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Sound of da Police [Private: Atlas, Maria]

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1 Sound of da Police [Private: Atlas, Maria] on Tue Mar 14, 2017 9:40 pm

Bai Zhang
“F***ing hell!” Bai shouted as her car skidded around the corner, red and blue light flashing while the sirens blared. On her way into the station she had come across a red sports car driving pretty erratically, even though she wasn't a black and white but with how dangerously this person was driving there was no way she could just let it pass. Well go figure the person behind the car decided to jet as soon as she flipped on her lights. And that was when Bai was glad she took the driving courses at the police academy.

For someone who was driving like they were drunk before they were surprisingly good behind the wheel now that Bai was on their tail. Unfortunately for them her car wasn't any old patrol vehicle. Her custom car could keep up with anything but the fastest cars on the road, and then it would have to be a straight road. Secretly the Faunus detective kind of enjoyed this, she had been dying to try out what her car could do and this little rabbit had given her the chance to use it.

Eventually the chase came to and end as the red sports car pulled up to an old dinner building towards the edge of town. The driver jumped out of the car, but the one thing Bai wasn't expecting to see was the person he dragged with him and held at gunpoint. Opening the door to her car the officer drew her side arm and took aim. Though with a body between her and the suspect she couldn't get a clear shot. He quickly pulled his hostage inside the building and was out of sight.

“This is Detective Zhang, I need backup Klair's Dinner off of Rosewood and Teal. Suspect is armed and has one hostage with possibly more inside,” Bai called into the radio on her car, keeping an eye on the front door of the building just in case anyone came out. With something like this the SWAT team would be called in pretty damned fast, plus any black and whites in the area that could provide assistance. Bai just wished she had proper tactical training, her Faunus instincts were kicking in and she really wanted the satisfaction of cuffing this guy herself.

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2 Re: Sound of da Police [Private: Atlas, Maria] on Tue Mar 14, 2017 10:34 pm

Maria Lazaric
At this time the girl, Maria Lazaric, was already in the S.W.A.T van headed to the location. They had recieved the call earlier and now the van was racing towards the location. A hostage situation, how exciting.

Maria stood out in this group. For classified reasons members of the team could only have two items Most chose a weapon and a bulletproof vest, but Maria had chosen a large, expandable ballistic shield. This left her vital organs wide open, yes, but she favoured the shield for sure. Looking around the dark confinements of the back of the van, the girl wondered many things, such as how claustrophobics sat in here, or how often they cleaned it due to spiders or cobwebs or crap like that.  Probably not a lot.

"Alright ladies, get ready! We're almost at our destination."
Looking around, she took note she was not, in fact, the only lady. She was however the only one who had the tight, close fitting and lightweight clothing style.
Eventually she felt the van skidding to a halt, before the two men at the end pushed the back doors open.

Maria hopped out last, having been in the back left corner of the van. She reached onto her back for her shield, before attaching it to her left arm.
When she placed her hand by her side, the top of the shield was pointing inwards and then past her body, while the bottom pointed to the left, away from her body. It was like this so that when she raised her arm and placed it across her chest the shield was rightside-up and looked like it was supposed to.

Maria walked up to the rest of the group, before spotting one of the cops who was already there.
"Hey you. When we go in there you stay behind me. I've seen some people who like to play 'hero' and go in there with some strategy but in the end try to look cool. I hope to god you aren't one of those people.
I am our shield-"

She made a gesture towards the large ballistic shield on her arm.
"-So you stay behind me."

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3 Re: Sound of da Police [Private: Atlas, Maria] on Tue Mar 14, 2017 11:03 pm

Atlas, believe it or not, was sitting in his car when the call went over the radio. A hostage situation? Hmm. Interesting. He better get his ass over there. Klair's Dinner? He ate there once. Good place. Tasted good. He keyed the mic.

"Officer Liandry Incoming."

He placed the mic back onto it's stand. He started the quick drive over. He wasn't more than ten blocks out. Once he got there, he blocked one of the roads with his vechicle and got out. He was a good bit large, not as massive as soon, but still a good bit large. His largeness came from the fact that, not only did he stand over six feet tall, he had an astounding amount of physical strength. He could probably tear the door from it's frame.

