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Blazing Fire & Tired Ember (Weapon Upgrading/Training Solo.)

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There he was laying stretched out on the bed as a soft sigh escaped his lips, it had been quite the day and all facts pointed towards the same conclusion Lothric had made, it was completely worth it.

He had spent quite some time from early dawn to late dusk training with his sword Sanctus Ignis. Strangely or more so for Lothric he had not worn his armor at this training as he had simply focused on his swordsmanship, well it was that strange considering he had just received the sword back from his families main forge. Not that Lothric and his family had the best of ties but there was still enough to ask them for a favor here and there in exchange for some of his own.

When it had returned Lothric had wasted no time in unpacking it and looking over the workmanship and he was glad that the package had held the signature of his former mentor when it came to the forges.

After admiring the sword for a good fifteen minuets he had rushed towards the training area and started testing the blades strength, flexibility, sharpness and a plethora of other traits he had asked for and they where all there. It was slightly heavier then before but it was also that much sharper and deadlier then when he had sent it away and for that alone he was happy.

He had begun with a simple test of it's balance and it was slightly back heavy due to the reinforced guard and base of the blade, still this minor difference did not do much to cause him bother but it meant he would have to focus more on a few differences in his murder strikes and where to exactly hold onto the blade when doing it. Afterwards he had readied up some simple materials in which he cut into, while there where more sophisticated ways of testing his sword Lothric went with the old fashioned approach of using stone, wood and metal for his tests.

The sword had no chips and only minor scratches upon it's surface so it should handle grimm with a little more ease from now on.

Then the true training had begun as Lothric readied his battle stance, but this time he held the sword by the base of the blade just above the guard as the four training bots charged at him. It was clear that he had some new tricks to try and as the first of the bots closed the gap and swung it's blade in a horizontal swing Lothric had simply stepped backwards lightly before moving his free hand onto the handle and using the grip from both the handle and the base of the blade to deliver an axe chop at the bots shoulder embedding the blade into it's neck. Pulling out the sword he moved his grip from the blade to the back of the handle and crouched as he swung his sword horizontaly, catching the other bot in the neck he spun around while moving his blade with him and the final pull caused the bots head to come flying off. Grabbing close to the tip of his blade he blocked the vertical swings of the two remaining bots and pushed them back before grabbing the base of the blade with his other hand while dodging another swing and used the guard as a mace while he hammered it into the side of the bots head. After a few strikes left to right the deed was done and the bot was down for the count, the final one swung at him vertically again but Lothric simply side stepped it before spinning his frame one and with the added momentum swung his sword into the back of the bot causing it to stumble forwards. He then moved his grip to the handle and stabbed the bot in the back before pulling it out with a horizontal slash and then cutting it's head of while using the flow of the blade to aid in his attack.

After returning to his room he had simply placed his sword on the desk and collapsed onto the bed. It was time to maintain it and polish the blade but he was exhausted and chuckled slightly on the thought of how much more exhausted he would have been had he used his armor, and with that he got up from the bed and sat down by his desk while looking over his sword one last time before starting with the polishing.

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