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Han Symmes[Awaiting Approval]

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1 Han Symmes[Awaiting Approval] on Mon Jan 30, 2017 9:17 pm

Han Symmes
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Han Symmes
Age: 17
Birthday: June 9th
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 150lbs
Face Claim: Yuri Lowell, Tales of(series)

STR: 4
DEF: 3
RES: 3
SPT: 2
Aura 100|200 HP

Major: Combat
Likes: Fighting, Napping, Cooking
Dislikes: Studying, Being Awake, the Grimm
Fears: Losing more loved ones to the Grimm, The White Fang, Homework
Talent: Fighting
Weakness Chemistry
Overall Personality:
Han is a quiet young man, not expressing his emotions for the most part. Han hates the Grimm with a passion, and will often hunt a lot of Grimm whenever he goes hunting. This older teenager, is a extremely lazy person when it comes to everything aside from training and hunting Grimm. He can often be found napping under trees or during class without a care in the world. He hates homework with a passion, and sees the only homework a Huntsman in training should have is training their butts off in order to survive. Despite his hatred of all things academic he still does well on written assignments and tests due to it being a requirement to getting a huntsman license.

Han hates the White Fang due to their terrorist actions against humanity, seeing their actions only bringing fear to people which in turn only excites the Grimm into destroying humanity further. He understands that sometimes violence is necessary for equal rights, but will never condone their actions in obtaining such. Han is a humble young man never bragging about how many Grimm he has already killed nor bragging about him becoming a huntsman. Han is diligent when it comes to doing things, despite him preferring to sleep 24/7.

Aura type: Speed
Aura Color: Han Purple intermixed with Han Blue
Semblance: Balance Breaker: This semblance allows Han to buff one of his own stats(includes speed) by one or two points at a cost of 10 aura per post. When Han uses this semblance his aura flares violently around him before settling down to produce a slight purple/blue glow around him.
Item 1: Nameless Katana: Han wields a nameless white bladed katana of twenty-five inches long. This blade weighs two kilograms, and has a white hilt with a plain bronze colored tsuba. The sheathe of this katana is black and is made out of wood. Han generally keeps this katana tied to his left side as he is right handed. The hilt of this katana is hollow so Han can insert vials of Dust into it to empower the blade. Rating 1: +10 Damage
Item 2: Glasses: Han wears a pair of rimless glasses that have nano-machinery within the frames. The nano-machinery emits high frequency waves that partially block attacks. Rating 1: +10 Physical Defense

History and Sample

Han grew up in one of the villages outside of the kingdoms, he was fascinated by the Huntsmen and Huntresses that lived in the village and idolized them. As the young boy grew, his fascination grew with him to the point where he was swinging around a wooden sword trying to imitate what he saw. Han's parents tried without success to get their child to focus on something other than being a Huntsman due to the enormous amount of danger that the child would be in during missions. As a child, Han did not understand why his parents did not want him to become a Huntsman. To the eyes of a child, Huntsmen were like Superheroes, and of course a child would want to become one. The child that Han was, did not understand the danger of being a Huntsman.

As Han grew into a preteen it happened, a grimm swarm attacked the village that he and his parents called home. The swarm proved too much for the huntsmen and only those that made it to the shelter survived. Just as the young preteen and his family made it to the shelter, they were attacked by multiple Ursai. Han's parents pushed him into the shelter just as the door closed leaving him and those inside to hear the death screams of Han's parents. As the young man shivered at his parents screams of agony, he made a decision about his dream. Han swore that he would train more seriously, never again will he lose someone to the Grimm. He no longer saw the Huntsmen and Huntresses as heroes, he now saw them as necessary to completely annihilate the Grimm. The human swore that he would find a way to end the Grimm threat.

When it was safe to leave the shelter, the inhabitants of the village flocked to the Kingdom of Vale, in order to attempt to rebuild their lives from the incident. Han now being an orphan started at Signal in order to begin his training. No longer did the boy slack off when it came to training, when it was time to construct a weapon, Han did not build any sort of sniper scythe or gauntlets that shot out fireworks, no… Han chose to wield a simple katana that he brought to his new home from his old home. It was merely an ornament that his parents put up to remember Han's grandfather a huntsman who died defending the village from the Grimm.

Han graduated Signal in the upper half of his class, and chose to attend Syne Academy where he had heard that there was a lot of weird things happening with the Grimm on the island-based kingdom.
RP Sample:

Laying under the tree was peaceful for the young man. He stared straight up at the sky while he breathed in the scent of nature. With a small smile the young man's eyelids slowly drooped, he was at peace. Han Symmes was at peace with the world, the young man's breath slowed as he prepared to take a nap. Yawning to himself, his ebony-grey eyes closed completely signalling that he was now asleep.

As time passed, the young man continued to sleep peacefully until he heard a far off roar of a Grimm ruining the peace of the day. Sitting up and stretching, the teenaged huntsman in training put his rimless glasses on and finally stood up. "Time to continue heading towards Syne and sign up," he muttered while yawning. Despite him wanting to kill the Grimm that ruined his nap, the young man knew he should get to Syne Academy soon.

Cracking the joints in his back and arms, the teenager strapped his trusty nameless ivory katana to the left side of his obi. Having pulled out his scroll, the young man checked the GPS feature and found that he was currently was near Springwood. A airship was going to leave the town that evening, it's destination was Syne Academy. It would be rather foolish of the young man to try and climb the mountains in order to attempt to get there. Heading off, the teenager was determined to get to Springwood and after that Syne. The continuance of his training was going to be under way soon.

A small smile graced his face as Han walked through the woods...

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2 Re: Han Symmes[Awaiting Approval] on Tue Jan 31, 2017 5:04 pm

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