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The Dresses That Impresses (Open)

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1 The Dresses That Impresses (Open) on Sat Feb 11, 2017 7:55 am

Charlotte Monochrome
Charlotte was all to aware of the seasons, the thought of the incoming change in climate was weighing heavily upon her. For now, it was still winter, but soon it would be spring. Such a small change, it probably wouldn't affect most people. Wear fewer clothes perhaps, eat less hot food perhaps and alter the radiators. To Charlotte however, it was the beginning of her least favorite change. A change in fashion, to a place she could not truly follow.

Making her way down the street, getting surprisingly few stares for this Saturday afternoon, she couldn't keep her vision on the path before her for her vision had been drawn to the mannequins in a store window. Going were the big fluffy jackets and hoodies, coming were skirts and shorts and summer dresses... legs. Oh she hated legs, even the exposed legs of the mannequins were-

She had stopped in the middle of a busy sidewalk, people had begun to flow around her; obscuring her view of the shop. On the way past a man, accidentally or not, kicked into one of her legs without the slightest apology. A reminder...

She continued forward, clasping her hands at her waist. Just... Just trying to focus on just about anything else. The sun was low, just a few weeks ago it would have been pitch black right now. She would be home right now but...

She pulled away from the crowd, making her way toward the fountain. She had ended up here much more often than she'd like to admit, simply sitting and passing the time. She could have been studying or practicing medicine, instead she'd be here eating or feeling sorry for herself. All at the fault of her legs...

She leaned over the water fixture's rim, like most statues it was in dedication to a group of hunters who had defended the city. A group of three, standing over a downed Beowulf with weapons in hand. While faunus were visible amount them, a man with some form of horns and a woman with clearly defined claws, she still couldn't help feeling out of place. Yes, she was vital to the faunus cause and her position allowed her to easily observe humans of good nature... with her adoptive mother gone and how poorly her attempted recuperation of members had gone she couldn't help feeling incredibly alone here.

Standing out in the crowd like no other, having a position in the school like no other... so totally dedicated to medicine like no other. She looked down into the water, shining coins at the bottom. She wasn't sure she could keep it up, perhaps it would be best if she befell the same fate as her adoptive mother.

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2 Re: The Dresses That Impresses (Open) on Mon Feb 13, 2017 5:46 pm

Roy Fox
It was a beautiful day outside, birds were singing,flowers were blooming, and a young man was walking along the busy sidewalks of Bellmuse. Even with the day's beauty it was still winter which meant it was a little cold, but spring would soon arrive bringing warmth and undoubtedly- Rain. The stores were advertising the new trends in fashion, with fancy coats and umbrellas and all the stuff Roy never really bothered himself with this due to always wearing the same attire a trenchcoat and a tee shirt.

As he made his way down the street he had his mind only set on the path before him as he had one goal. It was a great Saturday for what he was aiming to do so with a pep in his step he hurried along the sidewalk to get to his destination.

He had to pause his venture for a moment to wait for the massive crowd in front of him to cross the street to flood the stores with their presence buying all their senseless items. Roy then crossed the street with his hands in his pockets. After all he'd much rather be outside enjoying the day than being inside studying,or mediating for Haze's class.
After a little more walking he finally arrived at his destination, the fountain he Immediately bee-lined toward the conveniently placed bench sitting near it. Not before sparing a glance at the statue three hunters standing over a Beowulf two faunas one human. This was Roy's favorite statue as It portrayed one of Roy's greatest desires Peace between Faunas and Humans. After a moment of staring he went over to the bench and layer across it to enjoy his favorite part-time cloud watching.

Roy had spent hours just laying there staring at the clouds watching their shapes float callously through the  full of frewdom drifting about as of they hadn't a care in the world ,when the sun had gotten particularly low in the sky, He heard footsteps and glanced over to see a Faunas woman she had a normal human body from the waist up but beneath that was the abdomen and legs of a spider. To say she was Unique was an understatement but he didn't mind, and at a closer glance she seemed to be in a pondering someing while staring into the fountain with a glum look on her face. With a sigh Roy stood up and started to walk over to her to see what was wrong and possibly help her out. As he approached he let out a sigh before speaking- "Feeling blue?"

