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Crimson Duel(Closed)

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1 Crimson Duel(Closed) on Sun Mar 05, 2017 5:11 pm

Loud footsteps echoed down the hallway that lead to the training room at the prestigious academy known as Syne. I'd one were to look at where these footsteps were coming from you would be met with a young woman who stood at 5'9 walking down the way. She had Crimson hair done into two pigtails that reached her mid back. At her hip was A golden sword and on her shoulder was a small but compact sheild. Once she arrived at the entrance to the training room she hung up a sign that read in big bold red letters-"SPARRING MATCH ANYONE WHO WANTS TO SPAR COME AND FIGHT"

The woman then walked inside toward the middle area and went over to the training dummy. With a couple of rapid swings she began attacking. The woman's name was Severa Scarlet and today she was in a good mood. She felt like sparring as she had not had any physical action since she had arrived at this place, she needed to vent and sparring was the only way she knew how. If one were to listen they could hear her golden blade striking the dummy and her need for battle could be felt a distance away.

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2 Re: Crimson Duel(Closed) on Mon Mar 06, 2017 5:46 am

The sound of linked chain rings colliding with metal armor could be heard as Lothric was walking towards the Training room, it had turned into quite the habit for him to simply train either within the confines of the Academy or without while wearing the armor. Resting his left hand on the pummel of his sword which was sheathed to his side despite it's size, Lothric always liked having it there for the ease of access and having to draw the sword from his back was always such a pain and when training or fighting grimm he would need the extra few seconds.

Before entering the room he noticed a sign, reading it he let out a light chuckle before thinking it over a few times. Not that he didn't mind training in solitude but having another person to test himself against was always a treat considering his training regiment and the times he did it made it even more an annoyance to find a suitable sparring partner.

Entering the room he took a few steps before stopping and surveying the area, noticing a female with crimson hair that reached to her mid back while in the shape of two pigtails. He then looked at her swings on the dummy before chuckling lightly.

Adjusting his left shoulder plate Lothric removed his helmet after unstrapping it and held it under his right arm as he spoke with his normal calm and regal tone "Who doth it be that have issued a challenge?".

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3 Re: Crimson Duel(Closed) on Mon Mar 06, 2017 8:44 am

As Severa's Blade struck the dummy one last time she heard some one call out to her about the challenge. She in her surprised stupor quickly spun around and instinctively threw a semblable feather at the person. Her eyes soon widened as she realized that it was a person and made it dissipate before impacting the man. Realizing that there was already a Challenger Severa sheathed her weapon and gave her own reply.

"Sorry about that, My name is Severa and yes I am the one Issuing the challenge." She said while looking over the man quickly, he had a tall build And the armor he donned was a brass color but at the same time had a charred look to it almost as if it had been burnt. Another thing she noticed is that his bigger sword was attached to his hip,whereas most fighters using a two handed blade have it on their back. Probably for faster and easier assess as this was his Severa herself had her blade as well.

She gave him one more look over before speaking out- "And I Severa Ylisse Scarlet, Accept your challenge" she then clicked a button on her sheild making it shift and descend to cover her entire left arm and hand. While with her right she drew her Own blade.

OOC-(Do you wish to do this more formally as in stop at 25℅ HP and below,  or to the knockout?)

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4 Re: Crimson Duel(Closed) on Tue Mar 07, 2017 4:00 am

Lothric focused his gaze on Severa as the girl had now named herself, looking over her features a few times before being interrupted by her acceptance of the challenge. Rolling his shoulders a few times Lothric bowed his head deeply before speaking with his normal tone "I Ser Lothric Ember, look forward to our duel." raising his head afterwards he donned the helmet and secured it with the few leather straps it had.

Taking a few more steps closer to the middle he stopped and drew his sword while keeping his gaze on Severa for the most part, it seemed to only shift for the moment when his left gauntlet made contact with the magnesium strip on his sword as he drew the sword towards him and suddenly the strip made a few sparks which then turned into flames, soon his entire sword was ablaze as the flames spread from his sword and onto his hands and then crawled up towards his shoulders where they then started to flow behind him.

"As you have shown me your semblance I shall show thee mine."