He walked up to the swat and to Detective Zhang. He flashed his badge so that they knew he was supposed to be here, and did not steal the police car he came in. Although, the various orange scraps in the passenger seat should be indicitive of that very thing. He really did like Oranges. They were great.

"I can assure you that busting in is not the way to do this. It'll scare the captor and put any hostages in trouble. Do we have a negotiator here?"

There wasn't even a slight bit of panic in his voice. This was child play to him. Sure, he was completely out of line, but his instincts were kicking in.

"Sorry. I spoke out of line. I'm Officer Liandry, ready to do whatever you may need."

He had to make sure that he wasn't seen as rude already.

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4 Re: Sound of da Police [Private: Atlas, Maria] on Tue Mar 14, 2017 11:30 pm

Bai Zhang
It took about two minutes before the first black and white showed up. From their they started to trickle in, helping to block off the road and create a line of police cars in front of the dinner. Within fifteen the SWAT team had showed up, but still no one higher up on the food chain had made it there. Hell even the head of the swat team was lower ranking than Bai was. By now she had donned her vest and was doing what she could to coordinate with the officers there to make sure the back of the place was covered as well. As the SWAT team clamored out of the truck Bai walked over and met with the leader. Though just before she did another officer showed up, plainclothes. The advice he gave was actually pretty sound though.

“No, we've got no negotiator yet,” Bai said to the officer before switching back to the swat leader, “he's right though, for now we wait.” Another unmarked police car stopped and another plain clothes officer showed up, this time it was someone Bai recognized. Finally someone higher up on the food chain. “Lieutenant, please tell me we have a negotiator on the way?” Bai asked while turning to the now ranking officer.

“Nope, the closest negotiator is two hours away at the fastest,” the Lieutenant said while scratching his head, “wait... Zheng, didn't you take the negotiator training?”

“Well yeah, but I'm not cleared for it yet, I didn't take the test,” Bai responded.

“Well congratulations, you're our negotiator.”

“Great....” Bai scratched the back of her head before letting her training kick in, “Someone get me a phone, and find out the number for the dinner!” Her tone became solid and commanding as she shouted to the officers around her. First step with any hostage situation is making contact.

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Maria Lazaric
Maria glanced at the building briefly. The doors weren't barricaded; she could absolutely just bash through them with her shield. While waiting for the negotiator wasn't Maria's style, she could accept that it was necessary before every mission. The less risk the better, even if it meant she just stood there. Everytime a call came in her heart would start beating faster, the excitement barely contained within her body. She felt so damn amazing every time she blocked every projectile thrown at her with her large ballistic shield; adrenaline, she supposed. She hadn't tested it against Grimm before, she realized in her absentminded thoughts. One day that would happen. She didn't exactly look forward to it, but it would.

After a while of staring blankly at the building, Maria walked over to the person who'd called her in; Bai Zhang, she believed her name was. When the others finished speaking, she took her turn.
"Hey, detective girl. Any idea what this guy was carrying? Handgun, rifle, that kind of stuff?"
Maria's voice held an indistinguishable accent, one remnicent of her Latin speech. It was softer than it used to be however; she had worked on that much. She wanted to know the suspects weaponry so that when she was inevitably going in first she knew how hard she'd have to brace herself when bullets went flying. All of this was assuming, of course, that the negotiator failed.

Both of her high power R8 revolvers were, for now, in their holsters; one on the right, one on the left. She waited anxiously to draw them, even though she knew better. Stay vigilant, don't get over excited. Over excitement led to uneccessary injuries, of which she did not want to be responsible for. Like em or hate em she needed to protect.
Boldness is her wall, action is her shield.

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6 Re: Sound of da Police [Private: Atlas, Maria] on Thu Mar 16, 2017 11:21 am

Atlas had to speak out of turn again. He was still trying to get a handle of it.

"By the notation that we are willing to gather around like this, but that he has hostages.. I want to say a handgun. The type of person to go into a building like this, I've see-"

He facepalmed. He needed to stop this, but he figured he should finish his thought.

"I'm Ex-Atlas Special Forces. I used to lead, so this is a bad habit. This man is a typical coward; likely using either a revolver or some powerful handgun to scare us. Chances are, if we go in, he won't mean to but he'll shoot. There a lot of rat bastards like this over in Atlas."

