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Normal Day at the Beach. (Hunt. Private w/ Roy, Severa, Laslow, & Lothric)

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Artemis Nobushi
The name of the girl currently sprawled out on a towel on Kompress Beach was Artemis Nobushi. She lay there because. . . Why not, really? Sure, it was winter but today there wasn't any snow in the area as far as she could tell, and it wasn't really that cold. It was, of course, lower than average temperatures to be sat on the beach in a swimsuit but in all honesty, she was fine just where she was right now.

Speaking of swimwear, Artemis was wearing a black bikini, with little white spots. She found that when your hair and eyes can be every colour and shade in existence, black was the best match to them all. An umbrella was placed semi strategically beside her, so that she was, for now, engulfed in shadow. This was her failsafe so that if there was, say, a Grimm attack or something like that, she could simply disappear. Little did she know that's what would happen very, very soon.

Artemis casually covered her midsection, a bit of her legs, and most of her chest with her short, speckled wings, and then proceeded on to roll over onto her side. The girl's now-blue hair was splayed all over her towel, but she didn't mind. No sense of embarassment was present in the Bipolar Faunus, because right now she was happy and very, very content with this. Meanwhile, Kaitzu [her shadow ball] was hovering around in tiny circles over Artemis's head. She referred to Kaitzu as a "he", even though he was an abiotic and genderless ball of shadowy matter.

She didn't even take in her surroundings, not in the slightest. She wasn't the tiniest bit concerned about the world around her, for she was comfortable, and nobody would take it away from her. For now, anyways.

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Roy Fox
There was a man laying down on the warm beach sands His long Ginger hair covering his eyes and nose while the rest of his body baked in the sun. This Man's name was Roy Fox he was just laying there without a care in the world as If nothing could go wrong. The sun was shining bright for a day In the winter and although the tempatures weren't Exactly the Ideal tempature for a day on the Beach the were good enough.

Today the man had ditched his trenchcoat that he wore almost everywhere in favor of a shirtless look, while wearing black trunks that had an orange Line Running down both sides in a lighting bolt like shape. While he knew it was dangerous in the open he knew he would be fine as he had slowly but surely rubbed his body into the sand giving him enough friction to Zap any "pests" that might come by. His Katana was Imbeded face up  in the sand next to him.However the chaos that would soon occur would dwarf any expectations he currently had about the day.

As he Lie there baking in the sun he heard a sort of shifting noise near him and looked over to see a mess of blue of and some wings, as well as a strange ball of shadows hovering over her head, near him on a neighboring towel.

He himself shrugged and lie back down letting the sun's powerful Rays slowly but surely bask him in its glory. He was the most comfortable he had been in a long time and thought to himself that nothing could possibly go wrong.

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Severa Scarlet
It was a beautiful day outside ,the Sun was shining, The temperature was just right,at first thought one would not believe that it was still technically winter. There on Kompress beach lie a couple of Uniquely diverse people. One of those people was Severa Scarlet, today she was on the beach for one of the first times in her life, and boy was she enjoying it.

Today she was dressed in a dark red borderline crimson one piece that had white frills around the edges. Her normally pigtailed style of hair was discarded, for a free flowing river of crimson kept out of her eyes by a feather shaped hairclip. As of current she lie on her back her large white wings standing out quite clearly while at the same time hiding most of her body, save for the top of her head.

She was currently, under a shady umbrella her Sheild and sword Lying at the side. Her crimson eyes gazed out upon the ocean as a subtle breeze blew by. As she was enjoying the peace and quiet,she was suddenly broken out of her perfect moment by a silver haired man talking to someone on a neighboring towel. When she looked over she almost broke out laughing at the sight of a silver haired man In a speedo Flexing what small amount of muscle he possessed.

She Immediately wanted to get up and slap the soul out of the man, just for disturbing the peace and quiet while at the same time she wanted to see how her neighbor would react. After a bit of contemplating she decided on the latter and lie back, waiting to see how events would unfold.

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Ser Lothric Ember
It was a nice day and instead of heading into the forest and training Lothric had somehow gotten the strange interest to visit the beach, not that he had any particular reason to visit it but alas he was here and it would do him no good to ponder on the situation any more then he already had.

