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A Chance Encounter [Private w/ Kat]

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1 A Chance Encounter [Private w/ Kat] on Tue Mar 07, 2017 1:20 pm

Katt McTaggart
Rushi had always thought the city was the same anywhere you went. Sure the styles and aesthetic changed from one kingdom to another but the feel was always the same, and the people may look varied but they're all the same. But Bellmuse, it had a different feel to it. Though she was walking down a rather populated area it didn't feel as cramped or as dangerous. Sure there were people here and there that she could tell weren't exactly the best kind, but the vibe she was getting from the average person was far too peaceful for a big city.

Still though the green haired girl kept her guard up, even with her headphones on she kept an eye out for anyone approaching too quickly or acting out of place. Of course her headphones where modified with microphones directly on them that would mix the outside world's sounds with her music, after all she couldn’t be caught off guard because she couldn't hear the world around her. Gripping the strap of her large unassuming gun case across her body she turned the corner while paying more attention to the buildings than the people. Mostly she was just trying to get her bearings and get a feel for how the city was. Only having arrived earlier in the morning she still needed to find a place to stay, and a grumble in her stomach reminded her it was about time for lunch.

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2 Re: A Chance Encounter [Private w/ Kat] on Tue Mar 07, 2017 4:34 pm

Dean Mattox
Kat Monroe did not go out very often. If he did, it was because it was a basic need. He knew that wearing a casual suit in public would draw attention. Therefore, he wore a t-shirt and jeans, with normal tennis shoes. Everything was going fine. He was going shopping. He was going shopping because he needed food so that he could continue to sit in the room until social interaction was a requirement for him to continue on with his life. That was fine and dandy for him. Something felt off, though. When a woman carrying a large case walked around freely, especially one so much shorter than the rest, it piqued his interest. He used his semblance to scan the woman.

The strength that the woman had was quite formidable.  Or at least, the combat prowess. It was on the top of the charts of natural skill. That was a terrifying aspect, enough that he wanted to go and find out more about the woman. He walked up behind her, his social ineptitude shining through by approaching a person with a gun from behind.

"Hello. I'm Kat Monroe, and I wish to ask you some questions"

He'd continue to walk behind her until she'd answer him in some way.

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3 Re: A Chance Encounter [Private w/ Kat] on Tue Mar 07, 2017 5:20 pm

Katt McTaggart
Keeping an eye out for somewhere to eat the short assassin kept her awareness about her. After all this was still a city. Even if someone wasn't out to get her here there was always the chance of a pickpocket, and she really didn't like having to kill people without getting paid but rules were rules. For now though she still needed to find somewhere to eat. Though those footsteps coming towards her from behind might need to be addressed. Putting a hand on the inline controller on her headphone chord she turned down the volume, allowing more of the outside world to be pumped inside. Right about now she wished she still had one of her pistols, wiping out a large riffle in the middle of the streets tended to get too much attention.

Just as the person coming up behind her Rushi spun on her hells to face him, making sure to get eyes on him before he got within arms distance just in case he tried to pull something. Staring at him with her amber orbs she payed more attention to his hands than his face. Danger came from what someone did with their hands and their body, not what they looked like. For now he seemed rather harmless if a little stupid. Her gaze moved up and she locked eyes with him, her expression still the same as usual: general disinterest.

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4 Re: A Chance Encounter [Private w/ Kat] on Mon Mar 13, 2017 1:09 pm

Dean Mattox
Kat Monroe, as stated before, was terrible at socializing and never knew that disinterest usually meant stop. Therefore, he was to continue. The uninterested look at Rushi's face was nothing to stop him.

"I've noticed that your physical prowess is off the charts, and I'd like to know why. It's not often that a small woman like you gets such a high strength rating. However.. your defense is lacking."

Kat blinked before realizing that he hadn't informed the woman how he knew this.

"Sorry. I should note, my semblance tells me all about this. It's a database."

