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Kat(Revamp for Bernat)

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1 Kat(Revamp for Bernat) on Thu Mar 02, 2017 10:56 pm

Dean Mattox
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Kat Monroe
Age: 21
Birthday:  October fifth
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 6’1
Weight: 140 pounds
Face Claim: Kuroo Tetsurou from Haikyuu

STR: 1
DEF: 5
RES: 5
SPT: 1
Aura 150|150 HP

Major:  Tech
Likes: Sitting in his room, on his computer or interface: He’s a man who likes to know what’s going on, and that makes his life so much easier when he can do that from his computer.
Being a pacifist: He’s a guy who likes to not fight. He’ll attempt to navigate conflicts without people dying.
     Sleeping: He adores sleeping, as it keeps him well oiled and running.
Dislikes:  Social interaction
Being a glutton
Being rude
Fears:  Being Touched
Being stabbed
Talent: Information Processing
Weakness Fighting
Overall Personality: Kat. This is a guy who most would consider a hermit. That's... mostly true, actually. He dislikes social interaction, significantly. One can't go so far as to say that it's a hatred. He sees it as a requirement for the human condition, rather than something that he must indulge in. He finds it mostly pointless. He finds most conversation pointless unless you're relaying facts to one another about some relevant operation of human life. You're meeting somewhere? Say that and be done with it. It's easier to do and easier to understand in the long run. Had to get rolled up into some sort of lie.

He sees a lot of things as a need rather than a want, and he sees it needed in a far smaller capacity than most.  He rarely eats much, and rarely works out much. He's the sort of guy to sit and do somethign that he's good at for hours, only stopping to fufil his basic needs and go back to doing whatever it is he wishes to do.

He's talented in information processing, meaning that he can process what he can see in front of him far faster than most. He uses this as a fundamental way to finish projects fast. His biggest feat was that he graduated from a hunting, what was effectively a hunting highschool in a short time because of his talent
When he does talk, he talks like a gentleman.

Aura type: Defense
Aura Color: Grey
Semblance:  Command Post:  A scanner-type that can detect physical prowess(Strength Stat and Durability), as well as properly gauge height and weight; all the while it keeps track of everything. It’s a mix of a scanner and a database. (Works as a Utility Sembalance/ Costs 10 Aura. Range is ten meteres)
Item 1: He uses a revolver. Silver and nice.
Item 2: Fire Dust

History and Sample
Kat is a kid. Honestly, that's almost all he is. However, that wouldn't make an interesting story, much less a convincing lie. He's been praised as a prodigal student and a general prodigal kid. He was flaunted by his parents as this specimen of brains that could outdo any robot. For the first fifteen years of his life, this was true. By all means, it still is. However, he was still being paraded around as a prodigy. Up until this day, that he calls the best in his life.

So, he was always sent against robots to test their processing speed. He had matched up against many, but this one had a simplistic name. Memory. It's entire job was to do what Kat specalized in. It was a box. It was a box with lots of fancy tech in it, that Kat didn't much care about.

Unlocking his power and being beaten!?:
Kat was sat in a room with a book and given 30 minutes to do exactly what the robot did in 30 minutes. This was a normal excessive, but easy exercise. He was to read and recite it. This was easy. His brain was good at this. It was a 300 page book that was supposedly so advanced that a human wouldn't be able to read it in under 30 minutes, much less remember it.

Kat did just that. He was able to do it without much of a problem. This...well, this more than slightly displeased the company who was producing the robot named memory, if it got outdone by a random kid at 15. He had graduated the stupid hunting school that he attended, even without his semblance. He managed to not find it the entire year and a half that he was there. He was capable of fighting grimm without using any fancy powers.

His family recived many threatening emails and such about how the boy must've cheated. Kat was willing to do it agian. So, he did. He beat the bot twice in a row, the second time easier than the first. They had obviously modified the robot, and not in a good way. Kat's brain, simply put, is a machine that breaks things down and allows his to reckognize threats and non-threats in a swift amount of time.

This company wanted the proof gone, wanted to frame it as some genetic that made him super smart but killed at the young age. So, they kidnapped him and planned on killing him.

Sucks for them that they didn't blindfold him good enough. Using a mix of surrondings, and a new terminal that appeared in front of him, he solved the matter of figuring out where he was, and all that mattered was that he had to get out.

He scared his captors into release by quoting where he was.

That event, however, was the last time he was seen in the observable public. He works as a hacker part time, and has started to attend Syne academy for the sake of credentials.
RP Sample:
Magunasu had not had a good day. He had woken up at three A.M; bound in ropes and watching Sarada getting taken away by some blonde-haired asshole. He had escaped in a short time, but it was no matter. She was gone, no matter where he looked. He looked in his favorite ramen shops, his less favorite ramen shops, hell even the brothels. No one knew anything. Even at noon, he couldn't find anything about her. This is when he reached his home, and found a note. A letter, written in no strange terms.

You took one of us down, We shall take you down starting from the people you're close to.

Attached were pictures of Sarada, in various states of distress. None of the pictures showed that she was hurt, which was a massive release for Magunasu, but he had to clear his mind. He ran, and sped, to his closest dealer. He bought the strongest stuff, and went to the closet bar and bought the strongest stuff there. He had to figure this out. He couldn't go tell Mu he had lost Sarada; watched her get taken away because he wasn't able to wake up when they were tying him. He couldn't face Mu in this case.

Once home, he swiftly stuffs the drugs in his pipe and started smoking them. It hit him instantly, as he starting drinking between hits on his pipe. He was literally two handing his vices, but it was for Sarada. At least, in his mind. He wasn't going to face Mu without getting Sarada back. After getting higher then a kite, and drunker then a regular at a bar, he sat and thought. He didn't know who that blonde-haired asshole was. He was making no progress, he couldn't think of where they were holding her based on the pictures, and he had to wonder how terrified she was.

"I...I have to go. God dammit. I have to go. I can't solve this on my own, but Mu is going to kill me."

He elected to get even higher, to the point where he could barely walk, and combined with the strong stuff from the bar, if he wasn't him, he wouldn't have been walking. Not in the slightest, but that didn't matter. Not today, he had to get to Mugetsu. He grabbed the letter and pictures; He stumbled towards the large barracks that were actually Mugetsu's home. Once in front, he threw himself through the front door and fell on the floor.

"Mugetsu! Where are you! Mugetsu!"

If it weren't Mugetsu, one would probably think that it was someone else who had just burst through the door and fell on the floor. It was, however, Magunasu. In his normal clothing, with his pupils more dialated then should be allowed, and he just smelt of alcohol.

"She's gone! Sarada was taken!"

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2 Re: Kat(Revamp for Bernat) on Thu Mar 02, 2017 11:05 pm

Lloyd Vanheim
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