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Azure crashes again [James +2]

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1 Azure crashes again [James +2] on Thu Jan 19, 2017 5:43 am

Azure just finished cutting his hair after picking up his new final outfit "Oh I can't wait to see how well my skating held up." he said as he lacing up his skates and rushing out the dorms at top speed. The moment that he felt the fresh air hit him he placed his speed glyph under him and held it until he felt he had enough speed built up. Azure speed off so fast that he left a large dust cloud that covered the fact that he cracked the windows slightly "Ohhhhhh YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!" he shouted as he skated around the campus each time boosting his speed until he was going the same speed as a speeding truck Oh okay time to stop...Oh crap I can't stop. he thought as turning the corner to get to the courtyard.

As he entered the courtyard he shouted "Get out the way!!! I can't stop myself!!!" which they did as he went past them at his new stop speed You would think after two years I would learn to stop when this happens. he thought as he rammed into some students that were walking together.

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2 Re: Azure crashes again [James +2] on Mon Jan 23, 2017 10:19 pm

"So what did you think about that class, Karla?"

"It was boring~! Why do you need to learn about plants or whatever?"

"So we know what's poisonous and what's not? Besides, weren't you asleep? How could you think it was boring?"

"I feel asleep cause it was boring~!"

The banter between owner and pet continued as they took a walk around the courtyard, a needed break after such an interesting class. A few glances were spared in their direction, confused and wary stares aimed at the odd sight of a fox seemingly talking to air with a hat-wearing cat sitting on his head. The pair did not mind the gazes and instead enjoyed the company of each other. The sun was shining high in the sky and there was a warm breeze flowing through courtyard, a perfect day in the young hunter's opinion.

Of course, all good things must come to an end.

As quick as the wind danced across his skin and over Karla's fur, a voice sudden entered their ears and they both looked in the direction of the manic shouting. They shared a raised brow as one of the students came barreling in through the court one some kind of skates. It seemed that the hunter had no control over his speed as he shouted at students to get out of the way. Both widened their eyes when they finally registered the student coming towards them and barely had time to move before they were barreled through by said student. Karla hopped off her owner in her panic, leaving the fox boy to suffer as the wind was knocked from his lungs and he collapsed to the floor, unfortunately entangling with the one who skated into him.

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3 Re: Azure crashes again [James +2] on Wed Jan 25, 2017 12:27 am

Azure opened his eyes to see that he was upside down and quickly rolled over not noticing that he had just rolled on top of someone "Okay I really need work on my landings." he thought aloud placing hand on something that felt like someone's face Oh no... he thought turning his head to look at the person he was sitting on "I'm so sorry Let me help you up." he said with a rather sad look on his face as he noticed that the person had a white tail and turned bright red His tail looks so soft and fluffy I just want to hold it, he told himself as he extended his hand to help the student up off the ground. He fixed his hair and dusted himself off with the other hand "Again really sorry about that I still need to work on stopping when I go so fast." he said sounding angry at himself.

Azure then smiled at the student in hopes of getting them to not take their rage out on him for nearly killing him with that stunt. How have I made it so long here with all these screw ups? he asked himself.

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