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Deserts of Vaccuo, Tundra of Atlas... Beaches of Bellmuse? (Closed, student positions filled)

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Madam Haze
The tide was at it's furthest point from the island nation, almost a mile of sand lay out before the Goddess. It had been exactly as she had calculated, things were going the best that they possibly could... of course they were. She was the Goddess, she had the power to grant favor and so of course she constantly had it granted upon herself. She had decided to take today's class at the beach and so today's class would be at the beach. Of course she had a perfectly good reason to be taking it at the beach... she very much liked the beach. That was reason enough, so she had a massive stretch of the beach cornered off for academic purposes.

Reaching into her dark purple handbag she removed a small box with a single button on it, pressing it and dropping the box a beach chair unfolded from the tiny mass. Ah, how far technology had come. She lounged atop the chair, rather than dressed in her typical teaching attire she was wearing the clothes she more typically wore for combat. The tube top, gloves and long trousers combination allowed her to unleash more of her boundless potential than when wearing her incredibly elegant dress.

Only two students were to come to this class, randomly selected by the School's algorithms. They were to bring all their equipment and Haze was going to have them fight. Not her, well... at least not to begin with, but each other. As good as the training halls were, they didn't quite give off the sense of scope of the foreign lands these hunters may have to traverse and fight in. And so here they were, on an empty beach to simulate the emptiness of a desert or tundra. No trees to hide in, nothing to use, just you and all you have against them and all they have.

She checked her scroll, knowing the students were to arrive in the next ten minutes. Basking in the sun, taking in the deserted beach before her. Perhaps she'd show them the Goddess' might... only if she deemed them worthy of facing her in combat of course. They'd have to do quite well to be worthy of such an experience.

Haze's Alternate Outfit (Younger Haze Pictured Wearing Said Outfit):

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Roy Fox
Roy Fox a mercenary that was selfly proclaimed lazy was walking across the beach sands,Wearing his normal outfit, a trenchcoat, an orange and black striped tee-shirt, black jeans and a ripped piece of yellow cloth hanging at his waist. His wild untamed ginger hair blowing in the slight breeze while his sword dangled at his hip. He had no reason for coming here except to get out and enjoy the day. He had class today, combat strategies once more, but to be honest he didn't feel like going do he skipped it, not feeling like dealing with haze.

After a bit of mindless wandering he eventually passed by a sign notifying that it was a reserved area,but he didn't spare a glance so he didn't notice it. But after a bit he noticed how empty and quiet the area had gotten and begun to look around before seeing one lone figure in the distance. He walked over to see an unexpected sight, Madam Haze wit a sigh he was about to turn around before contemplating on something.

'If she's here that must mean the class is going on here,but What could the topic possibly be?' 'Its practically a barren wasteland not much strategy could be held here unless you have a digging semblance, but that's too specific for a class'
and as he thought to himself his body slowly gravitated over to the aforementioned area before plopping down in the sand in front of said teacher.

He looked up and was surprised to be sitting down before muttering under his breath "curse my curiousity" he then looked up at the lounging teacher wondering what kind of things would ensue.

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Arcen Anokades
Arcen; she knew Haze from a combat class a while back, and now she was going to another one of these aforementioned classes. She had not the slightest clue what was in this class but she did feel an urge, deep down in her body, to just smack somebody.

Long strides are what the faunus took to the beach, her blood red scarf flowing gently behind her. Again, she ignored the occasional stares from people. She was used to it by now. Her attire consisted of the typical black button up hoodless sweater-esque top, a medium length stiff black skirt, her fuzzy and oddly fitting red scarf, and one single legging; on her left leg. Her combat prosthetics were the obvious choice for today.

The hydraulic whirring of the metallic limbs were practically inaudible among the rest of the noise her ears picked up. The noises did, however, die down the closer she got to the beach. Arcen as usual had not question this; why the beach? What could they possibly gain from this?
Arcen didn't care.
She had already stretched this morning, and had just recently done so again before leaving.

Arcen, now walking onto the beach, was pleased to find that the sand did not effect her prosthetics; she had been slightly worried about whether it would or not but now that it hadn't, she was ready for this class.
Soon enough she spotted Madam haze and some other man she had not seen before. Arcen hadn't left that early, so she subconciously wondered why there weren't more people here. Maybe it was a two person class? She didn't know.

So, the arcic fox kept stride and walked up to the teacher that was apparently lounging in a chair. Strange, yes. Did Arcen question it? No.
Why would she?

