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Holy Healing Spider VS Cruel Carnivorous Centipede?! (Training/Closed)

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A pitiful sound reverberated against one of the training area's punching bags. Sounding much more like a child was working the bag as opposed to the large woman who truly was. With every hit the bag refused to budge, the entirety of her weak punch reverberating throughout the chain and being nullified by it. She'd been working for a good twenty minutes now and already she could feel the calories drained from her stomach, fortunately she had brought a large packed lunch and stored it in her locker... but she had promised herself she'd do at least half an hour.

Being a medical practitioner, she wasn't particularly willing to fight others. It did in some ways contradict her vows, to harm no life, however she had also discovered that in order to become a good medic she would have to improve her natural stamina. She would need to become stronger and more capable with dealing with Grimm, even if it was not her aim nor her forte. So she continued her pitiful strikes toward the punching bag, finding each sloppier and weaker than the last. Due to how spiders stand, they have relatively little power in their movement, and so when it came to creating a force for a blow... Charlotte was far from good... or even okay. She had the mass to put behind punches, just not the ability to swing with that mass. If only more of her was touching the ground, then she could get the leverage for her punches.

She was dressed a little abnormally, having shed her typical attire in place of a large tank top. Big enough to cover the divide between the two halves of her body and then some, excess crumpled around the beginning of her spider like lower half. Despite this however she had still pinned her broach to the center, it being a good luck charm and fearing for it to be lost or stolen along with her picnic and clothing. She let out a heavy breath, almost coughing on it before reeling up and punching the bag again.

She wanted a better way to train her endurance, but unfortunately the running and cycling machines were made for... well... two legs. And so she was forced to work the bags, a wide twenty meter by twenty meter arena behind her intended for sparing between hunters. Not that she thought anyone would want to spar with her, having no weapons or dust or even really combat expertise.

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Oomukade ignored stares of awe and fear; by this point in time she had gotten used to being 'different', 'strange looking', and occasionally, a 'freak'. She didn't care anymore. Some people were just scared of her, plain and simple. When you're a twenty five foot long centipede girl, you'd get that a lot. Her attire was simple: a plain, black T-shirt long enough to cover the split between human and centipede. Sometimes she wondered what it was like to wear pants, or socks, or shoes, or anything that required human legs and human feet. If only. . .

The rapid pitter-patter of her forty four walking legs echoed throughout the increasingly empty halls, a soothing sound she must admit. It was soothing, and then there was the fact that, at this point, it was really the only sound in the halls. Where everybody had gone she knew not.
The giant centipede was currently headed towards the training arena, presumably to. . . She didn' know. The girl really hadn't thought this through well. What could she do? She'd need seventy treadmills for her to fit, a bike was a flat out no; maybe there would be somebody there that she could spar with? A battle sounded nice.

Entering the aforementioned arena, she did indeed spot one other person there: a girl with the lower half of a. . . Spider. . . And she though she had problems with her centipede body, but arachnophobia was certainly a very common fear. Casually, Oomu raised a hand in greeting after wincing at the pitiful sound her fist made on the punching bag.
"Hey there lady! I'm Oomukade, and I was kinda wondering if maybe you'd like to spar with me?"

Blunt and straightforward; that's how Oomukade typically rolled with things. Why shroud the point you're putting across in uncertainty?

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Charlotte let out what could only be described as a hiss blows hardly registering against the bag. She changed up her stance, drawing her fist down low in preparation to uppercut she couldn't even bring herself to throw the blow. Slouching slightly she heard her stomach ring out in pain, starvation wasn't healthy but her body wouldn't generate any muscle if she didn't train and training meant not eating while she moved. But these blows weren't inspiring much confidence. If only-

Hearing someone calling out, the shout almost shocking her to death, she quickly turned. Finding herself eye to eye with a woman who looked almost as bizarre as him, but in exchange for that touch of normality she must have been graced with living conditions even more difficult than Charlotte. How did she cross a road? How did she sleep? How did she bathe? How much did she have to eat? Charlotte supposed that the girl didn't have to hold her body off the ground quite to the extent or difficulty of Charlotte, nor would she find it so hard to get through doors, but the exchange for the other difficulties she would endure wasn't equal.

Charlotte, overcome by wheezing, managed to just about choke out, "O-Okay, m-my name is Charlotte it's nice to meet you." Curtsying to the best of her ability despite the strain she was feeling before making her way toward the ring. She could feel herself struggling, legs shaking beneath her. Her hands began to glow slightly, not yet producing silk but prepared to, "Let's just do this until one of us wants to stop..."

