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Misery loves company (open to three)

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1 Misery loves company (open to three) on Tue Mar 07, 2017 1:38 am

the day was warm as spring was coming around, every one had just celerbrated that happy holiday of being with a loved one well almost every one merlynn was one of the unlucky few who was alone on that day so bitterness was quite thick and sharp. But thats now why she was so angry it was because her parents happened to send her some thing that made her turn more flustered and angry about her situation.  it was a box of personal lubricants and some more personal items. merlynn merlynn regretted telling her mother inprivate about her situation. Not that they wouldn't be used its more she wished it wasn't the case and of things to send those on her birthday.  well merlynn was in town now burn off the rest of this horrid start of a day off. first off to the cake store she just got presents so that meant cake and tea and she was gonna have it her way.

the doe had quite the interesting choice of outfit. as if she wore half a dress her legs where free to view but her left arm and actually body was coated with some thing like neoprene to a full-body swim suit. the dress was mostly likely designer in choice but for her fighting style it was effective. the skirt the draped behind her that hung off her left hip would allow for her legs to move free if needed for a powerful kicks to be hidden but not hinder fight or flight momvment.  the right arm draped and covered some with its own form of counter balance of cloth would allow merlyn to hide her hand movements for close range combat. now her exsposed left arm was in  bridal gauntlet of neoprene as well but for dust combat engulfing her hand in dust over hte cloth aloud for extreme situations where dust was key. but really she looked fashionable in such an attire and her pixie cut hair now finally gaining some length gave her the chance to put the loose strands together for a small loose pony tail.  

After having walked some distance into town she arrived where she wanted to be the cake store. the doe had a sweet tooth that was in a mood for a cake her grandmother used to make. the sweet smells of all the cakes the frostings the sugar, she was hard pressed to still be angry right now.  she went up to the counter with a sweet smile gracing her face happy to give her order. "hi could you make me a blueberry cake with lemon zest and give it a lemon glaze?" she said putting her hands together in a bit of a pleading motion. "i'm sorry but custom orders are needed to be given two days notice." the doe looked a little shocked and once again her birthday was filled with more disappointment. "oh okay..." she said leaving the shop her face hiding her disappointment, but the day was still young.... maybe she might be lucky an there be some able to save this day from being any worse.

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2 Re: Misery loves company (open to three) on Tue Mar 07, 2017 4:05 pm

Katt McTaggart
The green haired assassin had only been in the city for two days now and it still was strange to her. But then again she never had the luxury of getting accustomed to any one place. Sure the main cities of each of the kingdoms had been common stops for her, and she knew how to get around them pretty well they still weren’t even close to something she could call home. But for now this place would be a good spot to lay low, small and quaint. Of course no matter where she went there would always be work eliminating a few Grimm, though she doubted her more lucrative profession would be of much use here. But then again, as long as there’s two people left on the planet someone is gonna want someone dead.

For now though she was just trying to get her bearings. The better she knew the city the easier it would be to get around without being noticed or should the need arise she could use her knowledge to avoid the authorities. And the added bonus was she got to find all the good places to eat. For such a small girl she tended to eat quite a bit, on more than one occasion she had packed in an entire extra large pizza on her own.

With her headphones over her ears Rushi did her best to memorize the surroundings as she worked her way down the streets. One of the shops caught her eye. Above the door was a small sign reading “Marie’s Pastries” written in a rather fancy font. The smell coming from the building was far to tantalizing to resist. Stepping inside the bell above the door rang queuing the person behind the counter to greet her.

“Welcome to Marie’s Pastries, how can we serve you today?” A cheery looking middle aged woman asked from behind the counter. Bearing her little mind the short girl removed her headphones and made her way to the counter. Behind the glass displays were all kinds of different incredibly tasty looking confections. Pointing to a few dozen different ones she silently gestured for the woman behind the counter to collect them.

Paying for about two dozen different pastries Rushi grabbed the bag containing the collection of delicious sweets. With a silent farewell to the store owner she pulled something that had an apple scent to it from the bag while stepping back outside. Upon tasting the treat her taste buds were assaulted with the unmistakable flavor of baked apple and cinnamon, placed over a flakey and buttery pastry. Devouring the first of her many sweets she quickly moved onto something that was probably blueberry flavored as she turned the corner onto the next street.

