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Hannah Blikdase (Done)

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1 Hannah Blikdase (Done) on Fri Jan 27, 2017 10:26 am

Enrollment Form

(Note: The following picture is Hannah in her casual/secondary attire.)

Basic info
Name: Hannah Van Blikdase Andersen
Age: 18
Birthday: 2nd October
Gender: Female
Race: Faunus
Height: 170cm
Weight: 64kg
Face Claim: N/A (Custom)
Character Design:
• (Physical): Hannah is a young teenage female that stands at a height of 170cm tall, and strictly speaking of course, her breast size is a 'B' size measurement. She has short-length hazel brown coloured hair and blue eyes. Interestingly, despite the cruel and harsh environments of being in a militia, Hannah retains a surprisingly curvy mesomorph body; which is exemplified by her muscular yet lean arms, fingers, legs, and broad shoulders. In addition, as a grim reminder of her past with military life, there is a black serial number printed underneath her right forearm that reads, EW2KM-657819HB; along with her emblem, which is a black monochrome printed cockade located to the right of her serial number.
• (Casual/Off-Duty Outfit): True to her militaristic childhood, Hannah's casual outfit consists of olive green shoes with brown laces (and white short socks), trousers secured by a brown leather belt, and on top of that includes a three buttoned up skirt secured by a two buttoned belt. In addition, Hannah wears a short-sleeved buttoned up shirt with a stand-and-fall collar, grey featureless cuffs, and a white sports bra underneath secured by a combination of leather laces and buttons. On her head, she includes a hairband (which retains the colour of olive green like most of her outfit) with a pair of short ribbons hanging off to the right side of her head; however, upon closer inspection, Hannah is actually using her hairband to hide her feline Faunus ears.
• (Combat/Military Outfit): Whenever Hannah is going into combat (whether it be a fight or battle), Hannah includes some additions to her casual outfit that stays true with simplicity and efficiency. To protect her shoes and feet from most foreign contaminants, she adds olive green Web Anklets. On top of that, in order for Hannah to carry her munitions, consumables, and miscellaneous equipment, she wears a webbing system comprising of two front rectangular-shaped pouches, a small backpack (including a quilt folded and tied firmly on top), a shovel pouch (which is located on the central anterior area of her hip), a gas mask canister (found hanging above the shovel pouch), and a small canteen (located to the right of the shovel pouch). Lastly, the hairband serves as a simple arch-like framework for Hannah's helmet (which is specifically an olive green coloured WW1-era Stahlhelm), which with that kind of head protection, she be able to deflect and reduce the damage taken from shrapnel and other low-velocity projectiles (such as, arrows, shotgun pellets, and pistol bullets). Do take note that whenever Hannah is hit by shrapnel or low-velocity bullets to the helmet, she will either be knocked off her feet, briefly stumble around disorientated, or hastily crouch or prone down on the ground before before rushing to cover.
• (Appearance References - BONUS CONTENT): Hannah's character is based primarily off of the Steadfast Tin Soldier (and as well as the story's author); however, her clothing and equipment does partially contradict the correct time period as of when the story of the Steadfast Tin Soldier was created. Her clothing and equipment comes from a schizophrenic mixture of WWI and WWII sources, and a prime example of this is the fact that Hannah is wearing a WWI Model 16 Stahlhelm (and when combined with the gas mask, she appears more like a late WWI era German Soldier), despite the fact that her webbing system is based off of the WWII British P37 Webbing, and considering that her gaiters are based off of the WWII British Web Anklets. The clothing and equipment wielded by the original Steadfast Tin Soldier was concentrated around the early 1830s, a time when the armies of Europe were wearing brightly coloured uniforms, wielding single-shot muskets, and where linear tactics were the norm of military strategy until the middle of the 19th century; thereby striking itself as a stark contrast to Hannah, where her clothing and equipment is more appropriately fit to engage in modern warfare (like the later years of WWII or the early year of the Cold War).
• (Visual Appearance - BONUS CONTENT): Secondary/Casual Outfit

Aura 200|100 HP

Major: Combat Major
Likes: Militarism | Winter | Guns | Music (Classical & Instrumental)
Dislikes: Summer | Arrogance | Narcissism | Alcoholics  
Fears: Potophobia | Belonephobia | Gamophobia | Parasitophobia | Pediculophobia | Pharmacophobia
Talent: Fighting
Weakness: Computer Wizard
Overall Personality:
Basic Psyche:
Hannah can be incredibly stoic and quiet whenever she is under enormous stress, in an incredibly bad mood, or when being stealthy (especially when she is with other people). On the other hand, she can be simply sociable and forgiving; however, having been abused by her father, served in a milita for seven years, and fended for herself since she was a 7-year old girl, Hannah can sometimes be a calm, collected, and withdrawn individual whenever she is outside of combat and remembering such bad memories. In addition, when out in the field, Hannah can sometimes be partially or completely insensitive to her own well-being whenever she sees her fellow comrades in danger or die right in front of her; a trait that can either make her a courageous soldier or a foolish lamb sent to the slaughter.