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Oomukade looked over the girl once more, thinking of some questions. How did she fit through a doorway? How did she bathe? Of course most of these questions were applicable to the centipede girl herself but that did not matter. It was nice to know she wasn't the only one with a trait this apparent.

During her scan of the girl she began setting herself up on one side of the arena, before she noticed something different.
"Do you, uhm, have a weapon? I mean I have my own but if you don't have any then I could just not use mine if you'd like."
Oomukade curled her twenty five foot long body up in a mess of limbs and segmented body parts, yet each individual leg was tapping. They all tapped in a wave like motion, which in turn created a sound similar to a suppressed machine gun constantly firing a thousand rounds.

A thought popped up in Oomu's head as she looked over the black, white, and grey image that was currently the lady named Charlotte.
"Uhm, if you wouldn't mind telling me, what colour are your eyes. . . ? And your hair too - I'm ccompletely colourblind, if you're wondering."
Meanwhile she looked down at the large, bulky gauntlets she was wearing on six of her limbs; two human, four centipede. She had already concluded as to what her own colours were but she was curious what everybody else's was.

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She had really expected the girl to just come at her, but even in standing still she felt herself slightly sway. She wasn't quite sure how she'd make it through the entire spar, but she hoped things would go well enough. "I-I don't mind. Either with or without your weapons is fine. I don't have any of my own, but it'll be okay. Do not worry, I can heal myself quite well if things go wrong. I've not realy had to operate on myself a lot... but... in theory... any wound should be heal-able."

She let out a guttural cough, swaying a little more, but the glow around her hands continued to glow bright white. Using her webs against a person wasn't something new to her, she'd bound people before and even fought dirty using them. But those weren't hunters, those were just regular people. Most of them didn't have aura, some of them were even unarmed. Never had she been alone in combat... but here she was. At least it was a safe environment.

"You... ooh... okay." She winced slightly, beginning now to overcome her tiredness but as a result further feeling the pain in her stomach. This girl had seemingly been dealt an awful hand by her genetics. Hard to move and hard to see. "My hair is brown, my eyes are blue. Can we begin quickly please? I don't mean to push but I do feel faint."

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"Okay, if you say so. . ." Oomukade took a few (hundred) steps towards Charlotte, unsheathing the set of scythes encased in the gauntlets on her human hands; she'd only need those ones for now.

Oomukade stopped a few feet from the spider lady, curling her body up into a multitude of curls and lowering her human half down to the ground, her arms up in the air due to the tips of the scythes digging into the ground.
A few seconds in this position passed before Oomu suddenly lunged forward, raising her scythes up and back before swinging them down towards both of Charlotte's shoulders. Pulling the weapons back the girl raised herself up to about three feet higher than she just stood.

The centipede girl bent her multi-segmented body [the part of it now exposed due to her higher stature] inwards, before performin another lunge forward. This time, however, Oomukade's sudden burst of speed was directed to the side and around Charlotte, taking a thid swipe at the girl's back.
As she passed her opponent her body tilted to the side, and she used the girl's arm as an object for her legs to walk on; thirty odd tiny needle like legs tapped their way across Charlotte's arm.
One final attack was an unaimed and spur-of-the-moment sweep at one of the girl's many legs in an attempt to take it out.

Now a few feet behind Charlotte, Oomukade tensed herself up, her breathing momentarily shaky. It was difficult to lug that huge body around, especially when she was half in the air.
"W... Well...? Was that... Good enough?"

Battle Stats:
HP = 160 Aura = 140
Attack #1 and #2 (Simultaneous) = 5 DMG
Attack #3 = 5 DMG
Attack #4 = 5 DMG

Oomukade is momentarily tired.

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In the matter of seconds it took Oomukade to prepare herself Charlotte's weak guard dropped, her shoulders slumping and her vision blurring. She thought she had just about recovered from her exhaustion, in actuality the lack of oxygen reaching her brain had tricked her. She'd felt a brief high, little more. As a result, both blows struck her shoulders... or so it would seem they would have. But upon collision with Charlotte, rather than just her simple (albeit naturally thick) aura defending her... something else did simultaneously. Preventing the blow from making any real contact with the spider woman. A pattern of golden spider webs cloaked her entire body, webbing between her legs like some form of beautiful dress. This was completely invisible to her  but would be incredibly apparent to her opponent.