His attire was nothing fancy, some simple brow trail boots, a pair of blue jeans and a white t-shirt. Looking out over the beach it seemed fairly peaceful, well except for the guy in a speedo that was seemingly trying to do something with his flexing but whatever it was Lothric couldn't even start to ponder about.

Walking down to the edge of the water he took his sword and its sheath from his back and planted it into the sand as his gaze wandered over the ocean, it was peaceful but there was also something else about it he quite couldn't place his finger on.

Either way he just kept watching the water for a few moments longer, still Lothric was here for training as such was his goal with almost everywhere he went and it was actually occupying most of his time as well but alas such was it if you wanted to get stronger and against grimm you always had to get stronger.

With these thoughts in mind he drew his blade from the sheath and started taking a few practice swings with it as he started to get into the rhythm. After a few more swings he grabbed a small stone from the sand and drew it over his sword's magnesium strip and as the sparks turned into fire he threw the stone away and focused on the flames engulfing his sword.

Swinging the burning sword a few times he then started to release the fire from the sword in slashes which traveled just a few meters until all of the fire had been used and the remaining embers extinguished themselves from the blade.

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Artemis Nobushi
Artemis closed her eyes to relax. As a gentle breeze blew by, she let out a small sigh as a tiny smile began forming on her face. Her wings grip on her body tightened as she esentially snuggled herself in them. This snuggling action was cut off abruptly as she heard a sound similar to scoffing, before footsteps grew closer.
The girl heard him speak, heard him speak a sentence that made Kakusareta perk up in Artemis' brain. Slowly, sluggishly, she opened her forest green eye. Taking a half-hearted look over the figure she opened her golden eye, now showing off the heterochromatic set.

Artemis unfurled her wings to reveal the entirety of her well endowed body, rolling onto her stomach before lifting her top half off of the ground. Her body was curved at nearly a ninety degree angle; her legs were curled over each other, still pointed down the blanket, whist her upper body was now off the blanket and facing the newcomer, propped up by her arms. She folded her wings up on her back as she slowly, innocently tilted her head.

'Kaku says kill it.'
'I think we should lay back down and ignore him.'
'Ah c'mon guys. . . He can't be that bad. He isn't very cute, though.'
'He's wearing a speedo; Kaku says you should kill it.'

While the girl's personalities bickered over what to do, Artemis simply looked him up and down. Whilst having someone else do things for her such as put lotion on her sounded easier, Kakusareta was mildly (and rightfully) ticked off by the man, and his attire. Even still, there was the fact that the faunus severely disliked people touching her body in any way, shape, or form.

Recentering her head, Artemis' face stayed completely innocent.
"Um, hello there. . . Sir. . .? Nice to, uh, meet you. My name is Artemis."

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Roy Fox
Roy was laying there quite peacefully he may add,until a silver haired dude tripped on his sword and gave him dirty looks. As he did this Roy slowly opened his emerald eyes to see the man wearing.... A speedo.

Roy's eyes widened a bit before settling back when he scurried over to his neighbor to be their problem.  He was going to settle back to comfortability,but was soon stopped by him posing in a flex like manner to try and show off the "muscle" he had.

He looked over in a peaked interest to see her open her heterochromatic set of eyes one green one golden. She then got into a different position to address the man showing off her more womanly assets.

He could of sworn the man had a nosebleed, while the woman began to contemplate something in her mind.  She then sorta looked over the man with her head tilted before centering herself and speaking out.

As she finished her statement Roy sweat dropped at realizing how much innocence she had. Immediately Roy's danger senses went off as she finished, as these types, could potentially  manipulate people with innocence. He contemplated on the matter for a second before deciding on what to do. 'Should I help her out?' 'Well If I do I'll have to move, but if I don't he'll just keep talking, and talking, and talking. Uggh'

Roy decided a quick jolt of pain would get the guy out of his flirty stupor,and let the peace come back. He reached out and grabbed his sword, purposely dragging it on the ground to gain some friction, He then put just enough aura to it to coat it with a thin layer of electricity, before poking the man in the leg.

As the blade impacted he spoke out in a lazy tone- "Some people are trying to relax, Mr. Casanova"

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Severa Scarlet
As the crimson haired Woman lie there watching the events unfold, she was distraught to see that the silver haired man in a speedo was approaching her at a dangerous speed. Once the man got in front of her he stared for a moment before speaking out in a flirty manner.

