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Fourth Degree Burn. [Private: Bree, James, and Spring]

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Lucina Exalton
Wakey wakey.

The small girl referred to by none as Ambre slowly opened her eyes, haphazardly scanning the area with a dazed and confused look. The small girl slowly came to the realization of where she was, and shot up to her feet, her heart beat instantly racing. To her relief, thankfully, the only people in the large building were some nurses, doctors, and a few individuals behind desks.

"Ah, miss, you're awake. The man that you brought in should recover just fine now; the doctors are allowing visitors but they can't be in the room right now because they are dealing with another patient."
The lady behind the counter spoke to the now awake Faunus girl, informing her of the room's number and location.

Slowly and shakily the small cat creeped her way into one of the many hallways, before swiftly dashing down them, her form practically a blur as she made hase towards the previously mentioned room number. Skidding to a halt before the room numbered "243", she reached to the handle, twisted it, and then stopped herself. What was she doing, why was she so eager to see if he was okay? After a few second pause that felt like hours, he girl simply shrugged and dismissed it as worrying about what she had done to the poor guy.

Hesitantly, Bree entered the room, looking towads the charred body of the man called James. Sitting down in the chair right beside the bed, a blank stare took charge of her face.
Her eyes were widened horrifically as if she'd seen a ghost, but yet she couldn't pull her gaze away from the body. She looked over the scarred features, briefly catching a glimpse of the most likely permanent burn mark on the back of his left hand. She had caused this, she had caused this all.

Slowly she tucked her knees into her chest, wrapping her arms around her legs as she placed her feet up on the edge of the chair. Yes, the girl looked absolutely terrified.

For she now realized that she had almost ended a fifth life.

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Spring Plumb
Spring panicked, more than she had ever panicked in her life. A system she had set up, and hoped to never hear from again, had gone off. It was a simple notification network that would let her know if James was ever admitted to a hospital or taken into custody at a police station. The former had happened. The system didn't tell her much more than that he had suffered severe burns over large area's of his body. A ball of fear grew in her chest as she ran. Luckily she had been in town, visiting the doctor when the notification had come.

Her body hurt, she had never run so hard for so long in her life, but it didn't matter. Nothing mattered other than making it to the hospital and seeing James. Even now, in a relatively crowded street she didn't have her semblance up as she dashed through the crowd. She didn't even realize it but tears streaked from her eyes, falling away in the wind as she sprinted.

Every so often she stopped and checked her scroll, huffing hard as the map told her were to go. Once she knew she was off again. Her lungs burned and her muscles ached but she ignored it. Even after stopping at a trash can to vomit she kept going. Finally Spring reached the hospital. Drenched in sweat she ran through the front doors, her semblance going up as she did. Checking her scroll again she found updated information. It looked like James was stable, and in a room on the second floor. Rushing up the sitars, as the elevator would take too long she quickly scanned the directory for room numbers.

Finding the one James was in, she was off again, bursting down the halls at top speed. As soon as she found the door Spring burst in. Up until now she wasn't sure. She hoped it had been a mistake, that he had just lost his scroll or something and someone else had found it and then gotten hurt. But no... even covered in bandages as he was she knew it was him.

Her heart sank. Something terrible had happened to James, and she couldn't do anything about it. She was weak and worthless. Her tears were gone by now, even if she tried she couldn't muster any. Her entire body began to tremble as she fell to her knees, both her hands coming up to grasp the sides of her head, and her semblance turning off. She wanted to scream, she wanted to curl up into a ball and cry, she wanted it to be a bad dream. But none of those things happened. Spring just stayed there, shaking as she stared at the man she loved.

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Lucina Exalton

Bree shuddered violently as she heard somebody burst into the room, soon followed by the sound of someone collapsing onto their knees. Slowly, the Faunus cast a wide eyed glance over to the newcomer that she subconciously recognized as the girl she had met before, in the courtyard; but her brain was too focused on the main problem. She had nearly killed someone again.