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3 Re: Misery loves company (open to three) on Wed Mar 08, 2017 12:35 am

well merlynn wouldn't have to wait long before some one ruined her day even more quickly some over grown bear faunus walked up to her and whistled. "my my arnt you a fine treat even sitting out side the display window. i could eat you up." merlynn rolled her eyes right now flattery was making her more angry. the man was easily 6 foot and looked strong. but he did one wrong move, he touched one of her horn and merlyns limbs lit up ad she grabbed the bear by the collar of his shirt. "not it the moood fuzz butt!" she threw him but she didn't judge where she threw the large bear faunus and threw him at the female who just walked out of the cake store with a lot of sweets. "Alright who else wants a piece of me? huh?" she stood her ground stomping one foot she caused a crack in the cement under her foot she was looking at the bears companions but they just scattered after she raised her voice.

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4 Re: Misery loves company (open to three) on Wed Mar 08, 2017 1:10 am

Frost Kyanite
Frost had decided to spend some off time in Bellmuse, as training had taken a toll on him this week. To tell the truth, he hadn't explored the town very much, and he wanted to see if there were any places around that the locals frequented.

People here are pretty diverse, he noted as he ran a hand through his short blonde hair. Faunus, human, from all corners of Remnant, it looked like this place was a magnet for the strange and amazing, those who didn't fit in anywhere else. I wonder what that makes me...

As he rounded the corner, he didn't see the green haired girl, almost bumping into her. "Ah, sorry, excuse-"

Frost didn't have time to get the words out as a man-bear flew inches from his face, missing him by a hair. A thunderous CRACK broke the pavement across the street in front of him, revealing a girl who looked to be the source of the thrown faunus. She was clearly livid.

He knew he probably shouldn't pry; that it would be in his best interest to turn and walk away. But there was something about her, something that drew him in. Raising an eyebrow, he held up his hands like a man calming a wild creature.

"Hey now, I think that guy's had enough." Hopefully he could limit the amount of violence that would occur today, though he wasn't going to optimistic about that.

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5 Re: Misery loves company (open to three) on Wed Mar 08, 2017 1:42 am

Katt McTaggart
Just as she came around the corner Rushi saw and was almost hit by a rather tall man. Of course being light on her feet the small assassin simply dodged him. The next thing she knew something had hit her and her feet were no longer planet on the ground. She saw the sky, and then the pavement, and then the sky again, so on and so forth. Finally she stopped, luckily whatever had hit her got between her and the wall of the building that had brought them both to an abrupt halt. Now in pain just about everywhere she could think of and with her head rattled the girl wobbled on her feet as stars circled around her head.

Taking a few seconds to correct herself she looked to see what had hit her. A large bear Faunus was smashed into the brick of the building that had stopped them. If that was what hit her what the hell threw him? Looking back in the direction that the Faunus had come from she saw what appeared to be a rather small woman screaming angrily while the tall man who had almost run into her seemed to be trying to calm her down. Well this was certainly strange, though Rushi felt like she was forgetting something.

Her pastries! Frantically looking around the green haired girl saw what had become of her expensive batch of sweet treats. Several were still in the bag which was somehow under the bear Faunus who had hit her. The rest, about fifteen of them, had been strewn out over the streets. Closing her amber eyes the short girl took several deep breaths while resisting the urge to pull out her riffle and start shooting... wait... where was her riffle? Looking around again she saw the large inconspicuous case laying on the ground near where she had been standing before. Bursting into an immediate sprint she broke for the case before anyone else could get a hold of it. Jumping into roll just before the case she came back up to her feet with the container affixed to her back again.

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6 Re: Misery loves company (open to three) on Wed Mar 08, 2017 9:02 pm

merlynn's fist was balled up as she moved bast the man holding his hands up. "attempt to stop me and I'll put you in the same corner twerp." talking to the man attempting to stop merlynn, her shoes clacked a crossed the stone as the bear faunus laid there still from her toss.  she noticed the sweets on the ground and saw the girl near them and turned a little red in the face.  "see what you made me do. you're coughing up the money to replace the goods.  also here a little hint just because i have a nice rack does not mean there for touching got it!?" her voice was loud and commanding as she was still mad her arms and legs glowed with a faint hue the same as her antlers in color.  she was pointing a fing at the bear laying back to the wall not far from the girl.  The bear faunus nodded placing some lein on the ground getting up to get moving away from the doe.  "crazy doe!" he yelled while  running.

merlynn caught what he said and clenched her fist getting an angry smirk on her face. "oh You.... if only...... RUN you here me that's right run!" she snorted her head down as if a stag ready to charge. turning red in the face she started to cry her anger was boiling in to tears as a means to purge the anger from her body in a non violent manner. actually she picked up one of the pastries off the ground not even bothering to clean off the dirt she just started to walk to a seat to sit down her limbs still glowing a blue hue.  and she ate the treat dirt and all of course she wasn't bothering chewing too much.  she wasn't far away from rushi or frost her anger gone just sadness gracing her face along with a red hue from her blood pressure getting high.

