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Frost Kyanite

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1 Frost Kyanite on Sun Feb 26, 2017 11:16 pm

Frost Kyanite
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Frost Kyanite
Age: 18
Birthday: June 9
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 190 lbs.
Face Claim: Jack Morrison (Young Soldier: 76) from Overwatch

Aura 150|150HP

Major: Combat *10% Bonus to Lien earned from Hunts*
Likes: Board/Video Games, Working Out, A Good Cheeseburger, Fridays, People Who Have a Good Sense of Humor, Crowds
Dislikes: Losing, Laziness, Mondays, Isolation, Bullying
Fears: Failure, Losing People He Loves, Regrets
Talent: Tactician
Weakness Dust Refining
Overall Personality: Frost Kyanite is the archetypal Atlas boy. Raised by a military father and mother, his upbringing displays itself in his careful speech and near-perfect posture. But Frost didn't follow his parents into the Atlesian defense force, opting instead to become a hunter. He has a good sense of humor, and is a total extrovert, getting satisfaction from interacting with others. He's an ENFP personality, ready to inspire others and stand for a good cause, but becomes discouraged if his ideas are ignored or if he's marginalized by others. Frost is a thrill-seeker, and loves anything that has a competitive side to it, but knows not to jump into unnecessary risks. His weakness is that he sometimes refuses to listen to others if he has a plan, opting to have faith in his original design rather than adapt as the situation calls for it. Hopefully he'll grow out of this flaw over time.

Aura type: Recovery
Aura Color: White
Semblance: Winter's Knight : True to his name, Frost can manipulate water into ice to suit his needs. Depending on how much water is around, his application of  the skill varies greatly. Using just water from trees or grass, Frost can form a layer of transparent, but extremely dense ice over himself or an ally, using his semblance as defensive armor. He can also launch ice shards like shuriken in small batches at an opponent to use it offensively. When more water is present, he can form cover for him and his allies to shoot from behind it. Outside of defensive or offensive use, it sees utility as giving Frost the ability to manipulate water in its 3 states, and as his aura grows stronger, so will his semblance.
Item 1: True Blue: A gift from his mother, straight from the Atlas Military R&D dept. The "T-10 Galt Weapons Platform" is the latest model of experimental Atlesian transformable weaponry, its default state being a standard assault rifle with a relatively small 25 round capacity magazine. It can hold dust rounds if integrated properly, but the magazine is small to allow for the rifle's transformation to a single edged falchion, usable in one or two hands. The blade is an alloy of steel, tungsten, and silicone, the perfect blend of edge retention and sharpness. The single edge means that the back of the blade can be used as a nonlethal pacification option, and the blade spine can also be infused with dust to create elemental effects on impact if used correctly. The weapon was damaged in his last fight with his brother, and only the rifle mode works right now. It will take significant repairs to allow him to activate the blade again.
Item 2: Frost is lightly equipped thus far, having only a breastplate that integrates an elemental threat recognition drive. This doesn't give him any physical damage resistance, but boosts his resistance to dust attacks. The breastplate is blue, and has his family crest emblem on the front.

History and Sample
Frost was born in Atlas to Terra and Syne Kyanite, both officers in the military. Frost grew up in a household that was disciplined, but full of love. His parents weren't perfect, but their life was a happy one. Frost was an only child for a few years, but time made him the oldest of three siblings. The middle child was his brother, Hawk, and his little sister Trini was born four years after he was.

Hawk was ever Frost's rival, naturally gifted at everything he tried, forcing Frost to work hard to keep up, even though he was the older. Trini had no taste for combat, but showed great artistic promise with shaping dust. Frost had little talent with the stuff, but excelled in games of war like chess that his father used to sit him down with and teach. The military was always going to be Frost's destiny, until his little brother was accepted early into Beacon Academy. His parents were so proud that their son was going to a school to specialize in combat, but all Frost could feel was jealousy. Wasn't he the eldest, the one who was walking in his parents' footsteps?

Forgoing his parents' admonishments, Frost applied at Beacon and transferred in a week late. He and his brother continued to be rivals, as they were placed on the same team, Team FFHA (Fuschia). Led by student Fae Elbright, and rounding out their number with Aren Niwa, the team did first year activities and missions, but were constantly ineffective due to the brothers' inability to cooperate. This came to a head when they were eliminated from the Vytal Festival in the first round. Enraged, Frost drew his weapon on his brother in anger, fighting him outside the stadium. Breaking each other's auras, their teammates were finally able to pull them apart, but the damage was done. Frost left Beacon after a few days of avoiding his brother, intending to return after the tournament concluded.

He never got the chance, as Beacon fell two days afterward. Brokenhearted that he had abandoned his brother and team that way, Frost watched helplessly as passage into Beacon and Vale became harder and harder, eliminating his chance to go back for his brother. With the communication towers down, weeks went by before Frost was visited by Fae, who had survived the assault and come to find him.

Aren had died in the Grimm attack, and Hawk was missing in action, presumed dead since he hadn't shown up anywhere else in Vale. Fae blamed Frost for Aren's death, retiring from her huntress training due to losing a leg in the chaos. Knowing that he had to complete his training as a Huntsman to honor his brother's memory, Frost had become too accustomed to a huntsman's life to want to go to Atlas Academy, knowing that path just lead to the military.