Just as he had finished speaking Lothric lifted his sword up above him and swung it vertically downwards and the moment it passed his chest in height a line of fire in the shape of his sword swing erupted from Sanctus Ignis. The fire then started to gain speed as it seemed to fly straight towards Severa before it spread out around her and crashed into the floor behind her setting it ablaze.

Adjusting his stance slightly lower he pointed his sword to the ground from his right shoulder to his left foot and readied himself as the fire behind Severa slowly died out, and as the last embers dissipated the fire on Lothric continued to roar.

"Now then shall we begin?"

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5 Re: Crimson Duel(Closed) on Tue Mar 07, 2017 6:19 pm

The man gave a deep bow before returning with his head raised,now donning a helmet.He accepted her challenge before giving his full name. The man now Identified as Lothric,  began to walk toward the middle of the arena, giving full eye contact to her. He then subtly rubbed his gauntlet on the strip of the now drawn sword,before letting his entire sword,arm and shoulders catch ablaze.

He then mentioned sembnalnce's before swinging his blazing blade in an downward arc. Creating a chest height line of fire, before launching it toward Severa. The sword shaped flame came flying toward her ,as she was about to Instinctively raise her sheild in defense the flames spread around her and crashed into the floor behind her making it erupt in flames.

He then got into a stance letting himself almost become one with it, before she could feel the heat behind her die out.  The flames set on Lothric himself were still ablaze. Just from that display Severa knew this would be a powerful foe, but at the same time she was excited that her first spar here would be with a strong opponent. She Lifted her blade to eye level setting her sights on her opponent. "We shall"

She then dashed at her target, crimson hair flowing behind her as she moved. She struck with a wide horizontal swing, while simultaneously forming blade like feathers behind him and moving them forward to strike his back.


Aura- 80/100
Horizontal swing--35 DMG before calculations
Feathers-20 Semblance damage

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6 Re: Crimson Duel(Closed) on Wed Mar 08, 2017 6:12 pm

Lothric smiled as she charged him with a horizontal strike, following the swings arc he side stepped it and at the end used the final bits of the blade close to the guard to block the strike and had as a result avoided the feathers. Noticing them flying over where he had been Lothric chuckled lightly as he knew that not focusing a hundred percent would cause him to be perforated by those bloody feathers.

Using the lock the two where inn now to his advantage the flames covering Lothric suddenly rushed into his helmet as he suddenly let out a yell that turned into the sound of roaring fire as it came at high speed erupting from his helmet at Severa in an attempt to burn the upper half of her body, the moment teh flames had finished pouring forth Lothric leaped backwards and readied his stance once more as he watched for any movements from the girl.

"I see you are quite adapt at handling your semblance, if I had not dodge the way I did your feathers would have perforated my back. I must congratulate you on that alone. Still I hope you have much more to face me with. Now let us begin this in earnest!"

Lothric was running different simulations within his mind and different strategies as he started to wonder about the outcome, not that he would mind losing but still there was a certain element of pride within this duel and facing such an opponent would be lovely.

The thought of an easy victory vanished quickly from his thoughts and was simply replaced with joy of having some one to properly test himself on and to show his might and the glory of his flames.

HP 150/150 SP 140/160
Attack: 1 Sp fire breath attack dealing (1/1 ration SP damage) 20 dmg in total.

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7 Re: Crimson Duel(Closed) on Fri Mar 10, 2017 3:00 am

As Lothric dodged in a way that not only evaded her slash but also dodged her feathers while simultaneously going into a parry, Severa let a smile appear on her her face. This would be no easy foe and that was good for Severa loved a good challenge. The thought of how this fight would end up made he exited, as she steeled her eyes and began to focus.

The flames coating his arms began, to move to Lothric's helmet. Seeing his pyrokinetic abilities at work Severa began to formulate a plan,seeing as he was much taller than her her would have to fire at an extremely downward angle meaning that dodging would be diffucult. Seeing no other way out Severa lightened the grip on the blade and quickly performed a slide under the much larger man's legs barley dodging the flames that erupted from the man's face.
She then heard him speak out, complimenting her in a way while also informing her of how she would have to bring much more to the table to win this fight. Severa nodded in agreement as she herself knew this fight would go on for a bit.