Aura Type: Healing
Aura Color: Silver
Semblance Details:

• (Name): Combat Multiplication (aka, Replication)
• (Attributes): Similar to Sun's Semblance (aka, Via Sun), Hannah can create clones that can fight for her; however, as opposed to Sun's Clones where they can be able to fight on their own, Hannah's clone soldiers are group orientated and require the leadership of a field commander (specifically and strictly speaking, Hannah), thereby leaving them slow to adapt in the field if they are left leaderless for too long, but even without a commander, the clone soldiers will still stick together and hold their ground while unleashing a hailstorm of lead downrange (that is when in the safety of superior numbers). But the upshot of being a group-orientated fighting force allows for Hannah to create and command a staggering total of 20 clones (albeit at the expense of depleting 5% of her aura when spawning each individual clone); however, unlike herself, Hannah's clones are easy to kill, with two to four bodyshots enough to leave them critically wounded or dead instantly (with arrows, bolts, pistol bullets, or shotgun pellets easily deflected by the helmet). Worst of all, if a clone is left wounded from being shot once or twice in the body, they actually bleed while either groaning or screaming to death as they die slowly and painfully before succumbing to their wounds (and creating quite an awful scene of dead bodies if there is a group of dead clones), unless a fellow comrade can help them up and get them back into action before it is too late. In addition of a clone bleeding to death, because Hannah's clones do not have any kind of aura, each and every clone is literally a walking meat-bags; their heads will explode if struck with a large caliber rifle, their limbs will fly off if sliced or shot at in the joints, they'll spatter blood all over the place if sliced or shot in the neck, they'll explode into a pile of bloody giblets, body parts, and clothing if struck with a direct explosion, and etc. In the worse case scenario, once a clone has finished bleeding to death or died any manner (regardless if they end up becoming a pile of bloody giblets), the corpse and/or remains (and as well any of the clone's blood) will begin to slowly decompose into ash and dirt before billowing towards Hannah and reabsorb into her flesh, which can either give away her position, or if she does not have a gas mask on, she will be left coughing and hacking as she breaths and absorbs the remains of her fallen clone soldiers. Lastly, as one final consequence for letting a fellow clone soldier die on the battlefield, Hannah is unable to respawn any of her fallen clone soldiers until their corpses have been completely decomposed and she has at least 5% aura to spawn each individual clone soldier.
Item 1: Trofastegin
Weapon Details:

• (Description): Hannah wields a custom partially transformable assault rifle called, Trofastegin (Danish translation for, "Faithful Gin"). The Trofastegin was originally one of the fewest high quality weapons given standard issued only to the most experienced and well-trained soldiers back when Hannah was in the militia. An ubiquitous yet sparsely produced weapon designed to be lightweight, accurate, and reliable out in the field, the Trofastegin eventually became a personalised weapon under Hannah's possession when she deserted the militia, and such changes made to the weapon include the replacement of the bipod for a single-pieced underbarrel shroud (which acts as a rib and a sharp single edge blade for deflecting swords and other bladed weapons), a telescopically retractable bayonet (which is hidden under the shroud when not in use), and a low powered scope (which can be removable with the use of a screwdriver). Most of the rifle's features aside from these changes otherwise remained unaltered, such as, the 20-round side-loading box magazine (which chambers the rifle in a 5.45x39mm intermediate cartridge), the gas-operated action (long stroke piston), the flip-up front post and folding rear diopter sight, and the wooden foregrip as well as the steel construction of the rifle itself. With its steel and wood construction, the Trofastegin is hefty for an assault rifle its size; weighing at about 5kg with a length of 94.5cm (without the bayonet) to 121.2cm (with the bayonet in use).
• (Visual Appearances - BONUS CONTENT): Trofastegin
• (Capabilities): Although not exactly the most exciting weapon if brought in comparison to other weapons wielded by other huntsmen and huntresses, the Trofastegin is an assault rifle that can easily withstand abuse (whether it be drowned and/or dragged in mud, sand, or water, or even get ran over by a lorry or Grimm alike) and continue to function for long-term usage without any maintenance; however, the Trofastegin does have its faults other than being incredibly reliable and easy to maintain. Aside from the fact that it is a unique variant of its original design, the Trofastegin has an effective firing range of 400 meters (when on full automatic) to 800 meters (when on semi-automatic), and because of the high-velocity yet small and light cartridge of the 5.45x39mm, the Trofastegin is capable of piercing through thin cover (such as, wooden boards, brick, and even thin metal plating) and body armour at ranges below 400 meters. Beyond 400 meters, the Trofastegin can take the role as either a mid-range designated marksman rifle or a basic yet reliable assault rifle.
Item 2: E-Tool
Weapon Details:

