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Normal Day at the Beach. (Hunt. Private w/ Roy, Severa, Laslow, & Lothric)

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Severa Scarlet
Severa watched with a sharp eye as the creature Dodged the other woman's Second blow, but rolled right into Her and the Orange haired man's attacks.

She would then stand back and cross her arm's as the woman teleported to the shade of her umbrella, she took a quick glance at the silver haired man, to see him passed out in the sanfd face first his rear end sticking out like a dunce. She let out a quick scoff and refocused upon the pig like creature of grimm. As it suddenly turned and bolted toward Lothric.

Realizing that the he man was releasing Negative energy and preparing  a full power attack she stepped back a bit, before seeing the woman from before appear and wave her spear about warning them not to attack it and such forth. Severa let out a sigh before muttering under her breath "Obviously"in a tone before hearing the Lightning guy make a remark as well.

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Ser Lothric Ember
Lothric held his ground as he saw the boarbatusk rolling at high speed towards him, giving a sinister smirk he simply waited for the impact, the moment the grimm was close enough Lothric held his sword on both the middle of his sword and the hilt using the blade to block the attack as he started to slide backwards a bit due to the force the flames surrounding him crashed down towards the boarbatusk as they surged forward creating a massive wave of fire which consumed both Lothric and the grimm.

Not taking the chance of the grimm recovering Lothric unlocked his sword from the block and quickly stepped to the side of the grim before swinging his sword in a downwards arc, when it would have hit the ground he swung the sword upwards in a diagonal swing going left to right. Using his momentum Lothric did a horizontal swing aiming for the back of the grimm as he spun with his blade adding to it's momentum and power.

While all this was taking place the area surrounding Lothric was still ablaze and quickly turning into an inferno as he was only focused upon dispatching the grimm and then he could deal with his flames and their soon to be wild rampage.

HP 115/150 SP 110/150
Defence 1: Blocked attack with sword but takes dmg.
Attack 1: 20 SP dmg massive fire wave, Boarbatusk.
Attack 2: Downward arc 30 dmg Boarbatusk.
Attack 3: Upwards Diagonal strike 30 dmg Boarbatusk.
Attack 4: Horizontal strike 30 dmg Boarbatusk.

All attacks are made before any defensive rolls are calculated.

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Boarbatusk HP 5/150
Hate. All the creature could do was hate. As it charged madly and with its one focus, it centered upon the white haired man filled with hate as well. But even in its forward charge the grimm was able to feel. It rolled, sand kicking up around it like a wave, and it suddenly felt agonizingly hot. Fire seared its black flesh and charred the white bones that gave it traction in this terrain. It would have squealed in pain were it not already curled up in such a way that it could not open its mouth. Being unable to see it still kept moving forwards, connecting with the the blade and tearing into the aura of the white haired man.

As the first of the blade stroke fell the creature had kept spinning, catching it against the armored backside and parrying the sword away before kicking up more sand and rolling off before it could be struck again. The boarbatusk could only feel emotions of rage and hate, but even it knew that with the red marks that lined its body that it did not have much more life within it. If only it could get somewhere where it had allies. No longer able to keep up the spinning, the boarbatusk fled to find more of its kind, sprinting as fast as its four small legs were able to take it.

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Artemis Nobushi
Artemis watched in a decently impressed fashion as the Boarbatusk was once again overwhelmed with attacks, and if the creature wasn't a filthy abomination, she might have felt bad for it.

She took note that the creature looked rather badly damaged, red lines scribbled across its black pelt. It was fleeing now, and with good reason. It was severely outnumbered and could not win this fight in any way. It was too bad fleeing would not get it very far when Artemis could simply teleport to it...
The girl's hair once again flushed yellow as she teleported to a shadow; it was the darkness cast by another abandoned umbrella, a few meters ahead of the Grimm. Flushing her hair to orange, Artemis hid in the shadow, and waited for the opportunity to strike.

As soon as the Grimm was a foot away from passing the umbrella and towel, Artemis lunged forwards and thrusted the blade forward in an attempt to gore the beast in the side. If she were to hit that, it was over, but if she missed then she would sweep her polearm a foot over the ground in an attempt to simply remove the beasts legs.

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Roy Fox
The creature was once again overwhelmed with blows making Roy have a grin on its face as it feared for its life. Well Roy wasn't going to let it get away, so he coated his body in electricity, and gave chase.

He dashed forward and made a cut toward it's side, before quickly spinning and slicing at its front legs. Before quickly backstepping to see the shadow girl go speeding by him, and slashing at its side also. Roy not one to be showed up, quickly channeled his electricity to his blade and sent a powerful wave of pure static towards its front.

Roy then grinned, and sheathed his sword figuring the creature would be dead by now. Or at least immobile. And able to be finished iff by thw others.

Aura- 110/150
Sideslash- 35DMG
Spin slash-35DMG
Electric wave-20 sem DMG
Electric channellin+1 speed

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Severa Scarlet
As Severa backed away due to the other woman'a request, she watched with peaked interest as Lothric overwhelmed the poor piglike creature with atacks. Well the outcome was to be expected after all when you have a group of trained hunters against one creature of darkness that said hunters were trained to kill afterall.