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3 Re: The Dresses That Impresses (Open) on Thu Feb 16, 2017 10:49 am

Charlotte Monochrome
Charlotte's eyes widened, arsing herself slightly, at the sound of a voice. Not emerging from the bustle of the crowd; not a simple out-crier, but one directed toward her. She quickly narrowed them once more, she was a doctor after all. Putting the weight of her woes upon people wasn't her job, elevating the woes of others and tending to their pain was.

She slumped back down, elbows firmly on the rim of the water fixture, "A stranger approaches without introduction and says a single word, prying into the mind of another, it is rather impolite is it not? Not even a greeting of some sort, not a hello or even the casual hi, people really are becoming less polite. Not that I blame you of course, it is the trend of the time." Charlotte deflected, not wanting to reveal much of any inner turmoil to a stranger... let alone a man so rude as to surprise her and of such poor manners.

She allowed herself a smile, not a large one but a visible shift from negative toward positive for certain She turned to face him, "I'll give you another shot though. This time I'll lead." She bent all eight of her legs slightly, giving a curtsy, "Greetings, my name is Charlotte Monochrome. I'm a student studying combat medicine at the Academy. I have lived in Belmuse all of my life. And you?"

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4 Re: The Dresses That Impresses (Open) on Thu Feb 16, 2017 10:21 pm

Roy Fox
As Roy had walked up to the faunas woman spoke he was surprised at the sharp reply he had received in return for startling the woman. "Ah sorry about that, guess it was pretty rude of me to just pop in like that." Roy replied in response as he scratched the back of his head nervously. Roy was soon surprised again when the woman's persona turned into that of a polite one,before giving a proper greeting to him after giving a curtsey."Greetings, my name is Charlotte Monochrome. I'm a student studying combat medicine at the Academy. I have lived in Belmuse all of my life. And you?"

Roy let out a sigh before speaking "Hello, my name is Roy Fox. I'm currently a student studying combat in general, as to where I have lived I spent the majority of my life in Vacuo but  took to traveling around for a while, before I became a student anyway." He replied to the woman now known as Charlotte.

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5 Re: The Dresses That Impresses (Open) on Fri Feb 17, 2017 7:04 pm

Charlotte Monochrome
"It is very nice to make your acquaintance Roy, hopefully you won't be in need of my aid too soon; though if it is required do feel free to ask for me. I am quite experienced with hunter level wounds, despite my age. No fatalities for three whole years, not for lack of patients I can assure you." She smiled, morbid as it was she didn't get nearly as many patients as the other practitioners on account of her... less appealing features.

Getting recommendations had been difficult, other doctors seemed to have already established friend groups and networks to practice on... despite many being inferior both in skill and experience to Charlotte. when hunters came back from their missions with mild scratches and bruises, of course not those unconscious and needing desperate surgery, they were allowed to choose who performed their treatment. If they had any preference of doctor, they typically got them.

She turned back to the fountain, elbows on the rim and chin in her hands, while leaning on it made her look petty and sad... it was in actuality much more to do with walking as far as she had with her body and being unable to sit down on the nearby bench. Not that anyone who hadn't researched her faunus type, or similar ones, would know. "Of course, I do understand if you'd rather not have one like me performing your surgery. There are plenty of other students you could ask, my appearance does rather... break the conventions of bedside manner. As for blue, as you put it... I'm simply... tired."

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6 Re: The Dresses That Impresses (Open) on Sat Feb 18, 2017 7:11 am

Carter Victus Tyrana
Sighing as he makes his way across the street, giving a lazy glare at the paper in front of him, showing a rather beautiful looking woman from the waist up, and a small message on the bottom of it stating "Keep an eye on this specimen if you will for me, she is a rather intriguing...subject of interest. Observe and Obtain Information that is all." Groaning to himself "God why do 'I' have to deal with THIS kind of job anyways, she's only a woman what could be so special..." upon walking around the district for roughly ten more minutes, he saw her head poking up out of the crowd as she spoke to someone. Cautiously, he began to make his approach to her, when he noticed that the crowd made quite the effort to move Around her.