• (Description): The E-Tool is the multi-purpose spade that can be found upon Hannah's shovel pouch on her webbing system. Measuring at a length of 70cm when fully deployed (or approximately 52cm when folded), the E-Tool has a width of about 15cm and has a sharpened shovel head and pick that allows the E-Tool to weigh no more than approximately 1kg. Because of its extensive usage through Hannah's military service, the E-Tool's metal components are partially mottled with chipped paint and baring permanent scratches and scars (evident of the E-Tool being used as a weapon and experiencing heavy abuse out in the field).
• (Visual Appearances - BONUS CONTENT): E-Tool
• (Capabilities): As a multi-purpose tool, the E-Tool is used by Hannah as a last resort weapon and when she is completely out of ammunition, or when she has to either dig her way out of trouble out in the field. Because of the sharpened shovel head and pick, Hannah can use the E-Tool as a makeshift crowbar or as an improvised bladed weapon to slice and hack her way through flesh and bone; however, as crude and effective as the E-Tool may be when treated as a weapon, the E-Tool is not ideal for taking on armoured targets (such as, Death Stalkers, Ursa Majors, and etc) due to its lightweight design. In addition, as the name of the E-Tool implies, Hannah can use the E-Tool to dig entrenchments (whether it be foxholes, trenches, or ditches) and essentially build makeshift defences out in the field.

History and Sample
===(Hopeless Beginnings)===

Born as Hannah Van Blikdase Andersen to an Mistralian working-class Faunus family, Hannah's coming of age was hopelessly problematic from the near start. Her father, Johann, was a chronic alcoholic and physically abusive towards her mother and four older sisters, and it did not help with the fact that he was being paid deplorable wages while working away upon multiple Mistalian factories; however, having an alcoholic father was not the only issue that Hannah had to fear. Hannah's grandparents and other siblings (specifically those on her father's side of the family) cared very little for Hannah and her family's suffering, and worse still, her father was notoriously hated by his bosses for his rowdy behaviour against some of his co-workers, which got him to narrowly lose his jobs multiple times. Plus, it did not help with the fact that Hannah's family was further plagued with the common public discrimination, and an already damaged psychological spirit among the rest of family as a result of Johann's alcoholism, poor pay, and as well as his disregard for the existence and love of Hannah and his family.

By the age of 7-years old, in fear of the family declaring a divorce or the imminent danger of her father's violent temper boiling over into murder, Hannah ran away from home and disappearing into the nearby forest to cover her tracks. Although extremely dangerous, traversing through the forest allowed her to shake off her family and thereby allowing her to later renamed himself by the name of, Maria Fruhling, to prevent her family from rediscovering her. In addition, during this seemingly lost time of her childhood, she was also quick to forget her family language and pushed even further to speak English to further cover up her original appearance, and she also started to develop the habits of an anonymous vagabond as she was roaming about her homeland in a homeless and lost manner without any way to discover her true destiny in his life. Subsequently, it seemed as if the young Faunus girl was about to be lost to history; however, fate was deemed to intervene.

===(Maria Was Here)===

By the time Hannah was just 9-years old girl, now spending some time wondering about the streets of about half a dozen Mistralian towns, she was a delinquent...a vagrant as matter of fact. With the ever so painful and almost perpetual feeling of starvation after being homeless for nearly two years, Hannah was nervously approaching market vendors and small shops; reaching out her small cold palms and stealing any pieces of fruit, vegetables, bread, or whatever she could take to desperately keep herself nourished. Steadfast and intent on living another day, Hannah refused to let her own hunger and thirst get the best of her as she trudged from the darkest and murkiest alleyways to the open and Grimm infested foliage just to get some valuable sleep, and despite her age and struggles, she was not going back to her family after all what she has been through with her father and as well as his side of the family.

Though it was on a chilly evening in the middle of spring that Hannah was finally given the opportunity to fit in a place where she might belong and feel a sense of family; obtained from what looked like nothing but trash. Using the remains of a pile of propaganda leaflets found in a pile of used newspaper, Hannah found herself looking at recruitment advertisements for the famous political organisation, the White Fang. Unfortunately, as much as there was promise in safety and a community where Hannah could belong to, Hannah had no idea where to start if she was to be recruited into the White Fang; but just a while later on a second thought, Hannah had at least one idea where she could find the White Fang.