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Madam Haze
Much too content, enjoying the heat of the high sun as well as the comfort of her chair, the Goddess hardly noticed as two students approached. Taking a moment before even recognizing them as any more than civilians who had wandered onto the beach next to her despite the barriers being up. She'd have wiped them out if she hadn't found something somewhat familiar in the appearances, not that she could remember any of their names or faces particularly. Reaching into her bag she pulled out a set of glasses, putting them over her eyes. That way she could ignore the mortals and they wouldn't complain.

Closing her eyes she quickly began to relay the point of this class, "Alright, listen to the Goddess lest you receive her wrath. On this island a majority of the Grimm you will be fighting will linger in one of the two forest. Maybe the mining caves on a particularly bad day. This means you will be completely unprepared if you have to go overseas, hunting at the likes of Vaccuo's deserts or Atlas Tundra. The terrain is different, clearer, with little to no cover. Unlike Bellmuse forests which have virtually limitless natural defenses for you to use. And so we're here, a beach with the tide at it's furthest point, the best way we have available to simulate such an environment."

"Of course, getting Grimm here is rare and difficult seeing as this beach is on the other side of the island; especially large and powerful grimm. So, in place of such, you two are simply going to fight it out until you can't fight any longer. The Goddess shall judge which of you is the victor." She smirked, this class was simple. She'd hardly have to work at all. "If you understand then just go for it, no need for formalities. Do it like you're in the wild, go for the kills."

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Roy Fox
As he sat waiting for Madam Haze to begin, he heard a sort of metallic whirring fron his right and quickly looked over to see a...strange faunas woman approach And join him. From the looks of it she was a type of fox faunas due to her ears bit what caught his attention were her heterochromatic eyes and how one seemed eerily observant while the other moved around sparratically. Roy shrugged and stopped observing as he felt it was rude. As he turned his head Madam haze began to speak.

She began to talk about potential overseas missions where we will be out of environment and how the beach was meant to simulate that situation. She then explained how attracting Grimm could be potentially difficult and so instead two students will be fighting it out in this case the two student's being Roy and the faunas woman. As she finished speaking Roy stood up and stretched before focusing on the target.

His Normally lazy Emerald eyes hardened into that of an experienced mercenary. "Names Roy, Roy Fox." " I'm gonna go ahead and atack so... Get ready" Roy said aloud in the laziest tone he could muster before purposely taking off his coat to gain some friction.

Roy began to channel aura to his whole body before suddenly coating him self in electricity making his already unruly hair seemingly stand on end. Roy then sighed before dashing with enhanced speed toward his foe swinging twice at her midsection before doing a spin and striking with a downward slash, he then quickly jumped back and channeled all the electricity to his hand before releasing it in a powerful bolt toward his opponent. His hair returning to his normal state and his sword at the ready.

Battle Stats:

Static Coating- +1 level in speed (-10SP)
Horizontal swing#1-35dmg
Horizontal swing#2- 35dmg
Spinning strike-35 Dmg
Blitz Bolt- 20 semblance dmg (-20SP)

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Arcen Anokades
Arcen had been ready the entire time. She had been ready, and had just stared. Her uncomforting half-gaze shifted from Haze to Roy, and back to Haze. The girl's right arm - the fleshy one - twitched slightly, presumably in anticipation. She wasn't too sure on her odds of winning this fight, but she was sure as hell going to try.
Arcen would have preferred to skip the formalities, but as he said he would attack she was relieved of that duty anyways.

Watching him rush forward Arcen easily dodged the first attack. What she didn't expect, however, was for the second attack to come in at such a high speed. The swipe hit her directly across the gut, and already a small amoutn of blood flew out and over to the side, resting in the sand. It was just another thing wrong with the girl; her body produces too much blood, and that excess blood has some problems with her aura. Therefore, whenever the girl is hit with a sharp edged weapon, blood flies out as if her aura is already broken. It would be presumed that Madame Haze already knew this as a student suddenly releasing blood was a dangerous situation, unless of course it's Arcen.

The attack hurt. A lot. But Arcen needed to retaliate. She regained her bearings and dodged the overhead slash, and was about to take a swipe at him before he jumped back and shot a bolt of electricity at her. Arcen dashed forward, spinning around the attack and extending her claws out to the full four feet simultaneously. She first took a sideways swipe at his midsection, before spinning around and retracting them to the standard two feet, thrusting forward in a stabbing motion. Arcen then took two consecutive diagonal swipes down his torso, attempting to overwhelm him with a flurry of attacks.