Atlas finished his thought and put his hand to his chin. He had a few ideas, but he needed to stop speaking out of turn. That was going to get him in some trouble, and he probably shouldn't have revealed that he was Ex-Spec Ops. However, it was to credit himself. His baton was hidden in his waistband, easily grabbable for him but not fore most. He dug into his pocket and pulled out a piece of gum, shoving it in his mouth.

It wasn't that he was nervous or anything. All these guns just showed that these people were, mostly, by the book. Just like Euclid. Now, it's not that he has a fear of guns. Don't get him wrong. He can use a gun, and probably will in the futre. It's just a matter of environmental-based precedent on what he wants to use. Seeing a friend, albeit not immensely close, shot in cold blood in the head tends to traumatize a man.

Atlas made a slight grimace. Remembering Euclid in a situation like this, what kind of professional was he? Clearly a garbage one, if he couldn't keep a clear head. However, past the slight Grimace, he wasn't letting anything show. Someone who was really good at reading faces, like a detective, could probably detect his ill-will at the moment, but others would just think he stubbed his toe. However, he was too busy remembering the day he stopped being a Special Operator, and became just Atlas Liandry.

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    2 Level 1 Griffons

Griffon 1: 100 HP. Griffon 2: 100 HP

Fear, Panic, Pandemonium these were all senses and feeling the two creatures of the dark felt, as they patrolled the skies. Upon sensing these emotions the two Griffons began their investigation. They Soon arrived in one of the Man settlements seeing many flashing light's and a handful of People, crowded around one Man dwelling. Fear, Confusion, Frustration all emanated from the area, and the Griffons were going to pounce on it. The duo of creatures quickly observed the area, foucusing on three manspawn near the front. They landed on the top of the man dwelling, then the bigger of the two creatures walked forward and, announced their presence with a loud ear piercing Screech That could be heard from a long distance away. They quickly unfurled their wings  and took flight in opposite directions, attention now focused completely on the triplet of man spawn.

The first and slightly larger Griffon Flew left and swooped down to strike the one with the short amount of black fur upon its head, aiming to rake its claws across its face in a fairly direct approach. While the other slightly smaller griffon would make a nose dive toward the one with the long back fur, and strange piece of metal attached to its arm, going behind and trying to take out a chunk of its shoulder with a powerful bite, purposely avoiding the large piece of metal. Then the duo of creatures would fly upward into the sk circling and preparing to strike once more, whike waiting for the presumed hunters to fight back  make their first move.

battle statistics:

Griffon 1 will strike Bai Zhang 10 Damage
Griffon 2 will strike Maria Lazaric 10 Damage

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Bai Zhang
"I saw he had a handgun on him, nothing big though," Bai said to the SWAT officer before a uniform came over and handed her a phone and a piece of paper with the number of the dinner on it. Good, hopefully she could defuse this situation or at least get some of the hostages out before the SWAT team rushed the place.

"Don't kill your intuition for protocol," She said to the taller un uniformed officer, "though the gun he had was smaller, something he could easily conceal and based on the way he was driving he might be on some king of drugs." The last part of course was just her best guess but she did know his handgun wasn't exceptionally large. He hadn't taken any shots at her before going in but he made a good show of waving his gun at her. Bai's focus was so much on the situation at hand that she didn't even register that he had mentioned he was in Atlesian special forces, but then she could get like that when she was working.

As is the law of Murphy, anything that can happen will and when you live in a world with giant monsters hellbent on destruction it shouldn't come as a surprise when they show up at the worst time possible. The two griffons landing on the roof was possibly the worst thing that could have happened in this situation. "Oh ****!" Bai shouted as she watched the two grimm take perches on top of the dinner and announce themselves. And as she could have expected most of the officers immediately took cover, they weren't trained to deal with grimm. Just great. Moving as fast as she could the Faunus detective pulled her sidearm and was bringing it up to aim, unfortunately as she went for her first shot the griffon coming at her was too close and she had to duck, the round leaving her gun not even coming close to hitting the creature. Though her duck was more just falling backwards and unfortunately the claw still made contact with her face, her aura keeping the damage to a minimum but the force of it knocked her against the concrete and dazed her.
Battle Info:

Aura: 200/200
HP: 95/100
Attack from griffon 1: 5 dmg
Attack on griffon 1: missed

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Maria Lazaric
"Good, that's good." was her bland response to the answers. The girl wasn't surprised when none of the officers asked her anything, or even did so much as speak to her. What did surprise her though, was a high pitched screech, followed by somebody swearing vigorously. Her head snapped to the two creatures, now diving towards them. The adrenaline sparked in her blood, her heart sped up, and she raised her shield.