The closer he made his way to her, the realisation began to slowly set in. "Oh heavens...she has a spiders rear end..." He now knew exactly what the creep meant by 'intriguing' and gave out another agitated groan to himself. He walked forward towards the two, now within earshot of their conversation, and made an effort to announce himself to them. Then he realised he had no idea how to open a conversation normally without seeming completely awkward, so he went for the Easier route.

As he walked 'by' them, he 'accidentally' tripped himself over one of her multitude of legs sprawling out from her lower half, stumbling and face planting into the floor beside them, making a real convincing effort that he was actually in pain. "Geaughhh! Oooo-ouch ouch, my nose...."

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7 Re: The Dresses That Impresses (Open) on Sat Feb 18, 2017 9:28 am

Richard Lionheart
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8 Re: The Dresses That Impresses (Open) on Tue Feb 21, 2017 8:03 pm

Roy Fox
As Charlotte finished her greeting while informing her status as a doctor Roy sighed in relief as the awkward tension started to fade from his improper greeting. Roy then smiled back in a friendly  gesture "Good to know when I'm on brink of death at least I'll have someone I can count on tending to my wounds." "If that ever happens anyways, which I hope doesn't happen," Roy said while scratching the back of his head in a nervous way realizing how badly he was screwing up the conversation. He then saw Charlotte ponder to herself for a moment before setting her elbows on the rim of the fountain in a sad way  before speaking once more "Of course, I do understand if you'd rather not have one like me performing your surgery. There are plenty of other students you could ask, my appearance does rather... break the conventions of bedside manner. As for blue, as you put it... I'm simply... tired."

As she finished speaking Roy lowered his head and let his hair cover his eyes before speaking out "No matter Who or What you are or am as long as you're a good person you're fine in my book, and I would be glad if not relived to have someone as dedicated to their position as you to treat me or anyone else for that matter, and if anyone is foolish enough to judge you for something like your race or you're looks They have no right being hunters in the first place."Roy said before lifting his head and letting a smile appear on his face and returning to his normal lazy demeanor ."Sorry If I got a little emotional there, just have a distaste for Discrimination is all."

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9 Re: The Dresses That Impresses (Open) on Wed Feb 22, 2017 12:34 pm

Charlotte Monochrome
"It's fine deary, better than previous reactions I've had. Even when people were under the knife there have been... complications in regards to their mentality. I'm glad your so passionate about your position, if others were then we'd have a lot fewer problems in the world." She smiled, rising slightly. She didn't stop leaning though, standing for this long was... difficult to say the least. Having walked all day she was quite tired, her body burned calories at a much greater rate than most. Both through heating and through simple moving. She obviously couldn't just lean against it any other way, especially not the move common way with one's back.

"You're a student to, have you been at the academy for long? I don't recall seeing you, injured or uninjured. I must be coming up on half a year or so now, despite that though... and despite it being a combat based academy, I haven't picked up any fighting skills... though perhaps with my medical vows that's for the best. Can hardly aim to do no harm yet engage in spars~" She smiled, inquisitive about the newcomer.

"Have you been practicing your combat for a while now? I must assume you have to get into a combat academy like this one. There's a lot of interesting fighters up there."

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10 Re: The Dresses That Impresses (Open) on Thu Feb 23, 2017 8:43 am

Roy Fox
After Charlotte had asked the a couple questions Roy answered "Oh,well to be honest I've only Been at Syne for about a month and a half. As to combat skills before I became a student, I was a mercenary since I didn't really have anywhere to go after the incident..."
Roy said aloud while smiling in a sad manner as his old memories started to resurface, he quickly shook His head and spoke out again
"I still do a little mercenary work from time to time though,but as of current I'm not going to do any for a while."

