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Conquest RPG

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1 Conquest RPG on Thu Feb 09, 2017 11:47 am



Stormclouds gather on the horizon. Choose from one of two sides in a war, training and fighting to conquer the world for yourself. With an intuitive rule system and largely player-determined world, Conquest RPG stands tall as easily one of the most original roleplays out there. We welcome you to a competitive open-world roleplay where you must train and fight to survive. Power up your character with unique skills and abilities to crush opposing forces.


-A topic evaluation system that judges both quality and quantity
-A safe space for the LGBT+ community
-A staff team that you can personally PM to talk about problems with the site
-A unique system of random events that can greatly change province income, among other things
-RNG-determined level ups and items which can increase or decrease growth rates
-Much more!

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