Battle Stats:
Health = 95 Aura = 180
Horizontal swing = 10 dmg
Stab = 10 dmg
Diagonal slash#1 = 10 dmg
Diagonal slash#2 = 10 dmg

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Madam Haze
Haze frowned slightly as the two began to clash, reaching for her handbag to draw forth a magazine. They had the whole beach to fight over, that was the very purpose of this class, yet they had decided to begin directly in front of the Goddess. She could stick out her leg and deal a blow to either of them. Of course she wouldn't, she'd give neither the infinite advantage of her hand in the battle. Of course, afterwords she may deal with the victor but that was besides the point.

Browsing through the thick jewelry magazine she only slightly looked up from her reading when she found the two were being much too noisy for her liking and still remained far too close. With a slight hiss she responded, "Perhaps use the space a little better, neither of you are thinking to use the vast open plain of land you have available? How foolish. Just because there's no cover doesn't mean you can't retreat! Fake each other out while running! Trip the other, do something! Feint even, you're treating this too basically."

Perhaps her surprising shout would put the student's off, she'd let out the cry as soon as that girl had gone back on the offensive. Already wounded? How bizarre, this would be over quickly then. Haze may have at one point been told of Arcen's condition, she probably was, but it wasn't the kind of thing she'd remember. After all it had nothing to do with the Goddess nor did it have any monetary value.

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Roy Fox
As his slash hit the opposition and he dashed back He recoiled I'm shock once he landed at seeing the blood that had spilled from the strike. Not realizing she had dodged his atack. "Hey are you okay! I didn't mean to cut you that badly, we can stop if you-" He was then struck at his midsection by her atack, and got hit by the follow up stab. Then he tried to raise his blade in defense before having two more strikes toward his torso, Sending him skidding back while he realized that she was fine.

"Alright then, you're fine. Well played" Roy let out a sigh of relief before gaining a smirk this one was good, to him if you're not playing dirty you're not playing at all. Roy then scraped his blade on the ground while channeling a strong amount of aura into his blade. As he lifted his blade electricity sprarked off of it very loudly making a spectral edge that came of it by almost two inches. He then rushed forward slicing toward her midsection, before doing a spin around her and slicing at her back before dashing back ward and applying more aura to his weapon, and slicing the air making a wave of electricity fly forth from his blade toward her in a wave of electricity, static permeated through the air as the Wave flew toward her. Thankfully he made the electricity extend off his blade long enough that when he cut her she shouldn't bleed, but it would still hurt a lot.

He thought he heard Madam Haze say something but couldn't hear her during the commotion. So he ignored her, thinking that she was probably Going on about her greatnes again.

Roy's coat has been shredded at the front T-T
Lighting blade- -(10 aura) +2 STR
Horizontal swipe- 25DMG(calculations done)
Back strike- 25DMG(calculations done)
Lighting wave- 20 semblance damage (-20SP)

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Arcen Anokades
Arcen simply nodded as a response to Roy's compliment; it did not mean much to the fox besides words entering her ears.

Staring at the man with her one good eye the girl analyzed his every move. She watched him create an extra two inches on the blade, and she watched him dash forward and swipe at her midsection again, before spinning around her and striking again. Arcen backstepped the first slash, and ducked under the second, but when he sent the wave of electricity at her she was once again too slow. The shock hit her hard; electricity coursed through her body causing it to spasm violently. Her aura did nothing to stop damage, besides ensuring that she didn't, you know, die.

After brief twitching, Arcen collapsed onto one knee; she was fine and she showed it by standing up right after, but now she was even more damaged, and blood was still trickling out of her stomach. Turning around Arcen's right eye stopped twitching briefly, slowly following the gaze of her golden one to center itself on the man. This eye was still tiny compared to her filled out golden one, but the sheer look of the dysfunctional eye staying so eerily focused on the same object as her left was enough to compare with the most professional of death stares.

A tiny, innocent smile etched its way onto Arcen's face as she gave Roy a cute, yet horrifying head tilt. She slowly began walking toward him, her claws gradually extending out to their full four feet. Slowly but steadily the fox picked up the pace, closing the short distance between them in a matter of seconds.