She then quickly unfurled her wings before doing a sort of diagonal spin while jumping. Right as her wing swiped at the man she coated the tip of it with her semblance feathers for a slashing effect. Once she landed she quickly did a horizontal swipe at the man's midsection before jumping back and raising her shield in a defensive manner.

Aura-65 (recovery aura)
Wing strike- 20 points of semblance damage
Horizontal swipe- 35 before calculations

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8 Re: Crimson Duel(Closed) on Fri Mar 10, 2017 8:23 pm

Seeing Severa jump and spin diagonally Lothric raised his sword in a high stance to defend and counter the aerial attack but being taken a back by the feathers he stumbled backwards just avoiding them but as the girl did a horizontal swipe he was not fast enough and got hit but it at least only cut his armor and loosened a few chain links as he chuckled, she was good no doubt about it but now it was time to limit her movement and unleash a proper attack.

Re-igniting his sword Lothric swung it across the ground and as it did fire quickly spread around the two creating a ring of fire that stretched to Lothrics height before rushing towards him and coated his entire being in a violent inferno he charged at Severa opening up with a heavy overhead swing aiming at her shield arm's shoulder area. Attempting to cripple her shield arm he then would move towards her weapon arm while spinning his blade right to left in a movement following his spin and doing a wide horizontal swing towards her weapon arm. After this attack he would use the momentum to grab the base of his blade and unleash an axe chop attack towards her mid section attempting to dig the tip of the sword deeply into her side, and as the last attack in his combo he would attempt to shoulder bash his flaming form into her center mass as he would use the momentum of the axe chop in an attempt to send Severa flying backwards and possibly tumbling to the ground.

135/150 SP 130/160
Semblance: Buffing Str +2 10 Aura used

Attacks (4)
1. Shield arm attack. 50 Physical Dmg (Not taking in enemy defense in calculation)
2. Weapon Arm attack. 50 Physical Dmg (Not taking in enemy defense in calculation)
3. "Axe Chop" mid section attack. 50 Dmg (Not taking in enemy defense in calculation)
4. Shoulder Bash center mass. 30 Dmg, no weapon usage. (Not taking in enemy defense in calculation)

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9 Re: Crimson Duel(Closed) on Sun Mar 12, 2017 3:56 am

As her sword strike struck the man she let a temporary grin appear on her face for landing the first blow of the match. Before suddenly losing her grin as she nearly backed up into a now created ring of flames that stood at Lothric's much taller height.  The man then suddenly became coaated in intense flames before charging her with a powerful overhead swing.

Severa's eyes quickly widened as she rolled to the left, barley dodging a potentiality crippling blow. Before being caught off guard by a spinning swing that struck her shoulder(-20), and once more being caught of guard by a forceful Thrust from the base of the blade to her midsection(-20) . As the man tried to ram his shoulder into her she barley raised her shield in time to hold back the powerful shoulder bash, that sent her skidding back nearly inches from touching the ring of flames.(-0)

As she skidded back she almost immediately dashed forward going for a wide arcing strike aiming at the chest reigon while simultaneously coating the edge of her blade in razor sharp feathers. After her strike she would land and quickly spin on her heel to deliver a horizontal strike toward his left arm as the feathers along her blade dissipated. She would then aim a powerful bash towards the man's right kneecap with her sheild, while then, backing away.

Semblance buff- (-10 Aura +2 STR(sword strikes only)

HP- 160/200

Aura- 60/100

Arcing Strike- 45 DMG(before calculations

Spinning strike- (left arm)- 45 DMG(before calculations)

Knee bash- 25 DMG (before calculations)(unarmed Damage)

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10 Re: Crimson Duel(Closed) on Wed Mar 15, 2017 11:05 am

Looking upon Severa as she skidded backwards he had a small smile upon his face due to the effect of his attacks but it was quickly gone as she seemed to charge him almost instantly, this caused him some annoyance as he would like to at least get some breathing space but Severa was just to darn aggressive.

While almost throwing himself backwards to avoid the arcing strike Lothric stumbled and just barely managed to parry the spinning strike but was put off balance and felt the full force of her shield strike upon his knee causing him to fall onto it with a small audible "Agh!" coming from his mouth.