He decided on Syne Academy, which was making a name for itself, as an alternative to Beacon, and prepared to depart. His parents knew that he wanted to see if his brother had somehow made it to Syne, which was close to Vale, or to see if communication could be re-established. Frost promised his parents and sister that he would avenge his brother's death, turning a new page in his life.

Showing up on the shores of Syne, Frost has a chip on his shoulder about family, but is slowly letting down his guard so that this time, he can be the team player he needs to be in order to keep his new team safe.

RP Sample:
Snapping his rifle from target to target, Frost fired in short, controlled bursts. -PRRRRT- -PRRRRT- went the gun, its recoil dampened by the shock absorbers in the stock.

"Two Griffins, sixty five degrees high, one o'clock and two o'clock!" He called out the targets, focusing his team's fire on the incoming Grimm.

They screeched as rounds tore their shadowy flesh, rending their wings and bringing them to the ground. The Beowolves that were charging from their ten o'clock position were just more red pips on his tactical visor, and he called them out to his team.

"Overwatch, keep the flying ones off of us! Vanguard, brace for the charge!" Around him, his team switched to their melee weapons, and he pulled the secondary trigger on his weapon as well.

True Blue's barrel split, allowing the tungsten steel blade to reveal itself, allowing Frost to assume a fighting position near the edge of his trench. Before he could think, one was almost on top of him, rending claws seeking out the soft spots in his armor. The rending fangs and nails found no purchase, a single claw tracing a line in the crystallized ice that served as his invisible barrier. With a cry, Frost sent True Blue's edge screaming into the side of the creature, lopping the beast's two left limbs from its torso. The snarling Grimm howled mournfully as it flopped into the trench behind him, its existence cut short by one of his teammates' blades.

Frost continued to hack at every mouth or arm that dared peek around his cover, or crawl over top of it. His icy armor was cracking in places now, his aura unable to maintain it for much longer. Seeing a break in the flow of dark bodies, he let go, peeking over the top of the trench to look for an opening. There!

Climbing out of the trench and splitting a passing boar Grimm in two with a flick of his saber, Frost pointed his weapon at the line of sunlight that was opening up in the flood of bodies before them. "We can rout them here, split their forces! Charge!"

Trusting him implicitly, the other huntsmen and huntresses under his command leaped from the trench, yelling war cries and decimating Grimm where they found them. "Overwatch, cover our backs!" Frost called his team's shots, watching as any Grimm that tried to encircle his team's heads exploded with dark wet -POPP- sounds.

The sniper fire allowed his melee teammates to eliminate the Grimm in front of them, clearing him a path. But he had to take care of his ranged allies as well, ferrying them to safety.

"Overwatch, get behind me, let's move!" Summoning his spiritual reserves, the cerulean-clad trooper called the moisture in the air to his hand, feeling the comfortable drop in temperature as nature gave up its blood to save him yet again.

A floating shield of transparent ice hung suspended in front of him, taking all of his concentration to maintain as his allies dropped into formation behind him, shooting from behind the mobile cover as they evacuated. It would be close, but the tide of Grimm had been stemmed here. No casualties were reported as the airship evacuated him and his team, and Frost finally allowed fatigue to creep into his muscles. He would never leave a man behind again. Never again.

Last edited by Frost Kyanite on Mon Feb 27, 2017 9:41 pm; edited 5 times in total (Reason for editing : Armor now only protects against dust.)

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2 Re: Frost Kyanite on Sun Feb 26, 2017 11:29 pm

Frost Kyanite
True Blue Rifle Form

True Blue Falchion Form

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3 Re: Frost Kyanite on Sun Feb 26, 2017 11:43 pm

Richard Lionheart
Hey, I couldn't sleep so i decided to just do this quickly, this app is very good however there are a couple problems. First is that weapons can only have one form at the start, you will be able to gain your second form as you progress past tier 3 and upgrade it once more. You can have the transformation within the weapon be broken, locking it in one form, or as is recommended you can simply work on it yourself or have someone else work on it for you later.

Secondly is your item two. For your second item you have to take dust, or one of the two armour types as you have already taken a weapon, not the likes of this which does not fit any of the categories.

Bump when done and I'll do final checks ^^

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4 Re: Frost Kyanite on Mon Feb 27, 2017 10:10 am

Frost Kyanite

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5 Re: Frost Kyanite on Mon Feb 27, 2017 1:07 pm

Richard Lionheart
You only get physical resistance or dust resistance to start with, you can get another piece or add the other type of resistance to it, later. You also need to define your armour and what it covers, like is it a chesplate or? ^^ bump when done

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6 Re: Frost Kyanite on Mon Feb 27, 2017 4:55 pm

Frost Kyanite
Last bump, I promise. =3

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7 Re: Frost Kyanite on Tue Feb 28, 2017 1:10 am

Frost Kyanite
Ok one last BUMP. -bumps-

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8 Re: Frost Kyanite on Tue Feb 28, 2017 1:56 pm

Richard Lionheart
Alright, on the assumption that your loss in the Vytal festival wasn't to a canon team. Approved

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