"I-Is.... Is he your friend....?"
Tears began to stream down her face, her body shaking as she let out pathetic little whimpers.
"I-I-I'm sorry.... I'm so.... S-s-s-s-so sorry.... I hurt your friend."
Her eyes curved, closing about halfway in a defeated look.
"I-I'm such a terrible person... I'm... I'm so sorry...I should die for this..."

Turning her head back, she buried her face into her knees; her body stopped twitching as the tears ran dry, now just holding herself tightly and giving her legs a wide eyed, blank stare. She stopped moving altogether, besides small, shaky breaths and the occasional sniffle being emitted from the small girl. Her vision was filled only with a blazing inferno, her ears were only hearing the screams of people, and all she could feel as a floor made of charred corpses; one girl standing amidst a field of bones. Men, women, children, anybody near her always got hurt.

She wanted to vomit.
She wanted to flat out throw up.
It made her sick. Everything was nothing but black ash, the scent of burning flesh filled her nostrils. She kept imagining fire, fire, and more fire, yet her body only got colder, colder, and even colder.
Bree's tail drooped lifelessly off to the side; her ears flattened out to the sides in a submissive fashion.

It was now she briefly started to consider.
Consider that maybe this world would be a better place without her.
That maybe she shouldn't be here anymore.
She always said that she should die for something.

Maybe she'd just have to do it herself.

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Spring Plumb
Spring felt useless. James was hurt and not only was she not there for him but even now she couldn't do anything. When she had been hurt he came to see her, helped her. And now she was torn. She wanted to stay with him, to be there for him. But at the same time... at the same time she didn't deserve to be by his side. She was nothing but useless dead weight and it would be pointless for her to stay. The best thing would to be for her to leave.... and... and never talk to him again. He would be fine without her. He would move on and find someone else. After all he was still young.

A voice sounded out to the side. One she thought she recognized. Though soon nothing else mattered. Did she say.... that.... she did this? For once in her life Spring didn't fight the anger that came over her. No, for once it was welcome. That part of her that she hated... for now it was useful. Slowly Spring's hands came down from her head as she rose from her knees. Both her hands curled into fists at her sides.

“You did this?” Spring asked, though the answer had already been said. She turned towards the girl, now recognizing her. This girl may have helped her in the past, but that won't save her from what is to come. Putting one foot in front of the other she slowly stepped towards the red haired girl. She was curled up into her self. No that wont do at all. Spring grabbed the girl by the hair on top of her head and pulled up until their faces met.

“I hope you're ready to die,” Spring said. Letting go of the girl's hair Spring's right hand came in for a wild, and full force punch to the girl's face. Immediately following the first strike her left hand came in for an open palm with the same target of the girl's face. “I'm going to make this nice and slow, and plenty painful for you, b****!”

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Lucina Exalton

Bree heard the slow footsteps of the approaching girl grow closer and closer, before a rough tug was felt on her hair. The red haired girl, upon being asked if she was ready to die, responded near instantly with "Yes.". Albeit a quiet, practically inaudible one. And it was true too; she would absolutely die right now, though it would not be happily.

A few moments after her hair was let go, she wasn't even able to drop her head back into her knees before she was hit with a swift right punch followed by a left open palm hit; the blows made her chair tilt a bit, before slamming back into the ground in an upright position.
Bree on the other hand, did not move. There was a slight bruising where she had been attacked, but her expression did not change. Her wide eyed, blank stare continued to fixate itself on nout, her hands stayed wrapped around her knees, and her body was still curled up into a ball on the chair.

"Miss... Please kill me now.. I want t-to die... I've already hurt too many people... Just kill me already,d-d-damnit...!"
Long death, slow death, she just wanted to die. All she wanted right now was to full on die. The Huntress was on the verge of tipping, so close to plunging into the endless abyss of depression that would take over her mind and body.
Bree simply continued to give the wall an expressionless stare, unsure of what to feel besides sadness.