He complimented her hair while she slowly but surley began to get angry, she was so close to kicking his family jewels, but as she was raising her leg the man scurried away once more to ogle the woman from before. For once in her life she was actually quite happy that she didn't have giant "asset's"

The man then had a gleeful look in his eye when the woman spoke out revealing her innocence in the situation. The man then tried to "charm" her with his nonexistent good looks. She was about to go over and beat the tar out of the man, before she saw the yellow haired man, that she somehow never noticed, poke him lightly in the leg with his sword.

The man's mouth opened for a moment and a small shiver went through his body, before he fell over and erupted into tears like a child. The sight of a grown man in a speedo Laying in the sand crying his eyes out, made her burst out into laughter at the sight of such a ridiculous thing.

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Ser Lothric Ember
Being distracted from his training by the scream of pain mixed with crying and laughter cause Lothric to let out a heavy sigh as he grabbed the sheath to his sword and attached it to his side before resting the sword on his right shoulder. Walking over towards the others he simply took a long look over the situation before shaking his head lightly, not that he didn't think the guy hadn't deserved this from the little he had heard but still this might have been too much.

Shaking his head a bit Lothric lowered his form slightly while focusing on the man squirming on the ground, letting out another heavy sigh he simply stands up completely while shaking his head.

"I doth nay believe he didn't cause this himself but alas was it really necessary to have him act like a child fresh from the womb?" keeping his calm tone as he spoke Lothric continued looking down at the guy as he seemed to be pondering about what to do next, a big part of him wanted to scare the ever loving life from the poor sod but the other part wanted to simply have him stop with this ridiculous performance.

Letting out yet another sigh Lothric simply re-sheathed his sword and stretched his right hand down towards the guy crying before giving him a small smile.

"I think it may have been a poor choice for thee to attempt this plot of thine. Even so I would be more bothered if I at least did nay do anything to help thee." speaking in his gentle and calm tone Lothric would simply keep his hand outstretched and waiting for the guys response.

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Boarbatusk level HP: 150/150

A large shape pawed at the sand, the people off in the distance looked like they were having far to much fun. The shape felt no desire to attack though, as it felt nothing negative coming from the group. At least until someone had been hurt. The feeling of pain, of weakness, was almost like blood in water to the creature. Of course, this was a Grimm. Maybe not the smartest of Grimm, so new into its life that it had no sense to leave and regroup with others of its kind and return.

The boarbatusk, while weakly armored compared to most of the longer lived Grimm, was larger than the standard as well. Yet it was not slow because of this. It charged from its place of cover further from the sea, no squealing to announce its ambush as even it was smart enough to not ruin a perfect advantage. Towards the man who was on the ground it charged with a single minded pursuit to ram into him with his tusks and head. The pain acting as a beacon that must be followed.

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Artemis Nobushi
Artemis didn't notice him leave and come back during her position changing, but when she saw him walking back she could piece it together. When he stopped, Artemis noticed a small trickle of blood running down his nose. After a bit of listening to him talk she caught his gaze, taking note it was not on her face, but further down.
'You saw that! He was looking at our chest!'
'I say we lay down.'
Even with the bickering and that, Artemis herself still didn't get it. It took a glance down, a glance up, a glance down, and a glance up before she clued in. The discovery didn't phase the happy persona because her brain was clouded with innocence. That and she didn't care, really.

The mention of a date cause Kaku to start having a fit in Artemis's head; she was losing it.
Before she could reply, she noticed the man being poked by a sword. While she didn't immediately think it would do much, he spasmed briefly before falling down and crying.
Now, of course Kakusareta was making fun of him, and of course her lesser personality wanted to lay down, Artemis on the other hand crawled over to the man now crying in the sand, and took a position beside his face, sitting on her knees.
Another innocent head tilt and the girl reached over to poke him in the face; a gentle, curious push into his cheek with the tip of the girl's index finger.
"Date. . .? I mean, I like food, but. . ."
Yes, that's all she saw it as. Food. Artemis thoroughly enjoyed food, however it clearly didn't go to her stomach. . .

The Goshawk was now toying with the man's face with both of her hands, literally bearing no consideration for his current state of being and just deciding it was a fantastic idea to simply poke his face. She was embarassingly focused on it, not even taking into account the other people around her. She just leaned in closer to his face to examine it.
The girl paid no attention. She paid no attention to the other two men, the girl, or the Boarbatusk charging towards them.