Although she was deemed to leave the town tomorrow morning via by hoping illegally on board one of the freight trains passing by the town, Hannah headed over to the town's warehouse district on the other side of town in hopes of finding a White Fang hideout; however, it turns out that there was no one to be found throughout the abandon warehouses in the district except for some shipment crates that had been opened earlier in the day. Hoping to find more about the White Fang's last whereabouts, Hannah sifted through the crates and the rubbish that had been laden through the warehouses before finally accepting defeat from the meager leads and items relating to the last whereabouts of any White Fang activities. But being that she was finally in a building within the warehouse district that was not only lit and heated, but also insulated and abandoned, Hannah somewhat deserved a good night's rest and decided to spend the rest of her night in the confinements of the warehouse building within the safety of a wooden least, that was the original plan.

===(Into No Man's Land)===

The next morning, Hannah was awoken to the sound of her head bumping into the awfully stiff and musty plywood not once, not twice, but multiple times as if the actually box was tumbling out of control. Then, when the box finally came to rest and leaving Hannah in a painful daze, the sound of gunfire and the nearly indistinguishable and garbled chatter of armed assailants assaulted Hannah's ears like as if she had been dumped into a warzone. With nothing but the protection of the flimsy plywood box that Hannah rested in, Hannah laid in silence as the outside world boiled violently into a battlefield, and it was only upon prying the box open a while later that she found herself in the aftermath of a grisly nightmare.

All around her in every direction, there were dead bodies, but not just the common poor souls of helpless civilians; the tattered clothes upon the dead men and women belonged to those of the infamous White Fang. There were lorries that had been severely damaged or beyond repair, and because the damage was so catastrophic, some of the lorries had actually been toppled over on their sides like toddler's toy blocks strewn about ever so ignorantly careless. Soon, upon inspecting the damage all around her and on the dirt road, Hannah realised at that moment that not only was she alone, but she had to fend for herself in an unknown faraway environment outside of Mistral.

Normally, one might run in the direction of where safety was closest, and thereby specifically relying on following the roads back to the kingdom borders; however, in Hannah's case, being out in the middle of nowhere in a forest road outside of Mistral was not the place for easy landmarks. There was no way in telling which direction of the road lead forward or backwards, and coupled with the Grimm roaming around after slaughtering whoever was left of the apparently destroyed White Fang convoy, Hannah only had two choices, fight or flight. She had no combat experience, no training, and no weapon to defend for herself other than the rubbish all around her, and with Grimm ranging from Beowolves, Creeps, and Medium-sized Nevermores, Hannah had to make a run for it and hopefully not get caught while in the act; however, this would have been the right choice had Hannah decided to continue hiding within the wreckage.

===(Arising from the Wreckage)===

Scavenging for whatever equipment remained within the remains of the White Fang convoy, Hannah went in and out of the shadows to barricade herself in one of the rusting hulks of what used to be a lorry, and knowing very well that she was in no condition to adequately take on multiple waves of Grimm on her own. She was nowhere in being a fancy survivalist or engineer, but it was only by common knowledge that whenever one is to live out in the wilderness, one must be able to provide themselves a shelter against the elements, and if not to mention, Grimm. Although consisting of nothing more but a foxhole dug near a toppled lorry and sheltered by brush and scraps of wood and metal, Hannah was barely safe from both Grimm and the elements alike, and coupled with her surrounding environments and her limited provisions scavenged from the tattered convoy, Hannah had to worry about the itching from lice and fleas, and carefully proportioning her consumables if she were to survive.

After a week of surviving out in the middle of nowhere in an unknown forest outside of Mistral or any kingdom, Hannah had been fearing for her life. Although she is still a 9-year old child and almost incapable of holding her own against the weakest of Grimm, Hannah had been mostly cowering in the underground confinements of her foxhole and almost refusing to venturing out into the convoy wreckage (only by using the cover of darkness to mask her presence and reduce her visibility from the Grimm) and whatever bandits that might stumble upon the wreck itself; however, fighting for survival was not the only enemy that Hannah had to combat. Alongside her fright-stricken standard of living, Hannah has been fighting her own self just to keep her sanity amid her painfully deprived state of civilisation; thereby leaving Hannah in a ever so constant battle with least, provided of course, if Hannah does not find any signs of civilisation soon.