Her right arm lifted up and back, and it appeared as if she were going for a full on, predictable thrust into his chest. Of course she didn't. Her arm curled up into her body, the long metallic claws retracting into the gauntlet just before the blow would have landed. Instead, she used the momentum of the false swing and lowered her body down into a crouch, extending her right leg out in order to sweep the man's legs out from under him. Whether this worked or not, she didn't care; she thrusted her left arm up in an attempt to strike him directly in the chest.
Her next two attacks were her sheathing her claws altogether, standing upright and using that momentum to hopefully deliver an uppercut to the man's jaw, before standing on one leg, tilting her body away from the man, curling up her hydraulically powered leg, and extending it out, attempting to kick him flat in the gut.

Battle Stats:
HP = 75 (Including +5 for healing aura) Aura = 180
Sweep = 5 dmg...
Stab = 10 dmg
Uppercut = 5 dmg
Kick = 5 dmg

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Madam Haze
The Goddess, looking up from her magazine, rolled her eyes. "If you worry about your opponents you'll never crush them. You've got to become stronger than that, grow a backbone; get some mental fortitude. As for you, you really need to work on keeping vital liquids internal rather than external. No matter how much you can lose and keep fighting; losing any opens wounds to infection on the battlefield. This creates greater risks in long form hunts. If you can't find some way to make your aura denser, you'll die quite easily. Deserts are relatively sterile due to the strong sunlight, but in marsh or forest you'd pick up some awful disease. It's almost impossible to sterilize the wild without a power like mine."

That would do for teaching during this exchange. She figured she should probably let loose some kind of godly wisdom on the two every so often, remind them who was in charge after all. Looking down to her magazine once more she ogled the various diamonds and golden lockets on display. It was unfortunate she wasn't quite as rich as she had once been, but she was surely clawing her way back to the top. After all, a goddess luck had to be good.

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Roy Fox
As Roy skidded back he was soon leveled with one of the most powerful death stares he had ever been leveled with. It unnerved him a little but nothing he hadn't experienced before.

She then began her approach giving him a little smile and a cute head tilt. Roy's eyes narrowed as she approached him and began to pick up he speed to the point of within a matter of seconds she was upon him aiming for an obvious thrust. Roy quickly backstepped and simultaneously avoided her leg sweep.

Roy saw her aim to stab his chest with her claw, seeing an opportunity Roy let it stab him directly piercing one of his lungs,and making blood coat her weapon. Roy then let a full toothed grin appear on his face that some would call maniacal. He quickly reached out and grabbed her arm that pierced his chest, while rubbing his other hand across his pants. Roy looked her straight in the eyes and said one word "Sorry" he then felt her try to upper cut and kick him but Roy shrugged off the pain while keeping a firm grip on her arm.

He then let loose a full power pulse of electricity through her body before quickly throwing her back and aiming to bash her head down with the hilt of his blade. Before lifting his knee in an attempt to strike her chin. He then quickly dashed away to head closer to the water of the beach if she was still conscious, after his onslaught. To be honest Haze's words basically told him don't hold back, plus this woman seemed to be resilient enough, to be able to hold on after his onslaught.



Roy was hit by Arcen's stab,Upper cut and Kick 15DMG dealt.

"Sorry"- 20 Semblance DMG

Hilt bash- 25(with calculations)

Knee- 5(with calculations)

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Arcen Anokades
Watching the flow of blood run down her claws was a satisfying sight; as satisfying as you could get without actually caring. Now what she didn't expect was for him to simply grab her arm while she was busy kicking him. The force of her kick pushed him back, but with him holding her prosthetic arm he didn't go far. The arm, however, was very nearly pulled out of the artificial socket.

Arcen, realizing the danger, pulled on her arm, trying to free it to no avail. She pulled harder, and still it failed. She pulled one last time, and-
Before she could even commit the action a third and final time, a wave of electricity shot through her.
The girl's body spasmed violently, even more so than last time as the current flowed through her. Spasming or not she still had enough sense to dodge her head to the side and avoid the hilt of his blade but when his knee came up it hit her directly in the chin, the rather lightweight faunus practically did a back flip. Flying through the air the girl was completely limp, and even though she was only knocked back a few feet it felt like ages; the decently sized wound releasing the girl's access blood was now spraying it into the air, which left a small, thin trail of blood from the launch point to the landing. Said landing involved the resilient fox landing on her head, and without aura protecting her it was blatantly obvious that the landing would have instantly snapped her neck.

