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[Private] Beach Time (Invite Only) [INACTIVE]

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1 [Private] Beach Time (Invite Only) [INACTIVE] on Tue Mar 14, 2017 3:04 am

Shun Shinobu
It had been a long few days at the academy, mostly due to the amount of work and things that have occurred, first her party and then the class with the scruffy teacher she actually liked learning from, Carver was his name if she recalled; but mostly her thoughts about the dark haired male with serpent-like green eyes really got her all fizzy and hot; she didn't know how to react to the way he looked at her, the way his stare made her feel weak but not scared of being judged. But that was all in the past, for now, today was a beach day for her, she hadn't been to the beach in a long time and seeing how she saw one on her way to the school from her Skyship travel here, she came trotting along the sand, a pair of sweat pants, crop top and beach sandals, and her bright red jacket over her shoulders, the short female wearing a large jacket that clearly was three sizes too big. She wandered around the beach until finding a spot and put her stuff down, then quickly undressed out of her workout clothes and into a yellow bikini with blue and a neon pink decor, she also put on a waist piece to cover her lower bikini part, despite her clearly not being subtle about changing in public, clearly some would consider it indecent to do such an act but thankfully not many people were not near her.

But when she was done changing, it was clear that her body was not for show for her eight pack clearly was visible while she wore the yellow garbs, her olive tone skin with a few exposed tan lines and the swimsuit clinging to her well-toned body, her top pressing her D-size bust down, though she was in a bikini she still had her bandages on her hands and feet, the creamy white strands of cotton tightly wrapped about her limbs as now she walked towards the water, the short brown hair fluttering about with each stride. And upon reaching the water's edge she took a sudden jump forward to let the cold water touch her ankle, she make a small squeak from how cold it was at first before slowly kicking the salt water about, trying to get accustomed to the temperature, and after a few moments she began to get acquainted with the liquid. With a few moments later she began to take a Tai-Quan-Dao stance, she seemed very settled to the stance before moving her body in a fluid-like manner while her feet made small ripples in the clear warm liquid, the flow of Aura around her beginning to appear as all of a sudden her veins began to glow, her hair began to have a change in color as well, but it went away as she wasn't yet ready to release the power inside her.

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Katt McTaggart
Wandering around the island for a few weeks had given the small girl a good grasp of the layout of things. Still there was one place she hadn't been to yet, the one place she would rather not go to. But if she was going to be through like she should be it was inevitable that she would have to go. Even if she was deathly afraid of the large mass of water that surrounded the island she would have to become familiar with the transitional portion of the land that was the beach. Clutching the strap of her case she took several deep breaths before stepping around the corner of a building and bringing the ocean into her view. Immediately she started to shake slightly. With another deep breath she put one boot covered foot in front of the other. Slowly she approached the concrete barrier that separated the stone walkway from the beach.

Just before the bottom of her boot hit sand she stopped. Nope nope nope, there was no way she was getting any closer to that mass of water. Instead she turned and took a seat on the concrete barrier and stared at the water while trembling slightly. And if that wasn't strange enough her outfit was. A red and white school girl uniform with black combat boots and carrying a large nondescript case on her back. At a place like this where most people were in outfits that showed off ninety percent of their bodies she looked out of place.

It was a stupid fear, something she knew didn't make any sense much like her fear of thunder and she knew she had to work to get over it eventually. And so for now she did what her “father” had been trying to teach her before he died. Staring at the waves as they crashed against the shore she started to silently mouth to herself a simple mantra. Of course being mute no sound came out but she said the same thing in her head as she mouthed it. The water can't hurt me unless I let it, the water can't hurt me unless I let it, the water can't hurt me unless I let it. She continued to mouth this to herself while focusing on the water. It was probably good the beach wasn't that occupied, though most the people who did notice here seemed to leave her alone and give her a wide breadth if they did pass her. After all mumbling to one's self while starting at the ocean and shaking probably looked like she was on drugs or crazy or both.

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Shun Shinobu
As the water kept washing over the wrapped ankles, her yellow waist piece kept fluttering about as she did several high kicks, spinning in the air which when she landed made loud splashes in the crystal blue liquid, her hair was flapping in the wind exposing her right eye which she was learning to keep closed for she cared not to reveal the little difference in her eye tone. After some time she stopped her training, this was retorted with her cracking her neck and then returning to the sandy beach but this was followed by her turning back around and suddenly glowing blue one more, her azure lines appearing all over her body as her blood was glowing from her Semblance and Aura being activated. This also made her left eye glow a azure blue and make her hair and eyebrows glow the same color, the energy around her was fierce as now her hands came in front of her before going to her sides and the energy around her forming a small blue ball of raw power, the entire time she was roaring out which also the sheer might was making the ground crack and sand clouds muster about her.

And as quickly as the energy around her hand formed, did it quickly dispersed as she pushed her hands before her, releasing a beam of ferocious energy, cutting through the sand and the clear water, making it part in two directions and making the air come alive with static like energy after the beam of blue energy disappeared in the air, the form she held became relaxed and her blue veins, eyes and hair returned to their original colors. And with the event over she smiled as she was finally able to use her Semblance's power without destroying anything of value around her, it also allowed her to determine how long she had if in a fight before her foe go close, which she needed to work on, a ten second charge up wasn't good and she needed to train more if she hoped to fully use her power to the max. And after that she dusted herself off and returned to her bag on the beach, grabbing a bottle of energy water, that did take some energy out of her but not too much, she just was thirsty because of her little workout before blasting away at the water and air, for when she turned back around she saw the charred sand which was glass now from the heat that her attack held which made her chuckle uneasily.

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