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Shun Shinobu "Finished"

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1 Shun Shinobu "Finished" on Tue Jan 24, 2017 4:02 am

Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Shun Shinobu
Nickname: Kazu
Age: 17
Birthday: February 14th
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Height: 61.2 in.
Weight: 49 kg.
Face Claim: Genderbend Kazuma Ikezawa: Summer Wars

STR: 5
DEF: 3
RES: 3
SPT: 1
Aura 150|150 HP

Major: Undecided
Likes: Food | Training | Singing
Dislikes: Starving | Evil | Bullies
Fears: Nyctophobia | Arachnophobia | Being Judged (Social Anxiety)
Talent: Fighting
Weakness Social Interaction/Speech/Charisma
Overall Personality: Shun is typically noted to be a moody person, often at times being reserved and docile as she tends to be a loner most of the time, and often she can suddenly release bursts of energy and be more rambunctious. She tends to do this at random times which can often lead to interesting conversations or interactions with people, Shun has also been noted to suffer from depression if her feelings are hurt, she will shut down all emotion which results in a docile but rebellious tone. If bugged about something she wishes to hide, Shun will often at times snap and yell at whoever has agitated her, she tends to have a simple mindset of keeping her head down and out of trouble; but tends to do the right thing. Despite her simple mindset, Shun is a very intelligent person who is also very attentive; she often at times focuses on little details about anything, and will often keep memos on anyone or thing she comes across.

Aura type: Recovery
Aura Color: Sky Blue - Blue veins appear over Shun's body
Semblance: Limit Breaker, the name of Shun's Semblance is a rather interesting power, essentially it takes the users own Aura, allowing Shun to manipulate it and then apply it to enhance certain aspects but also transfer into raw power via either physical strength or a singular energy blast. Limit Breaker is also a mutation from Shun's original power, which was a simple body enhancement power, instead of altering the chemical flow inside Shun and applying it into natural outlets, this is due to the event that occurred about the age of seven. Limit Breaker's power allows Shun to not only have super enhanced power in combat but also passively increases Shun's natural strength beyond anything seen before. Limit Breaker also has a hidden power to cause Shun's blood to glow when near Dust, making for an interesting light show, but this is also seen when activating the natural Aura Shun has, meaning whenever her Aura activates; her blood veins glow a brilliant sky blue tone.
Side Note: Her Semblance has a Damage and Buff Subsection in is.

Item 1: Wrappings of Kali [Physical Weapons]: The Wrappings of Kali are a series of bandage wrappings that cover both hands and feet of Shun, these wrappings completely cover Shun's hands up to her shoulder and are interwoven with her armor, while they also cover most of her feet, wrapping around the foot and the ankle up to her knee. It is laced with a powerful tonic that makes them remarkably resilient to the elements and never seems to wear down no matter how much of a beating they take, along with that, they are immune to ripping, meaning they can't be destroyed in combat.
Item 2: Skin of Vishnu [Physical Armor]: The garbs that are worn around Shun's waist consist of two pieces of clothing, one is a pair of pants that are made of remarkable material with many interesting designs, the pants are made of dark leather with red flame decor along the entire piece, along with these pants is a yellow cloth wrapping with a brown outline around the entire piece that is held by a red waist strap. The second piece of cloth that makes up the armor is a bandage wrapping that is fashioned around the chest of Shun, this simultaneously connects with her weapon, creating an over under design between to two and the rest lowers to the base of her belly.

History and Sample

Birth to Young Child
Age 1-5

Born into a large family of six siblings, three brothers and sisters; Shun being the youngest, at birth Shun had several health conditions that put her life at risk for Shun was diagnosed with Osteogenesis imperfecta, or Brittle Bone Disease, she also suffered from a slight case of Myasthenia gravis, this caused her muscle to tire out constantly. And thus made her the weakest of the family, most of her life she never left her mother for she was very fragile and thus also suffered a height deficiency; though she was crippled with many health defects she held courage and spunk. Up until the age of five year's Shun was always watched, her eldest brother and sister kept her safe when their mother was away while the younger siblings always made her smile and happy; they also learned a lot from their brother and sister. Shun's father was usually never home for most of the day as he was a miner for the Schnee Corporation; thus was always in the Dust Mines, which lead to him barely seeing his baby girl, but he tried his hardest to see her and be a good father.

Young Child to Young Adolescence
Age 6-10

As Shun grew older she had to be careful with how she moved and how much energy she used as her health was a risky one, though able to walk and run like other kids, she wasn't as fit and strong as others so usually her brothers and sisters stayed with her. To make things worst she developed a knack to go towards the Dust mines when no one was near them, causing her mother to worry; Shun was very interested in learning about the mines for it seemed she got a neat tingly feeling when she was around Dust. This made her beg her father to show her around the mines around the age of seven or so, after many months of begging him, he finally gave in and took her to them, introducing her to his boss who was surprised a young child was in such a dangerous place. It wasn't until telling his boss about her reaction to the Dust and her fascination of it, with that he took them on a tour of the mines, Shun fascinated with the gear and the techniques in extracting the mineral.