Maria raised it above her head, extending it to it's full size. An overconfident grin was on her face, her eyes were narrowed, and she was ready to go duck hunting.
The girl screamed in Latin as she brought the shield down hard into the ground, lodging the bottom of it into the pavement. After a brief moment she felt the dull thud of the large filthy beast crashing into her shield.
After another breif wait Maria collapsed her shield to it's more compact size, reaching for one of her holstered revolvers and taking aim at the Grimm, before she quickly took three powerful shots at it. They weren't aimed well, and some of them probably missed, but it was all she could get off.

Maria jumped back, before she looked over her shoulder at the team commander.
"You can go in without me if this isn't done by the time you get the go ahead, alright?"
He nodded in approval, and she turned her attention back to the problem at hand: the two giant quadrapedal birds.
She briefly cast a glance over to the other person who was sooting; again she was unsure of the name but was pretty certain it was Bai.
"Either of you know much about Grimm!? I know that their bone type parts negate all damage but that's about it for where to shoot! Also, as a sidenote, I heavily suggest staying behind me!"

Battle Stats:
HP = 165 Aura = 130
All attacks (3 shots) = 35 dmg x 3

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10 Re: Sound of da Police [Private: Atlas, Maria] on Mon Mar 20, 2017 11:52 pm

"If you can't fight it close, get behind some kind of vehicle. It won't give much protection, but it'll give me a line of protection to not let it past. Shield, I need you to vanguard so that I can smash them into pieces. Get all other officers out of here. I could likely handle this alone, but would like help. Also, don't fire randomly. There's a risk of accidental civvie harm if the bullets bounce bad."

He spoke after the two Griffons went in and one of them nipped Officer Bai. Of course he was listening pre-grimm, but that didn't matter now. It looked like Officer Bai would end up being fine, but these Griffons were going to be a pain, and the fact that there was possible civvie hard other than the hostage made this leave a bad taste in his mouth. However, as both birds were in the air, he decided that there was one way to deal with this.

"Come take me on, you bastards!" He yelled to the Griffons flying. He hadn't done anything yet, and was strong enough that the shockwaves didn't matter to him. He was ready to charge forward and smash the hell out of the grimm.

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11 Re: Sound of da Police [Private: Atlas, Maria] on Tue Mar 21, 2017 1:44 am

    2 Level 1 Griffon's
Griffon 1:100/100.  Griffon 2:75/100

As the Griffon that had atacked maria was blocked by the large metal thing she was holding was unprepared for the sudden onslaught of bullets. Luckily the hunter had terrible aim and only managed t get one shot to land. As of swooped back up to the sky with it's brethren of let out a laid screech as it eyed the ground. The first one with a powerful burst of seed darted toward the area and grabbed a particularly large boulder with its taons with a our screech it sent the giant rock hurtling toward the huntress with the large peice of metal in an attempt to distract her. While the other would dart around to the back and zipping toward the only man of the group aiming to rake its talons along the mans back. It would the take flight once more landing directly in the path behind the tried, its brethren soon following close by. This area had much cover and protection and just the mere presence of the Grimm made all the other humans flee from their hidden positions. 

The two griffons knew the trio were the only hunters in the area and with a loud screech the griffon locked its targets into it's memory waiting for their next move while tentatively scratching its foot against the ground.
Maria's revolver shot hit Griffon 2- 25DMG dealt
Griffon 1 Throws large degree boulder at Maria 10DMG
Griffon 2 will rake claws down Atlas's back 10DMG 

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12 Re: Sound of da Police [Private: Atlas, Maria] on Tue Mar 21, 2017 3:20 pm

Bai Zhang
Bai's head spun, she had make a rookie mistake and now she was paying the price for it. Too much focusing on police work and not enough on her training at Syne. All that training and knowledge was in there and she had to pull it back out so she could use it now. Only issue was her head, even with her aura protecting her she was going to have a pretty massive headache after this. When clarity finally came back to her she was lucky that one of the griffons hadn't decided to snatch her up or go for another attack.

