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Artemis Nobushi, the Girl with the Secret Identity [Finished and ready for approval]

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Artemis Nobushi
Enrollment Form

Artemis' left eye is Green, and her right eye is Gold.

Basic info
Name: Artemis Suu Togakari Nobushi
Age: 20
Birthday: February 14th
Gender: Female
Race: Goshawk Faunus (Short, grey, speckled wings).
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 128 lbs
Face Claim: Natsume Shinonome - Zannen na Ore-tachi no Seishun Jijou

STR: 5
DEF: 2
RES: 1
SPT: 4
Aura 140|160 HP

Major: Dust
Likes: -Swimming.
-Cute things.
Dislikes: -Most men.
-People touching her body.
-People touching her weapon.
Fears: -People finding out about her and Kaku.
-Ironically, drowning.
Talent: Combat
Weakness Cooking
Overall Personality: Artemis is split into three thing: Happy, depressed, and Kakusareta.
To kick things off, Artemis could be described as 'Bipolar, plus one'. At a young age for reasons later mentioned, Kakusareta formed as a third personality.
First off we have happy Artemis. Your generic extreme personality.
Then we have depressed Artemis - But it's not really depression, it's moreso a complete and utter lack of inspiration to do anything.
And then there's Kakusareta. Normal in between the extremes. A happy medium. A happy, mentally unstable medium. An abnormal development, since it defies most, if not all, rules of being bipolar. Kaku is almost 'normal', you could say.  
Normal as she is, Kaku still comes off, typically, as an overly happy person. Either that, or she is silent, strong, and mysterious. Kakusareta typically only comes out during a hunt, and she is known to be quick and efficient. Happy or silent, no remorse is spared for anybody who defies her.
Kakusareta: Kakusareta is like a third personality for Artemis. The reasoning behind why Kaku came into being is moreso in her history.
Nobody has, and nobody will, ever know that Artemis and Kakusareta are the same person, unless I give permission.

Aura type: Recovery
Aura Color: Black
Semblance: Artemis' semblance is different, in the sense of what it does to her body.
A head sized ball of shadows appears and disappears in a close proximity to Artemis at random times. She can summon it, but it will show up on it's own accord as well.
This shadow ball merges with Artemis, which allows her to use both of her powers.
This ball of shadows has a severe side effect on Artemis, however. When the shadows have merged with Artemis, her hair and/or eyes are changed to one of three colours.
When it merges with her there is a neutral mode and a battle mode. In neutral mode her eyes can change individually and so can her hair. These colours flush brightly to display her current emotions, as if the shadow ball is an illusion, or someow rapidly changes her DNA to change colours.
In battle mode, however, it can only go to two.
Yellow: Yellow is joy.
This is Artemis' main power. It allows her to teleport to any area of reasonable darkness, especially shadows. The only sign she teleported is the ball of shadows moving at an extremely high speed, trying to catch up with her. She can also teleport onto vertical surfaces, but will fall from them. This has a range of ten meters.
Orange: Orange is fear.
This allows Artemis to become practically invisible in shadows, even in daylight under a tree. Any shadow of reasonable darkness and she can turn practically invisible.
It's as if she were wearing black clothing.
All of these abilities cost 10 aura, since it is a utility semblance.
The Shadow Ball's name is Kaitzu.
Item 1: Artemis' pride and joy is the Naginata, a rather strange looking weapon that hardly seems battle ready. In bare essentials it's a sword stuck on the edge of a stick. Artemis' Naginata is shown in Kakusareta's picture; this is just a generalized image.
Item 2: Tier one Wind Dust: Artemis wears a belt around her waist when she goes into combat. This belt holds all of her vials of dust. Whilst Artemis prefers to wear it over her clothes Kakusareta prefers to hides it under a layer of her kimono-esque clothing. There is a slot near the middle of the staff, practically impossible to see when it's closed. In this slot is where Artemis places her Dust vials.
The Dust is fired out of the butt end of the staff.

History and Sample
Having a personality disorder makes conversations hard, and being a faunus doesn't help.
Some people would call young Artemis majestic, with her short, grey speckled wings, however, so being 'cute' did help.
Artemis didn't have much of an exciting life up until she was about eighteen. At that age of eighteen, however, it got more interesting. . .

Once she had full control over her powers, Artemis had developed a new sort of personality. It was almost as if her childhood friend she had conjured up out of dillusions of relationships had simply come to life. This personality started out as mischevious, and a thrill seeker.
Along with her prized Naginata, little Artemis liked to go hunting. She lived in a more outside village, where hunting for food was a main concern, and she was the best at it. No questions asked, she was the absolute best at it. It just. . . Happened. She was diagnosed with Bipolar Mood Disorder, but suddenly she had a "+1" at the end of it. There was no buildup, no development, no nothing.
She was just there.

This new girl was still Artemis, and Artemis knew that, and yet she was so different.

Artemis was the best hunter in her outside-ish village. She could kill anything.
Almost, anything.

With time, however, everything breaks.

Her village was overrun with Grimm, and she was denied the right to fight. She was told to run, to hide, and she watched it all burn. Burn to the ground.

It was now that her third personality really broke through. Kakusareta, she named it. For moral reasons she kept herself from protecting villages from her own's fate while being identified as Artemis Nobushi, so she had a plan.
Kaku was born. For real, this time. . .

The masked mistress was given many names in her two years of service. In the second year she was faced with a choice however. Syne Academy? She didn't need an Academy. . . Did she? She didn't think she did.

"It's only a few years", she'd say, "it's only a few years".

So she left. She left and people died but she put it all away in a tiny corner of her brain. "It's not real", she'd say, "it's not real".

It was real, and she could do nothing about it.
RP Sample:
  An eight year old Oomukade was rather huffy at this moment in time, for it was now bed time. She didn't like bed time.
Her multi-meter long body was sprawled loosely about her sleeping space, with her human "half" laying normally on her bed. Now, the reason that this girl was so worked up was that she was face down on the bed and she wanted to be face up.
The problem was that even at this age, Oomu still weighed a lot, And in order to flip her human half over she would have to flip at least a quarter of her centipede half. That would require a massive amount of force at this point in time and right now the centipede child was very oscitant and didn't want to move. In short, her brain wanted her to flip over, her body didn't.

A small grumble escaped her lips as she tried to fllip herself, but to no avail. Again, an attempt was made and again it failed. One more try and the girl sighed as her body refused to move. This is how she would sleep tonight, she supposed.

She wasn't happy about it, but it was.

Yeah no I'm too lazy to make a new one.  

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Artemis Nobushi

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Roy Fox
So were working on the blindness thing ASAP but there is one small problem.  It's the whole, natural shadows you wouldn't be able to hide in or teleport to. Only those you produce through the ball. The size of shadow you can make with the ball would be limited, and as of current we have no exact size yet.

Alternatively You could have Teleport to shadows" in view in ten meters, but you would loose the ability to produce them. Thus you could access natural ones, them being the only ones to exist to this version of you

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Artemis Nobushi
Bump. Just removed the shadow creation so she now only has three.

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Artemis Nobushi
Bump. Removed the blind ability because it didn't flow well. App is now ready for approval.

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Roy Fox
Thanks For waiting Approved ^^

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