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Katt McTaggart [done]

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1 Katt McTaggart [done] on Mon Mar 06, 2017 1:20 am

Katt McTaggart
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Katt McTaggart
Age: 37
Birthday: October 31st
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 145lbs
Face Claim: Unnamed character by Showfish

Aura 150|150 HP

Major: Professor - Mechanical Weapon Repair and Design.
Likes: Mechanics, Chocolate, Weapons, Relaxing, Drinking
Dislikes: Fighting, Distractions, Bombs, White Fang
Fears: Losing those she cares about, Nightmares, Losing her way again.
Talent: Engineering
Weakness Computer Wizard
Overall Personality: Katt is a generally jovial person, mostly due to her upbringing but at the same time she can get downright impolite if the situation calls for it. Of course when she drinks her mood always goes up and she tends to drink more than most even to the point of drinking full grown men under the table. Mechanical engineering is her passion and anything and everything about it interests her. And while she has a knowledge of electrical systems and such some of the new programming involving microchips and other such things are a little beyond her.

She still has nightmares to this day about what happened to Scott, though sometimes those nightmares come to the waking world. Usually she deals with this by drinking herself into a complete stupor. Luckily she isn't set off by most things and it usually only happens when she's alone so she is able to keep it hidden most of the time.
Aura type: Recovery
Aura Color: Brown
Semblance: Field of Knowledge: When her semblance is activated Katt can coat anything she is touching in a brown glow that gives her knowledge of that items inner workings and makes her more effective with this item, in the case of dust or weapons she can squeeze out more damage from them when her semblance is activated. This effect does not work on items shielded by another aura source. But at the same time she can also coat herself in this glow, causing a small amount of protection around her body that negates up to 20 dmg that hits her be it from dust, a physical attack or even a semblance attack.
Item 1: Weapon: Green Fury. An energy based revolver that shoots concentrated bursts of super heated plasma in thin bolts.
Item 2: Earth Dust: Special earth dust charges for the Green Furry.

History and Sample
Katt was born and raised in Atlas, from a young age her parents knew she was going to be an inventor or some kind of engineer. She would take apart anything she could to see how it worked and eventually started to come up with her own crazy devices and inventions. As she got older she realized the best way to expand her knowledge would be at the academy. Eventually getting into Atlas Academy she worked and trained hard to be one of the top people in her class. After graduation she joined the Atlas military, her innate talent with mechanical devices and engineering quickly landed her on a spot with the Special Engineers Corps (SEC), a branch of Atlas special forces that worked on everything from demolitions to building makeshift bridges.

Being one of the few women in the SEC she quickly cemented her place as “one of the guys” with her less than feminine attitude. Of course this didn't stop some of the others in her unit from taking note of her biological differences. More than a few times did she have to fend off one of her drunken coworkers as they made advances on her. While on missions Katt carried a revolver with her along with their standard gear. But it wasn't until she used said revolver to not blow up but disarm a bomb that she got the nickname Six Shooter.

Eventually Katt did as all young folk do and went and fell in love. The object of her desire was a slightly younger soldier who was in the Scout Sniper division of the military, Scott Dreiver. After working with them on a mission she got to know him better. Luckily they weren't under the same command so a relationship wasn't exactly forbidden. At first their relationship was quiet and hidden from everyone else. While regulations didn't say they couldn't it was still frowned upon.

After dating for three years they decided to get married, however the rules got in their way. No two people in the military were allowed to get married unless they were the same rank at the time of the marriage and unfortunately while Katt was enlisted Scott was an officer. After a long talk Scott decided to retire in order for them to get married.

Just before he was to retire Katt was assigned once again to the Scout Snipers to deal with a group of White Fang that had been attacking military transports. Her job was simple, basic EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal). Unfortunately the mission went south. Being captured by the White Fang they were executed one after another. Watching them shoot Scott before her eyes Katt was able to break free from her binds. Putting up one hell of a fight she was able to take out the three WF members that were there before locking herself in the room. Holding Scott in her arms as he faded into death Katt had one last plan.