Kicking her legs up and rolling backwards onto her feet Bai closed her eyes and started to faintly glow. From her body invisible waves of energy began to pulsate out like radar. As each one hit the grim they showed up in her senses and she could keep track of each of their positions. The closet one to her was going after the officer who had introduced himself as Atlas. Turning towards her target and dropping to one knee for a more stable shooting potion Bai opened her eyes and aimed down the sights of her pistol.

Aiming for the griffon's wing she took a deep breath let it go and held her lungs empty before gently squeezing the trigger to maximize her accuracy. Bang! Bang! Bang! Three shots in succession aimed right for the grimm's wing.

Battle Info:

Aura: 190/200
HP: 95/100
Attack 1 at griffon 2: 35 dmg
Attack 2 at griffon 2: 35 dmg
Attack 3 at griffon 2: 35 dmg

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13 Re: Sound of da Police [Private: Atlas, Maria] on Thu Mar 23, 2017 1:24 pm

Maria Lazaric
She didn't know if any of her shots had landed but she did know that the griffon had apparently thrown a chunk of metal at her.
"Oooooohh ****!"
She didn't have time to extend her shield so she threw herself down and crouched behind it. Soon after she felt the slab of metal crash into her shield.

The sheer kinetic energy shook Maria's body violently, throwing her back a few feet and landing her on her back. She emitted a low growl remniscent of who she used to be as she slowly got to her feet, using her shield as a support. Hatred flowed through her as she stood up to her full height, just barely acknowledging the other man's speech. Shooting him a quick glance and nod she noticed the other griffon swooping in behind him in an attack. No matter, she had to do her job where she could do it; he'd have to deal with the griffon for now.

Twisting her shield sideways the girl rested her right hand on top of it, using it as a support as she aimed the revolver once more at the other griffon, taking another three shots. These ones however were aimed much better, and they flew towards the beasts underbelly.

Battle Stats:
HP = 160 Aura = 130
Shot #1 on griffon 2 = 35 dmg
Shot #2 on griffon 2 = 35 dmg
Shot #3 on griffon 2 = 35 dmg

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14 Re: Sound of da Police [Private: Atlas, Maria] on Thu Mar 23, 2017 2:07 pm

Atlas, by all means, was a calm man. In fact, he was calm as could be. That's not one would think, but just because he was angry, didn't mean he wasn't in a calm mind set. It's the training. He still thought straight, but he held an anger in his voice. These grimm were ruining the mission! It was mission over if they didn't end this soon. Using his Hawk Sight, he tracked the grimm who was going towards him, and by a reasonable assumption, attack him. He pulled his baton out of his pants, whipping it out to it's full length.

As the grimm grew closer, he turned on his semblance. His muscle mass visibly grew. He turned when it got within range and moved with military efficiency to the side of the beast. He then proceeded to wail on it with blows. Three could be counted. Three, two-handed, baton strikes from a man who had buffed strength. He was keeping deadly calm.

"Make sure to keep careful with the range on them."

If the grimm wasn't defeated, he'd jump upon the back of the griffion and hang onto the right wing of the beast, he wanted to take flight himself. Plus, what better way to fight Grimm in the air... but to do it in the air? He wasn't exactly helping the other two, but he'd help them in his own way. By taking out his own patron grimm.


Grimm Attack Dodged

50 Damage Possible from each of Atlas's attacks (40 from 8 strength, +10 from the weapon)

Atlas Climbs onto the grimms back

Aura 140/150

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15 Re: Sound of da Police [Private: Atlas, Maria] on Sat Mar 25, 2017 12:24 pm

    2 Level 1 Griffins

Griffon 1:15/100 Griffon 2:25/100

As the Creature of grimm swooped down to atack the hunter, it suddenly felt A searing pain in its underbelly, three bullets had struck its underbelly in rapid succession making it scream in pain. As it stumbled in mid air it felt two shits strike its wing the third shot whizzing past as it tumbked to the ground. Seeing its intital atack miss the man it let out a swipe with its claw towards his stomach. As the man was about ti strike it with his stick thingy. The grimm let out a shreik realizing this was the end. Suddenly however its brethren grimm dashed forward and nocked it out if the way making the man rain blows against its side. The Griffon that was pushed out of the way was thrown directly into the fray of the two huntress.

