kid and as long as we get payed no one gets hurt.” Most of the time it worked fine. The criminals got their ransom and then released their hostage. Everyone seemed to think this would be the case for Mint, the kidnappers, Mint’s parents, and even the boy himself.

That was until both of his parents were assassinated.

Just minutes before they were supposed to pay the ransom for Mint both of his parents were shot and killed by an unknown gunman. Not sure what to do the kidnappers fled back into the underworld with Mint in tow. Trying to make a quick buck the kidnappers sold Mint to a local criminal kingpin. This man, who only went by the name Malcolm. Strangely it seemed less like he had bought Mint for any malicious reasons and more simply to have a child. There were pictures around Malcolm’s house of a young girl who look incredibly like Mint.

Free mostly to do as he wished, just so long as he never left the house, Mint began to grieve the loss of his parents. His grief found an outlet in his music. For hours at a time he would sit behind a computer screen creating electronic music, house, glitch hop, dance, drum and base, any style he could come up with. After creating his songs he would post them to file sharing sites and music sites under the handle of Malachite Glitch. By the time he had released his tenth song he had begun to amass a fan base.

Around age ten Malachite Glitch had not only become a popular name in the electronic community of Mistral but all four of the major kingdoms. Eventfully Malcolm’s restrictions loosened and Malachite was allowed to leave the house. Not even two days later he put on his first live show at a local rave. To keep his age, and identity, a secret he wore a mask to hide his face. Shows like that one became a common occurrence for Malachite. Before too long he was being contacted with offers to play in Vale, Vacuo, and even Atlas. Unfortunately due to his age, and his caretaker he was unable to take advantage of these offers.

As he hit puberty Malachite began to notice something was… different. Unlike a boy his age should his voice was not getting much deeper. As well his body was developing less like a male’s and more like that of a female. Instead of his shoulders becoming wider his hips did. Instead of growing gruff, masculine facial hair his features became more soft and feminine. Instead of a broad chest he began to develop breasts. Extremely worried about these changes he began to ask questions. Malcolm claimed not to know anything about this, though Malachite was not too trusting of his caretaker. It didn’t take long for him to discover that Malcolm had been dosing him with estrogen in his sleep.

Outraged and slightly betrayed Malachite fled not only Malcolm but Mistral. Unfortunately for a lone person outside of the protection of a city travel was all but impossible due to the Grimm. It was three days outside of the city that Malachite was attacked and almost killed by a stray beowulf. The only reason he didn’t die was because of a wandering huntsman. An older man, going only by the name of Vermilion. In what seemed like a flash he not only rescued Malachite from certain death, but disposed of the beowulf.

Completely and utterly shocked Malachite begged the man to teach him. At first he was… more than reluctant. In fact after saving Malachite he seemed to want to leave as soon as he could. Not deterred he followed Vermilion for several days. It didn’t start so much as Vermilion began to ask Malachite to do things. Most of the things he asked seemed to be of little to no significance. Most of it was manual labor and tired out Malachite on a regular basis. Not used to doing much work it took a long time before Malachite realized that all of this was to get him into shape.

At the same time he noticed that he was not only beginning to notice that not only was be beginning to act more like a female, he was dressing like one as well. Things that never interested him before because he saw them as “girl things” now caught his attention. He worried more and more about his looks, his clothes, and most strange of all other boys. It seemed that the changes the estrogen had were more than just physical. At first the changes worried him, though over time he began to accept them as something that was simply a part of who he was.

It had been almost six months after traveling with Vermilion when he finally decided to teach Malachite to fight. As the old man used throwing darts that were tied to high tensile wire to fight started by teaching her to throw the darts. While it took some time for him to pick up up Malachite seemed to show promise. Daily training started to take over a good amount of the manual labor, as Vermilion stated that fighting was more important than carrying logs.

After a long hiatus of not making any music Malachite was able to acquire a laptop. Immediately he began working on making more music. His fan base went wild at his return. Having been traveling for a time he decided to start holding concerts wherever he could. Some of his performances were larger than others, but most were smaller, though they did rake in a good sum of Lien. It wasn’t until his travels with Vermilion led him to Vale that his first major concert happened. Thousands of people showed up, and Malachite Glitch started to show up on the radar of large production companies.

Suddenly Malachite was bombard with offers by production companies and venues across the kingdoms to make music and do shows. Deciding that while he liked music, he preferred to do it on his own schedule and not be tied down by any contracts he turned down every one. Instead he continued to travel and train under Vermilion. It was then that he realized that not only was he passionate about music but he loved fighting just as much.