"I hurt James.... No... I'm not good enough to say that name... I hurt your friend... I hurt him bad so I want you to hurt me even worse...."

And so the girl waited; she waited to feel a sharp object lodging itself into her skull, she waited to be shot, even though they were in a hospital building, she hoped for the worst.

Or rather, the best.

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Spring Plumb
Spring didn't care any more. If she went to jail for killing this girl, she didn't care. As long as her body drained of all life it would be fine. Justice would be served for what she did to James... no... not justice.... punishment. Her right fist hit the girl again in the same spot as before. Followed by another open palm with the left. Grabbing the girl by the top of her head she yanked up and threw her down to the ground.

“I'm going to make this very, very painful for you,” Spring said stepping over the girl and kneeling down over her, her right knee digging into the girl's gut. Using her left hand she kept a hold on the girl's head and begins repeatedly slamming her right fist into her face.

Nothing mattered anymore. Just rage. She didn't have her usual implements on her, and right now she was too angry to worry about finding fire. No she just needed to hurt this girl, hurt her and hurt her until she died. If she could she would bring her back to life and kill her again.

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James Gray
For the relatively small, hat-wearing cat, the trip to the hospital was met with with a stone gaze hiding a concerned heart. Once more, she can not help but to mentally reprimand her owner for his selfless, reckless behavior. If it were her, she would have just left the issue as it is and walk away. No, she had to watch her owner play the hero when he did not need to and now required severe medical attention, something she would have hoped to never see. It was all because of that tiny, red-haired girl. She looked so weak and feeble that James could not help but check on her. Though, she was stronger than first anticipated, having brought him to the hospital with haste, despite her sad weakness to the rain.

Once they entered the hospital, the black cat had hopped off her owner and onto the counter where the woman working at the desk looked quizzically at the hat-wearing feline. With a flourish of her tail, the hat slightly lifted and out slid a scroll. The woman cocked a brow before plugging the scroll into the   desktop computer in front of her to retrieve the ID within. The image of James and his personal info came up on the screen and she looked at the cat, who pointed at the charred body of her owner with her tail. After a few moments, the woman finally understood that the body being carried off into the emergency room was this James and the cat was more than likely the pet of said body. With that, the cat hopped off the table and went to accompany her unconscious owner, ignoring the people trying to kick her out.

Time flashed by quickly and soon the boy was placed in a room, stabilized, but still unresponsive to outside stimulus. Soon enough, her ears picked up from her spot on the shelf above her owner's head upon hearing the door open before they lowered once she caught sight of the red-haired who placed James in this condition and she rested her head back down, uncaring of her entrance. Her head raised soon after upon the sound of flesh meeting flesh and she looked down to her curiosity to see James's woman attacking the red-head. She watched in slight satisfaction as the scarred girl proceeded to give the petite one the beating the cat could not give herself. The 'fighting' went down from the chair onto the floor and it was certainly one-sided.

This was the moment where, of course, the young fox would begin to stir from his slumbered state. A painful groan escaped his lips as pain wracked his body. He could barely feel anything as his aura went to work healing what damage has been done. Thank goodness for having a semblance that can heal. For some reason, something on the back of his left hand was rejecting the healing process but he figured he could resolve it later. The bed shook slightly as he tried to sit up, only to fail in that venture. With a raspy voice, harsh from the burns, his words came out in a whisper. "W-where am I? W-what happened...?"

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Lucina Exalton
Round two.

Bree simply allowed herself to take the two similar blows, her uncaring gaze still fixated on the far wall as the process repeated itself. Once again the chair tilted to one side before slamming back down securely to the floor.
This time, however, she felt a strong force on the top of her head and felt the ground -or rather, the chair- beneath her suddenly grow farther away, before becoming much, much closer as she was thrown into it.
No longer paying attention to the rather ticked off girl, the red haired cat allowed herself to be placed underneath the other one and showed no response to the beating she was recieving besides the necessary reaction to the transfer of momentum from fist-to-face.