Her lifeless looking body tumbled briefly, before it ended up sideways with her back to Roy. A small pool of extra, unnecessary blood slowly spread out from Arcen, her body simply limp for about ten seconds. It was, however, still obvious she was alive with the rise and fall of her chest, and an occasional twitch. Soon enough, the girl shifted; she wasn't done yet, and if to be honest she was only just now getting started.

Arcen rather violently drove her fleshy, human hand into the rather tough and compact sand, pushing herself up with the assistance of her legs, which shifted up so that she was on one hand and her knees. A still minimal yet still apparent trickle of blood was present, with the source being her chest.
Eventually the fox was standing, her expression a look of cold blankness. She reached over to her artificial arm; half off the hooks were out of the stump that was her left limb, which led to the prosthetic dangling loosely. Grabbing the arm, Arcen forcefully shoved it back into her stump; a less careful way to do it, and blood began to trickle from her stump, but it would work for now. Next, she raised her artificial arm, and punched the hand with her human fist, before slowly cracking each individual knuckles in a rhythmic fashion. She then turned her gaze to her opponent, once again giving Roy a death stare, yet this time there was more emotion behind it in the form of a wider, toothy grin.

Dropping her hands to her sides, the human one twitched violently as her slightly screwed up psychotic tendencies began emerging. Only one thing remained in her constantly simplistic mind: Rip him to shreds.

Arcen began emitting a horrid gurgling sound, which was actually her form of maniacal giggling, before she unsheathed her still blood soaked claws to the standard two feet and began running at her target at a determinedly fast pace. The first attack was a simply slash aimed at his midsection. The second, however, involved Arcen dashing forward and wrapping her prosthetic arm around his neck, taking a position behind him before thrusting her other claws toward his gut. She left his arms free, and he could, in fact, block the blow with his sword. It was only a matter of whether or not he tried to free himself. After whatever happened, happened, Arcen stepped back, before taking a stab at his spinal cord. Finally Arcen dashed forward, curling her prosthetic leg up before taking a full on, full force, full power kick aimed directly for between the legs.

With what little emotion she had, she now temporarily hated the man, and would do everything in her power to win this fight.

Battle Stats:
HP = 60 (Including +5 for healing aura) Aura = 180
Arcen has been "Broken", which means she is more apt to dodge attacks and her own attacks come out faster and feel more powerful, but they are also more predictable.
Swipe at Midsection #1 = 10 dmg
Chest Stab #2 = 10 dmg
Back Stab #3 = 10 dmg
Kick where the sun don't shine = 5 dmg
But it'll feel like it hurts a lot more. . .

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Madam Haze
Haze was honestly loosing interest in the two's fight, despite the rather disgusting sounds of electrocution and a faunus girl falling onto her head; she hadn't looked up from her brochure since she had last. Sure the noises were intriguing but it seemed the two students were refusing to use the land as she had suggested, using the wide open space for increased range or simply to gain space to create opportune moments to counter blows. Throw sand in their eyes, something of that nature. Granted, she wouldn't be able to hear them doing the latter but she could certainly still hear how close they were to her, much much too close for comfort. She was bordering on rising from her seat and throwing a smog cloud toward them, just to move them further away from her and give them some idea of how little attention they were paying to the area around them.

Regardless she attempted to focus on her jewels, such pretty baubles were the only thing remotely comparable to her in their perfection. Such ideal cuts, important golden bands. Yes, they were superior to students in every single way.

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Roy Fox
As his knee struck her chin he was suprised to see her body go flying like a ragdoll and blood was sent flying everywhere. She soon landed on her head in what seemed to be her neck snapping as she landed. Roy's danger senses Immediately kicked in as he sheathed his blade and indched ever closer, to see if the fox woman was alive.

A large pool of blood began to form around her but she still seemed to be twitching every once in a while. Roy quickly spun on his heel before facing the lounging teacher. "Hey! Madam Haze? I think she needs medical atten- whoa!"

Roy then quickly stepped backwards as he heard the horrifying noise if her pushing her artificial limb back into its socket. She then stood up and gave him a wide toothy smile and another death glare. Roy returned the gesture by tilting his head and giving a slight grin, his green eyes taking a playful hue.
"Aww I'm glad you're having as much fun as I am!"
As soon as Roy finished his sentence she then dashed forward her claws at the ready aiming for a swipe at his midsection while making an attempt at what he thought was laughter. Roy backstepped the swipe while, soon being caught around the throat by her superior agility. She left his arms open seemingly on purpose to parry, but thats not what he was going to do. Seeing an opportunity he grabbed here thighs piggy back style before grunting in pain as her claw pierced his gut with a sickening sound.

