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Hostage Situation gone wron-right?(Private/Frost)

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Magnus Mist
Magnus had not planned for such a situation to appear. When he walks down a street, he tends to think that he's going to go get some kind of food. A cone maybe. However, what he wasn't anticipating, was a hostage situation gone completely awry with a bunch of police around that weren't trained to handle this kind of situation. This is the one time that Magnus' certification as a officer of the Atlas Military paid off. Sure, he didn't stay long, but that didn't mean that he wouldn't flaunt it when he could. He showed it to the man, and asked him to give a certain level of trust in this situation. One of Magnus' skills was that he was able to diffuse situations. Not only that, he could do it with only words.

He took the mic from the man who was trying to negotiate and made it simple for the man on the other end.

"I know these people are asking what you want, but I can take a wild guess. You want to get out free."

The man inside nodded, and it was currently an unmoving stalemate.

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