It was after this decision that Vermilion decided to teach Malachite about semblance. Sure he knew about it, but not having fought much when he was younger he had no clue what his was. It was… hard for him to discover his semblance. At first he thought it might somehow be tied to music as Vermilion had told him that a person’s semblance usually had more meaning behind it than most thought it did. When this didn’t pan out Malachite became disheartened, and then angry. And then something blew up. Somehow he had discovered his semblance on accident.

As it turns out Malachite seemed to have a knack for blowing things up. His semblance made it so that he could create ethereal explosives and detonate them from a distance. At first it was slightly worrying and made him a little more than nervous. But there was something… beautiful about an explosion. And that was when he discovered his third love in life, explosives.

During their travels Malachite and Vermilion ended up in the small kingdom of Bellmuse. It was a quaint little place with a small hunters academy. It was at this time that Malachite was contacted by a local production company. Shooting Star Incorporated messaged him about doing a few recordings with one of their stars, an artist by the name of Kitsune. After looking this guy up and listening to his stuff Malachite agreed, under the condition that he retain all the copyrights and royalties to the songs.

The singer known as Kitsune was incredibly talented. He wasn’t all that well known yet, but his voice was astounding. Malachite never actually saw his face though, as he wore a black fox mask. Together they produced an entire album. Unfortunately after a disagreement with the production company the vocals were never added to the songs, leaving Malachite with an album of unfinished music.

Leaving Bellmuse he went on to continue making music, all of which he released for free never trying to monetize on his creations. The way he saw it, art was something meant to be shared with others not hidden to be experienced only by those with enough Lien.

Continued travels also meant continued studies under Vermilion. He taught not only how to fight but other skills of life. Cooking, survival skills, and even a little philosophy from time to time. Though the lessons that Malachite enjoyed most were the combat ones. The better he got the more he wanted to learn.

Of course as he continued to travel he would put on shows wherever he could. He loved to perform for live audiences. It wasn’t until he did his first meet and greet that he realized something. Every single one of the fans he met thought he was a girl. At first it surprised him, but after some quick thinking it made sense. He looked like a girl, he sounded like a girl, hell he even acted like a girl. For all intents and purposes he was a girl.

Maybe some people would be confused by this revelation, but Malachite took it exceptionally well. He didn’t feel confused, in fact it helped him determine who he was. Sure he was a guy, that part was just fact, but to everyone else he was a girl. Though he did begin to wonder if he should start to think of himself as a girl. Everyone else did.

Now with his newfound love for explosives Malachite decided to add this into his performances. It wasn’t long before his shows not only became known for their amazing music, but also their pyrotechnic displays. At the same time he began to expand his creativity. After spending a long time listening to other genres of music an idea hit him. It was at his net performance when he revealed a new facet to his creations. Remixes.

It was shortly before his nineteenth birthday when Malachite did another large concert in Vale. Like many of his previous concerts he did a meet and greet event afterwards. That was when he met a boy named Matt. He was a student up at Beacon academy and a huge fan of Malachite’s music. Something about him was… entrancing. He didn’t know what it was, but in about as smooth of a move as he could pull off he gave Matt his scroll contact information. Later that night he asked Vermilion if they could stay in Vale for a while. The old man agreed stating something about some business he had locally.

A few days after the concert Malachite met with Matt at a small cafe in Vale. For hours beforehand he went through every piece of clothing he had trying to find the best outfit he could. It was then that he realized that not only did he find other guys attractive, he was probably gay. Once again this realization didn’t stop him. In his mind it was simple, he was cuter than most girls were so this shouldn’t be a problem.

The first “date” as it were, went incredibly well. This success made Malachite even more determined. He wouldn’t have called it love, more of a crush, though that did make it sound like a cheesy high school romance. The more he started to hang out with Matt the more he liked him. Malachite began to buy perfume and makeup just to look good for the dates. At first he had no clue how to use any of it of course, surprisingly Matt did however. It was embarrassing to let the boy he liked help him with makeup, but it was also kind of nice.

It was on their fifteenth date that things changed. Matt had made a reservation at a rather classy restaurant. Malachite spent days beforehand dress shopping to make sure he got the perfect outfit. The night was a classic romantic scene. Candle lit balcony dinner after sundown. The air was just perfectly cool, not so much to be uncomfortable but just enough to keep from being too hot. That night Matt confessed his love.

A day later Malachite gathered his courage and met with Matt in a more private setting. He was nervous, he didn’t know why, but he was. It was then that he admitted to Matt his gender. Matt… didn’t take it well. He became angry and screamed at Malachite calling him things like “faggot” “sissy boy” and a number of other expletives.