The second Griffon scrambled to it's feet trying to tale flight but due to its wi d injuries couldn't, seeing this it let oit a shriek before charging toward the short black furred, one in an attempt to rake its claws across her face. Mean while The first griffon Ket out a shriek of pain as all the man's blows rained against it's side. However it was even more surprised when the man clumg to its wing. It let out a shriek of annoyance as it took flight the man clinging to it like a flea. As it flew higher in the sky it saw an opportunity and made a dive bomb toward the man Dwelling window, shatter it and hoping to trap the man inside the building with it.
Battle stats:

Griffon 2 was hit by all three of Maria's bullets 30DMG dealt

Griffon 2 was hit by two of bai's bullets 20DMG dealt

Griffon 2 made a slash toward Atlases stomach- 10DMG

Griffon 2 made a swipe toward Bai's face-10DMG

Griffon 1 was struck by all three if Atalases blows- 75DMG dealt

Griffon 1 attempts to smash atlas throught the window of Klair's Diner 10DMG to both atlas and the Griffon.

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16 Re: Sound of da Police [Private: Atlas, Maria] on Sat Mar 25, 2017 8:51 pm

Bai Zhang
With her three shots gone off Bai got up from her kneeling position. As it looked the other two were doing a fairly good job to deal with the Grimm, sparing a glance back at the Dinner she was glad to see that everyone had left, unfortunately that also meant the suspect was gone. But they could run his plate later and start and investigation into him. Turning back to the fight at hand the detective was surprised to see that Atlas was literally jumping onto one of the grimm.

And the other one was charging directly at her. It was too late to dodge now and so she let herself fall backwards, narrowly avoiding the griffon’s attack as a reaction she aimed her gun upward and started shooting. One more shot got off aimed at the creature's underbelly. Whether or not it hit or missed Bai didn't care and she just needed to get out of there, rolling sideways out of the way of the large beast.

Combat Info:

Aura: 190/200
HP: 95/100
Attack 1 at griffon 1: 35 dmg

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17 Re: Sound of da Police [Private: Atlas, Maria] on Wed Mar 29, 2017 7:29 pm

Maria Lazaric
Time to play shield.

Maria backstepped as one of the Griffons was grounded, and began a charge. Her reaction to the charge was too late as she saw Bai narrowly avoid the hit. As soon as the girl rolled away Maria broke into a full on sprint, closing the gap between her and the Grimm at a pace decent enough to ensure it would have a mere second to react.

Raising her shield and pressing it against her arm, before turning her body sideways, facing her shoulder to the creature. Maria bent her legs down, before leaping forward and thrusting the shield out towards the Griffon's flank.
After she landed Maria tossed her shield arm off to the side, bringing her right up and taking three more shots at the filthy creature's side. After those she breifly looked behind her, noticing Bai on the ground. Quickly, she dodged back and put herself between the potentially alive Grimm and the detective, extending her shield to better stand guard.

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18 Re: Sound of da Police [Private: Atlas, Maria] on Fri Mar 31, 2017 11:55 am

Atlas threw his baton. It was just extra weight and an extra item for him to hold. So, this bird was trying to crash into the diner? Fine. Let the thing do it. He wasn't letting go. It wasn't like this choice was being made without a clear head, in fact, his head was the most clear it has been in a long time. He couldn't do much in his current form, but try to beat it before it crashed into the place. He had to use his semblance to do so. Keeping it powered, Atlas smashed the Grimm into the back, likely finishing it off. Once the grimm was finished off, there was a problem. Atlas was no flying towards the diner at high speeds, and had to think of a way to not destroy the diner. It wasn't looking good, but then he saw it. Even though he was going to hit the middle.