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7 Re: Misery loves company (open to three) on Wed Mar 08, 2017 10:02 pm

Frost Kyanite
Frost watched the scene play out, seeing that the angry faunus woman wasn't the source of the trouble, she was just reacting to it. He looked down, realizing that his hand had almost strayed on instinct to the rifle that was tucked in it carry form under his cloak at the small of his back. It didn't look like it would be needed here. It would be a delicate affair to get her to calm down, but Frost was a sucker for a crying girl, he couldn't help it.

Looking behind him to see the green haired girl, who had recovered from having a man-bear thrown at her, he was relieved to see that the (apparently pervy) man had been the only casualty, aside from some pavement and some pastries. Speaking of which...

Frost bent over, grabbing the box that the sweets had been in. Taking his handkerchief from his pocket, he mused that many didn't probably carry them any more, as it was something unique mostly to Atlesians like himself. He set about picking up the pastries and cleaning them up a bit, setting the box on the seat next to the crying doe.

"This kinda thing happen often around here?" He asked, sitting so the box full of refreshed treats was between them, a peace offering of sorts.

"I'm new in town, just want to know what I'm in for." His cerulean eyes were sympathetic, as he'd had his share of bad days in the past. The girl was clearly a powerhouse if she could crack concrete like that and glow like a blasted neon sign, it'd be a good idea to see what her story was. Maybe she's part of all the craziness happening in this town...

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8 Re: Misery loves company (open to three) on Wed Mar 08, 2017 10:47 pm

Katt McTaggart
Confusion. That was the proper word for what Rushi was feeling right about now. Now that she had her case back she had taken a look to re-asses the situation and what she saw was just straight up strange. The person who had thrown the bear Faunus into her seemed to be now on a bench crying, the man she had almost bumped into had collected her ruined pastries and now had them and seemed to be trying to subtly offer them to the crying woman. Great, she had just spent good money on those things and only gotten to eat two and now they had been not only ruined but snatched.

The green haired girl sighed and hung her head for a second. She wasn't mad, more just mildly annoyed. That was supposed to be her lunch, and now she would have to skip the meal and wait until dinner. Sure her job made good money from what she used to do, but now she wasn't making money and she had to make it last until she could find work here and with how she ate meals got pretty pricy... but then again why should she have to go hungry? Someone here was responsible for this and they should pay for her meal. Of course she missed the fact that the incredibly strong woman had made the bear give up some cash.

Walking over to the two people on the bench the silent girl stared at both of them with her arms crossed, tapping her combat boot on the ground while glaring at them. Chances were that neither of them could understand sign language and this her next next option was to use the notepad she carried for just that reason... except it was gone. Somewhere during the scuffle her notepad had disappeared. Just great. With another heavy sigh she resorted to a game of charades, pointing to the bag her pastries had been in.

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9 Re: Misery loves company (open to three) on Thu Mar 09, 2017 12:28 am

merlynn was soon surrounded by strangers who she didn't know and she lowered her semblance. her limbs flickered as the glow stopped hearing the man speak she looked at the box of soiled treats she shook her head. "no i'm just a wreak is all. not been my self in a long time." merlynn held her left hand up to turn it down while she used her own sleeve with her right hand wiping her eyes not taking the mans favor.

soon a figure stood in front of her tapping a boot, it was the girl was pointing to the pastries or the bag with the logo of the store and it was obvious she wanted merlynn to come clean at least or pay up. "sorry about that may horns they.. they are delicate... and i just get angry when people touch them. sorry about your sweets umm how about i take us out to lunch i know a few hearty food places. not fancy but filling." she said offering it to both frost and rushi, merlynns emotions seemed to fluctuate quickly at least she was no longer glowing like a glow stick.  she stood up and looked at the case on rushis back and at frost who seemed to gentle for this area. "you two hunters as well? you two must be new i haven't seen you at the school. an I've been there a long time." she said holding out the black velvet left hand of hers as if to go for a shake but she brought it back to pull her skirt more in front of her legs to hold it as she walked over kneeling down to pick up the lien the bear faunus dropped, well left behind.

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10 Re: Misery loves company (open to three) on Thu Mar 09, 2017 11:29 am

Frost Kyanite
Shard had been mistaken, apparently the treats had been the green haired girl's. Oops. Rubbing the back of his head bashfully, Frost turned to the mute girl to apologize. Common sign language was the basis of Atlas' military hand signals, so he knew how to get by in it from all his training.

<"Sorry, I didn't realize these treats were yours. I'll gladly replace them."> His signage was a bit rusty, but he got the point across well enough.

