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Maria Lazaric, the girl who will S.W.A.T you like a bug (Finished and ready for approval)

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Maria Lazaric
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Maria Arwin Lazaric
Age: 22
Birthday: August 17th
Gender: Female
Race: German Sheppard Faunus - Tall, prominant ears - (Any evidence of her ever being a faunus is gone.)
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 127lbs
Face Claim: CQC Girl - Artist Unknown

STR: 5
DEF: 5 (+1)
RES: 1
Aura 130|170 HP

Major: Civilian (S.W.A.T)
Likes: -Food.
-Protecting people.
-Even though she knows it's bad, the adrenaline rush of combat.
Dislikes: -Criminals.
-Working with a team.
-Talking with people.
Fears: -Her shield being broken or useless.
Talent: Fighting
Weakness Speech
Overall Personality: Maria dislikes people. Plain and simple. She is an anti-social person and it's a miracle she's even a member of the S.W.A.T. Due to her "distaste" towards people most of her calls required her going in solo to take down small gangs, or even the occasional small scale heist. Maria herself already has trouble speaking to people since English is a second language; Latin is her first.
The girl is unbiased to a strange amount. She could not care less who you are, what you do, and whether or not you have a criminal record. If she's told to, she will do everything in her power to enforce the law.

She comes off as cold and uncaring; and you'd be right in that assumption. She gives off no positive emotion, she gives off no negative emotion, she gives off no emotion at all. Maria seems the type to be very inconsiderate, and that she is as well. If forced into a team situation she will do her job, protect with the shield, all of that; in fact, she secretly likes it.  

Aura type: Defense
Aura Color: Black
Semblance: Maria's semblance allows her to see an outline of organisms through walls within ten meters. Humans are yellow, other animals are blue, and Grimm are red. The intensity of the colour depends on how dangerous Maria thinks they are, which means it can easily be fooled.
Item 1: -Weapon- Two, standard issue R8 Smith & Wesson revolvers.
R8 Revolver:
Item 2: -Physical Armour- Le Roc ballistic shield. Heavy duty extendable shield. When extended the shield reaches the ground, so that she can stand and have every bit of her body protected from the front. Bullet proof glass panels pop out on the sides and the top, so that she is protected, at least a small bit, from weapons. Naturally the shield is heavily resistant to small arms fire, basically cancels out small scale blade type weapons, and is great at stopping shotgun, rifle, or fully automatic rounds. It is, however, heavy. Especially when extended Maria's shield renders her largely immobile, and she can only walk at a slow pace. When in it's compact form she can jog, but a full out sprint is extremely tiring.  
Now while the bullets or melee weapons themselves do not hit Maria, they transfer their momentum through the shield into her. Basically she still feels a fraction of the damage, but not as much as she would feel without the shield.
History and Sample
Even though she is a "human", Maria's life can simply be described as a "steaming pile of crap".   

Her father was a drunk, and abuse was a regular part of Maria's life. He'd come home drunk, she'd watch fights between him and her mother, and occasionally she'd be the victim herself. It was a crappy upbringing.
One specific night, he'd been drinking as usual. There was an argument, as usual. This time was different because she tried to stop it This lead to her being thrown against the wall.
Long story short her father stormed out and the family was later informed that he had gotten into a fight with some guy, and said guy had pulled out a 9mm pistol and shot him multiple times.

So that was the end of her father.

Her mother was, truly, the only person who had ever cared about Maria, however she had problems with severe depression. It wasn't constant, but it was bad when it did happen.
She lived happily and somewhat peacefully up until the age of thirteen, when she was brutalized by a gang of anti faunus people. They cut off her ears; the only trait she'd had was excellent hearing but now that was gone.
She recovered in the hospital, and she lived normally for three years.

At the age of sixteen, Maria Lazaric was the victim of a sexual assault. Let's. . . Not. . . Go into detail on that. Just know that it traumatized Maria and any and all physical contact beyond normal intances. Abnormal contact such as hugging, kissing, being picked up, any of that done by a person she does not give permission to is registered as bad and usually results in physical violence on Maria's half. Even indecent or perverted talk tends to tick her off.

Finally, Maria got a front row seat to her mother's death. A bomb placed in a store was the end of her, and Maria was left be be splattered with blood.

After all of that Maria decided she'd like to protect people, even though, deep down, she had buried a burning hatred for half of the human race. So she became a part of the rather insignificant Bellmuse S.W.A.T team, and occasionally acted as a standard officer as well. She joined at the age of nineteen.
RP Sample:
Lilia was sitting in a chair, casually watching TV, when she heard a very distinct sound.
The sound grew louder, more apparent, more annoying....
It was a fly.
She spotted it, just in time for it to land on her nose.
She muffled a little growl as it crawled around, legs moving in a rhythmic beat.
She was going to kill it.
She stared intensely at the insect, slowly removing her hand from it's comfortable perch on the arm of her seat.
Raising it up, her eyes began to go crossed. Her face was trembling, succumbing to the tickle the fly gave her.
Finally, she struck. Her hand flying at her face.
Alas, it was to no avail. Her efforts were for naught.
She had smacked herself directly in the face, and the fly, being a fly, and dodged it gracefully.
Lilia sighed. Once again the fly had won.
For now....

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