"So, what brings you to the fountain on a day like this?" "I was cloud watching over there"he said while pointing to the bench where he originally lie upon.

"I was supposed to be meditating for " "Madam Ego" today but It's only Saturday so I guess I can do It tomorrow. "

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11 Re: The Dresses That Impresses (Open) on Thu Feb 23, 2017 9:56 am

Charlotte Monochrome
"Ah, well, the less valiant work is often the more dangerous. Thus the most rewarding, both in terms of actual profit and skill gain. If it's being done for survival after all, you have to put all of yourself into it. Can't afford to be lazy if it's life or death." She nodded, lightly reminiscing about her first days of surgery. The back alleys, working on faunus with everything from bullet wounds to nearly detached limbs to shredded torsos.

"I'm just here passing through, a body like mine needs a lot of energy to function and so it requires a lot more resting than the average of one with a humanoid frame. Not to mention how much harder it is to portion my meals, both when it comes to eating out and even just affording to buy my own food. The Academy helps out all it can but I do struggle quite often. Not to starvation level, but I'm not as free to move as I wish I was." She admitted, "My body has always been the root of my problems, with few uses to make up for it. Being a portable bed and warmer than most is hardly equivalent exchange in my mind."

She raised a brow slightly at the mention of a "Madam Ego," "Meditation doesn't sound so bad, though the medical applications of it are highly exaggerated. I suppose though it's not the task itself, rather the lecturer, you don't like. Well, that reaffirms my gladness to be avoiding combat related classes."

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12 Re: The Dresses That Impresses (Open) on Fri Feb 24, 2017 6:35 pm

Roy Fox
As Charlotte started to describe the hardships of having a body like hers Roy could wonder in amazement at how hard a life like hers must be not only dealing with discrimination but also dealing with so much more." Hey that only proves how strong you are, to be able to deal with so much yet get so little in return." as Charlotte began to switch the subject to Roy's meditation comment about Haze Roy could only hope to know where to start about the woman.

"Ah,very right you are the class I'm referring to happens to be combat strategies where an egotistical snake happens to dwell." I'm not sure if you've met her before but her name is Madam Haze, her philosophy is neutrality in any combat situation I agree with this for the most part, but when one says to kill your comrade just because he starts to get upset is where you cross the line. " Roy then let out a breath before speaking once more "Add the fact thathat she refers to herself as a goddess and well you just have a tornado of problems." Roy let out an audible sigh before his eyes Widened in realization "S-sorry for rambling."

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13 Re: The Dresses That Impresses (Open) on Sat Feb 25, 2017 11:20 am

Charlotte Monochrome
She smiled, nodding slightly. "I thank you, and it's fine my dear~ I've taken other's woes on rare occasion, I believe my bedside manner can be quite good if people will allow me to administer it. Having dealt with people in life or death fights with injuries, you do have to listen to a lot of woes and regrets. Simple disdain for a lecturer isn't anything to apologize for. It does sound like she has a rather pessimistic view, but I suppose that without a medic on your team such things would have to be debated. Much easier, sounder and superior solution is just to have a medical professional with you at all times. If they've been through an Academy many will know at the very least base level combat, or at least what to do in the field when facing Grimm as I do."

She hesitated for a moment, a thought dawning upon her, "I wonder, do you have a team? A typical constructed group to be specific, not a group of friends that might go out hunting every so often. One of the formally formed teams that there are posters around the school, suggesting their construction." She smiled slightly more, "You seem like the type, who would lead well. You showed no prejudice toward me, learned from your mistake and acted politely quickly. You even seem capable of being openly critical of others, even if you seem embarassed to let it out. I'll grant you, it won't typically earn you praise from others, many will even hate it, but it is an important to be critical while in a leadership position. I'm sure you'll realize however, accepting criticism yourself is also incredibly important. If your capable of that, I think you'd make a brilliant leader."