So by using the cover of darkness once again, Hannah decided to risk her own life by venturing beyond her foxhole and the roadside ruins of what used to be a White Fang convoy, and headed down the road via using the cover of the foliage and the roadside ditches. With nothing but her clothes on her back and a folding spade in her arsenal, Hannah crawled and walked for god knows how far into the dark and deadly unknown abyss of the forest road with the danger of being eaten alive by whatever kind of Grimm lurks in the shadows. Unfortunately, traveling on a road through a vast unnamed forest was not the best idea whenever you are in the thicket of night, with no moon to guide Hannah through the darkness other than the dreadful glow of the Grimm's red eyes like watchful searchlights cutting through the fog; however, as dawn came close beyond the horizon, Hannah was about to return back to her foxhole back up the road until she saw a merely heart-stopping sight in the distance.

===(Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire)===

There beyond the shady beech trees that bordered along the dirt road and the rolling hills and valleys, there was the sight of the salty eastern shores of Mistral, with the beautiful blue waves swaying back and forth upon the smooth sandy coast like a soft brush applying a light finishing onto ash wood. But alongside the safety of the elevated hills protecting the land against the coastal waters, there was the sight of railroad tracks that directed Hannah in the promising direction of civilisation, and she was bound to hope onto the first train she sees just to get back to civilisation as soon as she can. Subsequently, as morning began rise beyond the horizon, Hannah once again found herself riding illegally on board a train like she has been since she had been left homeless back in the safety of the Mistralian towns she traveled upon, and it seemed that things would go back to least, that would have been the case had Hannah knew where the train was really going.

As the day transitioned into the early evening, the train finally came to its final stop outside of an industrial mining city (Hanasogen) further inward within the hills and steppes of Mistral, but instead of being greeted with the sight of a peaceful and quiet industrial cityscape with its miners and workers busy at work in the dust mines or industrial refineries, the city was instead under siege by Grimm and as well as the occasional raiders. Plus, it came very clear as to why there were so many boxcars being transported by just one train, and Hannah came to this realisation when she heard both workers and militiamen rushing over to the train upon the platform and opening each and every boxcar to receive their delivery of munitions, weapons, food, and other urgent supplies needed to the battlefront. Among the chaos of unloading the train, Hannah attempted to escape unnoticed by both workers and militiamen alike; however, as she was escaping out into the nearby yard, Hannah found herself confronted at gunpoint by militiamen upon making an unlucky bend around one of the idling coaches in the yard.

===(Onto the Front Lines)===

The next thing that Hannah knew upon being caught by the militiamen, she was transported to a training camp not too far outside of the city; with orphans and children between the ages of 8 to 14 years old being trained and deployed into combat like poor lambs being sent to the slaughter. From the grueling physical exercise sessions to the deadly live combat simulations and as well as military deployment under the supervision of a common non-commissioned officer, the remainder of Hannah's childhood revolved around a military life at a young age; however, amid the desperate fighting and as well as the bloodshed of countless conscripts and volunteers sent to defend their beloved city, Hannah found a sense of community and belonging as she grew into a teenager. All around her, whether it be on the battlefield or not, Hannah always found herself fighting alongside her fellow comrades and friends that had been with her since the first day of combat training, and it was here that Hannah developed a new identity for herself as a steadfast tin soldier; a tin can that refuses to falter under stress and as well as defy against the forces of evil while retaining its calm obedience against oppression.

By the time Hannah was 16-years old, her transformation from a adolescent vagabond to a strong and faithful conscript was all created through a combination of blood, sweat, lead, tin, iron, dirt, and cotton. Whether she and many of her comrades were deemed expendable or not, Hannah finally found a place where she was fighting with a purpose as well as for a cause that threatened to exterminate all Human and Faunus life, and she was determined to not only bring honour and pride to her people, but also encourage others to stand united and bear arms upon the creatures of Grimm and those who threaten to divide the mankind itself. Of course, it was naive and foolish yet patriotic for Hannah to have such a steadfast ideology of unifying others against the creatures of Grimm (and while fending off raiders from the weakest to the strongest), Hannah understood the simple fact that war was hell no matter what form or shape it took, but through it all from having to run away from home and surviving on the streets to being on a the battlefield, Hannah was practically a girl who had gone from rags to success; however, even after almost eight years of fighting, Hannah decided that enough was enough.

To the dismay of her commanding officers and some of her fellow peers to come, Hannah stealthily made her way back on board the next train deemed to leave the town, but as she was making her way on board one of the boxcars, she came to discover that she was not the only person to have the same idea of deserting. Apparently, 24 of her friends had made their way on board the train, knowing very well of Hannah's plans to leave the front lines, and considering that they too had been wanting to leave the battlefront for a very long time. Subsequently, as it turned out through the explanation and chatter of Hannah's friends, Hannah had been the original architect of a great escape since the first day she arrived into the town, and it was only as she made close friends and gained enough combat experience that Hannah decided it was time to leave the war behind for good.