What did suprise severa however is when the grimm dashed away fearing for its life. Severa simply let a smug grin adorn her face before crossing her arms and saying one word."Pathetic"

She formed golden razor sharp feathers in front of her and sent them on a bee line for the pathetic fleeing Grimm. Hoping to perforate the creatures back side with her attacks, She then saw the orange haired man speed towards it in a slashing attempt. The foolish speedo man was still passed out pathetically in the sand.

Aura- 60/100
Feather strikes: 20 semblance damage

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Ser Lothric Ember
Lothric laughed loudly and with a sinister tone as the grimm ran away, not wanting to let the others have fun Lothric lifted his sword up and pointed it towards the sky as a massive fireball started to form, concentrating on it the fire started to turn blue as he kept his focus on it.

A few moments later Lothric swung his sword downwards towards the grimm and the blue flames crashed into the ground as it roared before heading in a straight line after the creature as a wave of blue fire, Lothric then focused on the fire making sure it would only move towards the grimm but he was getting tried of the little thing and would see it incinerated for just its pathetic existence.

Within his own mind Lothric was just hoping the flames wouldn't go out of control again, he wasn't used to the heat and intensity of the blue flames and that could cost him greatly but he was not going to let this monstrosity live even if he had to set the entire beach ablaze to kill it.

HP 115/150 SP 90/150
Attack: Blue fire attack 20SP dmg.

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Boarbatusk Dead, Dead, Dead

The boar shaped creature squealed as in pushed its wounded body faster it had to call its brethren here. It had to make those that were wise with age and coated in that fine white armor that grew with each passing life cycle. These fleshy beings would suffer at the tusks and claws and fangs of its kind. They would perish as Nevermore wings blotted out the skies. If only it could get away.

The boarbatusk was slowed by the sand. The very same thing that gave it more traction and control during its spinning was now preventing it from getting away with its life. It pressed on, the only emotions filling it being rage and hate. But one of those same aura covered flesh-lings appeared in front of him. Try as the boar might it could not avoid the stabbing of the spear that pierced its flesh. It was doomed from that point, even as it thrashed weakly against the pole arm. Quickly the creature went still, but still attached to the spear point it was soon enveloped in blue fire. It faded away into dust and smoke within the raging fire, leaving no body where it had died.

Roy and Severa, you were both close, but please take care to keep to the 150 word count requirement. Had this not been the end your actions would have gone ignored.

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Artemis Nobushi
Artemis's face turned into a look of smugness as she watched the thing writhe around on her blade, Kakusareta's sadistic tendencies flourishing as she lifted it into the air. That was, of course, until it suddenly burst into flames.
Her face turned blank as she simply stared, emotionlessly, at the thing. It was burning, burning, gone...
The smoke cleared, and the body of the Grimm was gone.

She turned around, giving the same comically blank stare to the tall man.
"Well... Was that really necessary..? I mean-"
She suddenly combusted into shadows, before reforming back at her original towel.
"It worked and all, but was the fire really... Necessary..?"

She rather casually layed back down on the towel, her arms crossed behind her head as her hair flushed light blue, here eyes turnng back to their heterochromatic normality. That was good enough for today, she supposed... Good enough for now...


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Roy Fox
Roy stepped back, and watched with an amused eye as the creature was enveloped by flames, and decimated to nothing more than cinders. A bit flashy, and reckless for his tastes, but who was he to really say anything- he literally let himself get stabbed multiple times, just to hit with an attack. Roy eyes flashed a mischievous hue, before turning to the taller man, and looking up to the taller man with a lazy eye.

"Nice flames ya' got there pal, a bit flashy but still cool really cool."

Roy then ran a hand through his hair to feel it spiked everywhere- probably due to the static electricity he was using in the one sided battle. He still couldn't believe that the dancing fool was taken out in one blow, however.

He sheathed his sword and shook his head in an attempt to make all that static that was making his hair stand on end go away. He then gave the fire guy a wide foxy smile, before waving to the red haired girl. Seeing the spear lady go back to her original position under the umbrella, Roy soon followed suit., laying on his towel and baking in the hot sun to enjoy his favorite pastime for the day- cloud watching.


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Severa Scarlet
Severa stayed at her position to see the pathetic fleeing creature be, enveloped by Lothric's familiar blue flames, and reduced to nothing more than ashes and smoke. She quickly looked around to see the ginger haired one go back to laying down, while the blue haired one also went back to lazing about. And the pathetic one still unconscious, in the sand felled from one blow from a piglike grimm.

She quickly shook her head, and looked over to Lothric giving him a slight smile and a wave.
"Hello Lothric, nice to see you again, but I must be going now, bye"
knowing him, they'd probably see each other again sometime soon.

She then sheathed her sword, and headed back over to her towel, and slinging it over her shoulder.  Once packed she took a quick glance at  the crystal clear waters of the beach, before heading back to the city, blade and towel in tow, her crimson hair shimmering as she walked away.


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