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Zrea Airgetlam - Ready

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1 Zrea Airgetlam - Ready on Fri Jan 20, 2017 1:38 pm

Zrea Airgetlám
Enrollment Form

Face claim:

Basic info
Name: Zrea Airgetlam
Age: 25
Birthday: 5/19
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 6ft 1in
Weight: 178lbs
Face Claim: Ukyo (Amnesia visual novel and anime series)

STR: 4
DEF: 3
RES: 1
SPT: 4 (5 with +1)
Aura 180|120 HP

Major: Professor (School Counselor)
Likes: Card Games, Putting on a Show, Large Crowds, Freedom, Being Mischevious, Taking care of Others, Seeing People Smile
Dislikes: Boredom, Most Bugs, Dirt, Being commanded, People Being Down, Scary Stories
Fears: Being Ignored, Being Locked Away, Flying
Talent: Cooking
Weakness: Vehicle Mastery (Zrea gets motion sick)
Overall Personality: Zrea is a playful nosy pain in the backside, never quite keeping himself to himself. Always ready to jump up and do something, he is a very people oriented person as a whole. With a wit that is joking and enthralling, he can fill a room or empty one with just a little bit of time.

Yet Zrea has his own fair share of problems as well. A natural enemy of authority, he often takes his shows to places where he knows he will cause a scene on purpose just to get on someone's nerves. He also does not shy away from any acts that are lightly illegal, petty theft and vandalism mostly. As well as helping those who commit similar acts escape. Murder and the like are beyond him however, and he holds no respect for anyone who does this.

Also, Zrea is not a big fan of being outdoors, complaining loudly, even while smiling, if his clothes get sullied. And if you ever wish to hear a man over six feet tall scream, put something that creeps and crawls down his back.

However despite all of this, Zrea enjoys bringing a sense of joy to people. He has no problems sitting still for long periods of time when he is talking to someone, and he believes that his attitude is contagious. And many would agree. It is just hard to not enjoy yourself when this goofball has you at the center of his attention. For the people that take a bit more effort than a single good talking to though, you'll find that Zrea is quite adept at picking apart their insecurities over time.

Aura type: Spirit Buff
Aura Color: Purple
Semblance: Fate Bound Royalty - Zrea uses a pair of playing cards (The King and Queen cards) that have been marked with a series of glyphs. Within seven meters Zrea can instantly teleport from one card to the other (with the Queen staying on his purpose and the King being the card that is place or thrown to a distance). Upon moving from one spot to the other there is a small cloud of purple smoke from the location he just left. Can be used to move another person as well, but only from the King card to the Queen (meaning Zrea can only pull people towards him, not away) This can only be done if they are willing and put their aura into the card. Does not effect androids.

This teleport fails if there is not enough space, the cards are damaged in any way (the glyphs are the semblance, not the cards) or the cards are touched by a hostile aura or lack of one.

Item 1: Regalia (Weapon)- A five foot long trident type polearm weapon. Can collapse upon itself for travel, but losses functionality as a weapon in this form.


Item 2: Level One Dust License and Two vials of Water Dust (10 uses)

History and Sample
Zrea is from a small settlement from Mistral, so small that it had not even been named yet. During his youth he enjoyed a peaceful life, learning to live a simple life alongside his family and neighbors. There were times when survival became hard, after Grimm attacks or when a particularly bad harvest season cut deep into the town's profits. These often happened near each other. As such Zrea was trained in some simple ways of combat to help fight against these creatures when they appeared, and taught to smile and enjoy himself even when the world made that not easy.

Nothing great lasts forever unfortunately in remnant, and eventually life became to harsh for the village to continue. Thus it was abandoned, the people of the town scattering in all directions to seek out new life. Zrea and his family went towards central Mistral, much to the complaining of his father. There they were given little, forced to work and slave away for even the most meager of a living. Zrea did his part, working alongside his family, but taking the life of an urchin when he could get away with it. Pick-pocketing and scams came easy in his preteens, but when he eventually started to lose the innocent look that got him out of trouble, he needed a new gig.

This is when he discovered magic. No not the same magic that was used anytime someone channeled dust, but show magic. Illusions and card tricks, escape acts and so on. It was as if he found his calling. With his new found skills, and the constant practice as Zrea plied his new trade, he eventually became a small hit among the crowds of his home. While never gaining more fame than a street act, this allowed him to work in two fold. One he gained money for his act. Two others could work the crowd's pockets if they were careful, and he felt a small bit of joy when he saw the signs of a successful pickpocket.

As he aged, Zrea may have been expected to stick in Mistral. Yet his goal was elsewhere. Upon hearing that a new hunter's academy was opening he set his sights there. It only took a year to make the preparations, his family seeing him off begrudgingly, yet they were stable enough now to no longer need his help. When he got to Bellmuse, Zrea joined the Academy, but not as a student, no he felt that his uses would not be best put to use there. No he applied as an on site counselor, to help with any of the down feeling students that walked into his office. While he may have no formal training or psychology degrees, he tries to worm his way through people's closed off persona's and get to the issues underneath.

RP Sample:

"Wait Wait, no I got it." Zrea said in a panic, reching into his jacket. He dug around hurridly trough the various pockets hidden within, cursing mildly under his breath as he could not remember which one held his wallet. "Aha!" He exclaimed suddenly as he pulled out what he thought was the item in question. However to his dismay, and much to the annoyance of the person in front of him, it ended up just being a bundle of flowers.

The magician chuckled. "I should really keep these things organized." He said as the shop keep crossed their arms. "You couldn't let all this slide for a friend would you?" Zrea asked pleadingly, having now regretted being caught taking a bite out of one of the fresh mince pies that had been placed on the counter.

"A friend yes." The older man said, his crossed arms thicker and more threatening than one would imagine could belong to a baker. To this Zrea was overjoyed, thinking that he may have been in the clear. "But you. You are not a friend."

"I'll be right back then. I must have left my money in my other pants." Zrea said, in all honesty not really wanting to come back and pay the man his dues. A long stuck habit. But the shopkeep was not going to have it, already blocking the exit with his large body. Zrea panicked, reaching into his back pocket to retrieve his most prized possession. The one pair of objects that could get him out of this mess.

With a quick underhanded toss, the street performer cut the air with a small rectangular object, that flew past the shop keep in a curve. Out the door the object escaped, and Zrea raised a hand to his head. "Ciao." He said, before pouring his semblance into the other card in his hand. With a small flash of light and smoke he dissapeared from where he stood, the King and Queen cards now reunited in his palm. "Easy." He thought, before being smacked upside the head with a billy club.

Dazed and on the ground, Zrea looked up at the assailant. "Well shit." He thought while his voice sounded out something different. "Mornin' officer Conner."

The police officer only gave the young man a look that was a cross between pity and annoyance. "Getting inta trouble again today?" He aksed sarcastically, knowing quickly what was going on without asking a single question.

Zrea still had not found his wallet by the end of the day, forced to spend that and two others working, for free, for the shop to cover the cost of what he stole and grievances.

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Zrea Airgetlám
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