===(Farewell to Arms)===

Now riding on a very similar train that she once took to make her way into the industrial city, the war for Hannah and her close friends was over, and together at arms on board a boxcar in the middle of the night, Hannah and her friends were on their way to whatever freedom has to offer down the line. No longer did Hannah have to travel alone while in fear of being mugged, killed, or eaten alive, and it was here that Hannah could finally have some company and feel as if she now has a band of brothers and sisters; in fact, a family. But on a small second thought, as Hannah sat with the company of her friends on board the cramp boxcar, Hannah eventually was struck with the haunting thought about her mother and five sisters that she long ago abandoned.

She still thought about her biological mother and sisters back at home somewhere, fearing that they have already suffered the worse upon Johann's doings; possibly murdered by the very extreme of his alcohol-driven rage and abuse. Therefore, even after seven years, Hannah found this point in her life as a way to exact her revenge against the very person that one can only call him by the name of Hannah's father (Johann), as a matter of fact, it was her newfound goal to head home and put Johann in his place once and for all with her the power of her militaristic persona and capabilities. Of course, she was not going to kill him, she was going to make the bastard of a father suffer for his wrongdoings and claim herself as the protector of the family rather than him; however, such a ambition would only have to wait for now as Hannah and her fellow comrades rode the train towards their freedom.

One by one, over the course of the next few days, Hannah's fellow comrades made their final goodbyes as they made their departures, whether if they were going to reunite with their families out there, seek a new life, and/or seek adventure in hopes of finding fortune. Eventually, by the time the second night came around, Hannah was left with a fellow comrade by the name of, Njall Goring; a 16-year old human, who happens to be one of Hannah's best friends, and as well as her boyfriend. Although their love never exceed into the realm of a serious romantic relationship, both Hannah and Njall grew together as close friends even before they became teenagers; however, being that they were no longer confined to the fighting in the middle of nowhere in Remnant, their close friendship was now able to grow into love (something that Hannah and Njall wanted to do for a long time).

With the night all to themselves, Hannah and Njall shared one beautiful moment along with spotting the stars up above in the sky before falling asleep in collective peace and hope of seeking fortune and freedom. By the next morning, Hannah and Njall finally made their departure together now deep within the safety of the Kingdom of Mistral, and not surprisingly, Hannah finally felt herself back at home after more than seven years of fending beyond the kingdoms. Unfortunately, aside from returning back to motherland she had long ago been vanquished from, there was something else that caught Hannah dearly.

===(Returning to Sender)===

The buildings, atmosphere, people, and even the faint smell of industrial fumes were a eerily plodding giveaway for Hannah as she finally came to realisation to such a particular place. For Njall, the town appeared like any other Mistralian industrial town, but for Hannah on the other hand, the town was merely a old memory coming back to haunt her in the early years of her childhood. The moment of realisation could not become any more evident for Hannah when she and Njall were walking alongside some meadows and they saw a forest in the distance that now had a chainlink fence blocking off anyone from venturing to their deaths; however, it was that very same forest that Hannah knew exactly where she was after all these years.

There was the same forest that Hannah ventured into more than nine years ago to elude her family and escape the clutches of her father, and it was also where she became known as, Maria Fruhling (a name that everyone except her family knew her by). Whether it was guilt or the pain from having to remember such a memory, Hannah told Njall the partial truth about her hometown and its history regarding some of the other changes made to the town, and that was as far as what Hannah can tell her boyfriend about her least, that was where Hannah's story began according to Njall. Of course, Njall decided to change the subject and cheer both Hannah and himself up; however, shortly after changing topics and beginning to add some comic relief, the sound of a cargo van stopping on the side of the road caused Hannah and Njall to react with suspicion and caution as to who might be wanting to kidnap them both.

But instead of some mugger or elderly pedophile, a woman of a young adult age emerged from the driver's side of the van, and it was here that Hannah immediately recognised the unknown woman's face and hair; it was her oldest sister, Maya Blikdase. Almost as if fate had made such an intervention to reunite Hannah with her oldest sister, Hannah could not believe that she was standing before one of her sisters, but in remembrance of exacting her revenge against Johann, one of Hannah's first questions was knowing Johann's whereabouts; however, Hannah's work was already cut out for her when her oldest sister told her the events following after Hannah's disappearance. As it turned out, in the years following after Hannah's disappearance, Johann's health had apparently bite him the ass and slowly ate away at from the inside out, and it was only four years after Hannah disappeared that he finally succumbed to his alcoholism, and thereby leaving Hannah's mother and her older sisters to be able to put their plan of moving with her mother's side of the family in Vale into action.