Letting out a small but heavy sigh Lothric stood up as all the conjured fire rushed onto his sword, closing his eyes he lifted the blade above his head before stabbing the now ablaze sword into the floor and causing a pillar of fire to erupt from it. Lifting his sword the pillar moved with it and Lothric then swung his sword with all the might he could muster at Severa, the pillar rushed towards her but Lothric would not allow her the time to dodge it easily and rushed within the fire as he attempted to deliver a horizontal swing towards her waist's left side. Still the heat from the fire was starting to take a toll on his body as it was getting increasingly harder to breath and keep the flames from incinerating himself.

Steeling his resolve Lothric watched as the fire reached Severa's location and he didn't wait for any sight of her being before he lifted his sword and used the momentum from the swing to deliver an overhead swing at the spot she had been moments ago to his sight not knowing if she was there or not.

HP 125/150 110/160
Defence 1: Dodged Arcing Strike. (0 dmg taken)
Defence 2: Parried Spinning strike with own weapon (0 dmg taken)
Defence 3: Got hit by Shield strike. (5 dmg after defense calculations)

Attack 1: Fire attack 20 SP DMG
Attack 2: Horizontal swing 40 (Before defence calculations)
Attack 3: Overhead swing 40 (Before defence calculations)

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11 Re: Crimson Duel(Closed) on Fri Mar 17, 2017 4:18 pm

As her sheild strike hit the man's knee, she smirked but soon tensed as the man had his blade raised and coated it with fire, before stabbing it in the ground. A giant pillar of flame arose before he suddenly charged through and made a horizontal swing at her. She quickly dashed backward narrowly missing being hit, but in the midst of dodging the atack she had no time to avoid the onslaught from the pillar of flame, raising her sheild to avoid any major burning damage she still took the brunt of the atack sending her to the ground.

As she started to recover she saw the glint off a blade before quickly rolling to the side, to barley be missed by the strike. She retaliated by spinning and trying to sweep the man's legs from under him with her sheild. She would then quickly pop up planning to strike towards his chin with the pommel of her  blade while simultaneously Raining feathers down towards the mans back in an attempt to do some damage, however this maneuver left her in pretty close proximity to the man.
Sweep- 25dmg(unarmed damage)
Pommel strike- 35dmg
Feather Rain- 20 semblance damage.

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12 Re: Crimson Duel(Closed) on Fri Mar 17, 2017 7:09 pm

Lothric was breathing heavier then normal at this point due to the lack of a consistent amount of oxygen as a side effect of the fire. Due to this sudden loss of focus he got hit by the shield but managed to keep his footing and just barely avoided the pummel, just as he thought it was safe he felt pain in his back as he felt it being pierced by multiple sharp object and guess it had to be her semblance.

Slightly enraged by his own idiocy Lothric noticed Severa was rather close and attempted to grab her sword arm as he had dodged it barely by moving his shoulders and head slightly backwards, using this move in conjunction with another Lothric grabbed the base of his blade with his free hand and attempted to slam the guard into Severa's head as a way of attempting to distort her vision and concentration.

Grabbing the sword with both of his hand he leaned backwards while flipping his sword so that he could grabs the hilt once more before doing an over head swing aiming at her shield arm, afterwards he would use the momentum to deliver a horizontal strike from right to left aiming once more for her shield arm.

Leaping backwards Lothric once more dragged his gauntlet over the strip and used the flames made from it to burst towards Severa in a wave like movement as if a small ocean of flame burst forth towards her in an attempt to make her crash into the ground.

