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Rainbow "Fiona" Imagination [Awaiting approval]

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(Sorry if anything appears cut short or anything, I was on the rp sample and my computer Blue Screened so I'm doing this again)

Basic info
Name: Rainbow "Fiona" Imagination
Age: 18
Birthday: 12th April
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Height: 5 feet 10 inches
Weight: 154 pounds
Face Claim: OC (Colour Printer's line of OCs)

Aura 170|130 HP

Major: Combat Major
- Family and friends - She loves her family, they have always helped her and taught her, her best friend has always cheered her on when she was training  and she had always done the same
- Her training weapon - Her uncle had helped make a weapon based on the weapon her grandmother used, it's her favourite tool and she always keeps it close
- Painting - Whenever she sees a good view, she almost always goes to stop and paint it (As long as the area is safe first), she loves using her free time to do some nice painting, it's fun and relaxing
- Making everyone happy - She always tries her best to cheer someone up, even if it's something simple like letting the person vent to her, she just loves making other people feel better
- Sweet foods - She loves cakes, plain and simple
- Sour foods - She can't stand sour food, it's too much for her, she'd rather have something sweet like a cake
- Eerie or dark places - She tries to stay clear of anywhere where grimm could get the jump on her and she has a slight fear of the dark
- Faunus haters - Her (adopted) brother is probably the person she talks to the most, and she hates to see that people are hurt or bullied for being faunus as her brother is one (He has a small deer tail)
- Social Isolation - Going to the academy means leaving her friends and family behind and that scares her quite a lot, she really doesn't like the thought of not having someone to talk to
- Not being able to help - As stated above, Fiona loves to help anyone who needs it but when she can't, she starts to worry herself, it may be a bit of an overreaction but with age, she's grown better about it (but it still worries her)
- Getting lost - She would dread getting lost, not being able to make her way back would likely cause her to have a meltdown, she does always try to keep a map or someone who knows what they're doing within an arm's length
Talent: Dust Refining
Weakness Stealth
Overall Personality: She is a very happy person, she always tries to help those in need with whatever they need be it talking to them or retrieving an item for them. Her idea of fun is either adrenaline fuelled action like fighting grimm or something relaxing, like listening to music or painting and she is very enthusiastic about whatever she is into.
She has a very tight bond with her older brother and doesn't like being away from him for extended periods of time or she starts to get rather moody and might start getting angry much more easily from anything
She does have a bit of a cocky air to her as well and may try to do something that is clearly not possible for her such as dodging attacks that are too fast for her to dodge, resulting in her getting hit
She also has a big sense of justice (Likely from her uncle), while she doesn't think that she is the law in any way, she will always fight for what she believes in, weather it be standing up for someone who can't or simply just doing good, she'll always attempt to help

Aura type: Spirit
Aura Color: Soft pink (#FFB6C1)
Semblance: RGB Shift = Utility, it allows her to change the colour of almost anything, however, for each post it is used for, it counts as an additional use. It will mainly be used for really bad camo (As soon as you move, you stick out a lot) and for changing dust colours to confuse opponents (As she is likely to use a lot of it). It has no effects on androids or any type or electronic camera
Item 1: The Painbrush (MK1) - An oddly shaped weapon that has one round end and one sharp, pointed end, the sharp end has a small nozzle to squirt out a liquid dust mix (Similar to paint), it can currently only hold one dust type (wasting a turn to swap). In it's current state, it is both flammable and quite possible to break however, upgrades would allow more dust types to be used at once and add a better dust 'splatter' method and be a lot harder to break (And not flammable). In it's current state, it can be used as a large blunt weapon for one end with the other, pointed end being used for cutting and stabbing (With an almost pinpoint hole to 'splatter' dust from), upgrades will turn the pointed side to more of a bladed end with the blunt end being for dust 'splattering'
Item 2: Fire dust, only 5 uses (as per the rules)

History and Sample
Fiona was born in Atlas to a married loving couple, for the first 4 years of her life, she lived with her parents, her mother worked and her father would mostly look after her, playing with her and reading bedtime stories to her. At the age of 4, her parents split, her father looking after her and taking himself and Fiona to live on a small island, barely on the continent. The home was grand and large but in the middle of the forest where grimm could attack. They arrived at their new home and Fiona adapted very quickly to the new lifestyle, her father's close friend was like a mother to her and she was always happy to see the both of them happy together and eventually her father started to date his close friend and Fiona quick come to know this woman as her mother

Within a few months of moving into er new home, Fiona started going to school (protected there and back by either parent) and while she was there, she had come to know a young boy, the both of them because the best of friends extremely quickly and it was almost impossible to separate them. It turned out that the boy's parents ruled over a small community, also within the forest, with the help of both children's families, they built a road between the two areas, to allow easier access.

A few more months later, her father found a young man within the forest, worried that the grimm could attack at any moment, he took the young man home and lest him rest up. When the young man woke up, he had a complete breakdown, not knowing where he was and where anyone he knew was, Fiona got really worried about him and decided to try and help him. After 3 hours, the man calmed down, Fiona's reassurance really helping. After finding no trace of the man outside of the forest, they agreed to take him in and adopt him as Fiona's older brother

Time passed and Fiona grew, from the age of 12, her family started showing her techniques of a hunter/huntress. Her mother taught her basic combat, her father taught her about aura and her semblance, her brother taught her to look out and stealth (she wasn't good at stealth) and her uncle (who moved to her friend's community and took up guard there to be closer to his family) taught her about the things she would need, her weapon, armour and dust, how to make and repair it and use it effectively in battle

After 5 years of training, she applied to the closest place she could get, Syne Academy. While most of her family didn't like it (3 out of 5 not wanting her to go with 1 not sure), she went anyway with the help of her brother. She was sad to leave her friend behind who chose to follow his parents footsteps but she promised that when she returned, she would be the huntress to look after the small community and that she hoped to visit when she had a week free. Despite the fact that her family took her weapon (replacing it with a worse version) and most of her dust, she happy finds her way to the academy with the help of her older brother.
RP Sample:
The day was sunny, the leaves on the trees and the grass waved gently as the warm, gentle wind blew on them. Fiona wondered out to the empty Skylight Woods, when she first saw the area during an event, she knew that she needed to paint it as some point and here she is. She took a look around, not looking for people but looking a bit for grimm, she assumed that they wouldn't appear here but she didn't want a mistake like that to allow a grimm to have the jump on her. After checking the area out for grim, she opened her backpack and took her painting tools out, while she could probably use her semblance to just make a painting appear, she liked doing it by hand. The relaxing motions of using a paintbrush never got old for her she thought as she pulled out a blank canvas, some paint, a pallet and a small set of paintbrushes. She took the view in one more time before her paintbrush hit the canvas as she started to paint the scene in front of her

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Richard Lionheart
Hey ^^ welcome to the site, sorry for the delay. This app is very good however there are a few little problems. First is simple, the semblance is fine save for how the aura cost works. It wouldn't be 10 to turn on and 10 to turn off, it would be 10 to turn it on and additional 10s for every post the colour change is maintained. Fail to pay that and it would revert to it's original colours.

The second is your weapon... I'm not totally sure what it is to be frank ^^ll The method for dust based attacks sounds fine, though you could from the start really use any element of dust from it, but I'm failing to see the physical damaging part of the weapon. Is it just the sharp end for stabbing and such? You can have a method of using dust with your weapon, but you must also have the physical damaging part of the weapon to ^^ Bump when done.

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Bump, I hope this is alright

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Richard Lionheart

"Call me short and your life'll get a whole lot shorter."
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