In the background, Njall was completely flabbergasted about this unexpected revelation, and this was just an understatement. Of course, he was not entirely upset or angry about most of Hannah's lies (including her fake name, Maria Fruhling), it was a matter of disbelief and awe about how Hannah actually had a family all along; something that Njall cared dearly for since he was a little boy, and with Hannah's family coming into the picture, this became the perfect opportunity to finally settle down and leave the war behind for good. So after Hannah and Njall explain the events following up to their arrival back in Hannah's hometown, Maya drove both Hannah and Njall back to the family home to reunite Hannah with the rest of her sisters and mother, and as well as introduce Njall to the family.

Once they arrived at the doorsteps of the family home, the house was already in a state of being cleared out by Hannah's mother and other sisters, and just as what Hannah's oldest sister explained from earlier, the family was in the final stages of moving to her mother's side of the family in Vale. Interestingly, in spite of the rejoice treasured by the family's reunification with Hannah, there was quite some work to do for the house and as well as getting the family's possessions onto the airship to Vale. Luckily, Hannah and Njall were more than happy to help out, since they too were willing to leave behind the terrible memories of their past and their sufferings, and if that was not enough reasoning for their willingness to help, both former soldiers also wanted to seek new opportunity and fortune beyond the Kingdom of Mistral.

After less than a week of packing and final deliberations, Hannah, her family, and Njall finally made their last goodbyes to the family house before it was left behind in the winds and fumes of the bustling industrial town. With Mistral and the war left behind for good, Hannah, Njall, and her family took the next airship heading to Vale, and with that after a few days of traveling by air, they finally touchdown in Vale and move into an apartment in the vicinity of the mother's side of Hannah's family. Although the first year within Vale was financially difficult with Hannah's family having to support seven people (Hannah, her mother, her four older sisters, and Njall), there was no shortage of opportunity and freedom, and with her mother's side of the family helping them settle in, life had returned back to the olden days, albeit with life now focused in the city rather than an industrial wasteland.

===(A New Bittersweet Life)===

For the next two years, life for Hannah and Njall was not entirely happily ever after as entirely hoped for both former soldiers. In the months following after the move, Hannah had been plagued by nightmares and flashbacks about the horrors found on the battlefield, and never again would Hannah want to relive the darkest of days, and even with her reunification with her family, transitioning from military life to civilian life was a work in progress. On the other hand, Njall had similar reasons as to why he chose not to relieve the darkest of days along with Hannah; however, unlike Hannah, he was more than willing and happy to be a civilian and live the rest of his life to become a happy man in a family he never had as a young boy.

For Hannah, life had seemed to move so fast while she was away on the battlefield, and it did not help with the fact that she was remembering the faces of her fellow comrades and friends that had either perish or moved on to seek greater opportunity and fortune. From the grueling exercises and training of boot camp to the horrors found upon the battlefields, Hannah felt as if she had already lost and abandoned a family of her own, with the faces of the fallen and forgotten remaining as a haunting reminder to both her failures and blinded steadfast patriotism. To her point of view, she was not only suffering in silence, but she was too scared to tell the truth of what happened throughout the time she had ran away from home, believing that no one (aside from Njall) would understand her hardship and take the harsh reality of her adventures seriously.

Often times as she was suffering to herself within the safety of a bedroom, bathroom, or any secluded area, she considered whether or not to take her own life, seeing that others around her, including Njall, were more than bliss and fortunate to live their life at the fullest while she almost constantly relived her days as a soldier. She was no huntress, and nor did she see herself entirely as a hero, rather she saw herself as cannon fodder upon most of her flashbacks and nightmares; forced to relive certain battles over and over again despite the fact that she either lived or died in those horrible memories. But even as she secretly weep and endured one heartache after another, Njall knew that Hannah needed help and decided to tell Hannah's story as well as his own to Hannah's mother and sisters.

Afterwards, with Hannah's story (as well as Njall's story) coming to light and importance to her family, Hannah's family decided that in order to cheer Hannah up and have her move on in life, they decided that it was best that they give Hannah psychiatric treatment; however, before Njall and her family could confront Hannah and offer her such medical treatment, Hannah had apparently left some paperwork on her bed that got both Njall and Hannah's family suspicious at first. Upon closer inspection, the paperwork that Hannah had been signing turned out to be transcripts for Beacon Academy, with her classes already filled out along with the grades of her two years in secondary school, and to top that off, there was the signature of the registrar (who was none other than Ozpin). But amid the paperwork, there was a letter that Hannah wrote in cursive that read:

