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One Shot One Kill [ask to enter]

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1 One Shot One Kill [ask to enter] on Tue Mar 07, 2017 9:25 pm

Katt McTaggart
Twelve hundred meters, that was the distance that the tiny killer had estimated her target to be at. Even with a scope the one attached to her riffle the target still appeared rather small. Still, this was a shot she could make pretty easily as long as she focused. For distance there were a few simple things one had to remember, of course there were also lots of calculations that needed to be made by the shooter or the spotter. Normally for a shot this big the spotter would use their scope to figure out exact range and windage, then tell the sniper those measurements so they could adjust their scope accordingly. Unfortunately Rushi no longer had a spotter.

So instead she did things the solo way. Her target was a standard soda can. Four point eight three inches tall and two point six inches wide in the center. With the magnification of her scope is appeared only centimeters tall. Doing some rough calculations in her head the number came out to be 1193 meters away. Reaching up to the nob at the top of her scope she clicked it several times to adjust for the distance she was shooting at. Next was calculating windage. Using the leaves of several trees along the way the green haired girl got a good guess of the wind forces at play and adjusted the nob at the side of her scope.

Next was breathing. Rushi began to slow her breaths, calming her heart rate as she did. Watching the reticle of her scope move slightly with each breath and shake almost un-noticeably each time her hear thumped. When the gaps between the beats in her chest were large enough the small sniper breathed in deeply, breathed out, her heart beat and she gently squeezed the trigger.

The thundercrack of a single gunshot disturbed the birds in the tree Rushi was sitting in, and from several around her. The recoil pushed into her shoulder and the picture in her scope went up slightly. As her body rocked back a bit to compensate for the force being exerted on her. The metallic sound of the expent brass hitting the trunk of the tree she was in met her ears just after she watched the can of purple soda burst as it's pressurized contents were let loose by a copper jacketed piece of lead tore through the thin casing it was housed in.

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2 Re: One Shot One Kill [ask to enter] on Fri Mar 10, 2017 9:11 pm

Lilia Hitashigano
She was rusty, the girl figured. She hadn't took a shot at something over a thousand meters away in a while now. Today would be the day that she changed that. She had already climbed into a good looking tree, and she had already set up her target.

Lilia clutched the underbarrel of her electromagnetically charged firearm, bringing the butt of the gun firmly into her shoulder. Her head tilted to the side and she shut a single eye, peering into the scope through her right. Her target, a soda can about five inches tall and three inches wide, was positioned at a distance she was estimating to be almost thirteen hundred meters, give or take a few. Lilia slowed her breath, following basic sniping procedures, and slowly, but surely, lining the target up perfectly.
A low hum became audible as Lilia began to slowly pull the trigger. Slowly. . . Slowly. . .

A sound like thunder could be heard as a gun fired, a loud, deafening sound. A sound that was not her gun.
Lilia lowered her weapon with haste, perking her head up to look around in a scared, alarmed fashion. She hadn't expected for anyone else to be here, let alone be sniping something. The girl, after a while of searching with her eyes and occasionally her scope, shrugged off the sound. Grimm couldn't shoot, and there shouldn't be anyone out here that would be hunting someone. It mattered not, for Lilia still wanted to see how many pieces she could obliterate a soda can into. Raising her weapon, she repeated lining the shot up. You didn't really have to take wind or bullet drop into account when your gun could fire at such high speed.

Her heart beat slowed, long spaces of silence growing in between the thumps present in her chest. Her scope was focused on the can, which was magnified to a level so that it was at least a centimeter tall in the view. Slowly, carefully, she began to squeeze the trigger. A low hum was emitted from the chamber of the long, blocky weapon. The square flaps along the sides of the barrel began to open and close in a swift wave motion. Small, short bolts of blue-yellow lightning created jagged zig-zag patterns across them. The hum grew louder, sharp zapping sounds of electricity striking the metallic spike in the chamber of the gun were becoming increasingly audible. A high pitched scream joined the symphony of screeching. It felt like an eternity to Lilia, but really, it was only a few short seconds.


As the trigger was pulled, a loud, deafening scream came and went, before the loud boom of her ammunition being launched via electromagnetic forces. Her small body was pushed back, the immense recoil throwing the gun's barrel up a bit, denying any chance of a follow-up; not that she would need one anyway.
The solid ten millimeter slug flew out of the barrel with a muzzle velocity of over three kilometers per second, closing the gap between the girl and the can in less than a singular second. The metallic spike simply shredded the can, ripping it apart and eviscerating most of the aluminum it was composed of. The watery red contents burst out of their metal confinement, spreading out in a few meter radius around where the can once stood.
There it stood no more.