However, it didn't tell him that people were mute or anything like that. As useful as that information would be, it wasn't something he had. If it were up to him, he'd have all the information about everyone, and have it all processed and nicely filed. However, rarely, is that a thing he could do. However, much like great detectives, he was terrible at socializing and was a great bit blunt when it came to words. He also sucked at keeping his power a secret.

Might not be useful in one on one combat, but was completely useful in day to day life.

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5 Re: A Chance Encounter [Private w/ Kat] on Tue Mar 14, 2017 12:49 am

Katt McTaggart
Even as her facial expression remained stoic the short girl's mind was working through reasons why he was talking to her. She quickly worked it down to one of two things. Either he was just entirely socially inept or he was a decoy and someone was going to come up behind her and try to kill her. She didn't hear any footsteps coming from behind her but it was still a possibility.

Or not. Did he really just ask her how she got to be so strong and then tell her what his semblance was? Rushi almost couldn't believe someone could be so stupid. If you could tell how strong someone was then why would you come up behind them and start up a conversation? They could easily be someone who would beat the living crap out of you for interrupting them. But then again Rushi wasn't exactly that strong, she could fire her SVD without any major issues. Though for now she figured that he probably didn't know sign language and so the next option was how she normally communicated with people.

Reaching into her pocket the green haired assassin pulled out a small spiral bound note book with a pen attached to it. Flipping to an open page she clicked the pen and quickly jotted down what she wanted to say before showing it to the person.

[You have about ten seconds to explain what you want before I deck you and run] the note read, her handwriting looking almost like a proper text font.

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6 Re: A Chance Encounter [Private w/ Kat] on Wed Mar 15, 2017 12:38 pm

Dean Mattox
There was two things he picked up about this woman. She was a very quiet woman; maybe even mute. The writing on the notepad made him think she was some sort of mute. He had seen it happen elsewhere. He had known a kid way back when who wrote instead of talking. Made it a pain to hold long conversations, which is why he learned sign language. However, she could just be extremely shy.

He really couldn't count any of it out. So, he decided to see if she was mute and used sign language, by using sign language himself.

'I mainly wish to know more about you. Most people don't read so high on any of my scales. Most people rank only one on the scale.' He signed to the woman. Sure, he could be just being hyper insensitive, but if his hunch was right, that'd make this talk much easier. Assuming this woman didn't still deck him and bolt. Little did she know, he could take a bunch because he was stubborn when it came down to it.

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7 Re: A Chance Encounter [Private w/ Kat] on Fri Mar 17, 2017 6:55 pm

Katt McTaggart
Well that was a surprise, someone else actually knew sign language. Well that would at least make this easier for her. Flipping her notepad closed Rushi put it back into her pocket. Now to deal with this guy. Wanted to know more about her? Was he stupid or did he think if he came off as innocent enough she would just tell him her life story?

'Do you have no sense of self preservation?' she signed 'if something is dangerous you usually leave it alone unless you have a death wish.' Her stare remained as neutral as before, even if she was feeling something it wouldn't show on her face. Though what her face didn't show her stomach sure told about with a nice loud groan. Great, this guy had distracted her from her current goal: food.

Without a further word she turned around, completely ignoring the person who had stopped her and continued to look for somewhere to eat. Even if she felt like holding some kind of conversation with him right now eating was a far more important issue.

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8 Re: A Chance Encounter [Private w/ Kat] on Mon Mar 20, 2017 3:11 am

Dean Mattox
"I could pay for a meal for the two of us, if you'd just sate my curiosity."

He spoke. It worked with other people, telling them they could get free food. It was the easiest way, in his experience, to get someone to follow along with him and sate his curiosity. He supposed it was a sort of bribe. Sure, she was immensely dangerous. She could very well kill him. Probably with one punch, with how high her readings were. However, that didn't stop him from wanting to learn more about the small person who could kick his ass. He really had no sense of self preservation.

He knew his status on here. He scanned himself. He was durable but lacked any combat skills compared the the woman he had just scanned.

"I know a nice place near here. Can order whatever you want. They'll cook it. It's a bit pricey, but I can afford it pretty much no matter what."