She tried to hop off of him but Roy kept a firm grip on her thighs smiling a bit before looking up at her.
"You know the drill"

He then loosed a large voltage of electricity into her body as he held her thighs letting out sigh. He would then throw her off of him and attempt to slam his elbow into her stomach as she fell off of him. He would then quickly draw his blade and stab it toward her stomach.
He then backed away and held his stomach in pain as he was bleeding a copius amount as his aura got lower. Plus blood seemd to distract her a bit or she found enjoyment in it. Roy let out a ragged sigh as his recklessness was finally gettong to him. He quickly shook his head and backed away from the woman. She was dangerous, maybe a bit crazy but everybody is a bit crazy in the long run.
battle stats:


Stab to the gut-10 DMG dealt to Roy

Piggy back shock-20 Sem damage
Elbow strike- 5 damage
Stomach stab- 25 dmage

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Arcen Anokades
And once again, a shocking turn of events.

Arcen felt the strange feeling of her thighs being grasped, and suddenly she was off of the ground. A small sense of panic shot through her as she writhed around in his grip, but her wide and fleshed out hips were too easy a holding point, and so she was stuck right where she was. Once more, Arcen's body spasmed violently as electricity surged through it. The pain was unreal as she twitched constantly. Upon being thrown off, the fox, with what little power she had left, dodged the elbow, and in the process of changing her trajectory dodged the sword as well.

Arcen's body hit the ground again, a dull, yet soft thud occuring and being followed by a few wet splats of the blood hitting the ground. She once again tumbled, before collapsing, limp, face down, and again a pool of blood began spreading out from her body. It took the girl a good twenty second this time to get back up, but she got back up nonetheless.

The girl was on her hands and her knees, her breathing ragged and shaky. A horrible wretching sound came from her, her body shaking and twitching violently. Arcen pulled her head back, her mouth falling open before she coughed up a large amount of blood onto the ground.

Arcen shakily rose to her feet, thick red fluid covering her chest, coating her legs, and now, dribbling out of her mouth and down her neck. Her chest, stomach, legs, arms, everything, were all splattered with blood. Her eyes were small, tiny dots surrounded by a vast expanse of white, and her mouth was twisted into a scary, wide grin. Her body jolted in a cough filtered through her gritted teeth, and sticky red liquid began to flow through the cracks. Her fleshy human hand twitched sporadically in anticipation of ripping this man apart, while her prosthetic arm continued to dangle lifelessly. The fox's body was lopped over to one side now, both arms dangling lifelessly and her face still contorted into that same, heartless stare. That same, heartless stare, accompanied by a maniacal grin.

Straightening her spine the girl once again let out a giggle, her grin breaking as she let out a gurgling cough, spewing out a few more puddles of her blood onto the ground and twitching some more. The scene was unreasonably violent, and it looked as if a massacre had occured, all on one spot.

Arcen, even though she hardly looked capable of doing so, had devised a plan.

The girl took a few, slow steps towards Roy, before throwing herself down into a half crouch, half bent forward combat position, her claws drawn out to the standard two feet. She began circling around him, waiting for the opportunity, the moment he broke stance, and then she'd dash forward, thrust her claw towards his chest, and dash back again. She continued circling around him, slowly but surely drawing a thick circle of blood around her target as if she was unintentionally making a bullseye.

At the next window of opportunity Arcen dashed forward again, thrusted her claw at his chest again, and dashed back again, not very eager on having waves of electricity course through her again. She felt weak, and that just fueled her unexpressable hatred for the man she was fighting.

Two more times the girl dashed forward and attempted to stab the man, because no matter how much she wanted to just up and mutilate him, she had to play it careful.
For now.

Battle Stats:
HP = 45 (Including +5 for healing aura) Aura = 180
Stab #1 = 10 dmg
Stab #2 = 10 dmg
Stab #3 = 10 dmg
Stab #4 = 10 dmg

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Madam Haze
Haze brow twitched, still hidden behind her magazine that blonde boy wasn't taking the event seriously enough, "In the wild you won't be able to scream to me about people being injured, you'll have to deal with that yourself!" She centered her grip on the magazine, now holding it by the bottom middle with her left hand only. She opened her right palm, the arm extended straight before herself. She had enough of this, the students weren't using the space nor the environment. So she would separate them and they would try again! If they felt any pain as a result of her attack, it was collateral damage they should expect in the field.