"Dear Family & Njall, if you are reading this, then you're too late. I've already came to the decision of sending myself back to the front, where I belong and hopefully find my final resting place if I'm lucky enough. I don't care whether or not I die on the front lines, I simply don't wish to suffer any longer with the nightmares of my comrades dying without me. It is only fair that I must return to war and redeem myself for desertion, and for that to happen, I'm going to Syne Academy to make my return to war. If I do come back home, it only means that I've proven myself once again as a coward and an excuse of a soldier meant to bring honour and pride for humanity. I, Hannah Van Blikdase Andersen, know that if I die on the battlefield than coward away in the safety of my home, I will rest assured that I have made humanity proud and given them a gift that will hopefully inspire others to rise up against the forces of evil.

Hannah Blikdase

P.S. If you're reading this Njall, do me a favour and look after my family, okay? We've been together for so long and it's only fair that I owe you the favour for all these years. I trust that you can take care of them and make them proud as well, and hopefully your children can be able to raise a family greater than our sufferings. Not for a cowardly soldier like me. Takk Þér Fyrir Allt, Njall.

===(Tilbage I Sadlen)===

With Hannah running away from home once again, perhaps Hannah could make new friends and hopefully not make the same mistakes she had made years ago back faraway in the lands beyond Mistral, and with that in mind, Hannah sought to brace herself for a new world of adventure at Syne Academy.
RP Sample:
The heavy rain poured on what remained of an industrial Dust complex, along with powerful thunder strikes in the distant cracking in a slow asymmetrical rhythm. A night grey fog covered most of the largely war-torn cityscape, and provided a somewhat difficult range of view for anyone who were within the confinements of the city ruins and not out in the open. The only sound other than raindrops falling from the sky were the sound of distant gunfire and faint Grimm growls and raiders shouting, which was something that almost never changed amid all the destruction.

Suddenly, almost appearing out of nowhere in the foggy urban warzone, a soldier dressed in a mottled yet dark and partially filthy uniform and helmet cautiously jogged across the street from the industrial complex towards the debris and ruins of a five story apartment building. The rifle that the soldier held was being held in their right hand as they dashed across the wet bullet-riddled cobblestone street, and with the helmet on top of its head, the rain did little to wash away the filth and blood that accumulated almost all over the a burnt and dirty pot. Plus, the soldier's clothing and webbing system were no exception of these grisly stains, and even its boots and web anklets had been covered in muck and as well as plaster.

As soon as the soldier crossed the street unharmed and undetected from Grimm and raider alike, the soldier vaulted rather slowly over a pile of brick and wood, right before the soldier turned back around to look back at the industrial complex. From this point of view, the soldier was distinctively feminine, as distinguished by the hazel brown coloured hair (which was kept short and held together by a hairband underneath), beautiful blue eyes, and white coloured skin that was unfortunately scared by bits of dried blood and dirt. Her face was of calm observation, with curious yet cautious eyes peering well over the rubble and intensively watching for any fellow comrades.

Not surprisingly, as given by the female soldier's gaze back at the other side of the street, she immediately swept her left hand backwards a couple times before pumping her hand up and down a few times; essentially giving her fellow comrades the signal to cross the street with haste. Subsequently, and to the surprise of those who may be watching, a group of identical soldiers appeared from out of the ruins within the industrial complex and advanced across the street and while trending carefully around the murky puddles and debris. These soldiers from a distance may appear like any other fellow comrade; however, it was only upon closer observation that these identical soldiers turned out to be direct duplicates of the very same female soldier that had just crossed the street.

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Hey, welcome to the site. Really sorry about the delay on this, this is a good app but there are a couple little intricacies and problems that need sorted ^^

While you could make a soldier like clone as your semblance, the number of them and how they have work do not align with how you have described in your semblance. They would work according to the summon rules in their section on the semblances page of the rules, meaning that you must set stats for them and they would not cost a percentage of aura but a singular amount. You would also only be capable of summoning one soldier at a time, though by the summon rules it's damage output would ignore defenses of people. Read into the summon semblance rules and make you mind up if you want to stick to this ^^

Second are your items, in terms of the multi tool that is not what would be taken as an item here. These item slots are intended exclusively for dust, armour and weapon. Not personal belongings, though you have classed it kind of as a weapon in it's description? Either way you are only allowed to start with one weapon.

Second of all on the gun, unfortunately as the bayonet could be used as a completely alternate form of attack it would technically come under the likes of a second form. An example of this is how Ruby's own sniper functions as a sniper when the scythe blade is fully out, this would also be classed as a second form function for the same reason.

There may be a couple other small things with the app, and if there are I will keep you posted. BUmp when done this stuff ^^

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