He braced for impact and hit the diner on his back, making a dent in the roof but allowing himself to roll off to the side of it. He laid there after that, letting the other two finish. He may be tough, but god. That still hurt.

combat stats:

three strikes to the griffon, 40 damage possible with each.

If the grimm dies, Atlas takes 10 damage for smashing into the building.

HP: 140/150

Aura: 130/150

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19 Re: Sound of da Police [Private: Atlas, Maria] on Mon Apr 03, 2017 3:58 pm

    0 Level 1 Griffins

Griffon 1- Dead   Griffon 2- Dead

As the first and larger Griffon was divebombing toward the window of the diner, it suddenly felt an increase in weight from the man, and before It coukd ket oyt a screech od annoyance if felt two powerful hands smash into its back, shattering any semblance of a backbone the creature had and making it dissapate into the black murky smoke in mid divebomb.

The second griffon was surprised to feel the huntress dodge its atack and soon let out a cry of pain as another searing object struck its stomach. It quickly skidded behind her and into a roll seeing the man from before falling out of the sky.It was about to charge at the flying man, but suddenly felt three more searing projectiles impact its side making it fall over and die with a loud screech, and dissipating into a black mist.

Atlas broke Griffons 1's back- 15 dmg dealt

Officer Bai Zhang shot Griffon 2's stomach- 10dmg dealt

Maria Lazaric has shot Griffon 2  three times in the side- 15dmg dealt

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20 Re: Sound of da Police [Private: Atlas, Maria] on Mon Apr 03, 2017 11:29 pm

Bai Zhang
Bai kept rolling sideways until she was a good distance away from where the grimm had been. Only then did she stop and quickly regain her footing. It seemed like the SWAT officer with the riot shield had placed herself between Bai and the now dead griffon. Well there was one down but the other one could still be alive and kicking. A loud crash caught her attention she she turned towards the dinner to see that the other grimm had been defeated as well. With a long deep breath Bai took a second to calm herself. It would be fully possible that the emotions that these grimm caused by showing up could cause more to follow in their tracks. Bai didn't want that more than anyone else did, but it was a possibility.

Checking her weapon she saw that she still had half a mag left and one in the chamber, plus the extra mags she had on her belt meant she could keep going for long if need be, just as long as it wasn't anything too rough.

Combat Info:
Aura: 190/200
HP: 95/100

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21 Re: Sound of da Police [Private: Atlas, Maria] on Sun Apr 16, 2017 12:31 am

Maria Lazaric
Maria stood strong, her body tensed, bracing for impact, but instead she retracted her shield and allowed it to fall loosely to her side, and as she cast a glance over to the nearby building to see one of the other guys kill the other Griffon, apparently riding it beforehand.
She simply stared at the guy, the corner of her mouth twitching occasionally.
"Did... He just ride a Griffon? Huh... That's... Actually pretty impressive..."

Taking a quick look around and spotting no further Grimm, Maria holstered her revolver and let out a sigh.
"Well.. That was something, now wasn't it? Not particularly good for the whole hostage thing, no, but that was... Something for sure..."
She shrugged multiple times throughout her words, moreso post-combat ramblings than actual meaningful conversation.

Letting out another deep breath, the girl shifted her weight onto her right leg, sticking her hip out to the side and taking a more comfortable standing position. She didn't think more Grimm would show up now, but there was still always that slight chance.

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22 Re: Sound of da Police [Private: Atlas, Maria] on Tue Apr 18, 2017 10:55 am

He got up after the fact. He started some stretching, some back-cracking. He walked from behind the diner, his hand on the back of his head. He was in pain, don't get it wrong. It was a just...average pain. Especially for a guy who's background was like Atlas's. He had felt a lot worse fighting certain people in his past, not to mention, that had no brute force behind it. Just kinetic force from slamming into the diner.

"Grimm Threat Down. Hostage taker is gone, but they left the hostage. Hostage looks unharmed, though we might have to pay for the diner. I might have made a slight dent in their roof.

Atlas's massive frame stood out, in this case, as his plain clothes were torn on the back where he hit the roof and skidded, making him pretty much not have a shirt. Sensing this, he took the shirt off and placed it on the ground, stretching his limbs out a bit more. Shirts always were lame when it came to fighting.

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