But as all things that occur, an event happened that would change her forever; a seismic quake shook the mine and caused the main corridor to collapse and separate Shun from her father and his boss, she feel into a chamber that was filled with thousands of pounds of Dust crystal which was also filled with water and chemicals. Many of the electronic equipment began releasing electrical currents into the wet room, causing all of the Dust to have a reaction to the sudden ionizing, and that was when she blacked out only to wake up in the hospital in Vale. Her entire family there as she was safe, after her time in the hospital, she seemed to feel different but couldn't tell how but that wasn't until she realized she didn't feel weak when going through rehabilitation. And when she fell over, her bones didn't fracture or break, which was a shock to her, her family and the doctors, they concluded the reaction with the Dust and chemicals in the mines affected her cellular structure; after that, she went home to rest.

Young Adolescence to Young Adult
Age 11-17

After her miraculous recovery and extreme change to her being, Shun took it upon herself to test her new found recovered body, what she found was that she was faster, stronger, quicker and held more energy than her other siblings and any other children in the small village she lived in. Despite being shorter, skinnier and lighter, she could run for hours on end, she never sweat and could even jump higher as it seemed her defects were all gone, excited about this she took it upon herself to put her new body to good use; she began studying martial arts as because her eldest brother was taking it as well. "What better way to gauge my true power than to further increase my martial prowess." She thought to herself, her mother, on the other hand, was unsure about this, but later learned to accept this, she learned what she could from her brother and his Sensei, she learned as much from him until the age of fifteen. After this, Shun went onto learning from the local martial arts dojo, they gladly accepted her; while attending the building every day the grandmaster took an interest in her; for he saw a strong and powerful fighter in the young; small trainee and tested just how powerful she was.

But when he found out how strong she was, he was concerned for the safety of the other students and teachers; he took her under his wing, teaching her how to control her power from meditation. For the first part of her training, Shun didn't understand this as she was jittery, unable to sit still; but that all faded away when she was scolded by her Sensei on the point of his training and thus she began seeing things from his point of view. This eventually resulted in her unlocking her Semblance, and required, even more, training which kept her busy until the age of sixteen, upon reaching the title of graduate by her master's judgment, Shun happily stayed with the dojo, keeping her training going until a year later. Her village was attacked by Grimm and her dojo was the first to be hit by the beasts; her master told everyone to run, many of the students ran while the teachers who could fight stayed until the Hunter's could arrive, confused on what was happening, when Shun saw her master being cornered by a Beowulf.

Seeing him suddenly dispatch it as the old man was not as he seemed, Shun helped get everyone to safety until she heard her master's cries of pain; the sight of a Beowulf cutting him down forced her power to rush forth. Using all her knowledge she was taught; leapt into the fray, kicking the beast away and sending it flying, using her insane strength to pick up large rocks to smash the beasts, pieces of the courtyard to keep them at bay until the Hunters arrived. When seeing the carnage that occurred, when questioned about what happened, the teachers all said that Shun held off the attack for as best she could; her Sensei told them she would be better with them, seeing how her talent at fighting would be more useful with them to mold even more. She wasn't sure on the idea until told the benefits of the teachings of a school for Hunters, whom all held the same or similar talents as her; she agreed after helping with clean up upon doing so she was given a set of items by her Sensei, it was gear when he was a young martial artist like Shun.

After telling her mother and father the news, they were happy with her, glad that she was okay and was willing to find her own path on Remnant, never the less they were worried about the risk, but that all faded when they saw her smile. After saying her goodbyes and packing she left for Syne Academy up North, Beacon wasn't a place she could go to, and the other Academies were either too far or too picky. As she made her way up North via Airship, holding all the required documentation and a recommendation from her Sensei stating Shun's feats, talents, and prowess in combat, happy that she could be some use somehow, but she didn't like the idea of people thinking she was weak for being a female. So while on board, she cut her hair short, wrapped her bandages tight around her chest as she had grown quite a pair, much like her mother, and the way her bandages held were acceptable; so to fix this, Shun wore the red jacket her eldest brother gave her.
RP Sample:
"Man, how long does this take to get to Syne?" That was the question the young female tomboy retorted out, clearly unable to sit still, despite her master's training and scolding, Shun was still much like her old self when in a new situation, the sound of her bare bandaged feet tapped the ground. Many of the other passengers stared at the young figure, many of the people who looked like trader's or possible student's giggled at her attire and no weapon, one of them had the gawk to speak out. "Uh... you there... miss.. sir... are you okay?" "You're all... bandaged up." And with a smile she looked back at the male who spoke out to her, "Yeah it's just my armor, don't worry about it." And with the passenger confused on the tone of the young student as Shun was practicing on deepening her tone; this way she could misjudge people's perception of her, "I have to make people think I am a guy, I don't people to think I am weak." Her thoughts swirled about while looking out of the window, she didn't like this long ride and all these nosey people trying to pry information out of her, it was annoying; but she was simply trying to ignore them.

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Tier 1 Dust: (10x Water) (10x Fire) (10x Earth) (10x Air)
Tier 2 Dust: (10x Fire) (10x Water) (10x Earth) (10x Air) (10x Explosion) (10x Ice) (10x Plant) (10x Thunder)
Tier 3 Dust:(6x Fire) (6x Water) (6x Earth) (6x Ice) (6x Lightning) (6x Light) (6x Shadow)
5x poison
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