The hum faded down to a whisper, the flaps on the sides of the barrel slowing in their motions as the bolts of electricity faded away gradually. She took a bit of pride in her gun, knowing that the solid slug had also ripped through the trunks of at least two or three trees. Lilia lowered her gun, a small grin on her face. The grin grew wider, as she came to the conclusion that she wasn't rusty.
She had just taken a little break.

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3 Re: One Shot One Kill [ask to enter] on Sat Mar 11, 2017 12:01 am

Katt McTaggart
Satisfied with her shot Rushi was just about to sling her riffle over her shoulder and begin the long walk to examine her target from up close when a strange, almost like gunfire sound went off from a good distance away. If it was a riffle it wasn't using any form of powder based cartridge, but the supersonic crack of whatever it shot was obvious. Immediately the small killer's instincts kicked in and all thoughts of the soda can she had shot were gone. First things first was figuring out where this other gunman was. Reaching into her pocket she pulled out a small cap and placed it over the front of her scope, it's purpose to stop glare from her scope that could alert someone to her position. It did darken her scope picture so she didn't use it most of the time but if there was someone else out there it might be necessary.

In the woods like this it was easier to determine the general position of a shooter based on the sound, unlike in the city where the sound would bounce off buildings making it more difficult. Based on the sounds the shooter was somewhere to the south east of Rushi, without knowing the sound profile of the weapon she couldn't tell exactly how far away it was but her best guess was within five hundred meters. And the direction put the trunk of the tree she was in between her and the other shooter. Changing her seating position so she could peek around the side of the tree she was in Ruhi started to scan with her riffle scope for the other shooter, the bullet hadn't passed her by any margin so if this person was shooting at her they were a bad shot.

Nothing.... nothing... nothing.... damn. Either the other shooter was staying hidden and doing it pretty well or they were on the other side of a tree and out of sight. Or not. Finally the green haired assassin noticed the barrel of some kind of riffle she didn't recognize. Whoever was on the other end of that riffle had a tree between them and Rushi. Well they obviously weren't targeting her, but then what were they shooting at? The chances were all but none that someone else with some kind of long range gun was out here training at the same time as her. For now though it would be best to watch and wait, though this other person was no doubt aware of Rushi's presence due to the gunshot from before.

Time to move. Slinging her SVD over her shoulder and jumping from the tree the hitman in the school uniform landed with barely a sound and immediately burst into a sprint. She headed east and slightly north to get behind whoever this other shooter was. Even carrying a long riffle on her back she was surprisingly quick on her feet and soon made it to a tree where she could get a better look at this other shooter. Kicking off he trunk she flipped up into a branch thick enough to support her weight while at the same time unslinging her riffle and bringing it up to watch this other shooter.

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4 Re: One Shot One Kill [ask to enter] on Sat Mar 11, 2017 7:34 pm

Lilia Hitashigano
The gun was loud, sure. It alerted everything within at least a thousand meter radius to her presence and gave an absurdly easy opportunity to triangulate her location, sure. But when your weapon fired a spike at 10,800 kilometers per hour, enough to break the sound barrier 8.75 times over, you didn't need silence.
You only needed a clear shot.

She let out a quiet groan, now realizing how far away her target was and that if she wanted to go check it out she'd have to run all the way down there. Not exactly a problem for her, but it was still a long ways to go.
A thought came to her head at that moment: where had that other sniper gone? Slowly the girl holstered her weapon; she put it into a similarly blocky and metallic black case slung over her back. It looked like a sheath, in a way.

Danger or not, Lilia approved it as worthy enough to use her semblance for. A faint glow came and went as the differently coloured rings formed around her heterochromatic eyes. First she looked in front of her; no colour differentiation. Then she looked over to her left where she had heard the gunshot. Nothing. To her right gave the same outcome but it was when she cast a careful glance over her shoulder that she spotted the tiniest bit of what looked like a human being. Direction they faced? No. Armed? No idea. She just knew they were there.

Deactivating her semblance Lilia raised a hand to her head. The soft fabric of her grippy climbing gloves was soothing, she had concluded earlier. Rubbing her forehead she tried to comfort her headache; a common side effect of using her semblance for too long. They could follow her for a while, she supposed. For now, she just slowly stood up, placing her hands by her sides, before hopping down from the tree, and casually walking to where her target had been.

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5 Re: One Shot One Kill [ask to enter] on Sun Mar 12, 2017 10:01 pm

Katt McTaggart
Rushi kept her sights on this other shooter as they climbed down from their tree. Immediately the small assassin started to take notes. Chances were that this person wasn't after her but in her line of work one could never be too careful. Pulling out her note pad she started to jot down notes on the person's appearance, what they were carrying and anything else she could make out through her scope. From behind she couldn't get a good look at their face or figure out their gender though the long hair leaned towards female.