It wasn't that she was suggesting that she herself wanted to form a team with him, though she wouldn't be against it and it may have sounded as though she was suggesting it, rather that this had been the first real connection with a person she'd made in some time. Sure, there had been others, but they hadn't met up after their initial meeting. This Roy however seemed malleable enough and kind enough that she wouldn't mind further conversation, or even working together on projects such as hunting expeditions. Moreover, but well in the back of her head, was the fact that she was quite lonely and this person had approached her. No coincidence or event had thrown them together, he had simply approached her. And that meant more than the alternative.

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14 Re: The Dresses That Impresses (Open) on Sat Feb 25, 2017 11:55 am

Roy Fox
Roy then smiled back before his eyes widened in shock as he was asked another question. "W-well I've never actually thought about a team, you see I've been alone for the majority of my life, and all those years of mercenary work were usually solo missions,and in any joint missions I had we never worked as a functioning team but more of a whoever does better gets paid more kind of unit." Roy let out a breath before speaking "Also I fear that I would be too over protective I've lost a lot and If I were to make such bonds I don't think I could handle losing anybody." "That and my conversation skills are kind of lacking You're actually the first person I've had a heart felt talk with the whole time I've been here."

Roy then blushed slightly as Charlotte said he had potential to become a great leader. It seemed as if she was implying that she wouldn't mind forming a team with him,but that probably wasn't the case. Roy himself wouldn't mind forming a team with her, to be honest conversation with her was very pleasant and she was the only person who he had ever had a real Talk with as a person,not as a student or mercenary since the "Incident" anyway.

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15 Re: The Dresses That Impresses (Open) on Sat Feb 25, 2017 1:49 pm

Charlotte Monochrome
"Oh hogwash, the occasional stutter is nothing in comparison to the lacking social skills of some around here. You were able to approach me, one who looks abnormal to say the least, and feel you could talk freely as well as simply listen when needed. That shows at least some level of social aptitude. As for experience what little you've had is probably more than a lot of people around here. Being over protective isn't a fault either, don't be so rough on yourself." She turned once more to properly face him, having lent against the fountain long enough to regain some stamina.

"I don't know of your combat skills, though having been a mercenary I think I can assume they are quite brilliant. You're continuing your studies despite disagreement with a lecturer, showing a degree of patience I'm sure others do not. I'm sure many would be happy to have you as a team leader, I certainly would be." She smiled brightly, perhaps not totally unaware of the magnitude of what she was saying but certainly not minding it.

"Besides, it's for the best that students form teams anyway. You have the ability to engage in conversation, I'm sure you'd be able to form a great one~"

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16 Re: The Dresses That Impresses (Open) on Sat Feb 25, 2017 3:52 pm

Roy Fox
"Thanks a lot" was all Roy could say as Charlotte properly faced him no longer needing the fountain to regain stamina. She then went on to describe even more traits of his that would make him a good leader even going as far as to say he had patience and she would be happy to have him as a team leader. Roy chuckled "Thank you, I mean I just,I just don't really know what to say ya,know."

She then mentioned how much better it is for teams to be formed and that he would be able to form a great one. Roy then smiled brightly before looking at the setting sun and speaking out "The way you worded that its almost as if you wanted to form a team?"Roy said aloud his ginger hair blowing in the breeze his coat flapping within the wind.

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17 Re: The Dresses That Impresses (Open) on Sun Feb 26, 2017 1:48 pm

Charlotte Monochrome
She paused momentarily, thinking on the potential formation. "Perhaps that is what I'm saying... I wouldn't disagree to it I don't think, you would have course have to find two other people who were not only willing to join with you. But also willing to join with whoever else you recruited, and then the likes of myself. Despite how positively you look upon me, it would be far easier to form a team without me."

"I believe I am suggesting that your skills would be best grown in a team, I am offering my services to such but I am not enforcing my place in one." She nodded, deciding, "If your team would require me, I'd be willing not to fill not second or third place but fourth. I should be the last one chosen, not the first, I believe that would be best as you would more than likely have to get the rest of the team to accept my position if you were to. Not simply because of who I am, but because of my lack of combat prowess and dedication to medicine rather than combat."

