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Foxhunt(Solo/Weapon Training)

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1 Foxhunt(Solo/Weapon Training) on Mon Feb 27, 2017 1:15 am

A man stood in the center of an arena like structure in the training room. He was surrounded by around 6 Training dummies 2 of which held Straight swords three held hatchets and the final one held a large golden battleaxe. The man was equipped with a black trenchcoat and a katana, His hand hovered above the katana as an imaginary timer went off in his head. At the count of three he dashed forward slashing one of the hatchet dummies chest before kicking it away he then quickly spun on his heel and parried a sword strike from the side before sidestepping a wide strike from an axe. He quickly ducked as a battle axe swung over his head before sweeping its feet from under it and backing away from combat. The dummy he had originally slashed began to stand while the battleaxe one began to stand as well. The two sword dummies then began to charge at the man blades raised high while the two hatchet dummies tried to flank him at a slower pace. The man closed his eyes for a split second before slashing twice in an X manner at the sword dummies chest sending stumbling backwards before bashing its twins face with the hilt of his sword, he did a quick spin before cutting its head clean off. He then dashed forward and stabbed directly into the chest of the dummy with the X shaped cut in its center. He then Quickly turned to barley Parry a blow from one of the flanking dummies. In a feat of strength he quickly pushed it back and propelled of its chest in a back flip sending it tumbling to the ground and avoiding a horizontal swipe from the other hatchet dummy from behind him.

Roy quickly dashed forward ramming his shoulder into its abdomen before quickly slashing its head off as it tumbled backward. The other dummy tried to stand but was soon met with imalment from his blade. He turned quickly glancing at the remaining two dummies a hatchet and the battleaxe. The hatchet one charged forward foolishly due to its Brigand like programing. He quickly slashed at its stomach making it double over before bashing it's head with the pommel of his weapon sending it sprawling to the ground Roy quickly impaled it before walking toward the seemingly smarter "Ring leader" as he walked closer the final dummy tensed before making a wide horizontal slash Roy quickly rolled out the way before charging with a slash aimed at it's stomach, right before his blow landed however the dummy somehow managed to pull it's weapon back and Parry his blow before pushing the man off it and charging once more this time swinging in a downward arc Roy quickly sidestepped as the blade came crashing down. He quickly dashed forward striking at its chest with two slashes sending it stumbling back. The dummy soon caught itself and took a different more widespread stance before clicking a button on the axes center making it split into two smaller curved axes. Roy was about to charge once more before quickly ducking as an axe was sent flying over his head like a boomerang, he then quickly tried to roll out the way but was struck at the side by the second axe. As the axes arced back toward their owner Roy saw and opportunity and swung out against one of the returning axes sending it clattering to the ground. He then charged channeling some aura into his weapon as it scraped against the ground coating it with arcing electricity as he struck out cutting both the dummies arms clean off, before ducking as the reamining axe came flying back striking it square in the head. Roy stood up dusted himself off and returned to his dorm to get a much needed sleep.

OOC-(Do I just post it like this for tier two on my weapon?)

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