Malachite left that night in tears. For the next few days he did nothing but sit in his room and cry. His heart had been broken and now he didn’t know what to do. His self confidence had been shaken. Was it really okay that he looked like a girl even though he was a boy? He didn’t know he didn’t know anything. All he knew was that he wanted to curl up into a ball and die right then and there.

Perhaps it was just bad timing, or perhaps it was the universe testing him. It was less than a week after his heart had been broken that Vermilion returned. He was heavily injured and in terrible shape. Malachite rushed him to a local hospital. The doctors said that he had suffered several major injuries and they didn’t know if they could help him or not.

Vermilion was very guarded about what happened to him or what he was doing. He gave Malachite an encoded file saying that when he was ready that he would be able to see it’s contents. At the same time he made Malachite promise to be just and do what is right no matter the opposition and that he would attend one of the hunter academies. Later that night Vermilion died from his multitude of injuries.

As a dying gift Vermilion gave Malachite her own weapons. They could be used much like the wire darts that Vermilion used, though they fit his personality better. Instead of darts and wires each one was an incredibly long headphone cord with a 1/4” trs connector at the end. Not only could they be used like the darts but they could also electrically shock an opponent. Of course the icing on the cake was the fact that they worked just fine as headphone cords. To top it all off Vermilion gave Malachite a new pair of headphones made out of the same material as the cords.

Unfortunately while Malachite was good he still had a ways to go before he could be accepted into an academy. He began training every day with his new weapons. They were slightly different than that he had trained on but close enough that it was no major trouble adapting to them. While he heart still ached from both of his losses he channeled his sorrow and anger into practice. After submitting papers to all four of the major hunter academies he waited to see what would happen. Unfortunately each one came back rejected.

It was then that Malachite remembered the small kingdom of Bellmuse. Deciding that at this point he would take any chance he could get he applied. Sure he was older than most would be when entering the school, but he didn't care. He had a promise to keep. It took an unusually long time to get a response from the academy. Though when it did come back Malachite found that he had been accepted.

With the past left behind and the future uncertain he boarded an airship bound for the small kingdom of Bellmuse. There was a lot of uncertainty in his mind about who he was, who his mentor had been or what he should become. All he knew was that he made a promise to a dying man and that he would do whatever it took to keep that promise no matter what obstacles life threw at him.
RP Sample:
Malachite waited with his eyes closed behind the large curtain before him. This was it, his first major live performance. He had a lineup of some of his most popular songs and a few that he had composed just for this event. Sure his nerves were on end, but this was what he had been waiting for. Hours of practice and creation had gone into this one event and he would be damned if this was not going to be the best night of his life. Everything was in order, the playlist was set, a few songs he would be mixing live for the audience but most of his job now was hype.

“Are you ready?” the announcers voice called out over the venue’s sound system. In response the crowd went wild. A wide smirk came across Mal’s face. He was ready for this. “Then give it up for the one, the only Malachite Glitch!”

The curtain dropped and before him was the largest audience he had ever stood before. It reminded him of the time he had watched his parents perform, only this time instead of proper applause this crowd was loosing it. Grabbing the microphone before him Mal gave a wide grin.

“Alright Vale♫ Are you ready to party!?” Malachite asked the audience in a voice that sounded just as feminine as he looked. Once again the crowd lost it. Without another word Mal hit the space bar on his laptop and the first song began.

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As a staff member, I have to say I like it. Approved.

As the RP'er of Sonata... I think she'd like this teacher... *Sonata flips the page in her book and nods*

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Sammey White
Approved for reboot

Bump when done


Tier 1 Dust: (10x Water) (10x Fire) (10x Earth) (10x Air)
Tier 2 Dust: (10x Fire) (10x Water) (10x Earth) (10x Air) (10x Explosion) (10x Ice) (10x Plant) (10x Thunder)
Tier 3 Dust:(6x Fire) (6x Water) (6x Earth) (6x Ice) (6x Lightning) (6x Light) (6x Shadow)
5x poison
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Malachite Glitch
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hmm looks good to me


Tier 1 Dust: (10x Water) (10x Fire) (10x Earth) (10x Air)
Tier 2 Dust: (10x Fire) (10x Water) (10x Earth) (10x Air) (10x Explosion) (10x Ice) (10x Plant) (10x Thunder)
Tier 3 Dust:(6x Fire) (6x Water) (6x Earth) (6x Ice) (6x Lightning) (6x Light) (6x Shadow)
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