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Xue'Shui Eversnow

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1 Xue'Shui Eversnow on Sun Feb 26, 2017 4:59 pm

Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Xue'Shui
Age: 22
Birthday: 12.12
Gender: Male
Race: Faunus (Grey Crowned Crane) A small distinctive crown of stiff golden feathers.
Height: 2.10 Meters
Weight: 101 kg
Face Claim:  Tsurumaru Kuninaga - Touken Ranbu

STR: 5 + 1 (6)
DEF: 1
RES: 1
SPT: 5
Aura 170|130 HP

Major: Combat Major
Likes: Peace, Conversations, Company and Training.
Dislikes: Conflicts, Bullies, Grimm, Killing.
Fears: Death, Grimm and Isolation.
Talent: Fighting.
Weakness Vehicle Mastery
Overall Personality:

Xue'shui is a conflicted person over many things, while he enjoys training and honing his skills both with his blade and without, there is always a feeling of disgust over him self whenever he draws his blade against another. Xue'shui loves the concept of peace and values maintaining it among his highest personal duties. While he enjoys peace Xue'shui is not a fool and knows that even peace must give way for war and suffering at certain points, even though he hates this deep down he always knows peace won't last.

He is a highly sociable person and loves the company of others, he has no problem striking up a conversation without even knowing who at the current moment he is talking to. Being rather joyful and carefree about such things one can always find him seeking out others and seems to almost never be alone.

Even tho he despises drawing his blade against another Xue'shui knows the value of training and that it can be used for more then just with his skill concerning harming others. While he enjoys training and hates fighting Xue'shui has no problem harming and killing grimm as he sees them as the main obstacle  for peace and as something incomplete, something so hollow that it would be a mercy to kill it.

Something he has never really come to terms with is his shyness when it comes to conflict and not in the same way he hates fighting. No this is the verbal conflicts or arguments and how incredibly horrid he is at the whole thing. While he loves to talk and be around others he almost always goes quiet when involved in an argument or conflict that has to be taken verbally. While he just stands there silently and prefers to not say much considering how horrid he is at it Xue'shui will if pushed to far yell at the person before leaving the area and finding a place to hide and try and make him self small so that he won't be found.

Aura type:Power: The Power Aura makes characters naturally stronger than others. Increase STR by one even if it would make the stat higher than 5.
Aura Color: Going from white to blue.
Xue'shui's Húdié: A singular butterfly forms on the tip of Xue'shui's blade and flaps it's blue and white wings, as the butterfly flaps the area underneath the blade experiences powerful winds before the wind seems to flow around his sword. The sword is the twirled around his palm and grabbed so that the guard is by his pinkie finger and the blade's edge faces outwards from him, he then lowers his stance to a crouch and swings his arm to his side so that the blade points backwards.

A few moments later the butterfly takes off and with blinding speed Xue'shui dashes towards his target before slicing at it and aiming for the most vital organs he can attack on the side he is cutting. In effect he uses the wind generated from the butterfly to dash at his intended target and to wing his sword in a fast motion in hopes of making his target unable to dodge or block and then going for a vital region where he will do the most damage.

(This semblance essentially allows him to use winds for thrust in order to do one powerful semblance damage attack with his blade)

Item 1: Qīnshu Húdié: Xue'shui's Odachi. The sword is 1.67 meters (66 Inches) in length with the blade being 1.19 meters long (47 Inches).

Item 2:
Xue'shui's clothing: The clothing he is seen wearing is made from different types of fabric to provide mobility but also protection against physical harm to some degree. Physical Armor.

History and Sample
Born to a normal family of a Faunus Father and Mother, Xue'shui had a happy and normal childhood, except the small amount of racism that accompanied his faunus lineage. Being the oldest child of four he always had to take care of his other siblings and watch over them whenever his mother and father went to work and had to stay late.