Purple smog began to gather around the hand as the boy excitedly shouted to the girl, the two likely much too enveloped in the combat to notice. After all, it wasn't as if the smog was glowing; simply materializing as a dark purple mass. She lowered the booklet and rose too her feet, taking aim at the two; the girl currently slowly walking toward the boy. Accounting for the negligible wind she fired the cloud forward. It manifested in the form of a wide and long cloud, Haze had intended it to mimic the likes of a sudden gale blowing up a wave of sand as a minor sandstorm or a sudden blast of icy wind. The cloud was smaller than she intended, the two's fighting had taken them a little distance from her, but it was approximately six meters wide, four tall and four long. Being within the impermeable smog had the potential to poison on inhalation but would certainly cause damage if they remained within the smog, which granted neither a snowstorm or sandstorm could cause but she couldn't really control that. The Goddess was more powerful than nature of course.

She reached into her bag, in her left hand she took four dust crystals; two of fire and two of water. One water crystal sat between her thumb and forefinger, the other between her pinky and ring finger. The fire crystals sat in the remaining spaces between her left hand's fingers. Mace in her right hand she took two steps away from her chair, "I didn't reserve a beach at prime time so that you two could fight like this is a regular sparring match. I suppose I'll have to show you two how to properly use your environment. You can give up whenever you want to. Of course you stand no chance to best me."

Battle Info:
Hp/Aura 200/90 Semblance damage is being dealt with intent to poison, rolls are here;

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Roy Fox
As the woman fell from his grasp, and managed to dodge his stab she once again tumbled to the ground, in a dead like state.

A large pool of blood began spreading from her body once again, as Roy looked her over expecting her to get back up again, and just as he expected she once again began to get back up. Quite violently if he might add, coughing up a large amount of blood onto the ground. Roy gave her a slightly worried look as she seemed to be drenched in blood. Whether it was hers or his he didn't want to know.

"We could always stop, but I have a feeling you're having as much fun as I am"

She was covered from almost head to toe in a copius amount of blood, she had a look of pure malice all aimed at him while at the same time giving him a maniacal grin. If Roy was anyone else he probably would have been ar least slightly unnerved, however Roy simply gave her a light hearted smile, before seeing her non prosthetic arm twitch in what appeared to be anticipation.

Once she finally straightened her self, she coughed up even more of the crimson liquid., which at this point he wasn't even sure was blood. She then began to move immediately going into a crouching position and circling around him her claws now fully extended. As Roy went into a defensive stance he grunted in pain at feeling his stomach wound reopen and make blood once more drench his shirt.

She then saw him attempt to strike at him as soon as his guard was down due to his wound reopening. Roy realizing his only option was to get serious, did so. The light that was usually within his emerald green eyes seemed to disappear, and his lighthearted grin faded,being replaced by an emotionless face.

Roy rubbed his hand quickly along his pants, and coated his whole body in electricity, allowing her to strike him once again piercing his flesh, and causing his blood to spill but sending volts of electricity through her at the same time. He would then attempt to sweep her legs out from under her, before widening his eyes as a thick murky cloud seemingly appeared out of nowhere and was right in front of them.

Roy quickly would try to implale the woman to the ground with his sword by stabbing her through the stomach, but even if she dodged, they were to be hit by the gas cloud. He could have sworn he heard Haze saying something in the background, probably stroking her ego. As the cloud engulfed him, forcing the dangerous gas into  and hopefully his opponents system.

He immediately regretted doing such a foolish task, as the pain that followed was unimaginable.

Aura- 30/150
Roy was hit by arcen's Stab-10Dmg, Haze's gas cloud-20 semblance damage, and was poisoned

Static coating- 20semblance Dmg

Sweep-5 dmg

Impale to ground- 25dmg

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Arcen Anokades
She hit her mark, striking the man directly in the chest, but soon after she once again began spasming violently, electricity coursing throghout her form for several seconds, before feeling her legs taken out from under her.

The girl fell to the ground, but her on good eye caught onto her opponent's face, staring behind her. Whatever it was, she wanted none of it, so Arcen rolled out of the way of the stab and threw herself out of the way, hopefully, of whatever he was scared of.
After her rather rough landing, she faunus scrambled to her feet, and sprinted forward for a few seconds, before skidding to a halt and turning around. She looked on as the giant purple cloud seemingly engulfed her enemy, before her gaze was thrown down to the ground as she doubled over, clutching her blood soaked chest in pain. The girl's aura flickered briefly, before glowing brightly once again, and then glowing a pure, bright white.

