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A newbie enters (Open to 3)

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1 A newbie enters (Open to 3) on Thu Feb 16, 2017 5:08 am

On what seemed to be a rather calm and relaxed day, an airship landed at the academy, letting a few people off including the fresh face of Fiona, holding a piece of paper away from her and moving rather slowly. She had quickly painted a view of the forest from the airship and was making sure that it had dried before trying to pack it away, it wasn't her best work but with what she had, she was happy with it. She looked around, it was a sunny, clear day and she loved how everything looked in the sunlight, looking around for a few moments before realizing that she should probably go somewhere, quickly finding somewhere away from any crowds.

She quickly puts down her backpack, getting some papers before gently laying her painting on the backpack and quickly looking though what was in her hands. She quickly finds a map but nothing to tell her where to go so she internally panics as she looks at the map, maybe finding somewhere to go on there. "(Hmm... I should probably go to the Administrative Building)" she thought as she checked her painting, it was dry so she gently put it and most of the papers in her backpack, only leaving out the map because getting lost was the last thing she wanted. After getting her backpack back on, she quickly heads to the Administrative Building, focusing a lot on her map and occasionally looking up to check her surroundings.

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2 Re: A newbie enters (Open to 3) on Tue Feb 28, 2017 9:51 pm

Frost Kyanite
The airship let off a few new students, including one Frost Kyanite. The voyage had been uneventful, at least in comparison to how it could have been. He'd seen vids of Beacon's evacuation, and the airborne Grimm had been bad lately. Syne's scenic view greeted his eyes as he hefted his pack, which contained his weapon and the few belongings that he took along with him.

Hmmm... I should find the Administrative Building...

The trouble was, he'd never been to the Academy before, and a sense of direction wasn't his forte'. Spotting a girl with a map, something he now wished he'd invested in, he cleared his throat as he tried to get her attention.

"Hey, excuse me! Sorry to bother you,"
he said apologetically as he flashed a winning smile in her direction. "I was wondering if you could point me in the direction of the Administrative Building."

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