Working with what she had in the room she was able to construct a small bomb, nothing too major but just enough to destroy the entire White Fang encampment. Setting it off she fully expected to die. The world turned to black and she thought she was dead. It wasn't until she woke up six months later that she learned what really happened. Due to the shoddy quality of the materials she was using the bomb didn't have as much of a blast as she had expected, and due to the fact she was holding Scott's body when it went off she was mostly shielded from the shrapnel, save for one piece that had severed both her legs just below the knee.

It had been just after the bomb went off that a QRF (Quick Reaction Force) team had been sent in to rescue them. Being fitted with two prosthetic legs she was put through a series of exams before she could return to duty. Being diagnosed with acute PTSD and psychological trauma from the event she was discharged with full honors. For the next couple years she spend her life homeless and wandering, living as best she could on what money she could beg for. Eventually she ended up having to sell one of her prosthetics as it had malfunctioned and she couldn't afford to repair it.

Just before she had planned to sell the second one she was hit with an epiphany. When visiting Scott's grave she remembered the conversation they had before that fateful mission. When she asked what Scott would do after he left the military he said he wanted to be a teacher at one academies. With a new found motivation she used what connections she could to get set up and start studying to become a teacher. At first she found it annoying but whenever she did she tried to look at things from Scott's perspective and it made the whole ordeal easier. When she finally attained her teaching license she applied for all the academies. Eventually she got a job offer from Syne academy in Bellmuse.
RP Sample:
“There's no way you can do that,” Jauque scoffed as he watched Katt aim down the sights of her revolver. His words spoke what everyone else around was thinking. No one could make a shot that accurate with that gun, and even if they could there was no way someone could disarm a bomb with a gun.

“O' really nah?” Katt responded in her thickly accented voice before she pulled the tiger. With a sci fi like sound a green bolt came from the tip of her gun and darted towards the bomb. It had just been a training exercise but as usual special forces was all or nothing so every bomb they trained on was recall. This one specifically was a hard one to do properly as it required the bomb tech to cut open the case in a very specific part of the bomb and disable a rather small mechanism without disturbing any of the ones around it. Of course shooting it with a bullet would just blow it up, but with an energy based weapon like her revolver it could pierce through the shell and take out the key component before any of the sensors could detect the bomb moving and set it off.

The green bolt of plasma pierced the bomb and..... nothing happened. She brought the barrel of her revolver up to her face and blew the green smoke that pipped up from it before twirling it like a cowboy, just for style, and placing it back in its holster. Everyone else looked on in disbelief. Going off to the side Katt walked behind the console that controlled the bomb disposal drone.

“Well, go check it, lad” she told Donnie, the driver of the drone. Snapping from his stare he drove the robot over and began to scan it with the robot's array of sensors. By now everyone else had joined Katt behind the screen to look on.

“Well.... I'll be damned,” Jauque said.

“I told yah.”

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2 Re: Katt McTaggart [done] on Mon Mar 06, 2017 1:25 am

Lapis Valesti
Everything seem to be in order here. Will make an approved stamp later, but as far as Im concerned. Approved

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3 Re: Katt McTaggart [done] on Mon Mar 06, 2017 1:47 am

Richard Lionheart
Going to have to stop this unfortunately ^^ll Accuracy isn't viable grounds for buffing, unfortunately that would have to be removed from your semblance before you continue.

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4 Re: Katt McTaggart [done] on Mon Mar 06, 2017 6:43 pm

Katt McTaggart

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5 Re: Katt McTaggart [done] on Tue Mar 07, 2017 1:05 pm

Lapis Valesti
With the new changes of the Semblance, I see no issues here so Im going to go ahead with Approved.

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6 Re: Katt McTaggart [done] on Fri Apr 21, 2017 1:46 am

Moving for Revamp.

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7 Re: Katt McTaggart [done] on Fri Apr 21, 2017 9:15 am

Katt McTaggart

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8 Re: Katt McTaggart [done] on Fri Apr 21, 2017 11:44 pm

Hmm, everything seems good. Maybe after a couple paychecks, you can get a better leg again!

Well, in any case...

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