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Professor Grey Carver

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1 Professor Grey Carver on Wed Mar 01, 2017 12:32 am

Grey Carver

Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Grey B. Carver
Age: 31
Birthday: August 1st
Gender: Male
Race: Faunus- Wolf- Trait: Enhanced sense of smell.
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 188 lbs.
Face Claim: Bigby Wolf (The Wolf Among Us)

STR:4 [5 w/ Aura]
Aura 150|150 HP

Major: Teaches Forensic and Detective Science
Likes: Cold beer, detective novels, students who pay attention
Dislikes: Reckless people, extremism, ignorance
Fears: Faunus genocide, claustrophobic spaces, horror movies
Talent: Investigation
Weakness Cooking
Overall Personality: Professor Carver is a dry wit, hopeful for the future in spite of his experiences that would suggest humanity is locked into a cycle of self-destruction. Patient and Socratic in his method of teaching, Carver enjoys letting students ask the questions that lead them to answers instead of holding their hand all the way there. Noticing the small details that others wouldn't is both his leisure activity and his profession, and he'll often point out things that surprise people. Not everyone 'gets' his sense of humor, but he doesn't let it bother him. Calm and collected in the face of peril, he's always a realist, but can reconcile optimism with that. Most of the time.

Aura type: Power
Aura Color: Amber
Semblance: Roused Beast: Carver's Semblance suffuses his DNA, enhancing his minimal Faunus traits to the point where claws, fangs, and enhanced senses emerge. It is for buffing, utility, and healing, as he can use his wolf traits in different ways if he has the aura. When buffed, his strength becomes colossal, making it a score of 7 with his aura. The healing factor comes from being able to suffuse his cellular structure with his aura, knitting flesh and bone fast. Channeling his Semblance into his senses means that in addition to his Faunus night vision and super-sense of smell, Carver's hearing, taste, and touch become more sensitive as well.
Item 1: Lycan Beil: A revolver, worn from use but kept in good condition. The wood varnish on the grip has claw marks on it.
Item 2: Fire dust level one: His pack of cigarettes has fire dust laced into some of them, marked by scent, so he can breathe fire if he needed to surprise a foe.

History and Sample
Grey Carver was born in Vale, and grew up as a kid in a group home for Faunus, as no record of his parents existed beyond his being dropped off there. Life was easier for Grey with humans than with his own brethren, who disapproved of his lack of apparent Faunus qualities. When the White Fang organized under Gira Belladonna, Grey wanted to do his part to help Faunus rights in the future. Joining their ranks, he enjoyed peacefully protesting and protecting the rights of his fellow maligned citizens, even if most mistook him for a human.

Spending his adolescent years in their ranks, he specialized in tracking down people who committed hate crimes against non-humans, and developed his forensic skills that way. As Belladonna stepped down and Kahn rose to power in the White Fang, Grey tried to be a voice for reason, but he was already unpopular among his brethren, and he left before they could get ideas about ousting him themselves.

For a few years, he found employment as a detective in Vale, and was hot on the trail of a string of dust-shop robberies that had the Vale police force baffled. Convinced that he had finally tracked down the culprits, Grey made it out to the warehouse he had pinpointed as their lair, but he was a few hours too late. They had absconded, and he had failed.

Having the ability to protect himself and survive on the streets, Grey considered just staying a detective, but seeing the world get worse and worse impressed on him the need to make sure it was in good hands going into the future. Accepting a teaching position at Syne Academy, he hopes to make sure that the next generation of Hunters is able to recognize that while people may be different, they are all worth protecting, and protecting with competence and efficiency.
RP Sample:
The alley was covered with a thick layer of grime left by the bottoms of countless trash bins and a lack of care that was common to this side of the city. The stench in the air could even be smelled by humans, that's how bad it was. Grey looked at the blood splatter on the wall, watching as it painted a picture for him that was beyond the macabre suggestion it would give anyone else.

The blood was dry but not brown yet, meaning that whoever had been injured had been so recently, within the last few hours. Injured, not killed, as there wasn't enough blood to suggest that murder had taken place. Not at this location, anyway. Taking a deep breath into his lungs, Grey could smell the copper in the air as the blood's scent was isolated by his keen nose. Wait... that's not blood at all...

Puzzled briefly, he took another whiff as he approached the wall. Upon inspection, it certainly looked like blood, and smelled like blood, except for one thing; There were synthetic chemicals in this blood that weren't found in any human or faunus. This was...

"Synthetic blood, probably from an android." He mused aloud as the other cops behind him stayed out of his way, taking pictures of the crime scene. "We're looking for a synthetic human, extremely lifelike."

The cops looked puzzled as he continued to talk to the air behind him. "This wasn't a random mugging, the splatter suggests frantic slashing, meaning a furious attack. hatred. This..." Grey lit a cigarette as he turned, yellow eyes blazing with the intrigue of a new case, "...was personal."

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