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Roy Fox
As his blade impacted the man, Roy was surprised to see him convulse and fall into the sand while bawling his eyes out. Roy Immediately felt kinda bad, but confused as the amount of electricity was minimal to none. He was about to go help the man up when another rather plainly dressed man came and begun to speak.

"Ah,sorry about that assumed he was a hunter, guess it was kinda wrong of me" He then looked over to apologize to the man , but was soon stopped by seeing the blue haired woman go over and poke his cheeks and face. Now this was a little known fact but when It came to really cute things or moments Roy got a bit weak in the knees.

As he was secretly gushing over the situation he heard a loud squeal from behind him, and Immediately spun on his heel and picked up his blade.

It was only a single boarbtusk, and with a group of five- never mind four it would be no problem. However, it was moving at the group at  pretty high speed,and from the looks of it was aiming directly at the grounded Flirt. "Guys Boarbtusk, incoming!"

Roy let out a sigh before rubbing his feet quickly on the sand while of wasn't a ton of static it would do. He sheathed his sword, before moving all the static to his hand. Foming a small field of static around his hand.

He then reared his arm back and threw a bolt of electricity at the foe, while it wasn't particularly a strong atack it was hopefully enough to knock the creature back a bit, so the rest of the group could gain their bearings.

Battle Conditions
Bolt of electricity deals 10 points of semblance damage.

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Severa Scarlet
As she finally finished laughing, Severa stood up seeing as some commotion had started to brew starting with a man approaching the now deemed Laslow and extending a hand. She thought she recognized the man for a moment, maybe a duel or an event? She decided to get of the subject, and look at the blue haired woman poke the mans face repeatedly. She had wings small grey wings, while Severa had excessively large white ones. She took a look at Laslow to see he had wings as well, Large grey ones still not as big as hers but still there nonetheless.

As Laslow got up and called his helper gay, Severa barley suppressed a giggle before hearing the one who poked Laslow give out a warning. She looked over to see a relatively large Boarbtusk approach, she then witnessed the man throw a lighting bolt at the creature while Laslow began to dance in an surprisingly professional manner. She barley spared another glance as Laslow's general colors changed while grabbing her sword and sheild,and snapping her shield onto her shoulder.

She then walked past The dancing man and stood next to the ginger, while making her sheild extend over her arm and hand. She would wait till the beast got closer to begin her assault as she herself wasn't a good long range fighter,but an excellent close range melee fighter.

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Ser Lothric Ember
Lothric looked at Laslow before shaking his head twice, scratching his chin he spoke with the same regal tone that seemed to be with most of his words "To be honest, whatever sex you are means little to me but alas a schemer is of no interest to me.".

Turning his gaze towards the Boarbatusk rushing towards them which seemed to eye Laslow with ill intent, as if grimm could look at any one with any thing other then ill intent. Moving towards the ginger and Severa Lothric unsheathed his sword before grabbing a small stone from the sand, letting out a light sigh he drew the stone over the swords strip and focused on the sparks as they turned into flames that started to cover his sword.

Going into his stance he crouched slightly as he held the sword tip down towards his left foot and the handle towards his right shoulder. The fire on the sword soon spread towards his arms and grew to cover his shoulders as it started to flow behind him, lifting the blade up high Lothric focused upon the tip of the blade and a three meter radius fireball started to form. When it had finished forming he swung his sword downwards at the direction the Boarbatusk was and sent the fireball flying at waist height towards the grimm as it begun to pick up speed, attempting to hit it directly at center mass to maybe stop the thing in it's tracks.

"Now enough of this annoyance, let us send this abomination towards the abyss where hence it came!"

HP 150/150 SP 140/160
Attack: One fireball launched from his sword directly at the grimm. 20 SP dmg

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The Grimm kept up charging, almost single minded in its assault as it churned sand beneath its feet and constantly gained speed. A bolt of lightning struck its face, but at the speed that the Grimm was moving, it felt as if static upon its hide. While the impact made the creature veer a little bit, it was quickly able to rectify its path. Though it was dumb, the Grimm saw the massive fireball begin to form and its mind quickly went into danger. While lightning it may have missed, fire was an obvious threat.