At the same time though she kept an ear out for any other sounds. It very well could be that this pink haired shooter was some kind of decoy and the real thread was elsewhere. Though so far no one had shot at her so that could go either way. Even as the possible threat of being lured into a trap hung over her Rushi remained calm. Of the many things she had learned in her upbringing, the one thing that will kill faster than anything else is panic. As soon as you started you could kiss your rear end goodbye.

And so she remained calm, watching the other shooter and waiting. Unfortunately Rushi didn't have any kind of camouflage gear to better blend in with the terrain or she would have spent the time to get into a proper hiding spot. She wasn't sure if the pink haired shooter had noticed her change in position but best practice would be to assume she had, and without knowing what their motive was their threat level to her could still be rather high. For good measure the small girl began calculations to determine what adjustments she would need to make to her scope just in case this went lethal.

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6 Re: One Shot One Kill [ask to enter] on Mon Mar 13, 2017 3:06 pm

Lilia Hitashigano
Now, while Lilia loved to show off, giving this person any idea of her capabilities was absolutely a bad idea. Whoever it was they were a sniper, they were fast, and they were good. While the idea of someone with similar skills to herself was slightly exciting, there was still the chance that this person was a threat and that fact was made even more obvious with them being the wielder of what sounded like a pretty high caliber rifle. So for now she simply walked. Walking with the look of someone who had not a care in the world. Sure, she could get shot multiple times at any moment but why worry about that?

The girl took into account how pretty the blue hue of this forest was. The leaves, the patches of snow, everything. It was nice, being places other than the Academy and Bellmuse. They were nice yeah but this place was just. . . Beautiful. . .
Enough daydreaming.
Lilia strained her ears, trying her hardest to hear if the person was still behind her. Nothing she could hear so far.

A couple of minutes later and Lilia was standing a few meters before the target she had eviscerated. The slug had done work on it and a few tree trunks behind it. For now though that didn't matter. The girl turned around, casting a cold glare in a 180 degree angle behind her. Assuming the person had followed her this far, now would be the time she'd assume they realize she is aware of their prescence. She didn't speak, not yet.
Lilia was at a disadvantage here. The unknown person knew where she was, and Lilia was completely clueless.

Eventually something would happen here. She hoped it wasn't a bullet nailing her in the face, which seemed least likely. The girl slowly and carefully reached for the weapon on her back: if things got bad the least she could do is take a potshot and run. Not her best plan, but then again none of her plans were very fantastic.

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7 Re: One Shot One Kill [ask to enter] on Tue Mar 14, 2017 1:55 pm

Katt McTaggart
Should she move or stay put? So far it seemed like the other shooter hadn't noticed her but still they might have a general idea of her location. Though the pink haired shooter seemed to be rather nonchalant about this whole situation. Either it was an act or they were a decoy. Getting a sudden chill down her spine the green haired assassin turned around and began to scan for another shooter behind her. The worst part of this all was that she had no clue who was against her and who was just there, and with an academy on the island. Damn, this was not a good situation.

The young assassin weighed her options while scanning for anyone else who could be a threat to her. After determining that if there was anyone out there that she couldn't see them she turned back and put her sights on the pink haired shooter again. They were still walking rather causally. Almost out of habit the small sniper started to tap the side of her trigger guard with her finger in time with her heart beat. She didn't know why but she tended to do it when she was sighting in on another person. Though she never did it during practice or when hunting Grimm.

Finally the person she was watching got to their destination. Rushi couldn't exactly see what it was they were looking at due to the fact that they were in between it and her sights. And then they turned around. Staying deathly still the green haired killer kept watching. Okay, what was their goal here? But now it was easier to determine their gender... or not. At this distance their facial features weren't close enough to tell and their body had no real curves to it. As such the small assassin concluded this other shooter was a guy, which meant the chances that they were a payed killer was higher. There was quite the gender gap in her profession that leaned towards the masculine side.

As this guy started to reach for his gun Rushi quickly weighed her options. She should take a shot and try and incapacitate or kill them, she could shoot for their riffle and try and knock it out of their hands but both of those left her with the possibility of revealing her position. Though at this distance the bullet would get their before the sound of her gun did. And of course the other option was to book it. Before the pink haired guy could get his gun out all the way Rushi made her decision and jumped down from the tree she was in, slinging her riffle and doing her best to use the trees as cover, it was time to get out of there.

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