She was locked in an emotionless state of immense depression; so sad that he wanted to cry but too sad to think right. A horrible feeling in her gut made her feel like she needed to hug someone but who in this world could she hug? Who would even want to hug her? She kept telling herself nobody would even though the petite girl looked very huggable, what with all of her adorable features. But alas she was unable to convince herself that she was even slightly important to anybody she'd ever met, and considering her quiet, shy, and evasive demeanor, that statement was probably extremely true.
For now.

And so the girl went snap.

Turning her head, the small girl decided, she'd like to stand up now.
Her petite adorable appearence aside, if you stripped Bree down to the bare essentials then you'd realize she's a powerhouse; whilst not the most impressive strength, the faunus was powerful and therefore, after being punched into a well of depression had simply clicked, any fear, anxiety, any emotion at all being tossed out the window, all but depression.
She couldn't get rid of that.

Slowly raising her left hand, she placed it in front of the girl's right, just in time for the blow to hit her palm. Acting quick the blank faced Huntress grabbed the attacking hand and held it there, no longer allowing it to move. She had presumed based on her hits thus far that the girl wasn't as much of a physical attacer as herself, even still the punches hurt but not as much as they could have. Their upside was that they were quite quick and the left side of her face now stung constantly.

Unknowingly she tightened her grip on the 'captured' hand, subconciously getting a little revenge; or maybe it was her reaction to the knee digging into her gut. Yes, she decided, that's what it was.
She didn't like that either, but there wasn' really much she could do about it. So for now she just stared blankly at the angered girl, holding her hand tightly to discontinue the punches to her face. Even as she faintly heard the voice of her latest victim her expressionless gaze did not stray from the other's eyes.

You'd think the heterochromatic firestarter would have a warm look, yet what Bree displayed on her face was better described as cold.

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Spring Plumb
One, Spring's fit hit full force into the girl's face. It was a solid blow, though not that hard considering she wasn't that physically strong. But it was still satisfying to hit the girl, though it would have been nice to maybe have at least drawn some blood. Two, another strong hit to the girl's face, in the same spot as before. Nothing but pure rage and hate ran through Spring's veins. She just wanted to hurt her, to kill her, for what she had done. Three, this time Spring's fist didn't land on the girl's face but instead in her hand. Raising an eyebrow at the girl below her she let out a low growl at the tightened grip. “So now you decide to fight back?” She asked intently staring at the redhead. Just as she was about to put more weight behind her knee and push it deeper into the girl's midsection Spring heard James' voice.

“I'll deal with you later, b****!” Spring spat on the girl's face before jumping up and yanking her hand from her grip. Spring ran over to James, reaching over to grab his hand, though stopping and pulling back as she looked down at his burned figure. It was a horrid sight, she never wanted him to end up like her, to be scarred like her. She didn't know how the burns would heal, but in the moment it looked awful.

“J... James... I... I'm so sorry,” She began to cry, tears slowly streaming down her face though no sound coming from her. It seemed like, for the first time in a long while she had come out of her rage without passing out. Or... or maybe she was still in it... it was hard to tell. She was still mad at the other girl, furious really. But at the same time she was more worried about James than she was about anything else.

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James Gray
Opening his eyes just a tad, the white fox flinched as they reflexively closed upon the harsh lighting of the room burned his sight. It seemed that after quite a time in darkness, his eyes would need to get adjusted to such a bright setting. He supposed that in time, the light would become bearable once again - for now, he could deal with some form of blindness. The sounds of some sort of conflict filled his ears and he tried to turn towards it before realizing that he could not move his neck without any sort of discomfort running down his spine. With a small sigh of defeat, he resigned to his current state and hoped to be informed of things soon. A small weight made itself apparent on his chest as it curled on top of him; while the added pressure had slightly hurt, he took comfort in the fact that his precious pet was still by his side.

A familiar voice did enter his ears and he could feel his heart skip a beat.

Spring was here.