The Grimm panicked, veering off its path to sprint around them, trying to place some of the other humanoids in between it and the fire. It almost made it before the fire struck, but by that time it was already moving at its top speed, so nothing would have reduced its momentum by more than a little. It reaches the yellow haired one first, trying to gore him through with its tusks. But Roy is not the main target, as it is still angrily targeting the one who's pain, though fake as he insists, was the one to draw in the Boarbatusk in the first place. With a single minded charge, he attempts to ram into and crush the dancer, who's skills have no affect on this enemy as there is no aura to alter.

Attack attempt upon Roy and one upon Laslow. Each attack does 45 damage before defense is applied.

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Artemis Nobushi
Enter Kaku.

Looking up, Artemis noticed the Grimm charging towards them; a Boarbatusk, by the looks of it. Alost instantaneously Kakusareta was in charge, and walked Artemis over and back to her umbrella, where she pulled the well over six foot tall Naginata out of hiding behind it. She didn't stop to admire the bladed polearm before she began to spin it. Spin it in a multitude of completely random directions while keeping her eyes locked on the enemy. She watched the lightning strike it's face, she watched it dodge around the fire to put some of them between it and said fire, and she watched it attempt an attack on the ginger one. Hit or not, it was now charging towards the man. . . Dancing in. . . A speedo. Kaku pushed that to the back of her mind as she dashed forward, ducking into a slide, spinning the staff around, and bringing the butt end forward in an attempt to sweep the beasts legs out from under it.
Using the momentum from the attempted sweep Artemis was spun around mid slide. When her body was facing the beast again she lifted the Naginata over her head, before thrusting it forward in an attempt to simply gore the beasts side with the blade.

Whether that would hit or not she didn't care, for Artemis was done with this hit, and now came the run. Spinning around after she skidded to a halt, Artemis teleported back to the shade of her umbrella. She could have attacked at least once or twice more in that time, but she felt it wasn't neccessary. Two and off was enough for now, she didn't want the risk of being damaged simply so she could get in a few more swings. She hoped to simply stall and injure the beast, even though watching the dancing idiot get crushed seemed very tempting to her.

Battle Stats:
HP=160 Aura=130

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Roy Fox
As the Boarbtusk tanked his bolt of electricity and narrowly dodged around the taller man's flames, he saw the boar like grimm charge at him in a beeline. Roy quickly sidestepped and coated his blade in electricity after scraping it across the sand, making an extended blade of electricity about two inches from the original blade emerge. He then quickly reared his blade back and swiped at the grimms side as it charged past him toward the ...dancing a speedo. Roy then charged more electricity into his blade before, Swinging it letting lose a wave of electricity toward the creatures back.

He then witnessed as the blue haired girl from earlier pulls out a long spear type weapon and twirl it around fancily before performing a duo of strikes at the beast as it charged toward the man who was currently dancing in a...speedo. The only thing the dance seemed to produce was a thin murky mist. As he looked back over he was surprised to see that the spear toting woman was already able to be in the shade of her umbrella.He also was surprised to see a crimson haired woman standing in pretty close proximity to him, as well as a taller white haired man who seemingly produced the fire earlier, and of course the speedo wearing man, who for some reason he happened to recognise. While internally He hoped that this dancing man would be crushed by the creature.

Battle status:

Lighting Blade-  +2 STR (-10SP)
Lighting blade Slash- 45 damage
Lighting blade-Static Wave- 20 semblance damage(-20 SP)

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Severa Scarlet
As the approaching creature shrugged  the Orange haired man's Lightning bolt, and Dodged the Tall white haired man's Flames, Severa prepared herself for the assault, as the ginger sidestepped to one direction she stepped to the other. As the creature bolted past Severa created some feathers before quickly sending them flying toward the creatures backside. She didn't have anytime to preform any Melee strike as the creature bolted past. Then the other woman that was with the group appeared and began to quickly strike at the beast, before jumping back to reveal the man from earlier, who was...dancing. She let put a loud sigh as the man was sent flying.

She quickly looked around to examine each member of the group. After a glance at the taller man she finally recognized him as Lothric, a man she had sparred with days earlier . She was going to greet him but saw his focus on the battle , and refrained from thw action for now.She didn't recognize anyone else, but noticed that three of five were of Avian Faunas origin. She then quickly refocused on the Grimm wondering if it had died yet.
Battle Stats:

Feather strikes 20 semblance damage.  