"While it is good for a team to have a medical professional, one so dedicated as me can cause some form of conflict in itself. You are one hand on the battlefield down, even if you are a leg up medically. By no means is this a rejection, but I really think you should think hard about having me in your team." Perhaps she did want to join a team more than she'd admit. However, she knew that forming a team around her and not adding herself to one would be more difficult than the opposite.

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18 Re: The Dresses That Impresses (Open) on Sun Feb 26, 2017 3:22 pm

Roy Fox
As Charlotte gave her Ideas on the matter of a team, Roy almost missed the sense of longing in her eyes as she suggested he think before having her on the team and if so putting her in last. Roy let out a sigh before speaking"If that's what you think is best I won't stop you but I want you to know one thing" Roy paused for a moment "We at Syne are different than most other academies we have the option of choosing teams and that means we get to choose who is put on it." "A true team isn't made up of people who have spectacular combat prowess, some may have none at all, but a true team is formed of people who trust and respect each other mutually no matter the differences, people who you would trust with your life should the situation call for it."
Roy then smirked

"Now I admit combat prowess is a major part of a team,but it isn't everything, don't think the way you look or your abilities will have anything to do with who goes on the team what matters to me is whats in here" he punctuated it by pointing toward his heart "Now by no means is this a lecture or a plead, but I think you should really think hard about where you belong on a team that was created by you giving the leader the confidence that he never knew he had In the first place." To be honest he understood her concerns,but to be honest he didn't care of people had a problem with him due to her being the second in command on his team he would deal with it because that's what a leader is supposed to do.

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19 Re: The Dresses That Impresses (Open) on Sun Feb 26, 2017 9:36 pm

Charlotte Monochrome
At his attempt toward stoicism echoed across the streets Charlotte couldn't help but begin to laugh, he was attempting to sound like some kind of wise elder... as a leader he would perhaps have to, but he still had quite a ways to come. "Muhuhuhuhu~ Perhaps I have built up your confidence too much? Such a mindless reprimand, you were claiming you were inept socially just a minute ago weren't you? Couldn't even bow an ask a lady's name, look how far you've come in that minute."

Her laughter... wasn't exactly pretty, the spider like half of her body seeming to shake and shiver almost as it shot through her. Uper half attempting to politely cover her mouth. "You've not been at the academy for as long as me, I bring up building the team to you and you attempt to turn the knowledge of formation upon me. Claiming to be a lone wolf of sorts, yet then turning to understanding team construction. My my, I can't tell when I stopped leading the conversation and you began~ Or perhaps I still am leading it; by bolstering you so."

She finally calmed down, returning to her reserved smile, "I won't say yes or no now, as you've said teams are picked by this very method so that we can take our time on these things. Show to me that you can continue like this without me, get some other people, and we will see. For now, I've regained my energy, I must depart before hunger strikes. Hopefully I will see you around the academy, enjoy the evening Roy Fox."

With a curtsy she was gone, set back on the path toward home. Not toward the academy dorms as the majority of students stayed, rather her own abode. Built in line with her needs for bedding and comfort. Yes she'd left this day still without a dress, but perhaps something more worthwhile was on the horizon.


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20 Re: The Dresses That Impresses (Open) on Sun Feb 26, 2017 10:39 pm

Roy Fox
As Charlotte walked away with a graceful curtsy a foxy smile wide as could be had erupted upon Roy's face. "It seems I do have a long way to go don't I" he asked to no one in particular as he started to walk away he began to contemplate every word that his conversation partner had said from reprimanding him for a rude entrance to half mocking half complementing him as she left. He realized that maybe bonds weren't such a bad thing after all. To be honest he was quite happy to have had such a conversation he had not really talked to anyone in years and now he felt like he had an obligation to begin opening up if he was to get anywhere near his goal.  

"Welp looks like its time for sleep, today has been a long day hasn't it?" He said as he walked away coat billowing within the wind his hair blowing within the breeze.

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