100/150 SP 90/160
Defence 1: Got hit by Shield strike. (5 dmg after defense calculations)
Defence 2: Dodge pummle strike (0 Dmg)
Defence 3: Hit by feather rain (20 SP dmg)

Attack 1: guard strike towards head (40 dmg before defense calculations)
Attack 2: Overhead swing at Shield arm (40 dmg before defense calculations)
Attack 3: Horizontal swing at Shield arm (40 dmg before defense calculations)
Attack 4: Fire wave attack towards Severa (20 SP dmg before defense calculations)

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13 Re: Crimson Duel(Closed) on Sat Mar 18, 2017 4:46 pm

As the two stood in close proximity, from each other each having their weapons unsheathed, and panting heavily Severa could only think of how much fun she had been having before steeling her resolve. She suddenly saw Lothric reach for her blade arm, seeing an opportunity she purposley let him grab her arm. As she was pulled forward she was surprised to see him aim toward her face with his blades guard. She would then move her sheild to slam it directly into the mans face as both of his arms were occupied. While doing this she would simultaneously Create small feathers around the mans hand that was grabbing her, and slam them into her for some damage. As the blade hit her face she was disoriented for a bit.(-10)

However she was fast enough to quickly dash to the side avoiding a powerful overhead strike before moving back once again to avoid a sided to side strike from the man.However once again she was caught off guard by what seemed to be a sea of flames, which struck her directly.(-20) She skidded back before quickly regaining her footing and dashing back toward the man. She would use the momentum to make a wide strike in an upward arc toward the man. Her body still aching from the multiple burns she had suffered, from the multiple flames that had struck her during this endeavor.

HP- 110/200


Sheild slap- 25DMG

Feather strike on hand- 20DMG

Upward arc- 35DMG

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14 Re: Crimson Duel(Closed) on Sun Mar 19, 2017 11:40 am

While Lothric had finished his attacks he hadn't got out of it unscathe as he shook his head due to the shield slam and felt the pain of the feathers stuck in his hand, it was clear that two options where left to him and before he even could finish the thought he noticed Severa's blade moving towards him in an upwards arc. Lothric blocked the strike with his own downward one before breaking the lock and taking a few steps back, looking around the area as well as looking over he and Severa, Lothric let out a heavy sigh and thought about his choices.

He could continue the duel and end up with either him or her getting a permanent injury or long lasting wounds or he could yield the duel to her and avoid that outcome, it was not that he was to prideful to loose it was just that he was actually having a good deal of fun fighting her but alas he did not wish to do any more harm or well any permanent harm on their first duel, that little price would at least have to wait for a few more.

Lothric sheathed his sword and clenched his left hand and the remaining fires died down as he removed his helmet slowly as to not make his injuries any worse, small lines of steam came from his skin due to the heat he had been subject throughout the fight. Looking over towards Severa he gave her a smile as he bowed his head deeply.

"Well miss Scarlet, I must sadly hand you the victory this time. You are a strong and enjoyable dueling partner." Lothric spoke with his regal and calm tone despite the lingering pain from both his own flames and the feathers of Severa, he let out a deep and heavy sigh before returning his focus to her and continuing his words "I doth hope we can do this other times, I would find quite the enjoyment in having another I could match my skill against."

HP 75/150 SP 90/160
Defence 1: Got hit by Shield strike. (5 dmg after defense calculations)
Defence 2: Hit by Feather attack. (20 SP dmg)
Defence 3: Blocked upward arc strike.

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15 Re: Crimson Duel(Closed) on Sun Mar 19, 2017 4:30 pm

As she dashed forward and had her upward strike Parried, she backed up along with Lothric ready to dash and make her next move. However she saw Lothric think for a moment and lowered her guard. She then saw Lothric remove his helmet And sheathe his swors, while also noticing the steam that cane off of his skin, probably due to all the fire that he had been dashing through to strike her with. She then mimicked this action by sheathing her sword and tapping a button on her sheild to make it retract to its original state, the sound of shifting metal permeated through the air.

She then witnessed him give a bow and hand the victory to her Speaking in his normal regal tone. She returned the bow "Thank you for giving me the pleasure of my first spar at Syne, and I must say you were very strong"  he then let out a heavy sigh before speaking out once more about sparring again sometime. Severa gave a small smile before speaking out "I would like that" she then would stretch a bit feeling the multiple burns and cuts along her skin. She quickly saw him flex his hand in pain before before giving him a sorry look. "Ah sorry about the feathers" she then gave a smile ,Before giving a wave and walking out.

She was going to have a quick trip to the medical ward to get herself patched up,,and afterwards get A nice long well deserved  sleep, and of course write in her diary, after all it was her first of hopefully many spars at Her new home, Syne academy.  As she walked away her scarlet hair flowed in the breeze.

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