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Character and RP questions with a large issue

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1 Character and RP questions with a large issue on Mon Feb 06, 2017 2:00 pm

Hello members, staff and anyone reading. First I would like to say that I hope I have a great time on this site. Secondly, I would like to say that on mobile, writing a post is near impossible (in chrome, it's black text on black background, in FireFox,it's dark gray on black) now with the questions.

First, would my semblance be banned? It's called Pallet Swap and it allows my character to swap colours, it could be used for hiding (as long as she was still, it doesn't make her see though) and for tricking opponents (by changing the colour of her dust but not the effects)

And secondly, would I be able to use NPC type characters (there would be no fighting with them, they would be mostly used to explain restrictions of her items and how she ended up where she was) as they wouldn't really be used enough to worrant new accounts and I prefer only keeping one account active

Thank you all very much and when I get artwork of my character, I hope to roleplay with people here soon

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Hello there, 2haloes, and welcome to Syne Academy! We hope that you also enjoy your stay here! ^-^

Now I'm not staff, but I have been around since pretty much the beginning, and I love to help. I'm not as active as I used to be, but feel free to PM myself or staff if you have any other questions. :D

As for your mobile issues, I'm not sure what is causing such a dark background, but I do feel your pain when it comes to making a post on mobile. I didn't have the dark background, but all my phones have had very small keys which means lots of typos, and Speech-To-Text was even worse. <.<

Our wonderful headmistress Leena has comprised a list of all the Semblances which are not allowed at Syne Academy. I'll list them here for you, but for future reference, they are under the 'Rules & Information' section.

Banned Semblances:
Future Prediction.
Reality Manipulation (Including Gravity)
Mind Control.
Aura Steal.
Semblance Copy.
Blood/Internal Manipulation.
Grimm Summoning.
God Mode.
Black Holes.
Sacrificial Semblances.
Semblance Manipulation/Alteration
Probability Manipulation

Anything that needs to be changed or is outright banned is usually because it is either too powerful, or it makes it unfair or not fun for other users. I don't personally see being able to change the color of your character or objects your character holds/touches to be that much of an issue, but once again I am not staff, so if an issue does arise they will inform you of why. I think that is a rather unique Semblance, and am excited to see how you utilize it! ^_^

As for the NPC, I must say I'm a bit confused. Explaining your items or your backstory is all done within your app, so I'm not sure why you would need a NPC to do that. However, I've never encountered an issue with placing random NPCs in your posts. From random classmates to nurses to shop clerks and waitresses, I've placed NPCs in my topics before, and never had any issues. As long as that NPC isn't fighting or anything, it should be fine. ^-^

On a semi-related note, Syne Academy does offer the option to make a Citizen character. This character would not be restricted being somehow tied to the academy, and can be anything from a poor child in the streets to a famous billionaire. If you feel like making a characters that would probably have less spotlight, or just don't want to make a student, Citizens are a great option! :)

All in all, welcome once again to Syne Academy, and have fun out there! :D

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