Activating her semblance, Arcen righted her spinal coord, her body emitting a white light to seemingly replace her aura, before she slowly started walking towards Roy, whenever he came out of the cloud, that is.
Her plan was simple. Have him attack her. She would launch him, and then chase him down and stab him over and over again... She would hope that he would see her glowing as a buff, hence her overconfident looking slow steps, and attack her.
She would hope.

Battle Stats:
HP = 20 Aura = 170
Arcen avoided Haze's cloud, if she hadn't this fight would have ended.

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Madam Haze
Haze let out a long sigh, as the cloud passed and dispersed. The boy's chosen tactic was quite obvious, it had been an attempt to pin he was certainly regretting. "Dual sacrifice is rarely worthwhile. If you try it on a Grimm, unless it's a partner's attack that you understand, you're going to end up dead. If it was for example a sandstorm it could have persisted much longer and while you need your eyes to see and must breathe not all grimm share in that. In fact-

Noticing she was being ignored by the girl, glowing some sort of white, Haze decided to take matters into her own hands once more. Her left once more begun to cloak in purple mist, the heels she wore in her combat attire were significantly flatter and distributed weight better than her typical ones, and so with the aid of her aura type she was able to dash forward between the two. The girl had been walking slowly, thus allowing the Goddess time to step between the pair. The moment she did, throwing her hands to either side, of her body, the miasma was released and headed straight toward the white haired girl. It expanded in a funnel shape from her palm, at it's widest point it was five meters wide and it's total length was two meters. Outside that it would disperse into the air and fade. It wasn't a strong enough poison to leave a lingering effect. It would however burn throughout her body if she did not avoid it and back off.

She didn't focus in that direction however, instead she kept her eyes on the boy. Weapon spinning between her fingers in order to parry or counter any initial lunges or attacks made intended for the girl. "You two will listen to your teacher, or teacher will end this. The Goddess is displeased, do not call forth divine retribution. This one is already suffering it's effects. You will both listen to me when I speak to you. You were supposed to turn on me, so that I could show you how to properly use the terrain, as both of you have failed miserably. You are too focused on your styles of combat rather than how they react to what surrounds them."

As soon as she was certain the boy was not going to attempt another assault her eyes would lock on the girl. Simply by virtue of her more glaring injuries the Goddess assumed she would be the one to continue this fight, if either of them were to.

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Roy Fox
As the gas dissipated Roy could still feel the poison in his body, pain searing throughout his body. He saw Arcen approach him ever slowly as if she had already claimed victory, Roy gave her a small smile as he attempted to stand. Meanwhile Haze was babbling in the background reprimanding him once again. Roy simply decided to ignore her for now and keep his gaze set upon the fox woman. With shaky legs and a wheezing breatth he managed to stand on his feet and raise his sword ready to strike if need be. However he was sson surprised to see Haze jump in between the two, and fire a poison gas at Arcen.

Roy glared at Haze deeply while he had a semblance of respect for the woman, no one should ever try and take someone else's victory. Knowing Arcen herself was on her last legs he hoped she would be able to dodge, the attack as he didn't know if she could handle it. He was pretty sure Haze knew he was pissed by the way she kept her focus on him. Spinning her weapon in a carefree manner to defend against and attacks from his end.

She then began to speak once more describing how they weren't getting the point of the exercise. Roy bit his lip to hold back a sarcastic remark instead looking to make sure his opponent was fine, just because they were fighting mercilessly doesn't mean he can't worry abou their well being. However when Haze threatened to end the battle Roy moved his focus to her and levelled her with a look that said "Go ahead and try". As foolish as it was he was really wanting to fight a professor, especially one of her skill level that she boasted about often, if that was true anyways. But he wasn't in best battle conditions and he was poisoned so trying to have a bout with her would nit be ideal.

She then focused her gaze upon Arcen, and Roy simply scoffed standing up straight and feeling the multiple stabs along his body. It had been a bit since he was pushed that far in a fight, and a good while since he had to start trying seriously. He only hoped he could continue the battle, and get the nuisance known as Haze out of the way. While Haze was looking at Arcen he stood up straight, and looked toward her as well.

Focusing his green eyes on her multicolored ones he gave a look that was asking for a temporary truce, to deal with "The problem ". He only hoped she would understand his look, as he slowly rubbed his hands up and down his pants preparing electricity if a case called for it.

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