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Gary Silver[Waiting For Approval]

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1 Gary Silver[Waiting For Approval] on Sat Jan 28, 2017 1:17 am

Enrollment Form

Basic Info
Name:Gary Silver
Birthday:January 25
Face Claim:Garret Strider
Str: 3
Def: 3
Res: 2
Spt: 4

Likes:Swords, explosions, and fighting
Dislikes:Death, Grimm, White Fang
Fears:Water, Darkness, Small Spaces
Overall Personality:Gary can be stubborn sometimes. He usually runs in head first into everything without thinking. He may seem tough but really he is claustrophobic. He can be very overprotective sometimes. When he is angry he is known to go on a rampage, killing every grimm he encounters. When he calms down, he usually shuts down and takes a rest. He is very skilled but sometimes gets too crazy. Whenever Gary shuts down he can even avoid missions while he rests. He can be reckless at times but overall he is very nice. He never backs down from a challenge and even takes on the biggest of missions.
Aura Type:Recovery
Aura Color:Gray
Semblance:Rage Burst, When Gary gets really angry he becomes stronger. He buffs up in strength and can destroy someone in minutes.
Item 1:Eclipse and Solstice: A Broadsword
Item 2:Silver Breastplate:Physical Armor
History and Sample
Gary was in the usual family. Mom, Dad, Jewel, his sister, and him. They lived in Bellmuse, and they had a normal life. His dad was a hunter and his mom made armor. He went to Signal Academy but had to leave when they moved to Bellmuse. He made his weapon before he left and used it to cut down trees. He chopped trees to make money. It wasn't much but, it helped. While he was chopping wood he heard a growl and looked up to see a Beowolf growling. Before he can even react, the Grimm knocked him down a hill into a ditch. It howled and called on an entire pack of Beowolves and ran toward the village. When they past him Gary got up and pulled out his sword. He charged toward a Beowolf and sliced at it, cutting it in half. An Alpha  Beowolf came in and knocked him into a hole. He picked up his sword and was about to defend himself but the Alpha was killed by a shot through the head. Gary looked up and saw his dad but he was injured very badly. "Gary, rush to the house and hide with your mother and your sister," he said. Gary was about to protest but decided to run back to the house. He looked back to see his dad pull out his sword and attacked a creep. When Gary made it back he hid with Jewel and his mom. He waited until someone came and opened the door. When it opened, what he saw scarred him. He saw a hunter carrying his father. After that day, he signed up for Syne Academy and learned how to use his sword better. His sister signed up for it too and learned how to use duel pistols. They were accepted and they swore that every grimm they see will be destroyed.
RP Example:
Gary was looking out of the window of the boat. He would've chose to go on a airship but the he needed a slower mode of transportation. He looked over to see Jewel sitting down and looking over at the sunset. He looked out again and saw another boat with more people on it. He sat down on the chair beside his sister and asked "Are you ready for the new academy?" Jewel looked over and replied "Yeah." I looked back at the sunset and watched as the sun disappear from view. He looked back at the front of the ship and saw land of Syne. He walked towards the front and looked over at the land. "Here we are," Gary said. When they made it Gary jumped off, and went to the docks. Next time, Gary is taking an airship. He walked towards the city the docks were in and breathed in the fresh air. This is their new home.    

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2 Re: Gary Silver[Waiting For Approval] on Sun Feb 05, 2017 5:24 am

Richard Lionheart
Hey, ^^ Sorry for the delay, but there are a couple emblems with the app before it can be approved. First of all, while you've described tying your semblance to your anger you haven't described what the semblance actually does when you do put yourself into this angered state. This can be as simple as by triggering this angered state your aura turns to adrenaline giving you an increase in physical attack power or in speed (as only one stat can be buffed at a time) Bump when done

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3 Re: Gary Silver[Waiting For Approval] on Sat May 20, 2017 5:19 pm

fixed and bump.

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4 Re: Gary Silver[Waiting For Approval] on Sat May 20, 2017 9:21 pm

Richard Lionheart
I couldn't see due to the colour, but you also have 60 more hp/aura points than you're meant to have. Also is your armour physical or magical based, I assumed physical but to be sure ^^ bump when done

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5 Re: Gary Silver[Waiting For Approval] on Mon May 22, 2017 6:58 pm

All fixed. Is there anything else?

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6 Re: Gary Silver[Waiting For Approval] on Tue May 23, 2017 4:24 pm

Richard Lionheart
nope, approved

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