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Ser Lothric Ember
Lothric watched as the grimm rushed past the group of three and got attacked by the other pair while then smashing into the schemer and sending him flying, letting out a simple "Tch!" in respond to this Lothric was pondering his options as the range and number of allies made his version of long ranged attacks not the best usage of available options.

Walking forward and away from the group a bit Lothric got into his stance and focused upon his anger and hate for the grimm and it was visible in his eyes as how much he loathed the thing, feeding his flames as his anger and hatred grew Lothric made it stretch further behind him and it seemed to form into a demonic visage which seemed to scream as the roaring of the flames grew louder.

His plan was simple, try to use his anger and hate for the grimm as a beacon and then let it come to him so that he could turn it into ash, readying himself Lothric lowered himself into his combat stance and locked his eyes upon the grimm in question with eyes full of anger and hate.

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Boarbatusk HP 55/150

The boarbatusk felt something that it had not felt before as it struck the person who needed to put on a few more clothes. It felt. Pleasure. Probably the closest thing that such a creature could ever feel to a positive emotion. Yet that faded and what was left was a hunger. A desire to feel that again, to wreck pain and death upon these people and bathe in that feeling. Yet these other creatures fought back with sticks and fire and steel.

The one whom he had hit tried to take advantage and slap him with some odd metal ring. And if the creature could have laughed as it glanced off of its armored face it would have as it barely felt the impact. The sudden appearance of the stick wielding female caught the creature off guard and the boarbatusks legs were forced out from under it and into the air. Yet the creature instictively curled up and tore into the sand with its shell like bones upon its back, moving out of the way of the second blow.

It spun out of the way, coming to a halt to round itself, to be struck by two different projectiles upon the end of the boarbatusks movements. Something sharp pierced into it just after some great energy that made it spasm for a moment. It was hurt, yet the feeling was overpowered by something more empowering. Negative energy flowed from the group again, in particular one of those white furred creatures. That energy made it lower it's head and rather than charge forth with legs like it had before, the grimm creature rolled up again, tusks grinding into the sand and sticking out like dangerous spokes to catch the slow before charging at him and everyone else with a speed that was at least one and a half times faster.

An attack made on Lothric for 45 damage. And anyone else who doesn't get out of the way.

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Artemis Nobushi
Artemis's grin widened as the creature's legs were swept out from under it, but lost that grin when it dodged her stab with ease.

From the shade of her umbrella she watched the onslaught begin; the creature was hit with every attack imaginable. She hid in the shadow for now, feeling that the time was not right for another attack yet. It was how she played her schemes out: she'd dash in, overwhelm them with a flurry of attacks, or a strong few hits, and teleport out. It wasn't exactly moral, and it wasn't exactly fair, but fair was the least of the girl's worries in a world so cruel.

She noticed the Grimm suddenly bolt at the tall white haired man, questioning why before she realized the plan. He was charging up a heavy, heavy attack and that Grimm was too stupid to avoid it because she presumed he was making himself the living embodiment of hatred.
She would hope that the others would realize this but just in case she dashed out in front of the group, raising her naginata into the air.
"Don't attack it! Don't do anything to change it's course from going directly too that man!"
She lowered her naginata, pointing it to the tall white haired man.
"If ya can't tell, he's gonna hit it really hard so don't get in the bloody way."

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Roy Fox
Roy let out a foxy fulltoothed grin as the Boarbtusk was hit every ones atacks, yet it still pressed on, he glanced over to see the Sppedo guy passed out in the sand probably not to wake for some time, after being hit full forceby a charging pig. Suddenly the grimm Turned on its heels and headed for the fire guy in a beeline, but with a powerful roll of danger.

Roy stepped back a bit seeing as the man had something planned probably a big atack that would smite the beast. He then noticed the spear woman dash out in front if the group amd warn them not to get in the way.Judging from all the negative energy the man was realizing he didn't blame her for it."Aye,Aye Captain" Roy said in a slightly sarcastic manner. Standing in the way of the onslaught to come, could and most certainly would hurt on both sides, so yeah he was gonna stay out of the way of this one.

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