He was beyond ecstatic that the one he had sworn his heart to had came to see him, to be with him during this time. Just as he was her caretaker from before, now it was her to him. However, the tonal difference in her voice was obvious to him. She was beyond mad, she seemed livid. No doubt, those earlier sounds had to have been committed by her, but to who? His mind wandered to all the possible people that could have visited him that Spring would have an issue with.

Due to Spring's general nature, the list was incredibly small, practically non-existent. For the life of him, he could not think of a single person that would have Spring take such aggressive action. Of course, at that moment, the burn on his left hand spiked and that brought his thoughts to one person: the very person who had turned him into his current state but who had also probably brought him here to be saved, Bree Vanovalicht.

They were both in the room and it sounds like Spring was taking out her anger on the source of the issue. It seemed he had zoned out for a moment because eventually, he felt a tender hand hold his and the caring voice of his scarred love returned, the sounds of fighting have vanished. Judging by the numb dampness he could feel building on his hand, the girl was crying. D-don't be sorry.." Once again, his voice was rough and soft. "You did nothing wrong.. but, p-please.. don't fight..." He begged her. He did not want to see Spring kill someone and he did not want Bree to suffer more than what she was probably already doing to herself.

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Lucina Exalton
So stand up she shall.

The girl ungracefully rolled over onto her face, folding her arms up and planting her hands firmly on the ground before pushing herself up. A strange, unusual feeling swirled around deep in her gut, one that told her to hit the girl, kick the girl, do something to hurt her in some way, but now was not the time for that. Even in her current, depressed state, her thoughts telling her she shouldn't that she didn't deserve to, Bree still stood up and walked to the other side of the bed, opposite the scarred girl, but her seemingly emotionless demeanor quickly shattered as she now took her first real look at James. Tears should have wetted her eyes with he face she was making but they didn't, her expression twisting into a look of shock and disgust; disgust with herself.

"O-oh.... Oh my god...... I-I-It's horrible......"
The cat's eyes widened as she leaned in ever so slightly, but refrained from placing her hands on the bed or on the man himself. Her tail, prominent ears flattened out to the sides as she took it all in; whilst not being even nearly as bad as her only other four victims, James was still badly burnt and it was her fault.

Slowly, shakily, the faunus girl crossed her arms over her chest and loosely grasped her shoulders, the wide eyed stare of horror growing more intense as she studied his body.

"I-I don't understand... Why... Why did he help me.... Why....? I don't.... Don't... Get........."
Her voice was as unstable as her body motions, her breaths were ragged and short, and she looked terrified of everything but yet she couldn't bring herself to move even the slightest amount.

As opposed to how much she usually moved.

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Spring Plumb
Hate, Remorse, Anger, Sorrow. So many emotions swirled within the scarred girl. Her grip on James' hand remained light as she sobbed over him. The only thing that mattered to her now was him, all thoughts of the girl who had done this were pushed into the back of her mind. Of course she still hated this girl but for now she had bigger issues. Reaching up her left hand to wipe away her tears and doing her best to hold them back Spring nodded to the man she loved. “I won't fight,” She told him, and it was the truth. She wouldn't fight, but she still had plans to kill the person who had done this.

It was too late now for her to help him, he was already hurt. And now that he was hurt she couldn't do anything to heal him or make him feel better. The only thing she could do was be there for him, and nothing could keep her from doing that. The voice of the red haired girl who had done this brought her attention away from James for a second. As she promised she wasn't going to fight, but that didn't stop her from giving the girl a death stare.

“I hope you're happy,” Spring hissed at the girl, venom dripping from her words, “This is your fault, your fault.” In the fog of her seething hatred Spring couldn't see how much pain the girl was in, or maybe she did. In either case she didn't care, in fact she hoped that the atrocity of what she had done would tear the girl apart from inside. With her word said the scarred girl turned her attention back to James. Tenderly she placed a hand on his forehead, just barely making contact. She would stay by his side until he was well again and able to leave this place.

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