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Drake Shade (Awaiting Approval)

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1 Drake Shade (Awaiting Approval) on Tue Jan 31, 2017 4:33 am


Basic info
Name: Drake Shade
Age: 17
Birthday: March 21
Gender: Male
Race: Faunus (A single black vulture wing over right shoulder)
Height: 6'0
Weight: 175 lbs
Face Claim: Kirito from SAO

Aura 140|160 HP

Major: Combat

  • Solitude

  • Combat

  • Reading


  • Emotion

  • Groups of people

  • War


  • Heights

  • Spiders

  • The unknown

Overall Personality: Drake is a careful person, always calculating the odds of survival and making the safe decision, though it may not be the easy one. He is also caring for his friends and defends them against any threat, but its hard for him to open up to others and hides behind a mask of cold indifference to protect himself. He typically sets aside his emotions so they don't interfere with his reasoning, but if pushed far enough, he will let loose and let his emotions direct his actions, though with his semblance, this can be a deadly prospect for anyone in proximity.

Skillful at: Fighting
Lacking in: Fine Art

Aura type: Power
Aura Color: Black
Semblance: Emotion Absorption, a buff semblance. Drake is able to feel the emotions of the people around him and then 'feed' off them, taking them into himself and converting it into energy, which he then uses to increase his power, speed, defence, spirit or resistance. However, the emotion he takes in determines what he can buff. Negative emotions allow Drake to buff his power or spirit and positive emotions let him buff his defence or resistance. Speed can be buffed by both emotions.
Item 1: Weapon: Two identical one-handed longswords. The blades are dark red and the hilt is black, with a single vulture wing as half-a-crossguard.
Item 2: Armour:  A black hardened leather jacket with a deep hood.

History and Sample


Drake grew up in a village within the kingdom of Vale. His father was the villages huntsman and his mother had become the mayor. By the age of 10, he had started being trained by his father and showed a natural proficiency with dual blades. But Grimm attacked in a massive wave that destroyed half the village and left countless dead and Drake's father injured. As the village set about rebuilding, bandits descended on the weakened people. They slaughtered all that was left, but not before Drake singlehandedly killed their leader in single combat, but suffered heavy wounds himself. As the bandits stood in shock, Drake's father stepped in and distracted them to allow Drake to escape, but he was stopped by two bandits. Feeling hopeless, he unlocked his aura and semblance and reduced the bandits to gibbering messes by simply touching them. Finally free, he fled into the wilderness as a second wave of Grimm hit the burning village.

Drake spent three years running from the bandits. They never forgot him and they blamed him for the Grimm attack. They had decided to bring the two incapacitated bandits with them, but the emotions that Drake forced onto them let any nearby Grimm know of their location. They grew tired and nervous, afraid of the next attack, which only drew more Grimm. But they gathered with other bandit clans and searched for Drake together. Drake, at first afraid of his semblance, began to separate himself from his emotions and use his semblance to lure Grimm to the bandits. Finally, after years of hunting, the bandits corner Drake and they fight for the last time. Drake kills countless bandits, but soon his aura is depleted and he takes a blow to his head. Dazed and tired, Drake loses his focus and control and lets his emotions get the better of him. In a burst of rage and fear, he causes the bandits to turn on each other as a cloud of black aura bursts out of Drake and corrupts the bandits. In the hailstorm of negative emotions, the Grimm arrive and the battle turns to a slaughter. 

When Drake comes to, he is horrified at the scene of death that surrounds him and swears to only use his semblance when he most needs it. Leaving his past behind him, he heads to Vale and tries to settle in somewhere, but finds no luck for a year until he hears of Signal Academy, a training school. Heading there, he stayed for years and trained as a huntsman, feeling at peace for the first time in four years. Accelerating rapidly through the school's education, he graduates in record time and can now decide where to go to finish his training. Hearing of a small academy in Bellmuse, off the coast of Vale. Booking transport for the small kingdom, Drake begins to look to his future and promises to become the man his father was.

RP Sample:


Drake stepped off the cruise ship and looked around at his new home. "Looks a bit like a dump, but it'll do," Drake murmured, taking in the sights. Picking up his bag from the pile the crew had put all the luggage in, he took out his twin swords from it and strapped the sheaths over his left shoulder. On his right, he stretched out his wing, glad to be able to do so again after spending so much time in tight quarters.

Drake looked up at the mountains and at the silhouette of Syne Academy. As he stared, a woman bumped into him. He flinched as he felt her panic and watched her as she rushed off down the street. He sighed. God, that's uncomfortable. He still didn't like feeling another's emotions. He felt intrusive, like he was invading their mind. Shaking himself, he started up the path to Syne and his new life.

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2 Re: Drake Shade (Awaiting Approval) on Sun Feb 05, 2017 5:06 am

Richard Lionheart
Hey, welcome to the site ^^ There are a couple problems with your app so I can't approve it. First of all, and most simple to fix, is that your history and rp samples are not in their spoiler boxes as they should be. Please fix this.

Next, while your FC does not have to have your faunus trait on them and you can detail it as you have in your race, you do still need to have a face claim. Third is that emotional manipulation is banned as a semblance as it is essentially a level of mind control. Bump when done ^^

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3 Re: Drake Shade (Awaiting Approval) on Sun Feb 05, 2017 12:10 pm


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4 Re: Drake Shade (Awaiting Approval) on Wed Mar 01, 2017 7:09 pm

Richard Lionheart
Sorry this took a bit, In regards to your semblance again I have to say no. I would recommend not tying it directly to the emotions of others as there is always going to be even a minor level of mind reading (telling if a person is feeling positive or negative in this case) as well as other problems. Also, in regards to your armour you do need to specify whether it is physical or dust resistant and I do believe your fc is already in use by another player who has been active in the past half year so it cannot be used. Bump when done ^^

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