Living a normal life, or well mostly normal except the occasional grimm attack, Xue'shui never really had any other problems to deal with. His family were tightly knit together and the few fights they had mostly ended being resolved within the week they happened, so overall it was a very good life.

It became better when Xue'shui befriended Huyia, developing a crush on the boy Xue couldn't help but follow Huyia out on all manners of foolish errands. From hunting grimm to walking in the forest there was almost nothing Xue would do for Huyia and over time he told him how he felt and Xue couldn't hold him self when his feelings were returned in kind.

Life continued as it does, Xue and Huyia kept being together while still getting into foolish ventures but Xue didn't care as long as Huyia was there with him. When he reached the age of twenty-two Huyia got incredibly sick and was bed ridden for almost a year, during which Xue came by daily and even spent several nights being besides his love. Holding to his promise of always showing a smile towards Huyia, Xue cried when he was completely alone and made sure to dry his eyes and get ready whenever he went to see him.

When the end of his loves life was close at hand Xue couldn't hold it any more and just collapsed onto the floor as he cried and begged Huyia not to leave him and just stay with him for a little longer, he couldn't loose him, he wasn't ready. When he was embraced by Huyia, Xue couldn't help but to apologies for breaking his promise but he was told it was okay and they stayed in that embrace until Huyia finally gave in and let out his final breath.

Xue was devastated by this and even tho he knew his love would want him to live his life and keep going Xue just couldn't stay in the town any more it just hurt so much. Packing his belongings and leaving the town he said his goodbyes to his family but he couldn't face his friends while he was this sad and tried to just leave but he was stopped and had to confront his friends and in the end he left while turning his gaze to the sky and giving a small smile as he would always remember his first love as he continued towards a new path.

RP Sample:
Walking down the street Xue'shui had tears running down his face, not that one could easily spot it due to the heavy rain which had drenched his clothes and hair. Having his Odachi strapped on his back and a small travel bag slung over his shoulder Xue'shui was feeling completely lost while he continued to walk.

"Sorry... I am so sorry... Please no..." almost whispering these words he returned to sobbing silently afterwards as he still kept the white piece of cloth his love had been so fond of. Tying it around his upper arm just above the elbow Xue'shui kept walking while avoiding every other person franticly rushing out of the heavy rain.

Being spotted by his friends he simply ignored their calls for him and continued walking until he was grabbed and pushed up towards a wall within a small café another of his friends worked in. Lowering his head and sinking down towards the floor his friends where shocked as they saw just how depressed and broken he looked when they crouched down besides him.

After sitting down and speaking while tears still ran down his face his friends simply supported him and gave their apologies for the loss he had suffered. After a few hours they let him go as the weather cleared up, giving them a fond goodbye he simply continued to walk. Turning his gaze towards the sky Xue'shui simply gave a small smile as a few rays of sun hit him and spoke slowly "Huyia my love, I hope you are watching me and someday find me to be worthy of you. I swear to return when my heart is ready."

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2 Re: Xue'Shui Eversnow on Wed Mar 01, 2017 6:30 pm

Richard Lionheart
Alright welcome to the site, sorry this took a bit ^^ There are two problems in your app keeping me from approving it, the first is your semblance... it sound cool but I'm not quite sure what the semblance actually does? Is it like a sudden burst of speed from the wind, the momentum of which can be coupled with a sword blow? Regardless the max range on semblances is ten meters so that would need edited.

"Call me short and your life'll get a whole lot shorter."
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3 Re: Xue'Shui Eversnow on Thu Apr 13, 2017 11:07 pm

Sorry for the long wait, yes the semblance is basically a dash using the air generated to propel himself forward and then using it to augment the speed and power of his swing. Also done some major edits to his story and other parts of the Character and made the range 10 meters.

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4 Re: Xue'Shui Eversnow on Fri Apr 14, 2017 10:12 am

Richard Lionheart

"Call me short and your life'll get a whole lot shorter."
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