Turning to the explosion of personality and color that was the deer faunus, he went to accept what he thought was a handshake, but retracted when he saw that she was just bending to pick up the lien her aggressors had dropped. This girl bounced all over the emotional spectrum, and it was a little hard to respond appropriately. "Yeah, I'm new to the school, transferred in from Beacon after... well, after everything happened there with the Grimm."

Standing to dust his coat off a bit, he noticed his stomach rumbling. Must be a sign that he could use a bite to eat. "I'm Frost. Nice to meet you."

He smiled genuinely as he introduced himself to them both. He hadn't made any friends yet, so it was nice to at least have a conversation with huntresses who weren't out to take his head off. Yet, anyway.

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11 Re: Misery loves company (open to three) on Thu Mar 09, 2017 11:39 pm

Katt McTaggart
Rushi raised an eye as the tall man actually used sign language to speak to her. It though many people who weren't deaf or mute could understand sign language. It was obvious he either didn't know it that well or hadn't used it in a while but his point was easy enough to understand. Though for her she didn't need anyone to use it on her since she could hear perfectly well. Reaching up the small girl pulled off her headphones and let them rest on her neck.

[I can hear perfectly fine, you can just speak to me.] the short assassin signed to the blonde man before turning her attention back to the overly emotional Faunus. One of her hands went down to her side and held the strap of her case while the other one hang at her side ready in case she needed to use it. At the mention of a school she tilted her head. These two didn't look school age... unless there was an academy here.

[Is there a hunter's academy here?] Rushi signed to the man who would understand it, [and if you could let her know that I'll take her up on her offer for food.] since she had lost her pad somewhere along the way she would need to use him as a translator. Luckily she kept more in the motel room she was staying in.

[Nice to meet you, my name's Katie.] Ruhsi lied with her hands. She still didn't know if her name and face were known here, but for now it was better to keep her real name a secret and should it come to it she can just say it is her middle name and she didn't want to give out her first name to strangers. Years of doing what she does had made it pretty easy to lie to just about anyone.

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12 Re: Misery loves company (open to three) on Fri Mar 10, 2017 11:08 pm

Merlynn Softly sighed as she noticed the female made hand gestures, wondering what that meant a noticed they where directed at the male it seemed off. but she brought back the attention to the male as she said he was new at school meaning he had no knowledge of merlynn which was good because that would keep things simpler. "whats with the weird motions with the hands?" she asked as it seemed they had there own little code with each other already. her brow was raised at the sound of his stomach growling it was easy to hear with her faunus hearing.

but seeing as frost introduced himself now merlynn might want to introduce her self as well. "my name is Abigail." she said taking this chance to start leading the way her hips did sway with her steps walking in a straight line the left hand held the lien as she turned and beckoned in a fancy manner to have them follow with her right hand with with the sleeve the way it was she held it in place with three fingers and polled her pointer out like a rolling wave. "come you two. lunch is on me." merlynn was smiling in a sweet yet... dark manner. Rushi in her line of work might know a killers smile when she sees one but merlynn was acting like a seductress to get frost to follow as her dress and attire left little to the imagination but cover enough to want to get a better look. with every sway the skirt would flow behind to hide her hip movements.

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13 Re: Misery loves company (open to three) on Mon Mar 13, 2017 10:43 pm

Frost Kyanite
Frost wasn't a horndog, but he couldn't deny he liked the way she shook those hips. "Uh sorry, it's sign language..." He trailed off as he followed her. Wherever they were going, free food and pretty girls always made for fine company.

OOC: Sorry for the rushed post, real life is kicking my butt.

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14 Re: Misery loves company (open to three) on Tue Mar 14, 2017 2:34 pm

Katt McTaggart
Rushi couldn't do much more than shrug to the question the faunus asked about what they were doing with their hands, after all she couldn't even talk. It still irked her that her notepad had gone missing while she got hit. Though now that she thought about it she still had another way she could communicate with someone. It wasn't something she liked doing but it was all she had right about now since only one of the two people here could understand sign language. Pulling out her scroll she searched for an app she had installed forever ago, a crude text to speech app.

Typing something into the device she hit play and from it came a robotic sounding voice. “We were speaking sign language. It's a pleasure to meet you, my name is Katie.” The sound from her phone was almost like that famous scientists who was stuck in the wheelchair. The fancy display that Abigail gave didn't really entice the small assassin but the promise of food did. Promise her plenty of food and she would do quite a bit. And since her pastries had been ruined and then almost given away she was still pretty damned hungry. In fact her midsection did give off quite the audible growl. Still holding her case tight to her back she started off behind the Faunus woman and wondered what kind of food it was going to be, as long as there was plenty of it she would be fine.

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