He was quite determined to sit down with this girl and have a chat. Even if it cost him a pretty penny.

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9 Re: A Chance Encounter [Private w/ Kat] on Mon Mar 20, 2017 2:45 pm

Katt McTaggart
The green haired girl stopped mid stride. She knew she shouldn't take him up on such a weighted offer, but the promise of free food was enough to make her stop. Food did sound good right about now and all the better if she didn't have to pay for it from her own wallet. Was it really worth it though? After all going around letting people know that you kill for money wasn't exactly the best idea in her profession. Though then again that wasn't all she did, and since hunting grimm payed well enough she had done plenty of that. Well that story would be easy enough to pass off. And besides it was always easier to lie to someone when you physically can't even speak the lie yourself.

Turning back around she eyed the guy making her the offer of free food. Still he didn't seem dangerous though he very well could be working for someone who wants her head. For now though she had more important things on her mind, like food and if this guy wanted to take her to an expensive restaurant then she would also get the joy of seeing the look of terror on his face when he saw the bill. Pulling back out her notepad she jotted down something on it before displaying it to the man. 'Lead the way,' it read.

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10 Re: A Chance Encounter [Private w/ Kat] on Mon Mar 20, 2017 3:24 pm

Dean Mattox
He nodded and turned around; walking. It was a glorious thing that his parents had paraded him around and won various prize monies because of his actually insane data and information collecting and processing speed. He walked with haste to the restaurant, so that he could arrive before rush-hour, and he did so. Once he arrived, he'd wait the amount of time he'd have to wait for her to arrive, and guide her through getting a table, and once they were sat down, he'd sit across from Rushi. The restaurant was all sorts of Satin, lit up amazingly by well placed lights. White table clothes contrasted the general look of the place, but it was on of Kat's favorites.

Once sat down, he'd start.

"Are you a hunter of sorts? Usually hunters rate highly on my scale. Because they're super trained and such, you know? Maybe not. Probably not. Order all you want. My parents are loaded and are fine if I spend a massive amount of money on a dinner."

He was going to hide the fact that he was the one who earned that money.

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11 Re: A Chance Encounter [Private w/ Kat] on Tue Mar 21, 2017 3:37 pm

Katt McTaggart
Following her source of free food Rushi kept her guard up. If he was meant to be a distraction whoever was supposed to kill her would have already struck. That left a few options left. He could just be entirely honest and have no skill with people or he could be trying to investigate her or get information out of her. If he was trying to get information out of her she would need to figure out who it was he was working for, as for investigating her chances were he would be working for one government or another.

Well this place did look fancy. It reminded her of some of the restaurants her father would take her two when they were watching one of their more well entitled targets. It almost made her wish she still had her suit. Doing her best to tuck her case into the corner as they sat down she pulled her headphones off of her head and let them rest around her neck. Everyone else here seemed to be minding their own business, which was good.

'Something like that' Rushi wrote down on her notepad in response to the man's question. Grabbing one of the menus she started to look over it and writing down each of the dishes she wanted so she would be prepared for the waiter or waitress when they came to take their orders.

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12 Re: A Chance Encounter [Private w/ Kat] on Wed Mar 22, 2017 12:23 pm

Dean Mattox
"What hunting academy did you go to? Not all hunters rank as highly as you do, actually, it's quite rare that they do. It places you at the top of the tiers."

A small smile appeared on Kat's face. Something that rarely happened unless he had an idea.

"Oho. Something tells me, Madam, that something isn't as it is. It's not your size, but your demeanor that yells at me that there's a detail missing. Tell me, is there something you aren't telling me?"

His curiosity made his small smile subside. The waitress came shortly after so he explained the ladies situation.

"She's mute, but she has her meal choices written down here."

He ordered a fancy crab meal that he knew would take forever to make, but he did like it. He liked spoiling himself when it came down to food, and was curious on what this lady would answer to his questions. He was usually a gentleman, but his curiosity was getting the better of him at the moment, and he would have to say sorry later. However, 'Curiosity Killed the Kat' fits oddly well in this situation.

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