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What are you? (Fenrir)

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1 What are you? (Fenrir) on Mon Jan 30, 2017 2:35 pm

Aednat walked down the street, watching people go about their business. Springwood was a nice quaint little place where she didn't feel anxious. A quick glance revealed the bookstore she was told about and she hurried inside. The wonderful smell most people didn't know existed greeted her, "'Ello lass." the old man smiled generously as he went back to his own book. Aednat flicked through the catalogue and found what she was looking for. Semblance theory was consideres obsolete these days, but her experiences told her that the information would be at least somewhat useful as she searched first for the aisle, then the shelves, and finally the row. The book was gone.

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2 Re: What are you? (Fenrir) on Wed Feb 01, 2017 12:04 am

He studied her. The girl looked exactly like Rose. It had to be Rose. Unless...Fenrir's mind ran in circles. Fragmented circles. His last coherent memory was investigating a lead in regards to the Hunter Plot. And then he was here, two months later and a gaping hole in his mind. He silently followed her, blending in with his surroundings and making it into the store without being seen. Fenris was oddly silent. Unless he had never been. But others had seen and spoken to Fenris...right? He had no difficulty going where he could observe without being noticed. The girl looked exactly like Rose would had she lived. He wanted to speak to her. He wanted to kill her. He wanted to flee from the madness. He wanted to go back to what he was. Fenrir's emotions, long buried under a facade of jackassery, fought to surface.

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3 Re: What are you? (Fenrir) on Fri Feb 03, 2017 6:15 pm

Aednat glanced around. The hairs on the back of her neck tingled and a sense of warning came from Artimis. She found another book she was looking for and walked to a table. The firebird perched on her shoulder and preened the girl's hair while she read. This particular book covered the basics of semblance theory. Not what she was looking for but sometimes a good refresher is needed.

Semblance power is a reflection of a person's soul. Powered by aura and born from need, it is theorized that a person's semblance can be subverted by changing their situation. While untested, the idea of interfering being abhorrent to the scientific community, it has been held as a branch to investigate-

She looked up, the feeling of being watched closely was agonizing. Aednat wanted nothing more than to see who it was and run them through with Chaos.

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