Rather than feeling the vicious tearing at either of her shoulders as any normal person would she felt two dull pains resonating atop each of them, less than the pain a normal humanoid feels when stubbing a toe. It was however enough to rouse her, bringing her fist back up she made a lunge; attempting to punch the girl's long body as it passed her  (It was so long, she was bound to hit something) while simultaneously stumbling to her left in an attempt not to block her path as much as prevent her from crawling over her as her lurching had suggested. Despite how tired she was, she refused to be steamrolled.

This however took both a lot of energy and time, Charlotte wasn't half turned around to face the girl by the time a slice caught her back but once more she was lit up. Hardly feeling the impact as her aura started to kick in, beginning to heal what little damage had been dealt to the smaller of the two large women. She was at 10 o clock to Ookmukade's 12 when the leg sweep came and once more the pattern repeated. Charlotte's entire body appeared to glow, it was as though it was covered in tightly net spider webs for the time the blow made contact. She didn't even stagger at the leg shot despite her already tired state. This was a show of how bulky Charlotte was, how used to her eight legged mobility she was and how useful this "Unknown armour" she had was. Radiating from the broach at her chest, not that such was obvious.

Before the opposing girl could even get out her words Charlotte was summoning what little energy she had, her breath visible despite the warm conditions and her eyes glazed. She couldn't even hear the girl when she begun; already charging wildly she attempted a low right-armed hay-maker toward the point where the girl's two halves connected. Slumping over whether she hit or miss; not quite touching the ground but all eight legs bent in a seemingly unshakable curtsy. Looking quite out for the count already despite the lack of visible injury. Her stomach let out a terrifying growl though.

HP;90 (-20 from attacks,) Aura; 190

Both attacks would do 5 damage on contact. Oomu was prevented from crawling on Charlotte by a sidestep. Mentions of healing were the beginning of her "Healing" type aura starting to take effect as it's every other post it occurs .

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Oomukade let out a long exhalation of pent up carbon dioxide, looking at the strange spider girl. Her energy was momentarily drained, and as her opponent swung the attack hit her directly in the side. Of course all that happened was a minor recoil, as it was pretty difficult to make Oomukade stumble, what with her fifty six legs and all.

As she saw Charlotte essentially collapse as best she could with her spider legs, Oomukade leaned forward and stabbed her scythes into the ground, her face mildly flushed as she let out a heavy panting sound. She was momentarily exhausted, but within a few tens of seconds she was up again. Pressure was only placed on a very small amount of her twenty five foot long body, so she didn't have a problem with that. The problem was lugging around said twenty five foot long that also weiged over a thousand pounds.

"Well... It looks like you're pretty tired already... Do you... Want to stop now? You look pretty tired after all. That was pretty good I guess, for two giant bug girls, anyways."

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Deep heaving breaths, deep heaving breaths. All that was going through Charlotte's head was pain and the heaving of lungs. Momentarily stumbling, swaying like a stalk of grain in a hurricane. She pushed away from the girl, eyes clothes and wheezing loudly. Her eight legs walking out of sync, very nearly tripping over one another. She made her way past the girl, not even having the time or energy to curtsy or say goodbye or thank her for the fight. Arriving at the locker room she stumbled, meeting the ground... eyes aligned with her locker. Mouth salivating she slowly managed to drag herself along the ground, opened the locker, and drew forth what looked to be an entire cooked chicken.

Ravenously she dug in, not even thinking to use a knife or fork. Gnawing around bone, chewing giant hunks of chicken without time to savour. She was around half done when she came to her sense, looking over her shoulder and checking around herself she was happy and lucky to find herself alone. Rising once more, stomach now filling and nutrients starting to flow though her body. Regaining control she grabbed a towel, wiping her face up before her hands. She didn't think that she could stand to change into her regular clothing, rather despite the likely smell she figured it would be best to just keep her regular clothing on and go home for a long shower. Moving to lift her basket from her locker she found her arms feeling heavy, she had certainly pulled at least one muscle... not that fixing it would be difficult.

She left the locker room, placing her basket on her back, and headed straight for an airship. Above all else she just wanted to be home now. Little did she know the ticking of her broach, still resting just above her heart, was a little bit stronger now. Revitalised with use like a cycle breaks in a long unused bike.


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